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    The Drow Factions

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    The Drow Factions Empty The Drow Factions

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:07 pm

    An evolved view.

    There are two factions of Drow. Both are evil based, however one is more advanced. In our story, Lloth is dead and gone for good.

    There are those who believe that, just by faith, they can bring her back. Even though the evidence of her absence is obvious being their magic is no longer as powerful as it once was, they still carry out their savage rituals and female dominance to carry on tradition in hopes to win Lloth's favor. (This faction will be for players who enjoy the canon drow role play.)

    The other faction, the more powerful one, has chosen to unify the race and work towards alternative magic and technology to achieve their goals. Though lead by a female she is found to be fair and just. By no means is she a pushover or vulnerable. She is powerful and cunning with many loyal followers including the daughter of Roslin Ralin'nadar. The former leader of the Llothian faction. (Probably one of the most brutal of rulers cut down in her prime by the Aerie dragons.)

    Though the race's power is weakened by the loss of Lloth, there are other Gods willing to take the Drow as followers. Most players will need to RP finding these Gods and training under them to regain or claim new abilities. This also includes traveling through portals and discovering new technologies.

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