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    For sake of the kids.

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    For sake of the kids. Empty For sake of the kids.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:34 pm

    Fo'uh woke from her slumber slightly. She was not sure what it was exactly that woke her, but she was still tired. So slowly she started to drift again. Then a soft cracking sound echoed through the delicate crystal walls of the small cave she had created off of the main hall. Soon a small chirp followed. Her eyes opened abruptly and she lifted her head and craned her long neck around to look at the three nests she had created for each of her eggs. Her ears honed for more noises that may come, and sure enough followed a sigh with a whimpering frustrated chirp. Excitement got her to her feet, but she managed to keep herself in check enough to delicately approach.

    She watched as a small piece of the shiny green egg in the middle started to rise and bob from the rest of it's shell. A soft smile spread across her face.

    "Dom, Itov. They are coming. You don't want to miss this." She hummed within her mind, a message to her mate.

    "Oh?" he replied. There was a groggy sort of tone to it, then suddenly. "OH! The babies?!" In the distance she could hear the scratching of claws against stone and crystal scattering in a frantic echo along the hall. Soon through the entrance appeared her emerald green mate with wide eyes as he peered at each one of the eggs. He almost looked frighten.

    "Which one?" He spoke rather loudly.

    "Shhh, Itov." She whispered then turned her head to the green egg with a gesture. "This one." For a moment Dom lingered in the door watching. When he heard the delicate little chirp he slid his feet closer and lowered his massive body down as if he were afraid being high up would scare his offspring. They both sat and watched as the little green snout poked out and another little frustrated chirp escaped. The nest the egg was upon was made up mostly of feathers and straw for insulation to keep the egg warm. There was nothing quite there that would be too difficult for the hatchling to get through. As it struggled and fell out from it's shell it huffed and squeed then stretched and took a short nap. All the while with it's parents watching carefully.

    "Is it ok?" Dom'Ro asked softly as he watched it sleep.

    "She's fine. Just worn out." Fo'uh chuckled and nuzzled her nose against Dom'Ro's temple. He sighed and smiled nuzzling back. Suddenly another crack was heard. This one was off to the left of the green egg on a nest of ice crystals supported by rocks. Dom'Ro turned and tilted his head waiting to hear something more.

    "She?" he asked turning back to Fo'uh when all was silent.

    "Yes. She... Nyarel." Dom'Ro smiled, recognizing the name she had picked being one her mother had given. Then again they both heard a distinct sound as if ice cracking.

    "So close together." Fo'uh said as she moved carefully around Dom'Ro to inspect the soft sky-blue crystal egg. Sure enough a chip of ice fell from the egg, then another as the little one started to emerge. Dom'Ro moved closer as well and peered into the nest.

    "Should we help them at all?" He asked, not sure what else to do. He wanted to hold his offspring now, not wait for them to break out of their tiny prisons they had been in for months.

    "Calm, Itov. Once they have broken free and rested they will be ready for their first interaction." She said softly. "At least that is what mother told me." Dom'Ro hummed slightly then sank down to his belly to watch his second child break free of the ice. Fo'uh nuzzled down close to the nest, seeing that some of the ice had melted upon the floor. She tested the temperature of the nest with the tip of her nose and took in a soft breath before releasing a cold burst of air upon the nest under the egg. The water quickly froze solid and the small dragonlet inside let out a frustrated chirp as it continued to break away at the egg and ice till it was free. It stretched out it's tiny little legs and wings then flopped upon the frost of the nest with a toothless yawn and grin. Quickly it fell asleep just like it's sister before.

    "Which is this one?" Dom'Ro asked quietly.

    "He is your first son." Fo'uh said with a wide grin. Dom'Ro's eyes grew wide and he leaned in closer. The tip of his nose becoming chilled as he wanted to look at his new little boy. "Do you want to name him?" She asked. He turned to look at her then nodded.

    "I like the name your mother had chosen. Xar'kor. Seems fitting with him being so frosty." He chuckled. Fo'uh nuzzled him and moved to the green egg once again. Nyarel lay curled up with feathers bunched between her toes. One small feather close enough to tickle her nose each time she breathed in and out against it. Expectantly, Fo'uh moved over to the last teal colored egg and waited. She was sure with how close the first two were together, this one would follow soon. Dom'Ro stayed walking between the other two, while Fo'uh focused with a smile upon her face. Minutes passed.. then hours.

    Nyarel and Xar'kor eventually woke, chirping at their father and crawling around their nests to test their new spacious rooms. Fo'uh stood a few times to go and nuzzle and love on her offspring now that they were awake, but soon they tired again and fell asleep.. she would return to the finale egg and wait patiently. Dom'Ro came over and leaned against her looking into the small frosted twig nest.

    "Maybe mother was wrong about the nest for this one?" she said, worry starting to edge around her features.

    "No, I think she was right. Sometimes little ones take a while is all." Dom'Ro said, but he could not hide the doubt in his words, not from her. They leaned against each other for support and Fo'uh gave a soft sad sigh. Then a small crack was heard through the cave once again. Fo'uh opened her eyes and leaned in close inspecting the egg. She could hear the cracking but could not see any disturbance upon the shell.

    After a few moments more of cracking sounds, even Dom'Ro moved in closer to have a look. The egg looked undamaged. The sound was clearly coming from this nest, as the other two had been cleared of their eggs.

    "Mm... Maybe she is upside down?" Dom'Ro said glancing at Fo'uh. Just as his eyes latched back onto the egg a soft wavering light, as if sunlight hitting water, hovered all around the egg. It then shattered around the small dragon inside that yawned and stretched out it's little limbs. It flopped over onto it's side and looked directly up at both it's parents with soft teal glowing eyes. Fo'uh blinked, but instantly she fell in love with the strange little being.

    "Danthy'Ir." Fo'uh whispered softly. The little glowing eyes blinked and another toothless yawn followed before they fluttered shut for their first spacious nap. Dom'Ro stared for a long moment then started to remove the small pieces of shell from her nest. Careful not to wake the baby inside. "I bet she is going to be more beautiful and powerful than any of us could imagine." Fo'uh said in awe of the tiny one. Dom'Ro nodded and yawned slightly, as the tiny yawns can be just as catchy as the big ones. A chirp could be heard from Xar'kor, pulling his parents attention away from the youngest to his nest side. He would be the first to be fed.
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    For sake of the kids. Empty A few years pass.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:32 pm

    Fo'uh huffed slightly watching Xar'kor slide across the floor on his belly along a trail of ice he had made. His little green sister frozen by the feet to the wall. Nyarel tugged at her little feet and glared at her brother.

    "IMMA TELL DAD!" She yelped loudly. Though mom was sitting right there and saw all of it. Xar'kor giggled till he hit his stop and saw his mother watching them carefully. Arms crossed in her hybrid form. Slowly he lowered down with his tail between his legs.

    "She started it." he muttered. Fo'uh watched him a bit longer before she moved to free Nyarel from the wall.

    "You two better not behave this way when we get there." She said eyeing them both. It was hard for her to act so serious, deep down she found this funny and also adorable. It reminded her a lot of herself Usy and Serelath. Though she was thinking it unfair in this case. Nyarel did not exactly know how to use her abilities well enough to get out of specific situations.

    "Nuh! Mommy he is always picking on me!" Nyarel protested.

    "And you are both always picking on Danthy'Ir." She said sternly looking between the both of them. "You two should be nicer to your sister."

    "Is cause she has no abilities right?" Xar'Kor asked.

    "We don't know that!" Nyarel started to argue.

    "Enough, both of you. I am going to contact your grandmother to let her know we are coming. You two go find your sister and be sure you're ready to go. It is a long journey." She said brushing Nyarel off and allowing her to scuttle across the floor on the ice after her brother. Giggling would follow as he started to bounce and run off down the hall. Fo'uh smiled, as she could now that neither of them could see. "Too cute." she muttered with a shake of her head. She would hear them both start to tauntingly call Danthy'Ir and frowned slightly.

    She turned and moved to a small crystal table where upon it was a amethyst stone. With a deep breath she thought to herself. 'Hope you're ready for this, mom." She smiled and closed her eyes reaching out and sending a message.

    ~"Hello Mother. I was thinking, it is about time you got to meet the little ones. I believe they are ready for their first trip." There was a soft hint of a chuckle. "I can't wait for you to meet them. Maybe you can help with Danthy'Ir. She still has shown no sign of breath or magic. She is so shy, almost like her aunt Usy. Somewhat easy going like her uncle Ki'Fel. We will be leaving soon." In the distance echos of child like laughter and taunting calls. Suddenly they become louder as the children rush into the room.

    "Are you talking to Gammy?!" Xar'Kor yelled in excitement.

    "Can we talk to her too?!" Nyarel followed closely behind.

    "Calm down kids, we're going to see her soon." Fo'uh said in a amused tone.

    "Tell her we love her!" They said in unison.

    "I love her too." Said a delicate little voice. Danthy'Ir blinked at her mother, as if she would be forgotten.

    "I believe she heard all of you. Now come. Let's get going." Fo'uh said setting the crystal down. The message would wait for Sili.~

    The trip was a long one.. especially with three children upon your back seeing the larger part of the world than they had ever seen before. There would be a few stops, food and play of course, but for the most part they were making great distances. Danthy'Ir even decided to make up a song and sing along the way. That was a large step out of her shy box for the first time. Though the other two would eventually tire of her lovely voice and start to mock and belittle her. There would be a few stops for 'time out' and apologies. Needless to say, Fo'uh was hoping that 'Gammy' would be able to help a bit further in teaching Danthy'Ir to stand up for herself against her siblings.
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    For sake of the kids. Empty The Blizzard of the Ice Mother's Grief

    Post by Codex on Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:42 am

    Due to the time of year, the days had grown shorter. Already the sun seemed to be setting behind the mountains. Frost was starting to reform on the grass in the shadows cast. Birds started to quiet down and fluff up together for warmth. Animals retreated to their burrows and caves to get away from the approaching cold of winter night. In the distance a glint of tanzanite in the sky as Fo'uh approached the mountain her mother now called home.

    Raelgil Okarthel had been a horribly lonely place since everyone had left. Usy and Ki'fel had departed to find their own home once Fo and Dom had also departed, and eventually, Callidus also was gone, leaving Sili to tend the place alone once more. Having received her eldest daughter's message, it gave her a good reason to make sure the area seemed 'presentable' enough for her liking, and when she felt it came close to the time for her visitors to arrive, she wandered out to the chill outside. As she tightly clutched her elbows, she eventually saw those faint glimpses and smiled quietly to herself, taking a couple of small steps in the direction they were coming from.

    Fo'uh Zithary couldn't help but laugh as Xar'kor hung closely to her shoulder blade between her wings attempting to see the new land in all it's glory before the sun faded to darkness. Danthy'Ir seemed content to curl her tail around one of her mother's back spikes simply to make sure she didn't fall off while Nyarel counted the spots on the back of her neck. "We're almost there." she called out to them and felt instantly as they all moved and rushed carefully to look around. "See that?" she said with a turn of her head to look back at them. Indeed the kids could see the floating office and the wind blown cliff with colorful crystals. Stunned to silence, they said nothing and simply took in all that there was to view. She could feel the fear well up in Xar'kor when he saw the lava pool, something Fo'uh understood very well. And the pure excitement from Danthy'Ir when she spotted 'Gammy' for the first time. "Hold on tight!" she said circling around and carefully aiming herself to land a couple hundred feet from whereSili stood.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam prepared herself to take a few steps back if she needed to, only to find that they'd managed to land several paces away. With as much contained excitement as possible, she carefully grasped her skirt and took several hurried steps toward them. "Elskan Min! You made it safely, I see..." Her head tilted as she peered up at her, then toward the three poised on her back if she could. "... And the little ones, yes? How was the trip here, hm?" She smiled brightly between the four of them altogether, at least managing to keep her chill instead of pulling an Usy and exploding with excitement.

    Fo'uh Zithary heard her mother's voice and smiled. She felt herself overwhelmed for just a moment realizing it had been so long since she had seen her face to face. She lowered her wing and upon hearing their grandmother all the kids started to giggle excitedly. Fo'uh could feel as each one slid down her wing to the ground just within view of their grandmother. Once they left her back she took a step forward and leaned her head down to greet her mother. "It is good to see you." was almost unheard as the three started to yell 'Gammy!" excitedly as if they were rushing forward.. yet none would touch her. Fo'uh did not notice the sudden silence right away. "How have you been?" She said stepping to the side slightly to reveal the empty land behind her thinking that the three were rushing to tackle their grandmother.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam brought her hands momentarily to Fo's snout, tilting her head to lightly touch her forehead to her with a smile. "And you too. I've been well, though it's been terribly qui-" She'd managed to barely hear her over the children's excited calls, and just as she turned her attention to greet them just as happily, a confused expression crossed her face. "... Fo'uh? Have you been gifted with three excellent hiders?" Her brow furrowed, not immediately thinking anything of it; perhaps they'd simply found a hiding place. But her worry quickly mounted as she looked beyond her daughter, then around, doing her best to not make any of her growing panic apparent. Surely it was nothing; she didn't need to cause Fo distress. Children were so prone to giving their parents starts... weren't they?

    Fo'uh Zithary tilted her head as her mother suddenly stopped mid sentence and realized she was not covered in child right now. She blinked and looked around behind her. Even lifting one of her wings to be sure they didn't suddenly grow shy.. at least she would expect Danthy'Ir to hide behind her leg. A moment of turning around in place carefully to make sure none were underfoot she laughed. "Okay kids. That is enough." Dead silence. She started to look, using her eyes more than anything. "Usually they are not this shy or bratty.. I am sure.. they are just hiding." she said, though through that there was a slight distant panic going on in her heart. "Xar'kor? Nyarel?" not that she expected them to answer right away, but usually they would have giggled giving away their spots by now. She glanced at her mother, surely Danthy'Ir would answer her. "Danthy'Ir come out right now and say hello to Gammy!" she said, though she was attempting to be stern, her mother might have noticed the tint of panic in her voice. No answer.. no little ones coming out of their hiding space or even giggling that they had caused their mother concern. "I don't know what has gotten into them." she said giving her mother a nervous sort of grin.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam nodded absently to Fo's words. Something didn't seem right, and Sili's own panic over the odd disappearance of her grandchildren grew, though she did her best to continue to hide it for her daughter's sake. As she stayed relatively close to her, that familiar violet glow in her stare formed as she seemed to look beyond anything that lie before her. She was searching, wildly scanning the area for any unfamiliar minds flitting about excitedly or trying to behind crystals or other various things... but she could find none. Her brows furrowed, the crystalline tone of her voice leaving a slight echo to her voice as she muttered to herself. "I don't understand..."

    Fo'uh Zithary seeing her mother's eyes caught the same idea. She didn't like to do this as she felt it ruined the game for the children, but in times like this it was handy to find them. She too took a moment trying to settle herself... not that her mother's words helped. Frost started to form along the back of her neck down her spine to her tail. First all she could sense was her mother next to her.. the further she pushed she would feel the animals and even some beings down in the valley. The farther out she went the more panic started to hit her and force her back to herself. She could not feel the children anywhere near by. "M.. Mother... I don't feel them anywhere!" She said and frantically started to move around and use her eyes again to look by nearby trees and opsticals. "Xar'Kor! Nyarel! Danthy'Ir! WHERE ARE YOU?" She started to shout. She started to forget her mother was even there, fevered she took to the skies and started to search. The air started to get bitter cold, even for this time of year. A cracking could be heard as any moisture in the area started to freeze over. She could see huts below, smell smoke and see lights coming from them.. but no sign of her kids.. as she made a pass over the lake a large crack would be heard followed by an echoing of ice freezing the top of it fast. The tavern grew quiet as people could see a dragon flying close by, and suddenly the cold would hit the people inside like shards of ice in the wind. A roar would call out and slowly Fo'uh would start to fly even higher till she was at the peak of the mountain. Already the winds had started to pick up, snow being blown nearly every direction as the water in the air started to freeze. Her chest heavy to the point where she could not breathe properly. All her mate would feel is utter panic and despair as she let out shards of ice in a roar and breath that shot out from the mountain down to the valley and echoed for miles.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam soon began to shiver quietly where she stood. She'd learned to grin and bear it through the cold long ago, but it didn't mean she'd built up an immunity to it entirely. As her mind also returned to its rightful place, she began to see her breath come out in small puffs before her face. This wouldn't do, but she feared the risk of allowing the rest of the lands to see multiple dragons taking to the air. Would it cause hysteria? She wasn't sure, and she was going to be careful not to try and find out. Even as she violently shivered, Sili took to the air with the wings of her hybrid form, searching the landing as Fo went to the top of the mountain. The cold quickly became too much for her to handle on her own as it was, and she stepped into the large stone building to shelter herself, bundling herself in a heavy blanket and plucking one of her gems from a nearby table. Whispering into it, she was likely alerting her other daugher, a deep, concerned frown in her face. She wouldn't be as durable in this weather to be able to help Fo, but perhaps Usy could if she could make it. But if she couldn't, and if they couldn't find the children... she would have to find a way to pacify her eldest daughter to prevent her injuring herself, she feared. She stared out the nearest window and up toward the top of the mountain with that same deepening frown, watching the snow quickly begin to thicken with the grief of a mother separated from her children.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk was surprised when she felt the familiar beckoning of her mother's mind in that connection between her and her children. It'd been a while since they'd returned to the Northern Freelands, which she'd guessed was a good thing. Yes, it was warmer there, but not unbearably so, though she -did- still notice a decrease in Ki'fel's movement speed. She often did her best to curb her excitement and energy to match him, just as she did then, though after a moment or two of her leisurely steps, she blinked. The smile on her face that seemed to always tug the corners of her lips upward began to fade, and she blinked a few times, wide-eyed and startled. She didn't immediately say anything; also probably not a good thing.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey noticed when Usy stopped and turned to look at her. His own eyes calm and sleepy but with that glint of love he always carried for her. For a moment he smiled along with her then he could feel something had gone wrong. "What is it Itov? You do not look well... you're going pale.. what is it?" he started to become concerned and turned attempting to place his arm around her.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk looked toward him in a panic. She allowed his arm to move around her, but her wings quivered as if they'd sprouted a mind of their own and were ready to propel her off in a mad dash at any given second. "Fo's children..." How she managed to speak with composure, she had no idea, when she knew well how her sister's panic could be, paired with the gut-wrenching pain of suddenly losing your own children. "... Dask says they've disappeared. Fo's covered the whole land in snow in her panic...." Her voice steadily continued to rise, the more urgently she felt the need to dart off. "... Have to help. Don't know how, but have to!" Usy, pronouns would help.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey furrowed his brow as Usy spoke. "Wait.. how? Did someone take them? We have to go." he agreed quickly his own wings stiffened. "Go, I will try and keep up." He knew Fo'uh could make it snow, but he had no idea what was ahead of them.. nor that she could cover the entire land in snow. "Does Dom'Ro know?" he asked as he gave Usy room to dart off. More than likely she would disappear that fast. He would do as he said, try to keep up. However the closer they would get.. the more his body would start to shut down due to the cold. At first it would just sound like wind chimes as his scales would shake and clatter together. Eventually it would start to become louder till finally he found himself grounded and trudging along on foot through the smaller drifts in the forest. Until soon he would come to a full stop and reach out to Usy. Even his mind would sound groggy and cold. "I.. I can't go on any further.. I.. I am sorry Itov." would all he would be able to say till his body shut down for hibernation. If he went any further he could freeze to death. The mind and heart willing, the body incapable.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk quickly shook her head. "I don't know. Dask seemed panicked too. ... And probably cold." She glanced around frantically, probably determining the right direction. She had a split second to answer his question before she'd be too far for him to hear her voice carry through the air. "I... I don't know. I hope so!" With that, she took off like a bullet, hearing the distant sounds of Ki'fel beginning to struggle against the cold. Her own speed did not let up, the cold being her advantage or her 'element.' The only time she gave herself pause was to rest or when she finally heard her mate's voice through their bond. It was then that she slowed to a glide, her heart sinking with guilt. But just in case he still heard her, she answered him, whispering into his mind. "I will come back for you as soon as I can, itov. I will try to be quick so we can get you out of this cold. Stay safe..." With that, she took off at full speed again, trying to make it to her mother and her sister in record time.

    Fo'uh Zithary had cried for three days, her own body freezing and becoming part of the mountain peek. She could not move nor did she care to. There was barely any mark upon the land that stood out above the snow by now, and even in her sadness her power continued uncontrolled. Any who tried to reach her mind would simply be blocked out by sadness and despair. Her eyes frozen closed and hear heart sinking with each thought of her little one's faces.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk blinked in surprise as she came upon a land so heavily blanketed in snow that it startled her. She'd never seen it like this before, and this convinced her: Fo was near. A tight tugging in her chest added to the sensation, and she did her best to fly to the source, seeing no sign of her mother who was likely forced to hole herself up inside for the time being. As she flew closer to the mountain peak, frost blanketed her scales and her hair, her eyelashes tiny icicles. And sure enough, Usy tried to reach out through her sister, first failing through a familial bond, then calling out to her through the air, her brows knitted. "Fo'uh!" She flew closer to her, nearly overwhelmed by the heavy, suffocating sorrow surrounding the elder of the two. This time, she didn't know what to say. Not yet. She wanted to at least try to reach out to her before she tried anything else, one of her hands reaching out to try to rest against one of Fo's horns as she called out to her again. "Fo! I'm here to help..."

    Fo'uh Zithary remained quiet for a moment longer almost as if she were asleep. Then through the bond she would weakly call out as if unsure. "Usy?" and then an overwhelming desire to hug her sister and cry upon her shoulder came to her and a bit of the ice started to crack only slightly. "I can't move." her voice almost sounded like a sob even in her mind.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk looked to her frantically; her eyes were wide and her hand moved toward the crack in the ice. All she could remember was the day they'd tried to bond with the power core the first time: the way her sudden panic had frozen the chamber her exhaustion eventually rendering Fo unconscious. Usy didn't want to see that happen to her again. "Fo..." For her sister's sake, she took a deep breath and tried to control her own panic. "Right now, you're very afraid and no one can fault you for that..." She spoke slowly and carefully - much slower than she normally did; chances were she was trying to choose her words with more caution than usual. "But we need to try and get a handle on this so we can figure everything out, okay?" Her eyes were wet, a hint of a couple of tears slipping from the corners of her eyes, only to freeze solid as soon as they'd slipped far enough away. "We need to-..." She took another deep breath and settled down next to her, her hand remaining pressed against the crack in the ice. "Do you remember the last time we saw each other? I watched you with Dom'Ro. You both looked so happy as you danced. We were all together again, we celebrated you..." She tried her best to carefully avoid mentioning anything specifically about children, perhaps trying to distract Fo with happier memories. It was a slim chance, but she was desperate to try to help quell her despair and fear enough to break her free.

    Fo'uh Zithary listened carefully. At the mention of her mate her heart picked up slightly in its rhythm. "Yes.. I remember." she said softly. The thought of her mate helped, though at the same time she was fighting the thought of having to tell him the children were gone. Another crack started in the ice. "I don't understand what happened." She said, it was clear that she was at least trying to pull herself from the ice. "I just.. Xar'kor.. my little boy." there was a hiccup and a soft gust of colder air escaped the mountain. "I can't." she sobbed again. She was trying but each time she tried to distract herself from the pain she remembered why she was in pain to start with.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk swallowed the lump in her throat; getting worked up alongside her sister would do nothing to help her. She shook her head. "You can, little by little. I'm here with you until you do." She tried to offer her a meaningful stare through the ice. "I want to help you figure out where they went so I can meet them too... but we can't search if you're up here. Remember hide and seek? You were the best at it out of all of us. Maybe they got it from you, maybe they're -even better- at it and we just need to look really hard..." Her brows remained knitted. "... But we need to get you free to be able to do that. I'll stay here as long as it takes, and I'm sure Dask is searching as best as she can right now too. We're all here for you; we're not going to let this be the end of it." She was desperately flipping through a catalog of memories still, continuing to look in at Fo. "I don't know if you remember... but we traveled to Vrek'mar together, all as a unit, but we couldn't find Serelath anywhere. Dask was worried sick, and I wasn't much better. The last thing I'd told him was that I hated him..." She continued to stare in at her for another moment before she looked away, pressing her lips together into a thin line. "But then one day, when we least expected it, he came back to us. He surprised all of us and showed us he was okay." She frowned. "We're going to find them, Fo."

    Fo'uh Zithary gulped slightly, swallowing her sadness best she could. The physical act caused the ice to crack more. "You're right.. I am not much good to them like this." Her voice sounded pained but stronger. More cracks could be heard as her body struggled against the ice. One of her wings came free and flapped slightly even slamming against the ground to her side to try and help push her out. "Usy.. help." her voice was strained this time. "I can't do this alone.." There was a waver of sadness in the tone. Her other wing was starting to creak. it was able to move enough within its ice shield to wiggle but not strong enough to break free.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk nodded to her, offering a small, encouraging smile as she flew around to where her other wing was. "I could possibly help... but I need you to stay still so I can. I don't want to risk hurting you..." One of her hands rested to a bit of ice as far from her wing as she could get, her focus locked solely upon the ice. Water didn't come from her, nor did more wind - but assuming she could succeed at it, she did her best to form cracks and weak points in the ice to help her break free, the ice crackling and popping as she began to slowly drag her hand along the ice.

    Fo'uh Zithary was doing as she was told. She could feel the cracks that Usy was able to form in the ice along her. She waited a bit longer then when she was sure she gave a jolt of her body. The ice breaking free from nearly all of her body but her head and tail. She paused a moment and then flopped back to the ground. Her chest heaving a few times from exhaustion. She stayed like that for a moment longer before she would attempt again to stand up and attempt to pull her head free. Cracking could be heard all around. Mostly from her feet pressing against the broken ice on the ground. The sky was starting to clear of clouds enough for the sun to shine through. No one would have guessed it, but it was now mid day. "This damned ice.. I wish we had been part anything else." she grumbled to her sister.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk pulled back a bit as she noticed her starting to break free, or at least trying to. Her attention lifted to the sky in that moment, surprised by the position of the sun, but she still focused primarily on Fo, managing to smile at her grumbling. "Agreed. We could've just zapped people with lightning or something..." She let out a sigh of relief, her sister's sorrow at least not as heavy in the air as it had been before. Maybe they really could do this. "We'll look for them, though. We'll find them and reunite you with them. That's how it has to be." She gave a determined nod and settled carefully on part of the mountain, doing her best to stay out of Fo's way in the meantime.

    Fo'uh Zithary would try a few more times before her head came free of the ice. She would then claw at her face to remove the chunks that were left, at least best she could. Eventually laying down to rest. When she stood up again she nearly slipped off the peak down the side of the mountain and flapped her wings a few times. If not for her tail still being stuck she probably would have simply glided down. Instead she clawed her way back up to where Usy sat and tugged a bit more at her tail with a deep frown upon her face. "I know.. we will find them.. and if someone took them i'll do more than freeze them.. i'll shatter them." her tone was so deadly serious that it didn't even sound like Fo'uh anymore. Finally her tail came up from the ground with another tug, this time she stumbled then slipped off the mountain and glided not so gracefully till she hit the ground and sank into the snow. She would crane her head around and the only place that was left would be the lava pool.. though it was nearly just rock now that it had cooled off for three days, it was still visible and still warm enough that she could use it to thaw out her tail a bit more. Bravely, yet tired, she did something she never would have done in a million years.. she approached the lava pool and stood close enough that she could thaw out.

    Usyraz Itmen Isk took to the air again in surprise at her struggling - and just as she was about to try and help work her tail free, Fo had begun to slip down the mountainside. Her eyes went wide at her change in tone - not that she blamed her, but it -was- alarming to hear her sister take such a tone. She could only guess that's what motherhood did to change a person. For a time, she followed after her in silence and stared in surprise at her approach toward the lava pool. As Fo began to thaw herself out more, Usy moved back enough to change into her full form, stretching for a moment before she looked to her sister once more. "Should we search in shifts? I... I don't know what you think might be best. I could start looking while you rest. I imagine you're very tired."

    Fo'uh Zithary turned to Usy as she spoke and nodded. "Yes.. look for .. look for Nyarel first.. i.. this weather would not be good for her." Fo'uh sounded weak by now. Tired yes, but perhaps even sick slightly. Her voice was hoarse. Nothing at all like she sounded through the bond. "She is green, darker than her father still. If the light hits her just right.." she paused a moment, it was clear she was fighting sadness and choking slightly on her words. "She shines just as pretty as summer grass." She cleared her throat and looked away from Usy. "If you see teal as deep as the ocean.. that is Danthy'Ir. Xar'kor.. He would be tough to find, but he would survive this weather like you or I." she finished pushing her words out best she could. There would be a moment of pause and silence before she spoke again. "Thank you Usy. I'd be lost without you right now."

    Usyraz Itmen Isk gave Fo a sharp nod as she started to take a few steps back. "Nyarel. Very green. Danth'Ir. Teal. Xar'kor. Icy." She looked toward her sister with worry before she bothered to take off, frowning. "Perhaps you should go to Dask to rest. Maybe she could help you feel at ease enough to rest?" She started to push up into the air with a few beats of her wings, quick for her size. "You're my sister. I would be nowhere else." At the back of her mind, her worry for Ki'fel also echoed - but primarily, she focused on finding her nieces and her nephew. Within a few minutes, she took to the air, primal-sounding, but light calls filling the air as she gave an almost airy call while she searched for them, her voicebox occasionally producing small rumbles and almost clicks while she scoured the land in search of the children.

    Fo'uh Zithary kept her eyes down as her sister spoke and even as her sister took to the air. For a moment she just stared at the heated rock bed where the lava pool had been. She loved her sister dearly.. but she knew the kids were no where near where they were now.. now she took on the task of reaching out to her mate to deliver the news. ~"Itov... I am sorry. The kids are gone. I do not know where they are or.. how they disappeared." She choked slightly then glared at the steam that to started to rise from the rock and then turned slamming her tail down on it. shattering the ice that encased it. "But we will find them."~ She finished and turned heading in where she would walk past her mother and find the nearest soft bedding she could in her hybrid form and flop down to rest.

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