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    Post by Mercy Belfire on Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:44 am

    Mercy near skipped across the street. A song deep in her mind and now out of ear shot of Jasper she could not help but sling out the lyrics to herself.

    ♪"I was walking with a ghost. I said please, please don't insist."♪ Her voice was quiet, airy and mostly to herself. She enjoyed keeping her enjoyable quirks to herself. Especially since Jasper always seemed to be rolling his eyes now and again to things she suggested. She began to hum as she stepped upon the curb near the grocery and was quiet by the time she reached the door. A wide smile and bright eyes to meet Margret at the counter.

    "Good morning child! you look adorable!" Margret called out.

    "Morning Maggy! Any fresh..."

    "Of course my dear!"

    "OH! they look so wonderful!" Mercy exclaimed excitedly as she walked over to the fresh bakery rack. "And you got my favorite!" She exclaimed as she leaned in to smell the cupcakes.

    "Of course I did dear! You are my most frequent and best costumer." Mercy smiled and glanced at the woman. Though she did not keep eye contact for long as she did not like to look at Margret.

    "I'll take two!" she exclaimed then moved to the back of the store out of Margret's view. She always did this. Went for the least wanted item just so she could stare and wonder about her most desired item. She never ate meat, it was disgusting and her nightmares about it kept her from even stomaching the idea. However... something about the red within the packages. The smell of it, always drew her close.

    "Ready when you are deary!" Margret called. "How you manage to keep such a figure when you eat such junk food is beyond me." She heard the woman mutter. Mercy tilted her head staring at a particularly bloody package of meat for a moment. She managed to pull herself away and pick up some fresh carrots and lettuce. She even moved to the fridge to pick up some more frozen yogurt.

    "Just luck in the genetics I bet." She said as she came back to the counter.

    "Well, I wish I had been so lucky." Margret added with a dismissive hand gesture. Mercy's eyes glanced up a couple of times as she attempted to find words to encourage the woman. She hated how Margret always seemed to be years older every time she came to visit. She had even made it a frequent daily visit hoping that Jasper was right.. that she perhaps would not notice the woman's skin sagging around her eyes and mouth. It was a scary concept to her. Almost as if she were watching the woman rapidly age and die in front of her.

    "Maggy, you're beautiful. Flaunt it!" She said with a wide bright grin. Maggy scoffed, blushed perhaps and continued to ring Mercy up.

    "You know the only opinion that matters is that of your significant other or better half." Margret replied. This caused Mercy to frown some, as Margret was not married.

    "That isn't true!" She argued back. "You are your own.." Margret wagged her hand at Mercy. Pouting slightly in defeat Mercy shook her head. It didn't matter how many times she had argued with Maggie, it never seemed to get through to the old woman that she herself was the key to happiness and youth. At least that was how Mercy saw it.

    "You have that Jasper fellow. You can't talk about what it is like for us lonely old women." She said. Mercy screwed up her face.

    "Jasper is my father." She said gathering her stuff.

    "Ooh.. Maybe i should come over and see what his secret for eternal youth is." she said rubbing at her chin. Mercy glanced out her window at the Funeral home where her and Jasper lived.

    "Speaking of which, I better get back. He said he needed to talk to me about something. You have a lovely day Maggy!" Mercy called out.

    "You too, dear!" Margret called out.

    Mercy was such a sweet kind soul. No one could ever know. Not even Mercy knew how real the beast in her nightmares were. One could say, those weren't nightmares every full moon. No, those were natural changes compared to what happened when she slept any other night.

    See, when Mercy was young she lived in a group of more like herself. Including her parents and a brother. However something terrible happened to them. She would be too young to ever remember, but Jasper was there. He was always there. Never changing, always there. Had he  not been part of it, Mercy would have died along with her family.

    As she grew up with Jasper, her personality grew to such a bright star. If just to light the darkness that was Jasper. She loved him, still loves him, as a father and mentor. He has always kept her safe, even from her true nature. In a way, she does the same for him. Keeps him safe from diving into his dark moods of which he might not return from.

    Mercy never had a mother figure. The closest was Margret who owned and ran the grocery store across the street from the funeral home. Though Jasper and Margret never met, Margret had caught sight of him time and again at dusk when she was closing up shop.

    ♪"How the hell does a broken heart.. Get back together when it's torn apart?"♪ She started to sing as she crossed the street. It wasn't often that she became bluebird. Margret's sad soul usually didn't effect her in such a way. But something about this interaction made her think of Margret's lonely death. She again quieted down entering the home. She walked by the pews that had been set up and readied for the next funeral. The casket with someone's dead one within it. Flowers placed around it, as that was Mercy's doing. She wanted the family and friend's to feel comfortable and happy. Also the smell of the dead was horrible to sit through. Even with all the flowers, Mercy felt she could still smell the rotting corpse inside.

    "Jasper." Mercy called tentatively. He must have had a long night finishing up this one. Soon people would start to gather and come in to pay their respects. Quickly she went to the kitchen to put things away. "Our cemetery grows." She said morbidly to herself. "I wonder how long till we have no more room for the dead."

    She picked at one of the cupcakes and left out the other for Jasper. Not that he ever ate them. She was not sure what he did with them really. She might not cook for him anymore, but once in a while she offered some sort of food for him to munch on. If just out of kindness. Just as she started to hum to the tune in her head she heard footsteps. She turned to look at the door and in walks Jasper. Looking worn and ashy with dark circles under his eyes.

    "You should change." He said looking at Mercy's jeans and tank top.

    "I will.." She took hold of the cupcake she set out for him and held it up.

    "What did you want to talk to me about?" She asked. He ignored the offering and rubbed at his face. He then placed his hands on the sink and glared out the window. Mercy set his cupcake back on the counter.

    "I thought it would be cloudy today." he grumbled as he could see sunshine baking the road.

    "It is, somewhat." Mercy muttered as she looked out and up at the sky.

    "Not enough. You might have to handle this one. You know how to do it. Dress dark, talk in somber tones." He looked at her for a moment. "You seem different today." Mercy forced a smile.

    "I'm fine. You go rest. I got this!" she said adding a ridiculous gesture along with it. Jasper stood for a moment staring at her then turned and walked out of the kitchen. Soon as she was sure he was gone her smile faded and she leaned her hip against the counter. He did not look well.. she would have to do her best this time. Prove herself to him so he did not work so hard. She finished her cupcake and moved up the stairs quickly to get changed for the funeral. Repeating the words in her head so as best not to forget. Soon people would start to arrive, greeted with a somber delicate smile and lead to their seats.

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