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    Livening Up an Empty Nest

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    Livening Up an Empty Nest Empty Livening Up an Empty Nest

    Post by Lucy on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:04 pm

    Kelly shouldered the bags the best he could. Making sure to open the door for Lucy as she approached. "She knows we're coming right? You called her?" he looked into the dark stairwell and gave a slight frown. His mind considering ways to lighten it up.

    Lucy watched him in silence with a hint of a worried frown - knowing well enough that he was fully capable of carrying what he did, but still watching him carefully nonetheless. As she stepped toward the door, she shrugged her shoulders. "Mom seems to always know, we can't sneak up on-..." She paused, as if listening to something. Another few seconds and she grinned at him before slipping inside, bending back to help hold the door open with one hand, her other plucking out her phone and turning on the flashlight.

    Kelly watched her with her phone for a moment then stepped in with her. He would wait for her to start up the stairs before following. Minding carefully not to drop any of the bags. "Well, true. I guess I was just thinking..." he paused for a moment on one of the stair wells. "Hey, shine your light right there at the bottom of that landing." He gestured with his hand. "I think I might be able to wire a light there. Least then the damned stairs wont be so dark for your mother."

    Lucy curiously tilts her head at him. "Hm?" She turns the light toward the point he'd gestured to with a small smile, watching him for another moment before she spoke up. "Sure, love - we could do that. When did you want to?" She kept the light there for as long as he seemed to need, pausing her steps until she was certain he was ready to continue on. "We can do that at some point before we have to leave again either way, yeah?"

    Kelly shrugged looking up at her with a broad grin. "Of course. I know we're only here for a few days but I am sure I can sneak away to get it done at some point." When he gave the signal that he was ready, and she started to move up the stairs again, he would follow all the way to the apartment door and wait for it to be unlocked or otherwise opened. Then walk through.

    Lucy smiled and leaned in toward him just long enough to press a quick kiss to his cheek, bouncing away again to unlock the door, having pocketed her phone once more as they came to the more illuminated section of the stairwell. Pushing the door open, she walked in and moved aside, propping it open with her foot for him to walk through. She regarded him with another tiny grin before calling out through the main room, just in case her mother was there. "We're here!" Once Kelly had time to get through, she pushed the door shut behind them both, her nose wrinkling. "Mm. She must be busy still..."

    Kelly glanced around the apartment's first floor then up the stairs to the darkened hallway. He waited a moment listening for any response then nodded. "Best put our things away then. Could you get me a drink, Itov?" He asked and then paused. It had been a while since he was able to say that word anywhere but within their own home. It felt strange to him to say it out in the open even if just in Sili's place.

    Lucy smiled over her shoulder at him, already beginning to all but scurry to the kitchen and tug the fridge open. "Any preference? If you'd like something warm, I could always run down around the corner to get coffee or tea or something.. but she has plenty of cooler things too." Her head tilts as she listens for him, a hint of a smile lingering on her face.

    Kelly blinks for a moment. Her energy and the way she asked made him have to pause and way his options. "I think just a nice cold glass of water will do the trick." He smiled back at her then turned to start heading up the stairs. He would disappear into her room for a moment to settle down the bags before he would head back down into the kitchen. There he would place the present on the counter. "See, didn't forget it." He smiled. "What did you get her anyway?"

    Lucy nodded. As he put their bags away, she pulled free two glasses of water, pouring it and setting one down on the counter for each of them. She grinned and drummed excitedly on her waistline for a moment as he set the gift down, his question causing her grin to become impish. She took a couple of steps toward him. "I could tell you... but it'll cost ya."

    Kelly reached for one of the glasses and just as it touched his lips he paused at her comment and gave a slight smirk looking at her from the corner of his eyes. Taking a healthy swig of water and setting the glass back down before he moves in closer to her. Though there was a hint of curiosity there, it was probably masked by the love in his eyes. He reached for her hips in an attempt to draw her closer. "Yeah? What is that?" he asked, his other hand would reach up to brush her a strand of hair from her face.

    Lucy regarded him with a bright smile. Her own arms lifted to wrap around him, her hands clasping together at the back of his neck Settling in comfortably against him, there was a playful narrowing of her eyes before she stretched up to press her lips lovingly to his. "... That's all." Her eyelids drooped for that brief moment, her expression having only grown brighter from being that close to him; it never seemed to get old. Her head tilted only enough to gesture toward the box. "It's something so she can keep in touch with all of us more easily. I was going to see if Fo and everyone else needed one too." Her brow furrowed. "... It seems kinda lonely being this far away from all of her family, I thought it might help if she could reach us and be able to actually -see- us more easily without having to wait to see us face to face."

    Kelly gave her a soft kiss in return and followed with a soft rumble in his chest as she leaned back. "Well worth it then." He said back in a quieter tone. His smile still wide he listened to her explain what the gift does rather than what it was. "I see." he said then looked over at the gift. "That would be a lot easier on her than having to use those stones and wait. Last I spoke with Dom, Fo and him were going to go visit Dawny and frost boy. Wonder if they are going to make the trip next month here. Might be cool to have us all in one place again, if just for a short moment." His hand seemed to get a mind of it's own, petting along her back and playing with strands of her hair now and again as they spoke.

    Lucy beamed at his words. She nodded, and as his touch to her back registered, her head turned to rest to his chest, content to remain as she was while she answered him. "Yeah? That -would- be. I worry sometimes. I have you and you have me, Fo and Dom have each other, the kids have their siblings..." Her nose wrinkled. "... But this is a big place for just one person. I'd like the idea of us all being able to see each other at once again too. I like the way you think..." With that, she gave him a playful nudge, turning her head for just a moment as if she'd heard something.

    Kelly raised an eyebrow as her head turned. He glanced up behind her, but hadn't heard anything right away. "Well, from what Dom said, I am pretty sure Dawn might be moving back to Frittland. Not entirely sure when." He smirked slightly and while her head was turned attempted to plant a sneaky kiss on her cheek.

    Lucy raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes just a little. "Really? That would be nice! I'm sure Mom would like having someone closer to her if that's the case..." Her voice trailed off, a small giggle forming in her throat as she felt his lips to her cheek. "You..." Her head turned to face him again with a smirk, chin lifting enough to try and lightly brush the tip of her nose to his.
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    Livening Up an Empty Nest Empty Reunion

    Post by Lydia on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:07 pm

    Lydia Hummel knew they were there. It was as Kelly had asked: Lucy had let her know they were coming. But above that, they were close enough for her to sense them, that familiar tugging sensation forming in her chest. As soon as she was able to free herself from her prior obligations, she did so, calm, but hurried steps carrying her up to the apartment. She pulled the door open, looked around for them... and smiled as soon as she saw them.

    Kelly closed his eyes for just a moment feeling her nose brush his. Then he heard the door open and looked up. Upon seeing Sili his expression changed to one of fondness. "Dask..." he said and hesitated leaving Lucy's side. He would compromise and attempt to help her turn to face her mother. And of course stay out of her way just in case a burst of energy sent her flying across the room. He would walk calmly over to her himself, and if given the chance give her a soft hug and a kiss atop her head. "It is good to see you."

    Lucy allowed herself to be turned toward her. Kelly's simple word caused her to freeze in place as if with surprise, but as soon as he started to move toward her, Lucy indeed took off, scrambling toward her mother and nearly knocking her over, keeping her upright with a sudden hug that mirrored her mate's. Though of course, she made sure he had enough room to reach her as well. "I was starting to wonder!"

    Lydia Hummel felt her eyes grow wet as she came in contact with them, offering them both hugs while having to make an additional effort to keep her expression steady - even after colliding with her youngest daughter with a laugh. "It's good to see you too! I've missed you both..." As she took a step back to get a better look at them, a small breath came out as if to better compose herself. "How was your flight?"

    Kelly would be there in case either fell, ready to catch them. Using his own hug to stabilize them both until they were ready to move. "Was a long one, but not as long as it used to be." He said with a wry smile. "How has things been? The museum seemed rather quiet when we passed by. Would not be a good time to visit junior?" He asked in a calm tone.

    Lucy paused again, almost as if in hesitation. Once she withdrew from her mother, she moved to lean into Kelly with an expression that quickly went from bright and cheerful to somewhat solemn. Her eyebrows raised in question.

    Lydia Hummel looked between them with a nod and a smile. "Things have been... good. Dealing with occasional visitors, but mostly, things are quiet." She answered his final question with a bittersweet expression. "Of course. The museum is not busy at all; I don't suspect there'd be an issue. He's still in the same place he's always been."

    Kelly took a moment to pet along Lucy's back as Sili spoke. With a soft nod he turned to place a kiss atop Lucy's head. "Better to visit now while it is quiet." he said softly into her hair. "Will you be joining us, Lydia?" he said her name in sort of an awkward fashion. It was a way he had to remind himself, she was too young looking to be their mother in front of the humans. He hated the fact that they had to treat her any other way in public, but sometimes it was necessary. In a way, it was also him reminding Usy of the same thing.

    Lucy was quietly thankful for Kelly's reminder, lest she slip up and call her something that would raise eyebrows. She looked up at him with a smile, moving to wrap an arm around him, resting at his other side. As she awaited an answer, she took a moment to glance around the otherwise quiet apartment, a slight wrinkle in her nose.

    Lydia Hummel nodded in agreement and offered a faint smile at the invitation. "I think I'll have to wait here this time and give you both time alone with him, thank you. Just call for me if for some reason there's a problem." She paused to think a moment before her eyebrows raised. "... Oh! Are either of you hungry? I could see about preparing something to eat while you visit, if you'd like. I'm not sure when you last were able to get anything..." One hand rested to one of their arms respectively if she could, only to withdraw again - taking a step or two back as if to head toward the kitchen.

    Kelly gave a polite smile and nodded. "Any kind of food is welcome, you know that." he chuckled and gave a soft squeeze to Usy at his side. "Ready dear?" his voice was calm but there was a somber tint to it.

    Lucy nodded at Kelly's question with a light touch of her head to his shoulder before she looked toward her mother. "Oh! Something meaty if you have anything for that?" ... What a vague statement. Still, she smiled, trying to lighten up despite where they were about to go. "And don't open that box on the counter! Not yet." With that, she gave him a light nudge to let him know she was really ready to go that time. "Whenever you are, love."

    Lydia Hummel passed an inquisitive glance toward the counter, but she shrugged with a small chuckle, moving toward the kitchen to begin preparing something while they headed off.
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    Livening Up an Empty Nest Empty A Somber Hello

    Post by Lucy on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:09 pm

    Kelly reluctantly moved to the door, mostly because he would have to let go of Lucy to go through the door. once it was open he gave her the opportunity to go first. Once they made it to the front he would again hold open the door for her and let her go up the stairs on her own. Following the entire way in silence till they were in front of the presented dragon egg. He knelt down close to it and then placed one of his hands upon the cold shell. "Hey there little one." he said softly. He then turned and looked to Usy, offering his hand to her in case she wanted it.

    Lucy lowered her gaze, more akin to a downtrodden child than anything as they made their way up. Her need to be near him remained obvious as it always did, keeping as close to him as she could and only breaking contact when it was absolutely needed. Though as the egg came into view, there was a brief, almost easily missed stutter in her step before she continued on and moved down to a crouch next to him. She gladly took the hand offered, her other moving out to rest atop the shell with his, though on the other side - stroking along the surface as lovingly as a mother might stroke her child's hair. She didn't say anything, but when she finally did, her tone was quiet - the same tone she usually took when they came to visit their egg, and almost exclusively then. "Just as iridescent as ever..." Her voice trailed off with the solemn hint of a smile, her head tilting to and fro to look it over. Her hold on Kelly's hand tightened.

    Kelly also pet along the bumpy surface of the egg, though carefully. "And as she promised, not a scratch upon it." He felt her grip tighten on his and he pulled her hand up to press the back of it to his lips. "When she is ready." he said to Usy. He turned his attention back to the egg. "Hear that little one? When you are ready." It was clear he still had some strange hope that the egg was still viable. "We'll be here to guide you through this new crazy world. I promise." The hint of metal came in his tone and he pressed his lips tight together. A glint of something in his eye but he simply continued to pet the egg for a moment. "Happy birthday, Junior." he finally managed to say through a more strained tone.

    Lucy wasn't entirely sure, herself - but she nodded at his words nonetheless. She tensed after a moment; her chest once again felt tight. Maybe she'd picked up on whatever was going through his mind, or maybe it was all her own doing. Whatever the case, she had to hold her breath for a moment. She inched in closer to him and nodded another time. "... We love you. We won't give up on you." Despite the furrow in her brow, she forced a smile, swallowing the lump in her throat and clearing her throat.

    Kelly took a moment to calm himself then leaned in and kissed the side of the egg. When he leaned back he moved to pull Lucy into his lap and started to hum a soft tune from the old ages. His voice deep and vibrating through his chest. Something he would do when they both needed comfort. They would probably remain there for a while, till the song had finished and the light dimmed further out of the windows.

    Lucy easily allowed herself to be pulled in. Her stare remains on the egg, even as he began to hum. Sinking back against him, she found comfort in his humming and letting out a slow, quiet sigh. Both things seemed to keep her calm, not exactly the bouncy ball of energy she often was - but she kept herself held together with his help nonetheless. She made no move to get up unless he did, her head tilting to lean into his.

    Kelly nuzzled the side of her temple with his cheek before he let out a soft sigh himself. For a moment he simply held her till his eyes shifted to the window and noticed the darkness that was approaching. It was only then that he gave thought to Sili cooking and decided it was probably time to go. But he felt something more had to be said. "I know I promised for us to have many little ones. I hope you are not disappointed in me." he said softly into her ear. "I think this one is plenty. As long as I have you I am happy." he said, his grip around her getting somewhat tighter as if he were afraid she'd push away from him.

    Lucy shook her head slowly at his words. Her hands rested atop his arms with the hint of a frown. For a moment, her heart cracked. "No, love..." Carefully, she turned to better face him, her hands slipping up to try and cradle his face. "... If it was meant to be, it would have happened. You're all I need." Her lips pursed for just a few seconds before she said anything else. "We'll be fine."

    Kelly smiled, that glint in his eye as he was looking at her. He gave her another kiss and hugged her tight to him. "I love you, with all of my heart." he said softly. When he was ready he would start to stand, lifting Lucy with ease to her feet along with him. "We should get going. I am sure.. Lydia is done cooking a meal for us." He turned and looked back at their egg and gave a soft smile before he turned to the stairs offering for her to lead the way.

    Lucy returned his kiss and nestled up against him in his hug. "I love you too; more than anything." The smile on her face was, for a moment, bordering on pained. But she quickly shook it as she found herself brought back to her feet, nodding to him and offering one more tight hug before she let go of him enough for them to be able to move. Torn between looking to the egg and not, she forced herself to, only to find her stare locked on it for another long moment before suddenly turning and quickly walking away, lest she start coming close to losing her composure again. "I wonder what she's made..." She did her best to return to that same chipper tone, but it would take her a little while to get back to it. It usually did in these situations.

    Kelly would follow behind her. commenting on the garden as they got around to the stairwell door. "Should go out there tomorrow night and just enjoy being out of the cities as much as we can before we head back to Seattle." he'd mention before entering the stairwell. He did his best to keep conversation going, slowly burying or ebbing the sadness away. Once they eventually made it back to the kitchen he would take in a deep breath and smile at Lydia.
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    Livening Up an Empty Nest Empty A Nerve-wracking Proposal

    Post by Lydia on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:15 pm

    Lucy gave a nod of agreement to his words, the smile on her face that she offered over her shoulder tiny and still a little forced. "I'd love that. It's a nice garden. I wish they had more things like that back ... home." She shrugged her shoulders and tried to follow his lead, quietly walking in with him. Her head bowed, she took a moment and suddenly spoke up in as cheerful a tone as she could. "We're back! ... Oh hey, something smells good."

    Lydia Hummel had made it her own personal rule to not bring up their visits with the egg unless they did so first - likely out of respect for their own feelings. As she heard them return, she looked toward them and smiled knowingly, nodding toward the three plates along the counter. "I didn't have much by way of -meat-, so I hope pasta with meat sauce is good enough? Granted, I'm sure Kelly's tends to be better, but..." She trailed off with a shrug, her smile widening into a bit of a grin.

    Kelly licked his lips and rubbed his hands together. "I wouldn't say that till it's in my belly." He joked and moved to a chair. It was then he noticed the gift had been moved and he leaned back slightly on the stool. "Before that, perhaps we should see what you got? No fair peeking into my mind however. I only know how it works or what it does.. not exactly what it is." He wagged a finger jokingly at her and moved his arms to help Lucy take a seat next to him.

    Lucy climbed into the seat with his help and smiled at him before suddenly planting her hands to clear spots on the counter, nodding and rapidly tapping her palms against the surface a couple of times. "Oh! Yeah! Box! Open! Now!" ... There it went. She was starting to get back to normal. She looked to Kelly with a bright smile, then back to Lydia. As a second thought, she added in, a bit quieter then before. "... I mean, if you want."

    Lydia Hummel paused in the midst of reaching out to take hold of the pot on the stove, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at them, but nodding and turning to look at the wrapped box. She smirked at Kelly and narrowed her eyes at him in response. Carefully, she unwrapped the laptop box and small collection of accessories and looked it over with a tilt of her head and a laugh. "What? I don't think I've ever had one of these outside of use for the cafe." She regarded them with curiosity, but gratitude and a smile. "Thank you..." She of course wasn't sure of the reasoning yet, though she did her best to hide that much.

    Kelly chuckled at Lucy's sudden burst of energy. Upon seeing the laptop he clicked his tongue slightly then gave a surprise sort of expression with a wide grin. "I get it now." he laughed. "I mean, I could have guessed before but.. The way she described it I wasn't so sure." he chuckled and rested his hand upon Lucy's shoulder lovingly. "Should plug it in and get it fired up. Surprise Dom and Fo." He suggested looking to Lucy with a grin.

    Lucy excitedly bounced in her seat a few times, nearly forgetting about the meal altogether at Kelly's idea. "Ooh! Good idea!" Her mother's confusion finally occurred to her and she looked toward her with wide-eyed excitement. "We got this so you could talk to us and see us even when we can't be here!" She nearly went flying across the counter before she composed herself and calmly pushed her glass, plate, and silverware to one side for a moment, pointing toward the image on the box. "There's a camera right here, and we can get you all set up so you can talk to us, or Fo and Dom, or Dawn and frost boy, or... or... " She trailed off and paused before suddenly blurting something else out. "Or I mean, if you met some random guy across the world, you could talk to him too, if you wanted." What even, Lucy?

    Lydia Hummel widened her eyes as Lucy nearly flung herself across the way. Her hands also reached out to help move things aside, blinking in surprise at the explanation. Squinting, she suddenly formed a wide smile, though she blushed awkwardly at her daughter's sudden random commentary. Instead, she focused on the main sentiment behind it. Letting it sit on the counter for now, she moved around to offer a hug to Lucy, then to Kelly. "Thank you! This is wonderful, I had no idea you could do that..."

    Kelly gave Lydia a hug and couldn't help but try to control his laugh with a soft chuckling. He leaned against the wall just taking in the interaction between the two for the most part then glanced over at the food. It never left his mind. Though it did derail. "Could also probably use it for meetings with other museums and authorities in different states and countries. Would be better than having them come all the way here for it. I'm assuming that is what your visitors were about?"

    Lucy returned the hug, smiled and found the nearest collection of outlets to start setting things up while they spoke. Setting the laptop carefully on a free spot on the counter, she got it started on setting itself up, letting it run before hopping back up onto the stool. An occasional gaze drifted toward it to check on it, but her attention went to the two of them with a bright smile. "Yes. This way, you don't have to strain to try and reach us so much with your gems either." She stayed quiet otherwise, the chipper look on her face returning.

    Lydia Hummel stepped back around the counter to return to the stove, carefully bringing the pot over to set it on a free spot on the counter between Kelly and Lucy's spots, quietly inviting them to take what they wanted first. A calm, pleasant expression remained on her face, but his question gave her pause and she glanced up toward him. "Oh, yes." And just like that, she glanced away again, thoughtfully furrowing her brow. "As a matter of fact, you came up in one of the more recent meetings, Kelly."

    Kelly had started to dish the pasta onto his plate when Sili spoke. He had almost missed it and paused picking up a stray pasta that had fallen to the counter and placing it onto the side of his plate. He sucked on his thumb a moment then rested his hands on either side of his place while looking at Sili. His expression somewhat surprise. "Yeah? Why is that?" He was confused and was unsure if she herself brought him up or somehow the authorities knew of him.. of which case, why would they bother knowing him? He would glance to Usy before focusing back on Sili waiting for a response.

    Lucy regarded this new development only with a hint of neutral curiosity, not particularly concerned at the moment. She only served herself once Kelly was finished, filling her plate within reason before looking to her mother with a small smile. She didn't say anything for the time being, only carefully nudged the pot in her direction.

    Lydia Hummel moved the spare stool around to the other side to sit on it while the two gathered up however much they wanted, setting the pot on a thick cloth afterward and placing enough food for herself on a plate of her own. "Well..." She composed her thoughts and sat down with a slight sigh. "Our... 'devil' friend thought you could perhaps do quite a bit to help with an idea he had." She did her best to choose her words carefully. Sili was at least -trying- to speak in a neutral tone, not only to hide her disdain toward the idea and to try to keep Usy from becoming uneasy, but also to perhaps better allow Kelly to come to a conclusion without her bias bleeding in.

    Kelly hesitated a moment. It was clear he became slightly tense even with his calm shrug. "Depends on the plan. Last plan he had was to rush in after the golden king. I'm pretty sure we all don't need to remember how that turned out." he grunted slightly.

    Lucy already began to stiffen at the mention of the source, as well as Ki'fel's response. Her jaw clenched and she busied herself with eating. Her stare dropped to her plate, but her attention was almost entirely on their conversation.

    Lydia Hummel nodded. She said nothing of his previous run-in, doing her best to only present the information as she knew it. "He believed that if you were given enough silver, you could - in his words - wipe them all out with your tail. That is, if we were able to find a place for you to change forms." Doing her best to continue to keep a straight face, she eyed him carefully, fully aware of how intently Usy had begun to stare at her plate.

    Kelly picked up his fork and tapped it on the plate for a moment. "Silver.. wait." He looked at her for a moment. "Is he talking about taking out a pack in the area?" It was clear he wasn't too sure what was being suggested. "He shouldn't need me less they've gotten over ten in their group. Even then, he's been able to handle them up till now. why would he need me to do any of his dirty work?"

    Lucy didn't say a word. Instead, after a few more bites, she got up and returned to the opposite counter where the laptop sat, returning to setting it up after taking a sip from her water.

    Lydia Hummel hesitated. For a moment, she'd worried that her words were too jumbled for him to catch on, as lightly as she'd tried to walk on eggshells to avoid setting off her daughter. Having to elaborate was inevitable, though, and she cleared her throat. "He wants to wipe them out entirely; gather them all in one location and cull them in one fell swoop."

    Kelly let his fork drop for a moment. He glanced to Lucy then to Lydia once again. This time was his turn to choose his words carefully. Knowing that it was a touchy subject. "What about the balance?" he asked finally. "I mean, I agree that they are a nuisance but i believe we decided to allow them to survive for a reason.. right?"

    Lucy stopped for a moment, the movement of her hands frozen. The faint sound of ice cubes popping in the nearby freezer might have been heard, but otherwise, nothing else appeared out of the ordinary. She forced herself to return to setting up and installing programs, keeping her back turned to them.

    Lydia Hummel looked carefully at him. "If you want my opinion..." She trailed off, staring toward him. Her expression melted into worry, even if just a little. "... Balance was my concern too. But according to him, their numbers are growing faster than the packs can be culled. He mentioned an alarming amount of men and women going missing every month - over a hundred thousand." She said this with reluctance, not wanting to sway him either way. "But I've not had much of a chance to look into this. It was what my most recent meeting was about, however. Trying to find more information regarding this."

    Kelly hesitated again, it was clear he was fighting for words on the subject. He gave a soft sigh picking up his fork and moving the food on his plate around. "To cull the packs is one thing. To.. destroy them all is another." he muttered. "Half of them don't even know their own history... Forgive me." he said looking up at Lucy first then Lydia. "I know.. What they have done in the past. That was in the past. That wasn't the ones that are here today. If they are getting out of control numbers it is because killing them was the wrong answer. There has to be another way. They may simply not be informed." When she brought up the idea of people going missing in the hundred thousands his eyes became wide. "Is that an estimate or is that actually what is going on? How do they know it is the lycans?"

    Lucy continued her work for just another moment or two. But even once she stopped, she didn't turn to face them. Instead, she braced her hands against the counter, keeping her stare locked on the laptop screen.

    Lydia Hummel nodded to him. Again, she returned to as neutral a gaze as she could manage while they discussed it. "You have the same concerns I do," she said plainly, however, before continuing. "More bodies are showing up shredded and mauled. They're often reported as animal attacks; the numbers and severity seem to point toward it being more than simple animals doing it."

    Kelly became quiet once again. He had yet to eat any of the food on his plate in front of him. Instead he looked past it thinking of Lydia's son.. Lucy's brother.. and their eldest niece. "If I am truly.. needed.." He hesitated again as he gave a deeper thought to wiping out the entire race. "I cannot. I will not. I could use the excuse of how I was raised or that I am afraid for my own life or others. When it comes down to it, I simply will not be the weapon to wipe out a race of beings. He will have to find another way." he said in a dark tone. He scooped a bit of food into his mouth and chewed for a moment before turning to Lydia. "It is delicious by the way." He offered. A change in topic, as for him the discussion was over.

    Lucy felt her shoulders relax. It was then that she finally stepped away from the counter, returning to where she'd been sitting, but not before pausing to lean in and try to wrap both arms around Kelly from behind, intending to avoid creating an obstacle for his own arms while he ate. Her cheek briefly pressed to his back or his shoulder before she started to pull away again, quietly relieved.

    Lydia Hummel was also relieved. Even if she did her best to conceal it, the gleam in her eye might have betrayed her as she nodded. "I will tell him this myself the next chance I get. I already told him that the issue would not be pressed one way or the other, so he would do well to stick to that." Her tone became protective, her brow furrowing. "He's not to trouble you about this. If he confronts -you- about it himself and tries to persuade you, tell me. I will handle it." Her shoulders gradually began to relax as she too finally took a bite out of her food before saying anything else, sure to swallow first. "... Though I don't think he would do something like that. At least, I would hope not."

    Kelly smiled at Lucy before stuffing more food into his face. He would try not to make a pig of himself, but hunger was one thing he did not like having to sit with. "I doubt he will. From what I know of him, he is actually not that bad at what he does. He's lived a long life, I know that much. Probably alone most of it. Can't imagine any of our kind wanting to hook up with that dark grumper." He took a couple gulps of water and continued to eat, unaware of how the two really felt about his decision and feeling good that he chose based off of his own moral code. With that he gave Lucy a soft smile now and again till his plate was finished and moved to stand up and clear his spot.

    Lucy shook her head at Kelly as he began to clear things. She offered him a small smile and reached out to try and take the plate and silverware from him instead if he was done, leaning in to quitely murmur to him in an attempt to not disrupt the conversation. "You carried the bags in earlier, itov. I'll get this." Her head turned to offer a soft kiss to his cheek, taking everything if he'd let her.

    Lydia Hummel chuckled and pecked idly at her food. "That's hard to say. Some people are into dark grumpers, I suppose. He isn't that bad -all- the time." She offered him a small smile and a shrug, glancing toward Usy. "Oh, now hold on. You both are guests; let me. The spare room should be ready for you if you're in need of rest."

    Kelly allowed Lucy to take his plate and such but paused to turn his head as she tried to kiss his cheek. Catching her lips if he could with a soft grin. When Lydia spoke he gave a soft shrug. "If he wants to be alone let him be alone. I mean." he paused looking at Lucy. "Unless.. you don't want to leave him alone?" he asked raising an eyebrow. Almost seemed as if he were implying something.

    Lucy giggled against his lips as they touched, smiling at him as if the previous topic hadn't been discussed at all. She nodded to her mother and carefully set everything back down, one of her hands reaching for one of his before she looked back toward Lydia.

    Lydia Hummel smiled at them - at least until Kelly spoke again. At this, she nearly choked on her food for a split second, covering her mouth and laughing into her hand. "Dear, I'm in no position to try and change his opinion on his apparent solitude. And if you're implying what I think you are..." A hint of amusement flashed in her features, her shoulders rising and falling in a small sigh. "I'm -fairly certain- you need at least a small measure of compatibility for something like that to work. We would likely just drive each other insane if I tried to keep him company." She tilted her head and picked up the plates and silverware, bringing them to the dishwasher.

    Kelly felt Lucy's hand on his and rubbed his chin with the other. He almost had a playful look upon his face when he glanced at Lucy. "Well, a good woman like you might fix his constant need for destruction and order." he smirked and started to walk with Lucy toward the stairs.

    Lucy smiled brightly, thankful to be slipping off to get some rest; chances were even she was tired. "G'night, Dask."

    Lydia Hummel paused in the middle of closing the door of the dishwasher. Her eyes narrowed as she let out a loud "HA!" followed by a shake of her head. "I'm not sure anything will fix -that.- Something really caused that thought pattern of his to be cemented in there well. I don't think even I could change that if I tried." With her back turned, she likely missed Lucy's raised eyebrow before she spoke to them, finally glancing toward them with a smile. "Rest well, both of you. I'll see you tomorrow."

    Kelly raised his eyebrows to her response and decided it was best not to continue to teas her about it. instead he guided Lucy up to the room, leaving Lydia with a "G'night Dask. Sleep well." before the door was closed.

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