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    Dragon Race basics

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    Dragon Race basics Empty Dragon Race basics

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:48 am

    Dragons, a powerful race of immortal intelligent beasts. Not Gods.

    Our dragons allow for 3 forms. (Excluding humanoid half dragons which only have two.) Humanoid-hybrid-Full form.

    Our dragons can be half human, elf, orc, drow, etc etc. They can be a combination of two opposing or two complimenting forces. (Aka fire and water or Death and shadow.) However this requires limits.

    Offspring of half being half dragon will have weaknesses of:
    1. ALL- Unable to achieve full form. (Means they will only be able to achieve hybrid form or humanoid form.)
    2. ALL- Limited control of their power. (though stronger than humanoids, they are no match for a pure/real dragon's abilities.)
    3. ALL- Will be considered kin to the dragon and kin to beings.. aka an outcast usually.
    4. SOME- If half MORTAL race, you are no longer immortal. (longer life span than that mortal race would normally have, but far less than if you were pure dragon blood.)
    5. SOME- Will never achieve ancient status among the Dragons.

    Offspring of Opposing forces will have weaknesses of:
    (Here you can pick and choose what you feel best would go with your character, but they must have one if not two of these weaknesses to be accepted.)
    1. Insanity caused by two opposing forces fighting for dominance.
    2. Physical strength increased but intelligence decreased (your basic soldier/guard type.) /OR/ Intelligence increased but physically frail. (Your basic caster/elder type.)
    3. Unable to control their own powers (Breath weapons included.)
    4. Unexplainable fear or discomfort of One or both apposing forces.
    5. Takes physical or mental damage every time power is used.

    Offspring of complimenting forces will have the weaknesses of:
    1. Must choose between their abilities of which force is more dominant.
    2. Will have to learn how to combine their powers to an extent. (Via rp.)
    3. More vulnerable to opposing force of their dominant power.
    4. Will sometimes be subject to bullying from other dragons for being "half breed".
    5. You can not have two major powers. (For example. Shadow Death dragon: Ability to manipulate shadows is dominant but it is only to a point. Death magic is used to compliment that power. ie, shadow tentacles are made physical by use of death magic and infusing souls into them so that they might grab hold of the victim.)
    This does not make your dragon more powerful, but with use of balanced powers can be helpful.

    There are many perks to any of these dragon types. If you are having trouble figuring out your abilities, please feel free to either contact an Admin or read up on the specific races we have written out for you in the forums.

    Pure Dragons: Please keep in mind, there is many a story of a dragon slayer of some type or another. You do have weaknesses and even Immortals (such as vampires and elves) die. Your opposing force is real, don't tempt fate.

    Enjoy and welcome to Twisted Genetics.

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