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    Rash of Gruesome Slayings Terrorizes Frittland City

    Robyn Dallagio
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    Rash of Gruesome Slayings Terrorizes Frittland City

    Post by Robyn Dallagio on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:24 pm

    FRITTLAND CITY — Citizens of Frittland City are on edge after another body was found mauled nearly beyond recognition early Friday morning behind Joe's Garage Service. This is the sixth death of this nature since the beginning of Spring.

    Medical examiner Sheila Zaccaro – who has presided over the autopsies of the five prior victims – has stated that the damage does not resemble anything a human is capable of.

    “Each victim has shown signs of primitive tearing in vital areas of their body, with significant blood loss and in some cases, removed body limbs,” Zaccaro told CFLC reporters Friday afternoon. “The nature of these attacks tells me that this is likely the work of a large, wild animal, rather than direct human action, unless a perpetrator has tamed a large animal and trained it to perform these heinous acts.”

    Zaccaro also stressed that this is highly unlikely, stating, “In such a case, he or she would have drawn someone's attention much sooner.”

    City council has appointed the Wildlife Commission to investigate any possible signs of abnormal animal behavior, as well as any changes to Frittland City or the nearby Wildwoods to determine a cause for this alarming activity. A report of their findings is expected to be submitted Monday morning.

    In the meantime, authorities wish to take no chances regardless. Citizens are urged to exercise caution when traveling after sunset, when these attacks have taken place. Any suspicious activity is to be reported to the Frittland City Sheriff's Office.

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