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    Pyralis: Realm of the Forgotten

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    Pyralis: Realm of the Forgotten Empty Pyralis: Realm of the Forgotten

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:39 pm

    Dark Fae
    Sustenance - Omnivore
    Physical Characteristics - Can be small or human-sized. Generally pointed ears, paler to gray skin tones with a tendency towards darker hair. Wings can be feathered or bug-like. Though, generally have a dark coloration.
    Personality Characteristics (Recommendations NOT required) - Mischievous, prone to theft, sadistic, humorous, vague, self-oriented, composed, unsympathetic, fun loving.
    Languages - Common, Elven, Drow
    Ages Entry Acceptable - 18 - 4500
    Hit Points - 7
    Blood Affects: Extremely high. Much like munching on a bowl of opium, and cannibus. Inability to think or focus, clumsy and relaxed. May cause player to sleep if more than a cup is consumed.
    Strengths -
    Magical Affnity
    Dream Walking
    Illusion (able to make others see their ideal sexual conquest)
    Shapeshifter (Can either shift from large to small OR into animal)
    Weaknesses -
    Lack of Moral Compass
    Addictive Blood
    Tasty Meat
    Poor Aim
    Susceptible to Poison
    White Iron (Deathly Allergic)
    Rowan Wood (Breaks Glamour)
    Reproduction - Internal reproduction Gestation 9-10 months
    Natural Enemy(s) - Vampires, WereBeasts, Bug Haters

    Fire Mage

    Fires Birth - Create a small fire out of nothing. Can be thrown. IE: No starting fire on water. can be thrown.. does 1 point of damage One (1) post cast.
    Evaporate - Remove moister from a small area. This can include clothing, hair, or a 3x3x3 area. You cannot evaporate a whole river or ocean. Two (2) post Cast
    Fire shield - Call an invisible shield that stops fire from doing damage to a single person. Two (2) post cast
    Burning air - Heat up a small area up to 120 degrees. area can be no more than 3x3x3. Heat will not cause damage to people in the area but will create discomfort. Works on meals and beverages. Two (2) post cast
    Melt- Melt a 3x3x3 area of ice. Also works to counter cold touch One (1) post cast.

    Bad Liar +1, Rash +1, Foolish +2, Obsessive +1, Temperamental +1, Destructive +2, High strung +2 Pride +3 Infertile +1, Masochist. +2 Addictive Blood +1, Cold +2, Cold Touch +2, Regular Iron +4, True Name +4, Water +1

    Fearless -2, Focused -1, Stealth -3 True Aim -2 High pain Tolerance -5 Alignment sense -1, Fire Affinity -2, Impervious to heat -3 Common -0 Major Summons -5, Minor Body Shield -6

    To ask her, she has no memory or care for the outside world. Her life, that is what matters. Hadiil, he is what matters. Everything else is simply noise and annoyance. It has been like that since she set eyes on him. His laugh intoxicated her. His eyes drown her flames and his voice calms her. Non other truly matter.

    He is with her upon every adventure, and every adventure is only memorable because he is in it. Addiction? Obsession. He belongs to her. She made sure of that.

    By some strange happening they came to a door. Though Hadiil was curious, he was cautious. Pyralis on the other hand, bold. Swinging the door open wide, ignoring the voice that gave warning and pulling Hadiil with her to a new adventure. To the realm of the forgotten.

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