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    "Satyrcorns" (Tentative, WIP, Prone to Changes)


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    "Satyrcorns" (Tentative, WIP, Prone to Changes) Empty "Satyrcorns" (Tentative, WIP, Prone to Changes)

    Post by Admin on Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:00 am

    Elusive creatures from a colorful, remote island named Ferselui (??) (more about this island later) just off the coast of the far end of the continent (???), they are known for their variety in colors and the singular horns sprouting from their foreheads.

    Their distant descendants were likely, at some point, pure unicorns. But one curse later, the unicorns in all their vanity were, at least in part, doomed to produce deformed offspring. At first, the changes were subtle: duller coats, scraggly manes, sometimes bent or warped horns. But as time moved on, unicorns saw their first daylight with less and less hair, their faces becoming more humanoid. The original unicorns, sickened by this sight, banished these abominations, whose corruption only continued exponentially, as they turned to each other to meet their own needs.

    When the corruption seemed to slow back to a crawl, the end result was what appeared to be a strange mix between fauns/satyrs and unicorns: bipedal creatures (often brightly colored) with horse-like hooves in place of feet, but a more "human" body from the knees up. They possessed a unicorn's tail and horn, although these horns also had a high chance of growing in bent or otherwise crooked. The other inhabitants of Ferselui began to call these creatures "Satyrcorns."

    A satyrcorn can be any alignment, but their diet of all things can have a large impact on this, and for one unsettling reason: tasting and ingesting the fresh blood of another serves as another corrupting agent Fresh blood is a dangerous thing for their kind, and more often than not, causes immediate addiction with a need to kill to sate their addiction often. This can often escalate into attempted cannibalism, at which point the other satyrcorns will intervene if they haven't already. Those with an established addiction for fresh blood will likely become more deformed, with more crooked horns, four fangs, bloodshot eyes, and other smaller effects. Their psyche often twists them into something evil, and they refuse to eat anything that can't offer them fresh blood.

    The omnivores - the slippery slope between good and evil - will partake in both meat and vegetation, as blood from cooked meat somehow doesn't pose the same risk. However, all it takes is one undercooked meal for the satyrcorn to begin falling prey to blood addiction.

    The good alignment amongst their kind are strict herbivores, choosing not to risk exposing themselves to possible corruption.

    Any satyrcorn of any alignment can be any color. An evil creature is just as likely to look cute and girly as she is to look dark and menacing, and this can be said of good as well.

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