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    Shiden Zangetsu

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    "I do not speak of my mortal life. It was shameful, painful and long ago. He, whom made me, saved me..." - Shiden Zangetsu

    - To say that Vampires are the oldest more ancient of beings in this realm is close, but not. They were once human and not nearly as strong as the dragons that live here.

    Most would say they are nothing more than monsters, blights on societies night life. No remorse and no feeling. Just hunger. -

    "But we were humans once. Every one of us, had a heart. Had a mother and father. We all felt the warmth of the sun upon our faces at one point. Most would not remember now, the warmth of human skin is the closest we can get to it. To think that we do not feel loss of such beauty of mortal life, is to show your ignorance. We feel it every time we feed." - Aldon Markandeya

    - The shifter war was devastating. No one would truly miss the orcs, trolls, giants or goblins too much. At first it seemed the shifters were doing the realm a great deed by wiping out those races. However, when they turned on the humans it became very clear they had to be stopped. The humans were the only true supply of food and future coven for the vampires. They were bloodlines of ancient families that most of the vampires followed and protected.

    When the Shifters took on the humans, they were taking on the vampires livelihood. They had to be stopped at any cost. However, it nearly cost every vampire their life. The shifters had switched their focus from the humans to wipe out a ancient enemy, and nearly were successful had the other races not stepped in to protect the humans.

    This is how Aldon Markandeya died. -

    "All of them." Shiden's face was stained by her red tears. Blood splattered her hands and furs she wore. "They killed all of them." her lip quivered as she looked at pieces left of Aldon. "Our family." She held one of his fingers in her hand and pressed it to her lips before crying harder. She was alone now in the cold. No doubt more of the shifters would be coming her way to finish her off. The snow stained in nearly every direction with blood. Pieces of bodies strew across the land in the small field under the trees and even a few in the trees.

    Slowly she stood and stumbled, her blue eyes looking to the dark sky knowing that soon it would be morning. "I will join you." She spoke softly. "Where ever we go after this, be it oblivion or hell, I will join you." She cried holding her arms up to the sky. She could hear the deathly howls in the distance of the new force of shifters coming. Snarls and roars shaking the land. She felt fear for only a moment, then acceptance.

    Suddenly an arm around her tugged her roughly. She went with it, waiting to feel her body torn to pieces, but it seemed as if she were being moved. "Just finish me." She cried.

    "Quiet child. Aldon would never forgive me if I left you behind." Slowly she looked up to see a dark face with glowing red eyes. All she could do was limply stay in his arms, and continue to cry. It was Aldon's maker, Orpheus. He traveled fast and far distances. Eventually stopping to clean her up so that their trail was not so easy to follow. Carrying her as if she were a sack of wheat on his shoulder.

    When she woke it was staring at the darkness of a dark cold cave. She had been wrapped in fresh furs almost as if she had been laid down for her funeral once again.

    "You should eat." Orpheus said in the darkness. She turned her eyes to see a small cluster of red hearts beating rapidly in a confined area. She could hear the small squeaks of rats in fear as they trampled each other while searching for a way out of their cage. Slowly she turned her gaze back to the ceiling. "Fine then. At some point you will eat. You will need your strength. We will need your strength for the new coven and what is to come." Shiden remained silent.

    To say that she was heart broken was laughable. Her entire being was broken. Such an unimaginable pain coursed through her that laying there was all she felt she could do. Months would pass before she would eat anything. Decades would pass before she would feel the sun kissed skin of a human once again. A thousand years would pass before she would feel the first bout of happiness as she tore into a shifter that happened across her during a killing.

    "There is no love in this world for such beasts. That they were allowed to live while we hid and lived off of cave rodents to help our race survive, it is an insult. All will pay the price and when we are done, beg for oblivion or hell in the end." - Shiden

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