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    My RP Etiquette

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    My RP Etiquette

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:30 am

    These are some of the tips, suggestions and/or things I do; to help others progress during rp.

    . When I walk up to someone who is alone, I either message them or post first to let them know I am there and willing to RP. Messaging them first usually is a good start.

    . When I walk up to more than one person, I will wait and/or message to see what is going on before I post. This way, if I am walking in on a fight, I don't come across as a ditz by smiling and saying hello to the two possibly bloodied characters.

    . When in a large group of role players (be it an event or otherwise party of some sort) I will read every post and type responses as I go. That way, when it comes to my turn to post, I can post faster so that the person after me can post faster and keep the rp running smoother.

    . I try my best to double check and read posts to make sure I am not missing something. I will also ask questions in case I don't understand what is going on or what the other player meant to say/do in that situation.

    . If I had a falling out with another player IC/OOC I keep that falling out IC/OOC. I do my best not to mix the two, because it can ruin the story not just for me but for others.

    . I try to settle OOC arguments OOC. If allowed, it isn't that hard to do. (Unless the other party isn't willing. Then it is a bit worse for ware and I will talk to an admin to see if they have suggestions. Though I try my best to keep that as a last resort, because admins/owners/mentors are usually very busy folk and deserve a chance to play their own characters at some point.)

    . If able, I will warn my rp partners that I will be unavailable for role play. Like if I am not feeling well or whatever. If my rp partners would rather move on without me, that is okay. I will attempt to make up a story or excuse IC as to why my character is MIA. Though I do like when people pause the RP we had so that we can continue, I do not expect this of them and understand when they can't/don't want to.

    . During free writing rp I will do my best to take damage and hits. I usually attempt to either go down, try to escape or otherwise give in after 10 good hits. (Would be nice if others would do the same during free writing, but those who don't are why we have dice.) IC actions = IC consequences.

    . I do my best to communicate with my role play partners. That way they know if I am uncomfortable, all for it or even simply about to afk due to RL reason.

    . I stay true to my character's backgrounds and personality. I AM NOT MY CHARACTER OOC. I think about their personalities and how -they- would react in a situation. I think about their intelligence and pride before I have them react to a simple threat. Where as if it is aimed toward me I would probably shrug or pout, my character might scoff or go into a rage.

    . I mirror other player's writing styles the best I can. If you are a one liner type, I will try my best to keep my own post short. If you tend to write a huge post, I will do my best to react to it as well. I find this helps both to progress as writers and includes them in the community.

    . I will forego my own character progression long enough to help other players write and progress for their characters. This is a lot of fun, because they are allowing me to be part of and to see their story and legend grow. In turn, those same players (the community) can and will do the same for me at some point.

    . When I post my character doing or saying something that should have a specific effect, I will add on what that effect might be and give the other player a chance to decide if/how their own characters would react. (Such as if i growl or threaten them in such a way that might cause an average person to cower/cringe i add "might cause" to the post but never god mod that person's reaction. Just suggest it.)

    . If I know something OOC about a character, unless I am playing a clairvoyant that can view such things and I have the permission from that character's player) I will role play out learning that information IC. If I meta-game at all, it is by accident and will apologize/null that post. Yes, I will even re-write the post to better fit what -my character- does know.

    . I do my best to not post jump, but sometimes I have itchy fingers. I always apologize and try to stick to the post order. It happens from time to time, especially in large groups.

    . I give people all the time in the world to reply to what I have posted. It's just kinder than pretending that their long post/time wait is their character ignoring mine. Being if I did react as if their character was ignoring me it would be post jumping and god-modding.

    . I am not against injuring or killing my character. Be it to progress another story or my own, both are a part of IC actions and consequences.

    . All of my characters have strengths and weaknesses. Everyone wants to be a badass fighter, but the weaknesses add more to the story and adventure than you can imagine. Anyone who plays D&D can tell you just how important and fun weaknesses
    can be.

    . Most of all, I try to have fun and make things interesting for those I role play with. Be it making a goofy character or a challenger worth beating. It is all about the enjoyment and story telling with friends.

    All in all, I feel most of what I do while I role play is common sense and kindness. Misunderstandings happen from time to time, but we are adults and can get through it to better the community.

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