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    Just me and mine.

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    Just me and mine.

    Post by Ki'Fel Inloilfrey on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:17 pm

    Kelly huffed falling to Lucy's side in a spent heap of flesh. Rolling carefully to his side, he faces her with a content smile. Lucy's multi colored hair lay sprawled across her brow and face down her neck and chest. The pale skin freckled with glints of light off of sweat beads. Her crystal eyes looking up at him with a wide grin.

    "What?" She asked in a breathless tone. Her naked body sprawled out over most of the bed as she stretched.

    "You're so beautiful." Kelly started to say. He leaned in to kiss her shoulder.

    "And?" She asked.

    "And smart, and funny and a brat." He said scrunching his nose at her.

    "Yup!" she giggled then turned to her side. Kelly reached up to run his finger's through her hair and smooth the strands from her face. In turn, she reached out and ran her hand along his neck down to his chest. He felt it stop on the scar that marked his chest around to his back. If she had any sad thoughts or memories come into her mind, they were gone the instant he leaned in and kissed her. She smiled and pushed away looking into his eyes with a hint of love he always noticed.

    "What? Again?" He asked. She shook her head.

    "How does coffee sound?" She asked. Kelly raised his eyebrows slightly and looked around the bright pastel decorated room lit up by the sun.

    "Sounds like a wonderful idea...OOF." he grunted as she pressed her hand against his chest and used him to propel herself off the bed. "My wallet is in my jacket.." He started to say. He was always so surprised how much energy she still had after several rounds of vigorous love making.

    "No that is ok. I got it!" she near sang to him as she started to gather clothing.

    "Usy.." Kelly called out.

    "What?" She turned blinking at him.

    "Usy.." He fluttered his eyelashes at her.

    "What?" She asked again, head tilt in confusion. She started to giggle at the look of him fluttering his eyes at her. "You ready to go again?" She smirked.

    "No, Itov. Your eyes." He chuckled. With his words her eyes went wide and then she gave him a pouting look. "I know love. I hate the contacts too. Do you want me to go? I can ge-"

    "No! I can do it." she huffed and partly shuffle stomped into the bathroom. When he heard the sink get turned on he fell to his back and looked at the ceiling with a smile. His eyes drifted closed for only a moment.

    "Wake up sleepy head! Don't forget to pack the gift for Mother!" He wasn't sure how long he had been out. Just that it seemed for a split second before Lucy was now hovering over him. The blue contacts just barely hid enough of her crystal eyes to make her look human. He hated she had to wear them. He smiled up at her then wrapped his arms around her bringing her in for a long kiss and holding her to his chest.

    "I wont. It's on the kitchen counter right?"

    "Yes! Don't forget it!"

    "Alright! I wont!" he smiled wide at her. Again they kissed and lingered for a moment. He felt her hand on his chest across the scar once again. Perhaps she didn't even know she was doing it. She sat up and gave him a bright smile then again pushed off the bed using his chest as a spring board. He let out another mocking grunt then watched as she skipped around with her shoe on one foot to find the other.

    "I'll be back soon! I love you!" she said getting to the door. Once the door closed the room seemed to become shades of dull ashy colors. Kelly let out a small sigh then sat up in the bed.

    His own hand traveled down to the scar on his chest where her hand had been. He blinked at it and shook his head.

    "No, you do not deserve to be remembered." he muttered and stood up moving to the bathroom. He put Lucy's contact case back in her make-up bag carefully with a few other things and set it aside. Once the counter was cleared off he started up the shower and set his own things out. Fifteen minutes later he was done and everything of his back in it's place. He took his bathroom kit and tossed it to his bag on the floor of the bedroom before heading to the kitchen.

    On the counter was a decently sized package wrapped and ready to go. He circled it for a moment thinking how best to move it through customs. Deciding that it should have it's own case to itself. They would just have to hope they didn't loose their luggage on this long trip.

    The door creaked open and in stepped Lucy with her hands full. Kelly smiled, the light coming back into the room once again. He moved over to help her with the door and the cups.

    "I thought you were just going for coffee?" He said looking at the bag on her shoulder.

    "Oh, just wanted to get a little something for us to eat before we went." She said. The cups set aside, and Kelly wrapped his arms around Lucy once again. They kissed a few times between words.

    "I love how thoughtful you are." Followed by a kiss.

    "I love how sweet you are." Followed by a kiss. One thing would lead to another, and they would find themselves in bed once again. Perhaps pushing the time they should be leaving for their trip. When the alarm on Kelly's phone went off they both rushed to get dress and make sure everything was packed. They would just make their flight, but by the skin of their teeth.
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    A long journey, something not so easily forgotten.

    Post by Ki'Fel Inloilfrey on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:32 pm

    Kelly had fallen asleep by the time they hit the air. Something about planes always seemed to knock him out. Perhaps it was because he remembered the amount of energy it took to fly such great distances. With Lucy nuzzled against his shoulder he felt content, happy.

    "Your family was a disgrace!" boomed the voice that echoed through the stone walls. Above him the light from the broken high arched ceiling cast down. It was near blinding reflected off of the gold king's chest. If not for the filter of blood smeared across it. "Your father, your brother and you!" Kelly felt his chest being pressed down. Something was going through the armor his steal scales provided and digging into his flesh. A long curved blade...

    "STOP!" He had heard Usy scream frantically.

    "You will die, a pathetic little wyrm!" The dragon's face leaned in closely with a sneer of victory plastered clearly upon his face. Then a shock of exploding crystal staggered the gold king back. A loud noise seemed to force him back as well. A crack forming along the wall where he hit. Kelly coughed and Lucy was by his side pressing her hand against his chest. Her once youthful face aged rapidly as she looked at him with sorrow filled eyes. The rest of the world started to sound drowned out to Kelly. He knew others were there, but all his focus was on the lost expression on Lucy's face.

    "Hold on! Please, Ki'fel. Please don't leave me." He could hear the pain in her voice.

    "No, never!" he startled awake saying to the back of the seat in front of him.

    "hmm? What is wrong dear?" Lucy asked placing her hand on his.

    "N-nothing. Was just a dream love.." He smiled and leaned back. She rested her head upon his shoulder again.

    ~"Are you sure?"~ he heard her ask through the bond.

    ~"Just haunted by a ghost long gone. You know how I get when flying in big metal tubes."~ He looked down into her blue hidden eyes with a smile. It would be another 10 hours before they landed.

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