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    Winter's Tears

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    Winter's Tears Empty Winter's Tears

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:32 pm

    Birth of the first true Frost Fang.

    It had only been two months since Vetis' funeral. In that two months, many had gone looking for Eindride and his sister Runa only to find no trace of them. The note he had left was hardly legible by the time someone found it, no one could read it. Arianna had taken on the task of training the omegas in his place for a few, while she had Sunthor take over trying to work the forge. However, with Arianna's growing belly, the omegas started to refuse and sometimes even avoid attacking the alpha outright. Fear of hurting her unborn kept them from showing their abilities. Thus Arianna had to give in and have Sunthor take over training them.

    Ludo had offered to take over the forge in place of Sunthor, pining for something to do to show his worth. He had other motives that were only obvious to those paying attention. Which Arianna was. She noticed how he perked up whenever Vida came into the village. How he seemed to become disappointed when the red head in the distance turned out to be Nanna and not Vida. This caused Arianna slight heart ache for the shadow wolf. Knowing full well that Vida had eyes for only the bear on the outskirts of the territory. Attempting to distract the young male, she started to send him on runs to Skarvald for supplies to get through the winter.

    Nanna was not allowed to be alone at any given time. Whenever she wanted to go out into the woods, Sunthor or even the alpha would follow to be sure she was not attempting something devious. Most times she was going out to gather herbs spices flowers and roots to preserve through the winter. Other times it seemed as if she were meditating or performing a ritual. She did not seem interested in speaking to Annoth or Asbjorn for any reason, mostly keeping to herself and Sunthor. Her eyes, as they should be, always cast down around the alpha.

    Inghard seemed to prove himself useful in many ways. If just keeping the omegas in line or caring to the live stock as it needed. He seemed a quiet gentle soul, though he did not look it. While he chopped wood, Arianna could not help but note the strength behind the male. What would have taken her a few swings only took him half. He did not seem to be interested in much to do with climbing the pack ladder, just in getting work done and helping those who needed it. A strong back bone to the pack as he was already, Arianna could see great things for him if only he would strive for them.

    Vida kept to her bear and the caves for the most part, only coming into the village when needed for random things or to speak with Arianna. Perhaps Vetis' death was harder on her than anyone could guess. Or perhaps the love nest with her Asbjorn kept her busy enough. Arianna missed her company but kept quiet for the sake of her dearest friend.

    Annoth had continued his druid walks. Often leaving without a word and appearing out of no where in an attempt to get closer to the alpha and regain his 'mate' status with her. However he would be turned away time and again, as she had no interest in him any longer. Her worry over weather or not this new child would survive could possibly be the reason for that.

    Arianna ran her hand over her extended belly. Something was wrong. It had only been a couple of months at the most since Annoth and her had that moment of weakness. Yet her belly had extended as if  she were ready to give birth any day now. She stretched her legs as she sat in the chair, her back complaining and her little bundle kicking at her innards. Tapping her fingers on the soft fur cloak covering her belly she gave a heavy sigh. Her eyes then shifted out over the water to the pass between the mountains. The first snow flake drifted back and forth, bright white against the gray sky and meeting an untimely end in the slightly warmer water of the river. After a few breaths more, another followed and then another. Pulling the fur cloak tighter around her shoulders she watched, pale blue eyes searching the waters and wondering where Ludo's boat was. In the depths of her mind, hoping that a ship would appear in the pass carrying Eindride and his sister home to safety.

    Only a short moment seemed to pass before she could hear the crunching of dirt and frosted grass under someone's feet. Her teeth clenched slightly, she was not in the mood to speak to anyone and yet had no choice. She took in a smooth breath through her nose, instantly knew it was Inghard.

    “What is it?” She asked without even looking over her shoulder. Inghard continued then stopped at the edge of her deck and looked up at her waiting a moment till she finally turned to look at him.

    “Do you have enough wood? It is snowing, you need to keep warm.” He said in a gravely voice. Arianna stared down at him for a moment then shook her head slightly.

    “I'm fine, Inghard. What do  you really want?” His eyes cast down slightly to her belly then back up to her. As if she read his mind she smiled and shook her head. “I am fine. You do not need to continue to check up on me. How are the others?”

    “They seem to be fine. Sunthor is a good trainer, though it would be nice to have Eindride back. He did not let them get away with so much.” He took a callused hand and rubbed the back of his neck.

    “What have they done now?” Arianna asked slowly shifting in her chair to get a better view point of Inghard.

    “Just little things. Telling them they are doing well when they are simply goofing off.” Arianna sighed then turned her eyes over to Sunthor's hut. “He should use silver to train them.” He added.

    “No, let Sunthor train them how he sees fit. They had learned enough from their former weapon master that they should be able to beat him in a duel without shifting. If they cannot, that is their own fault, not Sunthor's.” Inghard listened and reached out digging his nail into a crack of the wood on the deck. “You do not agree?” She asked peering down at him with a thin brow raised. Inghard shook his head but before he could speak the alpha growled softly till he looked up at her. “If you do not agree then perhaps you should be training them yourself. I have seen you fight, and though you are good, you are not enough. Sunthor has training and my advice if he needs it. You would do good to go to him with your concerns and work them out without dragging me into it.”

    “I. I did not mean to suggest I disagreed.” He said, a bit stunned by the bite of her words. “I meant, I agree with you. Sunthor can handle it. I will join and next time only bring it up with him if I have a suggestion.” He bowed his head and turned to leave.

    “Inghard, you're good at damn near everything you do. Including small talk to mask mothering over your alpha. I am sorry for my harsh tone.” She said softly and turned back to the table. Inghard paused a moment then continued on his way to Sunthor's hut.

    As his footsteps faded, Arianna's mind started to drift out into the waters once more. That is until she heard the front door of her hut clunk closed and soft shifting footsteps inside. She turned her head with a tilt wondering who would be so brazen to walk into her hut when she was clearly sitting right on the porch. Though one name came to mind. With a soft rocking and a huff she managed to push herself up and shuffled quietly to the back door readying herself just in case it was not who she thought it was. As the door opened a puff of heat hit her and she gave a soft pant before looking over her dim dwelling to the warm light given off by her fire place. There, hunched over and tending to the fire he just made, was Annoth.

    He turned his heavily bearded face to her and blinked with a broad grin. She did not return the smile. Instead she closed the door behind her and latched it before flinging her fur coat off onto a nearby rack. She then moved to sit down upon her couch. Annoth's smile soon faded and he finished adjusting the wood logs upon the fire before shuffling his soft footed boots over to sit in front of her.

    “Hello my love.” He said attempting to get her to smile. She rested her head against her knuckles and looked at him for a long moment.

    “What have the nature spirits told you this time?” she asked in a dead tone. Annoth blinked and moved his hand to rest on her knee.

    “The spirits do not really talk all that much.” He started to say before she shoved his hand back. He looked down and then rubbed his face. “The land is still full of Kurnin's dead to the North west and some of the north east. More death seems to be heading down from the north.” He scratched at his beard and looked up at her from the corners of his eyes.

    “How long?” she asked. Being rather short with him.

    “Why do you hate me? The moon blessed our first union, or did you forget your words to me that night?” He became angry in his tone.

    “I did not forget.. nor did I forget the moon then punished us by murdering our first born.” She glanced down at her belly then back to him. “And for all I know this one could be next.” She paused a moment then, in a more direct tone with strong eye contact she repeated, her question.“How long?”

    “You didn't answer me, why do you hate me? The moon had nothing to do with the death of the first born and you know it... the fight you had with Kurnin did.” It was obvious he would not let this rest. Arianna ran her hand over her stomach feeling another kick and twist of the baby inside. She let out a soft growl and thoughts to the baby or babies that might be wriggling around in there.

    “I do not hate you, Annoth. I just do not love you anymore.” She finally said. “If I am to be with a mate at all, it has to be one that is strong, clever and.. present.” The last word was what stung and made the point. Annoth turned his head with a clenched jaw. “Whatever it was we had.. We cannot have again. I am no longer yours, and you are no longer mine. Go back to your wilderness. It has always been where you were at your happiest. But before you go.. How long?” There was a long quiet that hung in the hut for what seemed like days rather than hours or minutes. When Annoth spoke again, there was no angry tone to his voice. Just pain.

    “A month. Maybe two.” He said without looking at her.

    “That is too soon. These little ones will not be born by then.” She said rubbing the side of her belly and looking out of the hut at the omega house. Annoth looked up at her belly and tilted his head.

    “You think there is more than one?” The pain in his voice was still there.. it was hurting to hear it but Arianna wanted to remain strong this time.

    “I can't see another reason for it to be this big and not be.. If there is just one, I'll have to cut him out of my belly cause he wont come natural. He's too big already.” There was a moment were Annoth seemed to stare at her belly then he held his hand up palm to the sky.

    “May I?” He asked without making eye contact.

    “You may.” She said and moved away her shirt so that he could touch flesh to flesh. He placed the palm of his hand against her belly near the navel and closed his eyes. His hand was warm to start with, what followed was like a vibrating heat that seem to travel through her stomach. It was not uncomfortable, and even seemed to be settling the aches and pains she had been having. At first Annoth could not help but smile. Though it almost faded in an instant and he looked right up into her eyes.

    “This is not my child.” He said, hurt and disbelief plastered all over his face. Arianna furrowed her brow.

    “What do you mean?” Her tone had changed to one of concern.

    “There is no way this baby could be from you and I. It is to far along.. you're practically in labor now.” He removed his hand and gestured in disgust and anger. He had had hopes that perhaps this child would somehow mend their relationship.

    “That is impossible. Annoth, do you not think you and the others, let alone myself, would have noticed if I were pregnant that long ago?” she placed her arms around her belly and pet along the exposed skin to sooth her growing anxiety. “It is just two children fighting for space is all.”

    “There is only one.. it is a boy.. and he's near ready to come out.” Annoth said crossing his arms and giving her a rather unbelieving glare.

    “Well, if it is not yours then who's is it? You are....” she paused a moment and thought of Sunthor during the month of no moon. Blood lust was high and things had happened. That was long long ago however.. even if she was not showing for most of those months the baby would have been born before Vetis' funeral.

    “Am I?” Annoth caught her moment of thought.

    “Yes, you are. Unfortunately, the only one in the past near enough year.” she growled and pushed her shirt back down making to get up.

    “You will need someone to stay close by from now on.” He said shifting to the side to let her pass.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Just what I said. The baby is do at any moment. He is strong healthy and ready to come into this world. You best start getting ready.” Annoth brushed off his knees. He gave her a still rather disbelieving look before he then turned and started to head out of her hut. “I will gather some roots and warm water. I would not be surprised if he chose to come this night.”

    “How is that possible? He can't be ready, it has barely been two months!” Annoth shrugged and moved on out the door without another word. Arianna paused for a long moment then looked down at the protruding belly. “What is going on with you, little beast?” she asked softly.

    She stood a moment watching the back of Annoth as he left, trying to make sense of how quick her pregnancy was moving. A sharp pain in her back caused her to buckle slightly and she gave a heavy huff of air.. then closed the door and moved toward her bed. Before she could even reach it she felt another sharp pain go through her stomach and into her lower back. Just barely catching herself from dropping to her knees, she managed to crawl onto the bed.

    The back pains she had been having most of that afternoon were probably to blame. Rather than resting she kept up on her feet most the morning.. that is all that was.. right? She was trying her best to rationalize what was happening to her. The first baby had  none of this happen before. Though the baby still died, what if this was a sign? Tears started to well up in her eyes, unsure if she could take loosing another promising soul before it even entered the world. Her body started to shake and she pulled herself up further onto the bed. Worry aged her face rapidly, the thin lines along her eyes and forehead started to deepen as she worried for her unborn child. Then she felt it, liquid seem to rush forth from between her legs, and the pit of her stomach seemed to drop along with it.

    “no..” she breathed. “No no no no. this can't be happening... it doesn't make sense.” She whispered and placed her hands upon her stomach. “I'm not ready...” she gave a soft sob. She could only hope that Annoth would be back soon as the pain started to become more intense. She could deny it no longer, as she had been through this once before. She was going into labor. She was unable to even think that something good could come of this. For sure, she would lose this baby as well. Her teeth clenched down hard against her cheek as she tried to calm herself. Her body was just as unready as she was for this. The pain was growing more intense by the moment. What was only seconds, started to feel like minutes then hours as she huffed and breathed and squirmed atop her bed. Refusing to cry out for Annoth and trying to believe he would be back soon.

    He would not return. Instead a knock would come at her door, and at the sound of her whimper Sunthor would nearly bust through to check on her.

    “Arianna?! What has he done to you?!” He said, wide eyes as he looked at her upon the bed.

    “I... “ she gulped and strained to take a few more breaths. “The baby is coming.” Her hands were trembling and her face said all there was to be said to Sunthor. He quickly spun on his heal and left the door wide open. She could hear him yelling for Annoth.. with no response. His footsteps rushing out and way from the hut. “Please.. hurry.” None of this was natural, nor did she remember there being this much pain in the first one. Soon enough the pain would have her starting to yelp louder as if the only way to alleviate it was to yell.
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    Winter's Tears Empty Birth of the first true Frost Fang

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:46 am

    Vida had broken her silence with a wave of relief, but the moment was short-lived. A distant flutter and beat of many wings reached her ears with the realization that they were flying toward the cave. She'd stepped to the entrance in time to hear a raven mimic a couple of words. All she could make out amidst the frantic noise was 'baby' and 'coming,' and a sense of urgency filled her. "Something isn't right..." Her calm quickly vanished, and she'd pleaded with Ásbjörn to come to Frost Fang Village with her. Assuming he joined her, they would notice a few disconcerting things: Sunthor stood outside Arianna's hut looking panicked and confused, the door remaining open. He didn't seem to be willing (or perhaps able) to speak at the moment, for whatever reason. Arianna's pained cries could be heard from within, causing Vida to have to fight to keep her own tension in check. She lingered near the doorway, but looked to her mate in an uneasy silence with a nod toward the door. She likely intended to follow him in, assuming he chose to enter the cabin.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg approached with his cloak drawn tightly around his hulking figure, his pipe hanging from his lips with that richly scented smoke billowing from the end. He'd pause and observe the scene with his good eye, then furrow his brow. "Hmmm..."  He'd grumble to himself before looking to Vida, his eyes having a sort of curious glint to it. Blinking a few times, he'd turn and enter the abode, his cloak still wrapped around himself.

    Arianna had tangled the furs atop her bed around as she attempted to straighten herself out. If she heard them approaching she did not seem to note it. her eyes clenched and she let out a soft whimpering cry till she heard a closer shuffle of feet entering the hut. Her eyes opened and went straight to the male, blurred at first. "Annoth what..." she paused as he came into focus. "I.." she groaned and let out another yelp and clutched her stomach. She was not just fighting against the pain, but the desire to shift. She knew full well a shift would kill the baby. "I can't lose this one too.. please.. help." Her words came out in a sob as tears rolled down her face.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg's expression was grim and knitted. He'd chew on the stem of his pipe and approach the bed. "Hm..." He'd grunt, kneeling down to examine Arianna. Closing his eyes he'd place his hand on her swollen abdomen.  concentrating he'd furrow his brow further then speak while keeping his eyes closed. "How far along are you... ?"

    Arianna gulped and tried to bring herself still and ended up holding her breath for a moment. "It.. it has only been two months." she said, tears rolling down her face freely. He would feel a large kick from the baby's foot, it was angled right, almost as if it was fighting to come out as it were. With that came a whimper that turned into a growling scream from pain and she clutched the furs so tight her nails ripped through them. "Something is wrong.. this shouldn't be happening!" she seemed to be pleading to him rather than telling him.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg withdraws his hand and rubs his thumb over his fingers. "This is... not right..."  He'd grumble, examining her more closely. "... Have you been practicing any new magics? Anything dark in origin? I need to know in honesty... otherwise I cannot help you."

    Arianna almost gave him a incredulous look had it not been for yet another pain spike that twisted her back up. She growled and instead decided to just be frank. "I'm not magic. I'm a warrior." She coughed.. her voice a tad louder than she meant it to be. "Unless Nanna did something." her thoughts swung to the devious little blood clan... but when could she have cast a spell. "Please don't let this baby die.." this time her pale eyes were focused directly on Asbjorn's. Almost as if she were giving him permission to do whatever it took.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg grunts and looks at the distended belly. "Doubtful... she hasn't had time or ability to." He'd mutter as he puffed out a large plume of smoke. "Hm..."  He'd rise up and turn from her and walk to the fire pit nearby. Crouching, he'd pull out a small leather wrapped roll mat. Opening it, he'd place multiple items. A mortal and pestle, a poultice of herbs, a small knife, and small length of wood about the length of his finger, and a few other odd reagents. "I will need a kettle for hot water... and cloths... many of them.. preferably those you don't mind replacing."

    Vida swallowed the lump in her throat and winced anytime Arianna screamed. She kept quiet otherwise, having instead moved toward another section of the room to prepare a kettle and staying silent so the two could converse - apparently on the same wavelength, having anticipated a need for warm water. A sidelong glance moved toward them on occasion, but she didn't return to them until she was able to return with hot water and a clean cloth... blinking at the request for multiple pieces and slipping aside once more to retrieve more.

    Arianna dropped down huffing against the furs face down. The cold air coming in from the door was helping a little, she was already drenched in sweat. Then she felt it.. the beast within her raged and she let out a feral growl that ended in a yell as she fought it back. Her eyes clenched shut. For a moment she was stuck in that.. ignoring the pain as best she could just to calm the shift. then softly.. "anything." was muttered through the furs. She almost didn't realize anyone else was really there, as it was taking all her focus.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg had already silently began to grind together a mixture of herbs in the mortar. He placed the pot Vida had brought him on the fire to heat up. With his hands he began ripping the cloth into long strips, laying them out on the leather mat. He'd next put a small handful scoop of the water before it got too hot, into the mortal and mixed the herbs till they were a paste. Quickly he'd spread the mix along the strips of cloth while muttering to himself, multitasking as he took more dried herbs and put them in a clay bowl, followed by the dabbing of a small stick of incense he lit in the fire to make the herbs smolder and smoke. He'd take the smoking bowl to Arianna, then kneel down and keep muttering as he blew on the smoldering herbs, making the smoke thicken and rise, then float out over her.

    Arianna growled at first when Asbjorn approached. her eyes had turned yellow and she quickly quieted herself and even coughed at the smoke. She blinked and pulled herself closer to him. "Sorry." she said in a hoarse tone. panting softly, the more she breathed in the more she seemed to strain to move herself till she lay there panting heavily. Her eyes slowly turning from yellow back to the pale blue. The pain was still there.. but things seemed to be less intense against her shift suddenly. For that she was thankful.

    Sunthor looked out upon from the hut as he stood outside from the doorway. His eyes surveying from side to side over the village, occasionally stopping for a moment to watch a couple of the Omegas as they did there daily chores. As he heard the growl that come from inside, he spun around quickly on the heel on his right foot and took a step forward and looked at the Alpha from the doorway, glancing towards Asbjorn and Vida before back towards Arianna, staying quiet as he confusedly watched.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg nods and sets the now billowing bowl of herbs beside the bed on the nightstand to keep the smoke wafting near her as he returned to the bandages and continued to coat them in the mixture. Twelve strips he created and had them stuck together in layers to soak up the mixture among them. Returning to her he placed the leather mat on the side table and then set to undressing her. "I'll need your skin for this to work, Arianna."  He'd say calmly as he calmly disrobed her. He'd fan the bowl to keep it smoking till he had he disrobed so he could place the strips upon her body. Two upon each arm, upper and forearm. Two upon each leg, her thighs and calves. One draped across her forehead, Two draped width wise over her belly, and another on her pelvis.  "Lay... rest a moment... the mixture will work shortly..." He rumbled before he returned to the fire pit to take up the knife and rest it with the blade close to the flames.

    Vida shifted a concerned glance between them and Sunthor as well, but still, she said nothing. She merely stayed nearby, just in case Ásbjörn needed something else brought to him.

    Arianna didn't even feebly attempt to stop him. She rolled to her side and attempted to sit up when he needed to remove her clothes then nearly flopped back against the bed when he was done. It was getting her to lay straight out that would be the problem. Her body kept wanting to curl into itself every time the pain came, but eventually it started to fade and all was left was her attempting to remain still and enjoy the fact that the pain had subsided. "Thank you." she said in a hazed voice. Though tears still came from her eyes.. she slowly turned her head and looked directly at Vida and gave a weak smile. "It'll be alright." she said to her pack sister. and as if that were all it took she started to think of names.. she had to have a name for this little one.. he had to make it.

    Sunthor heard the words as Asbjorn spoke as he continued to look at Arianna with concern. His mind then registered as he heard the word 'undress' from the male and shot a glance towards him. As Asbjorn began to undress the Alpha, he straightened his posture and slightly reared back and quickly turned to his side and looked out the doorway to not watch out of curtousy and just listened.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg watched the flames lick at the blade till it rad red as the coals. He'd pluck it back and hold the handle, waiting for the color to die down.  Wiping the blackened singing off he'd move to her and kneel down. "I'm going to have to remove the child... otherwise you... and it will die... you'll not feel this right now... perhaps a slight pinch... a moderate warmth... in the morning, that small brazier will need to keep burning, and these bandaged cannot be removed for any reason for 3 day.s... "He'd look to Vida and Sunthor and growl. "You both hear that? Do NOT remove these bandages for three days!"

    Vida blinked in surprise at Arianna's reassurance. If her features were still obvious, she forced them aside and instead mirrored the alpha's smile. After all, Arianna had already voiced her fears: in Vida's mind, it was she who needed the consoling. "Of course it will. That'll be assured." Her gaze moved toward her mate with narrowed eyes, but she nodded and took his grumbling and growling in stride; he was working under pressure after all. Besides... that was fairly normal for him, wasn't it?

    Arianna looked up at Asbjorn and smiled with a soft nod. "yes... Vida..." she sounded distant for some reason to herself.. she blinked a bit in confusion. "Watch over him?" she asked trying to see her sister in the haze that was surrounding her.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg took the knife and watched her a moment. He'd then press the edge to her skin near her navel, and begin cutting into her skin. The bandages would have seeped their numbing salve into her skin by now, and kept her body numb and feeling a sort of pins and needles along where the knife went in her stomach.

    Vida shot Arianna the hint of a confused stare, but she tried to keep her panic to herself. Something in her choice of words raised her concern. She again spoke, slowly and in a tone that lingered somewhere between stern and reassuring. "I will -help- you do just that, yes." Her gaze was locked intently on Arianna's face as Ásbjörn began his cutting, not particularly wanting to catch herself looking down at it.

    Arianna would growl softly but humanly. though it was a discomfort it wasn't as painful. she was mentally and physically exhausted already. blood would trickle from the cut, staining her pale skin and dripping down into the furs. Within her belly, the baby would be kicking and pushing a moment longer trying to get out and get more room. Arianna's eyes rolled up looking at the ceiling. "Folkvarðr." she said in a soft tone. "Guardian of the people.. has a nice ring to it." It was almost as if she were talking to herself.. trying to calm her own nerves as she hoped the baby would come out fine. "Where is he?" she said suddenly tilting her head up to look at the large mountain of belly between her and where Asbjorn was working.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg kept his focus on the task at hand. "Stop moving..." He rumbled as he carefully cut her enough to see the womb within. At this time he'd turn and relinquish hold of his pipe with his teeth, then use his thumb to snuff it out. Quickly he'd return to the work at hand and push the knife in further to open her womb, giving him view of the child. "This is going to take some concentration.... Vida... have a warm blanket ready... once the child is free I will need to close her."

    Arianna panted softly and tried to stay still. She was ready to see her son now. She wanted to see what had grown in her... her anxiety was growing. Would he be normal? Annoth had said he was healthy... but a healthy what? She turned her head again to look around the haze filled room. "Is this really even happening?" she said allowed but not meaning to.

    Vida nodded. "Of course..." She only turned and stepped away to grasp a blanket that she hugged and brought closer to the fire. Doing her best to make sure all of it was warmed - none of it even cool to the touch - she kept it halfway unfolded, but close to herself. In the meantime, she waited by the fire until the blanket was needed, ready to take by a couple of quick paces forward to take the child and bundle it up. She glanced toward Arianna with raised eyebrows, but this time, she said nothing to her.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg took a slow, steady breath... then pushed his massive hand down upon her belly, pushing the child quickly and messily through the opening. Blood spurt over his hand and afterbirth spilled out with the child, who's loud, tiny cries filled the room. With the utmost care of this tiny treasure, the mountainous man pulled the child into the confines of his massive cloak, and used the knife to cut the umbilical. "Quickly... take him... I need to mend her now!"

    Vida let out a heavy sigh of relief and a smile that widened at the sight of the crying infant in his hands. Looking toward Arianna then to the boy, she beamed, even as she reached out to take hold of the alpha's son so that Ásbjörn's hands would be freed.

    Sunthor stared at the snow on the ground as he talked to himself silently. His thoughts jumbled with the confusion of what was happening; jumbled questions racking his brain. He snapped out of his trance as he heard the cry from the baby and quickly turned to see. Then blatantly the question escaped his lips without processing first as his eyes were wider than before as he stumbled to get a hold of his pipe in his hand, "Is... is it mine?"

    Arianna grunted softly as she felt a bit of pressure on her abdomen. When she heard the babies cries her eyes shifted over seeing the bloodied bundle going into Asbjorn's cloak. She smiled, he looked normal.. then she felt a cold waft over her. As Asbjorn turned to hand the baby over to Vida it was suddenly gone. A faint echoing of crying left in the absent bloodied hands that was stretched out to Vida. She had barely heard Sunthors words but even then could not make them out. Her brow knitted together and she pushed herself up from the bed. "Folkvarðr... where is my son?!" she started to say.. then the world tilted.. blood spilled out onto the floor as she had not been closed yet.. and she dropped to the floor. Her eyes stayed open, but the light slowly faded and was gone.

    Vida spoke in a breathless tone that still dripped with relief, her tone quiet as the child was being handed off. "Old man... thank you..." She'd intended to look upon Sunthor with confusion, but the disappearance of Arianna's son both startled and confused her. "Wha-...?!" She didn't have much time to react. Seeing Arianna drop caused her blood to run cold. "No..." Her brow furrowed; the blanket was forgotten and dropped to the floor, and even as she rushed to the other side of the bed, that unearthly glow had begun to surround her. The color drained from her skin and her auburn hair, the gold of her eyes turning a ghostly pale blue; she was working to straddle the fine line between their world and the Umbra in a desperate sidestep. "It's not her time yet! Not yet..." Growling, she seemed to be whispering something frantically - maybe even in another language - as she looked over the alpha's body... but suddenly, she stopped, as if something had taken her by the throat. Just like that, she vanished, seeming to be pulled away into thin air, unable to so much as cry out in surprise.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg was caught completely off guard and unprepared. The alpha was dead.  This confused the healer. Yet he knew something had to be amiss... a two month pregnancy to almost full term. He was about to speak to Vida when she too vanished, causing the large man to stand up in shock. "Vida.... Vida?!"  He bellowed, looking frantically around him. His breathing would intensify and he'd begin huffing erratically. "VIDA?!" He roared, much louder, and hinted with his own rage. His good eye flickered, becoming black with gold iris before fading back to deep brown. The hulking druid would let out a loud angry roar and storm to the door. "SUNTHOR!"  He raged, towering over the male. "We need to get to my den... NOW... and you will tell me any and EVERYTHING that has gone on lately... anything out of the usual...  everything you can think of... leave out no detail...."  The Gurahl then turned to look back in the den and sniffed the air. Something foul was in play here.  "Grab any totems, herbs, and weapons of iron you may have.... and be quick!"  He rumbled as he took off at a dead sprint into the woods.... and was gone.

    Outside, the spirit wolves that normally accompanied Vida grew restless and frantic. Their unearthly howls filled the air, both in lamentation and calling out to their snatched companion.

    Sunthor looked upon the baby in Asbjorn's hands until it vanished. His head tilted in utter confusion as he couldn't believe to what he had just seen. He dropped the pipe that he held in his hand and landed in front of his foot. As he heard the words from Arianna his gaze slowly shifted towards her. He caught sight of her by the time she collapsed. His mouth dropped and took a step, not realizing that he just smashed his pipe that laid on the floor, but moved no further. He glanced over to Vida as she went to Arianna. "Wait, did she just die? What is..." his words dropped as Vida vanished too. It took a moment for him to realize that the large male was in front of him, barking his orders. "Uh... uh... ok... YES!..." He quickly shook his head. "I'll get what I need from my hut and will make haste to you." Before he stepped out of the hut to make way to his, he turned and looked at the Alpha and shook his head. He mind still couldn't make sense of what just had happened. He slowly walked over to the Alpha and knelt down beside her. He reached up and pulled the fur blanket off the bed as his gaze never left her and covered her body with it. He reached up with his hand and rubbed at the side of his beard for a moment. He rose to his feet and turned to make his way out the door. As he stepped outside, he slowly shut the door behind him. As he made his way to his hut, he caught Inghard by the hut and gave the Omega the order that no one is to go near the Alpha's hut and continued on to gather his things to make way to Asbjorn's cave.

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