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    A sheep in wolf clothing.

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    A sheep in wolf clothing. Empty A sheep in wolf clothing.

    Post by Ludo on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:14 pm

    "DANIEL!" Sarah screamed. "RUN!" She fell to her legs as a large beast appeared behind her. A flash of silver down into her side caused her to cry out. Daniel didn't think it would be so loud.. nor did he think it would be so slow. Her eyes looked up at him. She must have thought he was stunned or frightened by the sight. He could tell the moment she connected the dots. "What have you done to..." The creature hovering over her slammed it's dagger into the back of her skull. Slowly, Daniel turned around inspecting the 12 dead that lay upon the floor. No more were eyes looking to him in desperation. Children, men, women; all dead. His hand stayed tightly wrapped around a small stone hanging from the chain on his necklace. He was holding it up so that all the living could see it.

    "Well done, wolf. You've proved your worth." A deep voice said as a figure among the dust flames and smoke started to walk closer to him. Once in front of Daniel his features were glinted with firelight. Pure red scales and black horns. One could only assume this beast was the devil himself. Yellow eyes fixed upon Daniel he leaned in close. "Good dog. You may go. We will call you when we need you." He said through a wicked row of teeth. Slowly Daniel backed away from him, then turned and ran out of the carnage. It would be a while before he stopped running. The dreams would never stop however.

    That was one of 9 packs he helped to bring down. It was getting easier in some ways. He was able to slither into their ranks and become trusted just like any of the others. The ending was the hard part. Especially if he started to grow fond of any of them. His mind often drifted back to his deal with this devil and how it came about. He was only seventeen at the time, so who could really blame him? Now he was in his mid twenties, it didn't seem such a great decision.

    As he sat at a table in a Deny's he felt that familiar vibration against his chest where the stone lay. They were calling him again; so soon after this had to be a real threat. He picked up his glass of water and for a moment tried to ignore it as he finished the drink. Then that familiar burn started to hit. He would ignore it further, though out of necessity to pay for his meal. He made his way through the diner and out the front door rubbing at his chest. Once he was within the old pickup he huffed and pulled it out to look at it.

    "What?" He said to the stone and a disembodied voice started to speak.

    "Do not what me, Daniel." said the deep voice. Daniel hesitated, if just to let him speak. "Well?"

    "I'm sorry. What is it that you need?" He said finally.

    "There is a city called Frittland, just a hop skip and jump from where you are. You need to go there. A uncomfortable amount of dogs are starting to gather up. You need to keep an eye on them and if need be join them so that we can take them out." Daniel sat in silence. "Remember our deal, Daniel."

    "Yes. I remember." He said. "Not like one can forget the day they almost died so easily." There was a moment of silence.

    "You will be given food, clothes and money. Things you will need. Look for the one named Blake. He more than likely is what all are being drawn to. He's been left in one place too long. More than likely going to be the leader of this little trash pale group. Don't dress up too nice." There was a moment of silence and Daniel felt the burning from the stone start to fade. For a moment he thought it was over and let out a heavy breath.

    "Speak to Lydia, she will give you more information." The voice said causing him to jump slightly.

    "Who is Lydia?"

    "She is your new boss for this mission. I will be contacting her soon." Daniel waited a while longer.

    "Where will I find her?" Silence followed his question. "Hello?" more silence. A huff of frustration he started up the old pickup. It backfired a few times; once when he backed out of the parking space, and again as he pulled out of the parking lot. That it kept running for so long was impressive. He had gotten it for a hundred bucks from an old farmer who thought it wouldn't run ever again.

    "You've got to be fucking kidding me..." He said peering at the map on his phone. "Frittland City is in Newfoundland?" He shook his head and pocketed his phone. "Never heard of it before." he grumbled. It was clearly a long journey ahead of him. Including having to get a passport just to fly out of the states. "Shots, vaccines, physicals. Could they have made this more obscure and difficult?" He pulled the wheel hard and braced himself for the rough ride along a mixed gravel dirt road.

    Once he pulled to a stop he climbed out slamming the door and walking quietly up to a old shack of a house. No power, no running water just a water pump. It had an old bed and dresser in one room. A wood burning stove and a few dishes in the kitchen. There was not much to this place, but that was the point. It was a place he could easily leave behind.

    He slouched against the bed for a moment. He couldn't even speak aloud when alone, they would listen in if he said anything. So he had to settle for words in his head. It was the best way to revisit what he had gone through.

    "Sarah was a good kid. She trusted me without hesitation. She possibly even loved me, and I so easily watched her die. Just as I watched my parents die. I remember that dagger, it is the same one he would have used on me. That is what keeps me going. My life. That is what I have to protect." He thought to himself. He flopped back on his bed and rubbed at his face for a moment. "I have to focus. If I am to remain useful and alive, I have to focus." In the distance there was the crunch of gravel under boot, but he did not catch this right away. "I need to find someone that will fake passports and medical documents. I should probably locate some dealers for weapons when I get there. There is no telling when one will need a gun, but I'll have to fashion my own bullets." The footsteps got closer and he paused. Then a knock at the door.

    "Daniel." He heard a voice. He sat up and slowly moved to the dresser and pulled out a large knife. "Daniel, open up." He did not recognize the voice. When he got to the door he had checked several windows but could only see the back of the man's coat. "Come'on I know you are there! I saw you drive in. You've got a package for your trip." Daniel furrowed his brow and got ready opening the door slowly and peeking outside.

    "Brian.. what are you doing here?" He said catching sight of the old man's face finally.

    "They gave me a package to give you. Apparently the only thing I am good at anymore is delivering." He said holding up a box wrapped in brown paper. "Wont be long till they decide to put this old dog down." He said with a charming grin. Daniel lowered the knife to his side and backed away opening the door wider.

    "Come on in. I don't have a place for you to sit or food for you to eat but you're welcome to come on in." He said. "Sorry for the paranoia. Was not long ago I was regarded as a trusted one in a pack." He moved toward the kitchen.

    "Yeah... so I heard..." Brian said stepping in. He followed Daniel to the kitchen and set the package down. "So, can you name names of the fallen?" Brian looked at him from the corner of his eyes. The eyes of a wolf seemed to shimmer in them even in human form.

    "To be honest, the only one I will probably remember is Sarah." Daniel responded as he started to lower the knife into the sink.

    "Yeah.. Not that I have any room to speak. They used me for years." There was a tone in Brian's voice that made Daniel hesitate to let go of the knife. "I mean, they had me dead to rights.. what with holding my family hostage." His voice started to crack and Daniel could not help but focus on him while hovering his hand in the sink. "They promised, you know." Brian shook his head, tears in his eyes.

    "What is it, Brian?" Daniel asked. His instinct telling him something bad was about to happen.

    "I ever tell you my daughter's name? The one they supposedly were protecting?" Brian's voice started to shake and there was a hint of rage in it. Daniel knew this tone well. He had heard it many times as those around realized he was the poison meat in the middle of the pack. His fingers tightened around the knife. "Sarah." Brian's teeth bared. His body started to hulk and snap as he forced the change. Daniel moved quickly with the knife but not fast enough. He was knocked across the kitchen into the wall. The knife still in hand he started to shift.

    "You never told me!" Daniel called out to his once mentor for the con. It did not matter what he said now. Brian was clearly driven by grief at this moment. Grief guilt and anger. As Brian charged after Daniel it was clear to Daniel what he had to do. Brian wanted to die.

    Daniel rolled and jumped out of the way. It was enough to get behind Brian. He jumped forward and attempted to wrap his arm around Brian's midsection. The weight and force of both of them hitting the wall knocked them on through the old wood and plaster slats with ease. For a moment the flailed on the floor. Daniel attempting to contain Brian or just hold him down. Then the sudden sharp pain in his side let him know that Brian had dug his claws in. He felt his grip start to close down into his flesh and let out a roar of anger before he plunged the silver knife into Brian's temple.

    It had happened so fast. Daniel huffed for a moment, barring his teeth in anger and pain. Then it started to settle in as the grip let up and dropped down. Brian had been the closest thing Daniel had to a father since the devil came. Taught him the con, how it was to get into a pack. Daniel felt his chest grow tight as he looked at the old wolf start to fade back to human. He ripped the knife from Brian's temple and hesitated for a moment, then plunged it in over and over again. Screaming and roaring his anger at the bloody mess till there was no longer a point.

    As he sank down and away huffing for air, his face scrunched and he covered his now human again features with his bloody hands. Sobbing out of anger and sadness. Brian was the first he had a direct hand in killing. He didn't know Sarah was his daughter. How could he?.. but that was just the underlining of what was wrong with all of this.

    Slowly he crawled and stood up stumbling into the kitchen again. He leaned against the counter, teeth clenched as he tore the brown paper from the package. In it was a letter sitting atop a box that had been open. He pulled it up and opened it.

    "Daniel, If you're reading this one of two things happened. Either I chickened out and gave in with my tail between my cowards legs.. Or you killed me. Take it to heart boy. You are killing your own kind for what? I at least did it for my family. What are you doing it for? -Brian." Daniel bunched the note in his hand and flung it off to the side. Teeth still clenched he opened the box looking down inside.

    Passport, medical papers and money lay in plastic bags. Along with a token and list of names. All of the wolves that had died. Along with it, the address to a museum in Frittland City. His chin started to quiver slightly and he slapped the box away across the kitchen.


    Cleaned up and sitting on the plane, all Daniel could do was sit and stare at the back of the chair in front of him. His mind arguing his side and reasoning for what he was about to do yet again. Meanwhile a child stared at him from across the isle.

    "Franky, stop staring." his mother said.

    "Mom, I told you my name is Fozzy!" He wined looking away from Daniel finally.

    "Like the bear Muppet?" she chuckled. "Okay, okay, Fozzy. Sit back in your chair and we'll see if the stewardess will bring some cookies." The little boy smiled and leaned into his mother happily complying to a point.

    Once the plane landed Daniel quietly stepped off and made his way out into the City. His bag on his shoulder and his phone in hand, he started to make his way to The Amethyst Court in search of Lydia.

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