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    Folkvarðr, The First Born Comes!


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    Folkvarðr, The First Born Comes! Empty Folkvarðr, The First Born Comes!

    Post by damienkai on Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:08 pm

    The First Born.
    Race: Lycan
    Clan: The Frost Fang
    Offspring: None as of yet (shiftey eyes)
    Standing: Son of Arianna and mr A
    Weapon Mastery: Dual Sword
    Class: Guardian/ wanderer
    Folk was born in a highly unusual way.
    Black long hair and  beginning of beared
    slightly muscular, slim, Tall,Black fur,Tanned

    His body grew  at such a rapid rate that  a normal nine month gestation, took merely two months for him to be ready to be brought onto the world, under the watchful eyes of his family, his pack and the ever watchfull  eyes of Odin.

    He was, if you will, teleported at birth, sent through  unusual places, scary faces,  seeing both dark and light till  he sees the old face of a kind wize man.

    Though at the time he met the old man he was already a youngster, though constantly whining about pains and discomfort for his ever changing body,his hair was allowed to grow long.

    The old man would sit beside the fire,  going over the stories of Folk's pack, telling little Folk of the ways of the people, how strong they each are and how close knit the family are, he would learn the names of the fallen, and of those who still stand strong.
    He finds great strength that makes his heart beat stronger the more he learns the more he wants to be part of it all, but.. " why?"  the singular word that plagues his lips..

    " why?...."

    Why was he taken away from his family? was he a threat that was sent away, or was it to protect him? the old mans words offered  some moderate comfort..

    "  I want to see my mother..  My father.. the others.. I want to learn from them.. I want to offer help and to grow with them all"

    the old man stopped Folk from talking more.. "  your mother.. Is fighting things beyond myself and you Folk.."

    He looks at the old man,  his young eyes darkening "Is my mother in danger?"
    he rises from the stubby log by their camp fire.

    The old man, wanting to deny it just to calm the young one down, instead he nods..

    Folk brushes off his clothes and inhales deeply with closed eyes.

    " I promise you.. old man.. I WILL become strong.. I will become a blacksmith, and train every day, I will learn more of our gods AND, I will defy valhalla If I must!, after all, is it NOT what Odin taught us? To find our truth.. To do what WE feel to be right? to hold honor in our hearts"
    his hair now flowing out behind him, slight tufts of dark hair formed on his chin "you told me old man.. that when My body ages to the time of 19, I shall remain that way for a long time hmm?"

    He would nod to Folk " that is what I have  achieved so far in the research yes.."

    (may change as its just a rough at present ^.^)

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