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    [Fo/Usy/Sili] Power Core Bonding

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    [Fo/Usy/Sili] Power Core Bonding Empty [Fo/Usy/Sili] Power Core Bonding

    Post by Codex on Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:47 pm

    With the Power Core recently brought from Amoras to Lyrica, Sililuuth decides that it's time to teach her family how to bond with the large, ominous crystal. What she doesn't expect is what happens when Fo'uh and Usyraz practice together with their mother simply watching over them...

    Usyraz went as she was instructed, intending to reach Fo and try and convince her to cross the bridge. As she reached the island and saw her sister, she slowed to a stop a few paces from her. "Fo... Mother is asking for us..." She trailed off, wondering if she realized what that meant. "Do you feel ready to move closer to the crystal?"

    Fo'uh winced some at the thought but then gave a slow nod. If her mother wanted them there it had to be important. She shrank down to her hybrid form, play time was over. She managed to make it midway on the bridge this time.. however she slowed to a stop and moved to the side holding the rope as if she was afraid of the bridge falling out from under her. "I...just need a moment." she said. In her head being logical and reasonable. She couldn't even see the lava island from here.. and she had to be imagining the temperature change.. Maybe if she focused on the air around her.. forced it to be colder as her dad had tried to train her to do before she stormed off. "I'm.. not sure i can do this Usy." she said quietly. It was clear by her face and the way she was standing that she was hella scared.

    Usyraz looked calmly toward her. She didn't push her. When she stopped, she nodded slowly, staying near her... but not too near, just in case. In the hopes that it would help her, Usy joined her in dropping the temperature immediately around them, even if just to increase the radius a little bit more. "One step at a time, Fo, and at your pace. Mother can wait if you need time."

    Fo'uh gave a soft nod. Her throat was dry but she attempted to swallow anyway. She started to use the hand on the rope to pull/drag her forward. It helped that Usy was there. The combined temperature drop made her feel a bit more safe than before. She stopped at the edge looking at the rock in front of her then the cave opening. When she turned behind her there was a long trail of frost where she had stopped and started moving again. 'This is silly. Usy has been over here several times.. she's fine.' she thought to herself. Her body would stiffen up as she forced herself to step onto the rock. Her hand however seemed not ready to let go of the bridge, frozen in place tightly. "Gods.." she grumbled.

    Usyraz walked along with her patiently. Whenever Fo stopped, Usy stopped as well - at least until she was ready to move again. She didn't leave her side throughout it, drawing in a deep breath almost as if to steady her -own- nerves. Still, she offered her a reassuring smile. "You're almost there. It's alright. Whenever you're ready..." She stayed right there, silently showing her she wouldn't go forward until Fo showed she felt she could.

    Fo'uh pulled at her hand a few times. unsure why it wouldn't listen to her till finally the hand broke free. She felt a thump in her chest and instantly regretted pushing herself. She instantly stepped closer to Usy and attempted to grab her hand as if she were afraid she was going to fall forward or lose her balance. "Okay.. okay.." she said a couple of times then said it quieter and quieter. She closed her eyes then took a deep breath. Once they opened again she looked and craned her head up a little to be sure she couldn't see the lava island through the cave they were heading into. "Okay." she said again.. and she would step forward.. she was more attempting to reassure herself and compose herself before she faced her mother. Slowly she started to walk a bit more bravely into the cave, if she had hold of Usy's hand, her sister would no doubt feel the shivering within her tight grip.

    Usyraz didn't seem fazed by the grip on her hand. She took it in stride and moved with her, one step at a time. She didn't complain or say a word about her sister's hold. Instead, she moved with her, smiling at their mother as they came into sight. Usy even offered Fo a reassuring squeeze of her hand, almost as if to point out that they were here and everything was fine.

    Fo'uh stopped just at the top of what seemed to be a rock step. She offered her mother a soft smile. "Hello Mother. You wanted to see us?" She hadn't thought about how holding her sister's hand would look to her mother. It was a rare thing to see for sure. Though her face and expression had calmed as much as she could will it to, there was still distress to a point in her voice. She could only hope her mother would not pick up on it. She was ashamed to think her mom would see her as weak. After all, Sili had lived through so much already.

    Usyraz didn't say anything right away. It was odd, at least with Usy, but she had that little knack that helped her pick up on people's moods a bit better, though it was likely never meant to be an active spell. But she tired to offer a wave of calming energy to her sister, finding it easier to do so through the touch of their hands, likely trying to send it up through her arm and into her mind and her most vital organs. For a time, she said nothing and only looked expectantly between her family members.

    Sililuuth indeed didn't pick up on Fo's mood, not the way Usy did. She looked at her with an encouraging smile and beckoned them both forward, seeing nothing suspicious enough to open her mind and try to slip into their thoughts like she had such a paranoid way of doing when a threat was on the horizon. "I'm glad to see both of you..." She trailed off as she waited to see if they would come farther into the throne room. As she did, she gestured toward the power core. "This is the power core. It's not the crystal shard we'll be guarding, but it -is- its parent. It's a living being that feeds off of and provides energy... and I'm going to teach you both how to bond with it, in case you ever need to."

    Fo'uh would start to feel calmer to a point. She looked at the power core that her mother gestured to then gave a nod. Stepping down closer to it but holding onto her sisters hand just for the sake of feeling more calm doing it. She gave a short look around the cave, the smell of hot metal would reach her nostrils and she would seem to take a moment and place a hand on her stomach as if she were feeling sick. Her eyes went straight to the power core.. she could feel something from it but to her knowledge she would never know what it was less someone told her. "Its beautiful." she said in a soft breath.

    Usyraz followed Fo in, allowing her to maintain a hold on her hand for as long as she needed. A wary stare rested on the power core, and while her sister shared one sentiment, Usy seemed to hold another. "What's the benefit of bonding to it? Do we have to keep it happy?" As she remained near Fo, she couldn't help but look curiously at the power core. It was huge and imposing in a way... and yet almost exactly how she pictured it, based on all the stories Sili told them.

    Sililuuth smiled at both of their reactions. She moved toward Fo to rest a hand to her shoulder, looking to Usy to answer her. "I suppose you could say that. It needs energy to survive, and surviving makes it 'happy,' I guess." She looked toward it almost warily, perhaps because of what had happened when the crystal came to them in the new Aerie. "Sometimes, its power level becomes low, and a select few must offer their power to 'recharge' the power core. But for now, we're going to work on simply bonding and offering up little pieces of energy." Sili paused to look directly at one daughter, then the other.

    Fo'uh tilted her head looking at it for a long moment as her mother explained. "So... bonding..with it.. is that like.. ya know. How you and dad are bonded?" She kept the crass thought of having to have sex with the power core to herself. "Like.. Do you share memories with it? it....would it drain all of our energy if given the chance?" She was more curious about it now than ever before.

    Usyraz felt her eyes widen as her mind went down that same bizarre road that Fo's did. She looked toward their mother with a silent expression that practically screamed 'ain't no way that's fitting anywhere...' But otherwise, she said nothing, eager to see the answer.

    Sililuuth blinked a few times at the question, though she didn't quite get the depth of... just how far the girls were taking that thought. Her head shook. "Not quite. It can't really read your thoughts so much as just consume your energy. But that's why I'm here to stay with you... because this can be a dangerous process if done improperly. It's important that you keep this core from consuming too much of your energy, and given your closeness... I felt it best that you two go in together to help keep yourselves tethered as well." She stopped to think, trying to figure out a way to say it. "Think of it as bonding with a friend... gaining their trust, giving and taking. If the core one day allows it, it can provide you with a share of its energy or focus in return."

    Fo'uh paused for a moment looking at her sister when her mother spoke of bonding with her. Kind of like... 'wait what?' but as her mother explained she relaxed a bit and gave a soft nod. "Is.. is there anything we should know? like... what not to think of or?" she really had no secrets with her sister.. she wasn't afraid of sharing with her but at the same time.. she kinda wondered if the power core shared energy.. could it share experiences and so on between those they were not bonded with.. she might ask her mother of this later.

    Usyraz went wide-eyed at the idea of not thinking something. That would have an adverse effect, at least on the younger of the two. A worried frown crossed her face and this time, it was she that grew uneasy. "I'm not sure I can do this..." She looked nervously toward Fo then. The idea of offering energy to something without a face... something about it weirded her out.

    Sililuuth shook her head and tried her best to calm them both (or just Usy, if Fo still seemed fairly calm). Her tone softened as if to try and help matters. "No. It won't have access to your thoughts, but you and Usy will have access to each other's while you are bonded. You'll be able to share mental images and pictures - also a good way to bring yourselves back away from the power core if it becomes too overwhelming for one of you. This core's only focus... is on energy." She hoped she made sense... it was a bit different from the way Sili linked her mind to others or communicated with them telepathically... but not abundantly so.

    Fo'uh suddenly gripped her sisters hand a bit tighter and then a soft smile as she felt her sister become uneasy. She might have lost focus on trying to keep Fo calm but Fo instantly took place in trying to let her sister know she was still there for support. As her mother continued to talk she nodded then blushed a bit.. well.. she'd have to try and not think of that one time looking in the reflection and admiring herself. Might be a tad embarrassing. Then her mind sort of came to a realization. "Is .. is the core hungry now? Is that what I am feeling from it?" She asked turning her attention to her mother.

    Usyraz looked appreciatively toward Fo with a small nod. She figured in some way that staying calm was pretty important in that situation... and she didn't want to endanger her sister. So, for her sake, she forced calm upon herself. Eventually, she began to smile again, albeit uneasily. "How... how does it eat, anyway?" This was a lot to take in.

    Sililuuth felt her features grow solemn as she nodded... her expression wavered just for a moment. The mere thought of the core's prior location caused her smile to fade. "This is the same power core that kept the aerie afloat in Amoras so many years ago. It's been surrounded by a complete and utter lack of life and energy. 'Hungry' may be an understatement, Elskan Min, but keep yourself calm and only grant it as much energy as you feel comfortable offering. That's the important part. It's very easy to be lured in by the core's appeal, because its tug is gentle and welcoming. I will be here in case something feels amiss, but I also need both of you to be able to pull yourselves away, should you need to." She paused to gauge their reactions before she spoke again. "This is why I've decided to teach both of you at once. Your closeness provides you with an advantage: should one become too overcome, the other likely knows just how to keep her tethered."

    Fo'uh bit at her lip a bit then gave a soft nod once again.. "We can do this Usy." she said calmly. "It can't be that hard.. I'm here." she smiled unknowingly just how dangerous this really was. "I mean, we'll have to be careful but we're together. I'll pull you out if anything goes amiss. we'll give it a little taste of our energy and then hop out. easy and quick." she gave a more stern nod and smile. If not for Usy pushing that calm upon her she would be a complete mess right now. But her confidence was high.. thinking that she had somehow overcome her own phobia on her own. what could go wrong?

    Usyraz steadied herself with a deep breath. She looked uneasily toward Fo, but eventually smiled. Her sister's confidence was apparently contagious, and she suddenly responded with a nod. "All right. We can do this..." She was probably trying to convince herself at that point. But still... she had no idea how to do it, and she too was convinced it would be quick and easy.

    Sililuuth felt a tinge of concern at Fo's confidence, but she tried to take it as a good sign. She began to step toward them, intending to move behind them as she spoke. "Make yourselves comfortable. First, you need to establish the bond between each other. Keep your emotions calm. Learn each other. You may see things you weren't previously aware of about each other, but now is not the time to judge or poke fun. Memorize your aura and your essence, become familiar. You'll be able to communicate with each other through this bond." She moved to stand calmly behind them, opening her mind just enough to observe them as best as she could.

    Fo'uh gave a look at her mother with a confident smile then turned to her sister. "Are you ready?" she asked. a reassuring smile as she started to kneel down. Never once did she let go of Usy's hand. "Just a taste and we're done." she said to assure her that this would be easy.

    Usyraz grew momentarily tense, but she tried to shake it. With a sigh, she settled down beside her sister, more or less plopping down beside her with another deep breath. "Just a taste... right..." She echoed that, then looked toward the power core with a thoughtful frown before closing her eyes, as if that would help her better focus.

    Sililuuth watched them both intently before offering a nod of approval. "You can offer memories or thoughts freely... though I suppose given the sort of bond you two have had before, there may be something else you see. It's important not to panic. If you feel yourself beginning to panic... withdraw immediately to compose yourself." She looked between them contemplatively. "Focus first on yourself - your location in relation to you; your sister; your mother; the core before you. The more you acclimate yourself to this, the more you may see. But don't worry so much about the life on the ground below; focus more on each other - on reaching out to each other and establishing that bond." She continued to do her best to instruct both girls. "If it helps, imagine yourself reaching out to take your sister's hand." Her voice grew softer, the more she had to say, hoping that their focus was already building over time.

    Fo'uh had done just as her mother said.. focusing around her.. it would be her that possibly reached Usy first. the feel of her hand.. her memories of their childhood. Offering to share that with her sister and the core if it helped any. She imagined one specific day. Where all three hatchings were jumping and playing tag. Usy running ahead of Fo and Serelath complaining about them being to fast. They had not learned to fly just yet. Running along the caves.. Fo remembered Usy falling back to keep Serelath happy.. and Fo running ahead to find a good hiding spot to start the game. Usy would see Fo's memories almost as if she were Fo herself. hearing the giggling that sounded so strange in that true form of hers. the excitement as she knew exactly where she wanted to hide.. the forbidden tunnels where mother and father could not get into because of how small they were.. but Fo could fit in just fine at that age.

    Usyraz found more difficulty in reaching out, so she did indeed have to work off of Fo's lead and meet her reach the rest of the way. Struggling with the entire thing, Usy could only share the small flashes of her recent memory... though very little was discernible, akin to someone flipping wildly through the channels. She decided to hone in on Fo's memory first as it came into formation, recognizing the memory with a smile, even if it was from another's viewpoint. The hint of a giggle even sounded in the younger sister's throat as the memory played out, watching as the viewpoint brought her to the tunnels.

    Sililuuth tilted her head as she looked on. She said nothing, and didn't invade their thoughts - only went so far as to monitor their well-being, should anything go wrong. Otherwise, the Amethyst stood entirely still, her eyes drifting between her two daughters.

    Fo'uh continued. She could hear Serelath giggling.. his giggle sounded so far away from Fo's point of view. Then that squeal as Usy found him. Both of their giggles traveled through the cave and Fo became excited.. they would have a better chance of finding her together than apart. She was happy.. and thought they were getting closer. The power core started to feed.. Just a little as Fo seemed so intent on reliving this moment she unknowingly started to give her energy over to it. As the memory goes on she starts to back up till the small opening of the tunnel seems like the only light source.. she hears Usy calling out and threatening to find her and she has to stifle a giggle.. they are so close.. then the call again.. no they were getting further away this time.. suddenly a noise.. As Fo turns to see what it is a hint of red eyes appear in what seems to be pitch black. Fo's body goes rigid in front of her mother. The sound of a lard thump from her heart would be felt by Usy. This was no longer the loving memory of children playing.. but something far worse.

    Usyraz still held that smile as the memory went on. As it became more familiar, she vaguely recalled her frustration over not being able to find Fo that quickly... but as the memory began to turn dark in nature - the red eyes became unsettling and even caused Usy to grow a little bit tense too - she grew nervous... and started trying to nudge Fo out of the memory, trying her damnedest to offer her other memories - happy memories for her to revert to. But given the rise in tension in both their minds and bodies, it was just as likely to fail.

    Sililuuth of course couldn't see what was going through their minds. She was there to observe and to pull them back if she needed to. She didn't quite realize yet that Fo's energy was being offered unknowingly... but she did see the way her figure locked up. "Easy... pull back if you're tense, maintain control..." She wanted to see if they could balance each other out... but remained at the ready to shock them back to 'themselves' if she absolutely had to.

    Fo'uh couldn't quite hear her mother's voice.. her eyes would go stark white, where if her mother looked she would notice it instantly. The air in the room would go sub zero almost instantly. Usy would hear a voice.. she wouldn't understand the accent, as Fo did not understand it either. But she would see a red light appear and feel a hand go around Fo's little dragon throat. 'Ah, gems' the voice would say.. and soon she would see dark features outlined in a red light.. it was not fire.. but it was hot.. and made the figure look as if it were made of flame itself. 'Pretty little gems. We'll have to melt that ice to get at them..yess." the voice almost hissed. Another hard thump in Fo's chest would echo in Usy's ears. She would feel that overwhelming fear.. and suddenly she would hear herself and Serelath closer and calling out for Fo to give up. The power core would serge as it started to gorge upon the power being fed to it.

    Usyraz grew more and more tense as time went on. She tried as hard as she could to reach Fo - to reach past the memory and pull her away from it - but it was proving difficult. The memory was terrifying to Usy as well, weakening her resolve and causing her to falter in trying to force something more pleasant to the forefront of Fo's mind. She could feel her sister's energy being sapped steadily from her, and panic set in more deeply, her own body going rigid right next to Fo.

    Sililuuth shivered deeply. She was -not- dressed for this, but that was the least of her concerns. No matter how long she lived in the caves with her family as they grew, nothing could prepare her for that sudden onslaught of frozen air. She tightly grasped her elbows and let out a deep breath, watching it form in a puff of white air. Her nose was already turning read, her cheeks rosy. This wasn't good. Fo seemed entirely upset... and Usy didn't seem to be pulling her out of it. "Usy, Fo, calm... Do not feed the power core so soon..." She was pushing it by not pulling them out sooner, but she had to see if they could figure it out. But as she waited, she knelt down behind them, ready to grasp them at any given moment. despite her shivering.

    Fo'uh started to tremble in front of her mother. She could not hear her voice as she was so focused on hearing Usy and Serelath getting closer. Usy would feel that sudden fear that they too would fall victim to this strange being. Fo started to struggle as the hot sensation and red light moved toward her face. The pain along her left cheek had begun to sear her. a soft crack of something sounded through the caves and Fo would attempt to scream out.. "Careful, to much heat will make the gems explode.' the voice cackled as the being seemed to focus. The thought of her beautiful gems exploding was the end of it.. a gust of extreme cold would be felt around Fo outside of this memory.. and in the memory Usy would see the figure illuminated in white and hear faint cracking noises. "I don't want to remember this!" she said out loud. Forcing herself away from the power core. "I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER THIS!" She'd suddenly scream, the harmony of her voice causing pain to any ear but her mother's. With that the bond was broken. Fo came to in front of the core scrambling back from it and hyperventilating. Tears pouring down her cheeks. Her entire body trembling as if she herself were cold. It wasn't until her eyes blinked a few times that she looked at the frost covered cave and slowly to her sister and her poor cold mother who had knelt down beside them.. "I... I'm sorry.." she said to her mother then looked at Usy. "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to.. i didn't remember.." Her voice cracked slightly. "I didn't want to remember..." The image of the frozen being forever stuck in that cave, parts of it broken apart in ice with red stains would probably remain in Usy's mind for a while.

    Usyraz found herself stunned out of the bond as she sat there, staring wide-eyed and unmoving at the power core. For several minutes she remained that way, as if she hadn't even heard Fo's screams. When her mother moved in to check on her, she waved her off and pointed frantically in her sister's direction.

    Sililuuth nodded. She wanted to make sure Usy was set before Fo... and at that pointing, she scrambled toward her eldest daughter, throwing both arms around her if Fo allowed it. Her cheek rested against her head if it could, light shushing noises sounding as she tried to soothe her back into a calm place. "I'm sorry, Fo. I should have pulled you both out sooner. I should have known something wasn't right..." She fell silent as she tried to think, her teeth chattering as she did. "I won't push this on you again so soon... not until you feel ready." Whatever happened, it was clearly traumatizing... and she could only worry about what it was.

    Fo'uh was shaking heavily. Indeed her mother would be cold. Though it was starting to fade along with the frost as the power core basically licked its fingers clean. The way Usy looked at her and pointed at her she suddenly felt really really guilty. "I didn't mean to." she tried to say to her sister. as if there was that accusing tone to her expression. "I swear i didn't mean to!" she cried.. She would attempt to stand but suddenly realize damn near all of her energy was gone and simply fall into her mother's arms. All she could do in between her breaths was say "I didn't mean to." over and over again.

    Usyraz sat there in shock... not upset with her sister, of course, but upset that she had to endure something so jarring. Fo's cries alarmed her further, and she pulled hr knees to her chest, burying her face against them and silently weeping as she recovered. She would be fine once the shock wore off, but she was more worried about Fo. Although... she now understood where her fear of heat and fire came from.

    Sililuuth looked with concern between Fo and Usy, at an utter loss. She should have bonded with them rather than just trying to guide them through it. What a mess... and she couldn't even figure out what had spurred this outcome. A deep frown formed and she began to stroke her eldest's hair, shaking her head. "It's okay... whatever it is, it's okay now. You're here. Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around..."

    Fo'uh would grow quieter as she was so worn thin by now. Her energy drained to near nothing on top of the panic she felt. Her eyes started to flutter closed. "I..." she huffed slowly falling asleep in her mother's arms. "It was such.. a lovely game..we.. we had so much fun... Usy..... Serelath..." she whispered as she fell to silence. She would probably sleep for a very long time after this. If not for her soft breathing.. she might be thought dead.

    Usyraz peered out over her knees with a deep frown. She needed to clear her mind... but she looked to her mother questioningly as she noticed Fo's weakened state. "Do you need help?"

    Sililuuth strengthened the muscles in her legs as she felt Fo begin to fall asleep. As she looked toward Usy - noted the frosted over tear streaks - she shook her head. "Go rest, Sætur Einn... should we try this again, I'll go with you." She stroked Fo's hair another few times before she began to carefully walk her toward the water caves where she often slept, hoisting her a bit if she needed to.

    Fo'uh was limp as a sleeping child always is. Perhaps a bit heavy too.

    Usyraz wandered off practically in a daze, likely to find someone she could trust to talk about what she had seen... granted probably not in the same detail... or maybe she just wanted someone to talk to in general.

    Sililuuth did her best to carry her grown daughter off to rest, likely intending to do the same afterward - or at least warm up.

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