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    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:32 am

    Garou have five forms-
    *War form-Much like the Lycan form but smaller and less vicious in appearance.
    *Hybrid form-Much like the WereBeast form though more human and much much smaller. Sometimes only the ears and tail and teeth show in this form.
    *Dire Wolf form- Larger, stronger but much slower than that of a normal wolf.
    *Wolf Form
    *Human form

    Garou have the most control over their shifts out of the shifters. They tend to have less of a toll taken on their body through time as it is more of a magic based shift than it is a physical based shift. They Do not give into blood lust as they are more attuned with nature. They are smaller than the lycan or werebeasts and tend to have the ability to maintain their humanity no matter what form they take.
    *War form is physical power (less casting ability.)
    *Hybrid Form is less physical power but still greater (still less casting ability than in human form but better than war form.)
    *Dire Wolf Form is stronger than normal wolves but also slower.(Capable of simple thought. No casting ability.)
    *Wolf Form is that of a normal wolf. They have greater speed and stealth than the other forms.
    *Human form less physical strength more casting ability.
    *Vulnerable to the effects of silver and wolfsbane in all forms. Best way to kill a Garou is to dismember them. But why would you want to?
    *GAROU ARE NOT A MIX OF LYCAN OR WERE! Breeding limitations is as the original Lore suggests. (If you breed with human you have a human child 9 times out of 10. If you breed with Lycan, you have a Lycan child 9 times out of 10. Garou and Garou do not make another Garou.)

    Northern Tribe lore-
    *Garou DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE GAROU! There are so few Garou that the lore and information would not be passed down nor available for them to even know what they are. The lore they do know is that of the clans and the Norse mythology.

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    Garou SpiritWolf Empty Garou Rarity and Rules of the Umbra [WIP]

    Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:12 pm

    Due to their rarity in TNFL's lore, there is a cap on Garou.
    Garou Cap: 1/5 (4 openings remaining)

    PLEASE NOTE: of these four remaining spots, only two can be from distant lands. At least two more need to be either from the Northern Free Lands or lands adjacent (Northern Mountains, etc.).

    Rules Re: Garou in the Umbra

    1. "The more moonlight, the better." Due to the unpredictable nature and alignment of spirits, entering the Umbra in daylight is VERY dangerous, and it's possible to become trapped or even killed during this time unless you're astronomically lucky. Be prepared to acknowledge this consequence if your Garou enters the Umbra during the day. Keep in mind that even when the moon is full, entering the Umbra can pose a threat to any Garou that isn't careful.

    2. It's possible to be forced back out of the Umbra by a spirit that possesses the strength (and often kindness) to do so. Often this is done by a spirit that is trying to protect a Spirit Walking Garou.

    3. Garou with the right materials can TRY to contact spirits that are already within the Umbra, but their success depends on not only their ability, but also the willingness of the spirit in question. A Garou never forces a spirit to act as they are asked. HOWEVER, asking a spirit for information about events in the realm of the living is highly frowned upon. Spirits who provide information concerning affairs of the living to the living tend to be punished severely, as this can change the outcome of events already set in motion by a higher power.

    4. Distance and travel works differently in the Umbra. It is a realm of infinite size, though there are methods that allow for quick travel throughout, whether being led by a guide or visiting a specific place within.

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