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    Were-Beasts Empty Were-Beasts

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:09 am

    Were's have two forms-
    *War form-Man Beast like features. Their features are more human.
    *Human form

    They do not have control of their shifts.
    *A lot of concentration and effort is needed when they are attempting to shift without the help of the full moon. It takes a toll on the body but once they enter that primal war form, blood lust takes over. They are a danger to all around them and often seek solitude during the full moon.

    *War Form is physical power not able to use weapons. (no magic casting ability.)
    *Human Form, Less physical power more casting ability.
    *Vulnerable to the effects of silver in all forms. Best way to kill a WereBeast is to shoot silver into the brain or heart. (WereWolves are vulnerable to WolfsBane in all forms.)
    *WereBeasts can not give birth to WereBeasts. A human or half human has to be bitten in order to pass this change on to the offspring or create more WereBeasts. This is extremely dangerous and considered "Passing the Curse" which is why few if none do it on purpose.
    *There are more than just one type of WereBeast (ie WereWolf)
    Examples: Were Feline, Were Avian, Were Rodent, Were Bear.
     (Try and keep in mind that they can be driven by a blood lust. So more than likely will be a creature that hunts and kills. Like a hawk or, to stretch it a little, an Opossum.)
    Were-Beasts Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZI6WEGOtGI9gGJU_8jQXnSj2IRGeUeIGhMleNItiywuW9cEQc WereBear
    Were-Beasts 268x268 WerePanther
    Were-Beasts Dirty_Wererat-1- WereRat

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