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    The smell of intruders.

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    The smell of intruders.

    Post by Blake Inghard on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:53 pm

    Blake awoke to the bitter chill of morning frost. He huffed and pushed himself up to a sitting position on the old filthy mattress. His fire had gone out at least an hour or so ago, burnt down to nothing but fumes. Brushing off his jacket he glanced around before giving a large yawn in which his jaw popped. Car horns could be heard in the distance as people were making their way through the city  starting the early morning traffic that he hated so much.

    As he got up to his feet he glanced down the alley to see Vinnie, his favorite meth head, shuffling along in a filthy white shirt and one shoe. The mans pants were torn and filthy. Vinnie had probably, at one point, been a rather respectable business man on wall street. Now he did whatever for a hit of any drug anyone was willing to give him. Blake had one time offered Vinnie an acid tablet if he could manage to throw his shoe up onto the roof of one of the buildings. Blake got his laughs watching the man struggle, and Vinnie got what he wanted in the end.

    Rubbing condensation off of his forehead, Blake turned to his building and kicked open the door. Several flights of stairs later he made it to his crappy, yet favorite, apartment. Shrugging off his jacket and clothing in the chill unheated rooms before he reached the bathroom. Looking into the filthy cracked mirror he jut out his stumbled jaw and looked into his hazel yellow eyes rimmed with black.

    "Not bad, sexy beast." He said to his reflection and gave a wide slightly crooked tooth grin. "But ya need a bath. You smell like dog." He frowned. In that frown spoke years of darkness and anger. The mirror never knew what hit it. Pieces of it shattering down into the filthy cracked sink before he moved over to the shower and started the water running.

    In this shower/tub there was a surprising amount of soaps and body wash. Of which he took note of each bottle while he pulled shards of glass from his knuckles. The mirror slowly swung open to show several bottles, some empty and some full, stocked up on the shelves. The label 'Brut' just seemed very fitting. It was also probably one of the stronger colognes he could afford. Not that money was the reason for having it.

    When steam started to rise up from the tub he switched on the shower and climbed in. The hot water helped to relax his otherwise tense and cold muscles. He scrubbed at his face and neck first with his bare hands. His hands were rough enough to be used as wash cloths. When he was done rinsing off he shut off the water and was greeted with the sound of Vinnie screaming obscenities at either someone or something. Or nothing at all, was hard to tell. He stepped out into the cold air and moved to the broken window of his bathroom to look out. Just in time to see someone enter the building below across the street.

    "There you are." he grumbled, not getting a good look at the two individuals. He couldn't see Vinnie but that was hardly anything he cared about. He grabbed a bottle of brut and shook it into his hand rubbing it roughly around his still wet body before tossing it to the sink and moving to the next room to gather cleaner clothes to put on. Once he had on his jacket he went to the window to have another look out. They were moving around on the second floor of the department. He squinted a moment. One was a woman, she was gesturing her arms around as if she were explaining something. He went to the bathroom to have a better look at them.

    He could not make out the male that was with her, but he was assuming it was the same guy he had been harassing to sell the building for months. The woman was new. She was dressed nicely, her skirt showed off her long pale legs very nice. Blake placed his hands against either side of the window, almost as if bracing himself. As she moved past the window he caught sight of her platinum blond hair.

    "Alright little bird, what are you doing in my building?" He asked himself more than anything as he continued to watch. The windows on the building had been busted out as far as one could reach. Save for the top where the apartment was. He made sure all knew not to touch the top windows in any way shape or form. He continued to watch as she went to the third floor, then moved back down the stairs. Then the peeling of tires caught his attention and Vinnie running after the taxi. As if that wouldn't be enough to change this woman's mind.. and yet she was still within the building somewhere. He rubbed his wet beard a moment then moved to the sink to pick up the bottle of brut once again. Pouring more into his hand and rubbing it under his pits against the shirt. Once done he put the cap back on and tossed the bottle into the broken cabinet.

    He paced watching the ground in front of the building carefully. The two must have gone to check out the store front on the other side. But with how small that shop was, they were taking a very very long time. It was then that movement in the apartment above caught his eye. Stunned he looked at the open door and the two individuals inside. Neither of them looked like the middle aged man he had been harassing for months.

    "That son of a bitch!" He growled and turned moving through the apartment. He made his way through a few booby traps upon the stairs but otherwise got to the bottom unharmed. Once through the back door of the apartment building he closed it and headed around the south corner. Just as he got within eyesight of the apartment building's stairwell door he noticed the back of the male as they left. He stood upon the sidewalk glaring at the front of the building waiting till he saw them both crossing the street.

    He continued to watch and make note of the vehicles that left. Noting that the male was driving a small grey sedan and the female a large black truck. Just as he decided to make his way across the street he spotted Vinnie limping back.

    "Vin.. Come here a second." Blake called out. Vinnie looked around and became uneasy. "GET OVER HERE NOW!" Vinnie reluctantly limped over, eyes glancing all around but never once making eye contact with Blake. "What is your favorite poison, Vinster?" He asked wrapping his arm around the thin filthy man.

    "M... Ice?" he asked.

    "How would I know?" Blake growled. "Yes, Ice... I will score you some Crissy, but you have to work for it." Vinnie started to shake with excitement. "Now listen Vin, I mean it. You have to do exactly as I tell you. Don't fuck this up!" he growled.

    "Yeah.. you can count on me Blake." Vinnie said nervously.

    "Good. I want you to watch this building here. Each day you give me information on what is going on. Who comes and who goes. Got it?" Vinnie nodded looking at Blake's chin. "Vin... I mean it. Don't you fuck this up. If you do good, each night you will have some Crissy to go home with. Got it?" Vinnie nodded again. "Okay, get out of here. Dont' get caught watching either." he called out as Vinnie made his way back to his shirt.

    Blake wandered across the street, popping the lock on the stairwell easy enough. Once back up to the apartment door he started again. Nothing.. the fucking lock would not budge no matter how hard he tried. After an hour of effort he slammed the screwdriver into the wood again, causing more damage before he gave up and left. He would spend the next few days collecting his 'rent' money from those who stayed in the buildings surrounding.

    Over the next few months he would harass some of the workers that came to fix the building up. Nothing too big. Spray painting some of the windows that for some reason no longer shattered. Stealing tools from the work sights to sell off for easy cash. Any money made was going to scoring drugs for Vinnie. Whenever the woman was around however, Blake found himself watching her closely from one of his apartment rooms. She was a pretty little thing...

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