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    Shri'da Zau'rret: Silent Illusionist, Child of the Void

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    Shri'da Zau'rret: Silent Illusionist, Child of the Void Empty Shri'da Zau'rret: Silent Illusionist, Child of the Void

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    Shri'da Zau'rret: Silent Illusionist, Child of the Void A3iko8

    The drowess Shri'da earned her name because of her blend of combat style: stealth, with a touch of illusion. Many who have observed her have noted the mirage of multiple limbs and blades as she moved, sometimes even multiple versions of herself nearly blurred together, used to confuse or distract an opponent.

    She earned her standing through proven word, having started out as a loyal scout. Her betters saw the value in her reliability and kept her close. Those who followed the same house or allied houses were justly rewarded for anything of benefit they provided to Shri'da. In the end, the drowess had eyes everywhere, but none did she trust completely.

    Next in line, she took on leadership of the Zau'rret house when its previous leader was no longer able to do so herself. While she tried to remain loyal to Zau'rret's existing structure, she made a few major changes, and they all dealt with the realm of illusion. This time, though, it was not magical. When visitors from opposing houses come along, the stage is set: chosen servants play the part of slaves, members of her militia stand in under the guise of slavers. This is the only time that males within her house are expected to grovel. After all, the Valsharess has to keep up appearances with any traditional, Lolth-worshipping guests.

    Shri'da will not punish or attack another unless she feels the need. She acts out of necessity, but will not keep another around if they serve no useful or beneficial purpose to herself or the house. These individuals are free to offer their services to an allied house that may need them. But if a purposeless being is found to know too much about her own house, they'll be kept as a servant, indirectly granting them a chance to prove their worth over time. She keeps her secrets well-guarded and leaves as little room for error as possible.

    So long as the drowess' ire isn't drawn through treachery or irreparable weakness (she views these as mercy killings and they are rarely performed), she lives and lets live.


    Zau'rret (Children of the Void)

    The Zau'rret house follows no primary deity, nor do they hold particular utilities or gender of more importance over others. Each individual is granted the ability to follow the path they wish, so long as it doesn't affect the judgment of the House of Zau'rret. Lolth is generally unheard of amongst the choice pantheon within the house's walls, given the nature of her followers. The ranks are merit-based; nepotism is nearly unheard of.

    Her scouts are a mixture of male and female, mostly rogues and dark rangers, given their natural affinity for stealth. She prefers those who can make clever use of the shadows; if casters with this affinity or a strong capability with illusion magic are able to keep themselves hidden, they too can be considered. 'Going undercover' is a technique that is rarely, if ever used, and is usually reserved for only the boldest, most anonymous of her house, normally with the silver tongue of an ambassador or diplomat.

    Priestesses, of course, worship various members of the Dark Seldarine.

    Merciful Shri'da may be, but any scouts who are miraculously set free after being captured for interrogation would be wise to not return to Zau'rret under pain of death, should it be discovered that any information was divulged. Of course, this is often unheard of: Shri'da's loyalty to her house and followers has earned her devotion in return.

    Even so, she's always watching... always listening... just in case.

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