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    [Vida] Save Me Empty [Vida] Save Me

    Post by Codex on Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:07 pm

    Accompaniment: Muse - Save Me

    Save me from my superstitions. Now I'm free from this old condition. Wait just a while, and I'll greet you with a smile...

    Vida always remembered the way the dead screamed and begged for release. The memory never left her mind, though those 18 years had left her to downplay the damage the spirits' agony did to her fragile psyche.

    It was happening again - not nearly to the extent of Kurnin's desolation, but it was happening nonetheless. The first time she heard it again in close quarters, she nearly doubled over in anguish.

    The cries kept her up at night. Even when the dead were silent, she heard them in her mind. It left her own being tormented. The spirit that had taken to her throughout the entire ordeal did little to help her. Even if it tried to console her in its infrequent moments of strength, Vida failed to feel it. Not enough for it to truly lift her spirits.

    Even with the assurance that she was part of a pack, she'd never felt more alone in her life. She'd blocked Siri out, not wanting her young clanmate to see her in such a state. Arianna was nowhere to be found, likely still pursuing the dire bear that had threatened the lands. As far as she knew, Achilles lingered in relative safety, able to tend to himself; she wasn't about to subject him to her insanity either. Ludo, though she'd believed him briefly to have perished, was still most likely alive; the ghostly cries she'd heard hadn't been his own. And Vetis... she had to assume was still with his younger packmate.

    Vida stared blankly - though almost bitterly - out over the cliff facing the north. Long had she stared as far out as she could see, hoping to find someone familiar on the horizon. She'd waited... and waited... and hoped. By then, she felt she'd hoped in vain. Even after all those years, she thought herself a fool.

    The cries of pain and fear sounded in the distance again. Even from that far away, it caused Vida's eyes to well. She'd begun to reach her breaking point.

    It was then that she moved closer to the edge of the cliff. Her chin dipped and she looked straight down, trying to judge the distance. The chill of autumn hugged her form; it didn't bother her. She'd felt colder. She'd always felt colder. Even though she'd felt it at infancy, she still knew it: the cold chill of Death.

    Turn me into someone like you. Find a place that we can go to. Run away and take me with you. Don't let go; I need your rescue...

    For a brief moment, she found herself wondering if it would provide any relief from the torture the dead brought her while she lived. There was a little voice in her head that asked her, Do you truly prove your usefulness at all, Vida? Is it worth it to be this alone?

    Yes. No. She didn't know.

    Do you want to wait anymore? Would it matter at all, in the end?

    No. Yes. She didn't know.

    Will the torture of the dead continue to resurface?

    Yes. No. She didn't know...

    Vida drew in a slow, deep breath and prepared herself. She couldn't handle the torment anymore. This was maddening. She couldn't be alone. She couldn't be with the clan. Her only company was the dead. The anguished dead. The dead that cried for relief.


    As she moved to step off, the feminine voice caught her attention and chilled her to her bones. She hadn't heard that voice in decades. Not since she'd left the Blood Clan...


    The specter nodded. The look on her face was solemn, but smiling. Still, she looked almost pained. As she stepped forward, it became obvious that she knew well that her daughter had gained her own abilities, and knew not to be afraid.

    "But that means..."

    Edda smiled sadly at her. "We knew what would happen when we helped you leave the Blood Clan, and we happily paid the price. You've done us proud, my Vida..."

    For that moment, the living stood face to face with the dead. The auburn-haired Frost Fang felt her brows knit together as she wept openly. "I've done nothing. It's all been for nothing. It's all been wasted. This will all keep happening, they just end up destroyed before I can even help them. What's the point? ... I want to be with y-"

    "No, love." Edda was quick to cut her daughter off, and she frowned as she only saw her tears fall more freely. She hadn't seen that look since she'd raised her as a child, mending skinned knees and fresh cuts. "It isn't your time. Not yet. If you do this... No spirit walker may be able to bring you to us. No valkyrie could touch you where you would go, and I don't want to see that happen to my only child."

    Vida's bottom lip trembled.

    "Your pack won't be separated for long, Little Runt." She smiled at the brief flicker of light in her daughter's eyes as she used the pet name only she ever called her by. "... And the dead won't cry out in torment forever. Remember, this will pass, just as Kurnin's torment passed. Be strong."

    And there it was: where her Doubt tortured her, a voice of reason dragged her back from the brink.

    "Your alpha will return, for it isn't her time. Others will follow. All will be well, but it will not be well for you if you allow your will to falter." Edda paused and seemed to look around before she returned her attention to her daughter. "I don't have much longer. We'll all be together again one day, but don't spend your time waiting for it to come. Don't force your end. Embrace-..."

    Edda dissipated into nothingness with what sounded like a breath of wind. She took with her Vida's darkest moments.

    As the Spirit Walker's tears stopped, the trails on her cheeks slowly began to dry, stung by the cold breeze of autumn.

    She would be okay. Everything would be okay.

    As she returned to the clan hall, the cries of the dead still chilled her spine... but she took it in stride, drew in a deep breath, and did her best to clear her mind.

    The end would come soon.

    Watch me, 'cause I'm on a mission. Hold me back, so I'm forced to listen. Don't let me go, 'cause I'm nothing without you...

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