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    [Sili/Welo] Welo's Turn to Learn

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    [Sili/Welo] Welo's Turn to Learn Empty [Sili/Welo] Welo's Turn to Learn

    Post by Codex on Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:29 pm

    Tasked with teaching the rest of her family the ways of the Power Core and the process of bonding, Sililuuth then turns to her mate to teach him next...

    Sililuuth came to a stop just before him with a contemplative stare, her look softening. "Your meditation will come in handy here, as you need to remain calm. If you give your energy to the power core too much, or even worse, unknowingly, the process becomes dangerous. This is why you always need at least two people for the process - to make sure one doesn't become lost to the core." She tilted her head at him, figuring she doesn't have to explain as much. "Us bonding shouldn't prove too difficult, given our previous bond - we'll be able to share memories of our own and learn more about one another while making the 'connection' ... before bonding with the power core. You'll see things a bit differently. You'll see living beings' essences, their energies and auras, rather than their physical selves."

    Weloriesh tilted his head at first Sili and then over to the power core with a frown. "Sounds powerful..." He cautiously stepped around the power core, taking it all in before stopping right next to his mate. With a heavy sigh, he pulled his sight away from the core and looked at Sili sadly. "I know that you will keep me safe itov... but what Im worried about, the images that haunt my nightmares from that fateful day are quite... grotesque. I really dont want to put you through it if it can be helped..."

    Sililuuth hesitated to answer him... but she shook her head. "I can handle anything you may show me. There are things I've seen in the minds of others that have been gruesome and nightmare-inducing, and I've learned to temper my own reactions. Trust me - I will be okay." She avoided mentioning the odd dreams she'd had lately, feeling as though she wasn't even herself throughout, for fear of making things worse. She drew in a deep breath, trying to cover one more thing. "Should you ever bond with the core and find that your partner is faltering, 'shock' them with an image to bring them back. Offer them images of the area around them, or of a memory that would shake them from their stupor.; something to remind them of their consciousness."

    Weloriesh pondered it all and nodded his head. "I understand itov. I really hope I wont have to shock you on my first time. I dont want to lose you because I was unable to do it right." His expression grew a little anxious from his worry.

    Sililuuth smiled reassuringly, moving toward him and gesturing toward the ground before them. "I've done this many times before; you most likely will not need to shock me. Do your best to remove the worry from your mind... and begin to make yourself comfortable. Like I said... this is not terribly different from your meditation, there just is an added level of caution required, and all will be fine."

    Weloriesh closed his eyes and took a slow, long deep breath. As he let the air out, his heart pace slowed significantly back to a relaxed state. After a few more deep breaths to shake the anxiety, he opened his eyes and moved forward, taking a seat in front of Sili and locking his gaze with hers. "I am ready itov."

    Sililuuth watched him attentively. As he spoke and met her gaze, she smiled, leaning down long enough to press her lips to his forehead. "Good..." As she settled beside him, she too made herself comfortable with a deep breath, closing her eyes as she worked to instruct him. "It may help to close your eyes... and begin by focusing on me. Lock out all other sounds, all other distractions. Focus until you see -me- - not my body, but me. Auras, energies. Remember." As she spoke, her voice softened, not wanting to make it too difficult. She also began to try and do the same.

    Weloriesh hummed slightly and smiled as he felt her lips against his forehead. If not for the task at hand, he wouldve brought her back down for another. As it was though, he did not have that luxury. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body, focusing on finding Sililuuths energy. As he focused more, he felt his entire world begin to darken until he finally noticed a violet light in the back of his mind, thinking it was Sili, he pushed all his focus into that alone for the time being until she told him what to do next or tell him that he was wrong.

    Sililuuth relaxed with a content sigh as she too sought him out - that familiar gathering of pale blue, with just the slightest hint of a chill, maybe. If he noticed elsewhere, he might have seen everything else represented with various colors and energies - the massive pulse of power before them included. It drew a smile from her as she reached out to meet him halfway, speaking to him through their minds then. <Now, normally... the exchanging of memories strengthens the bond. I will not pry this from you, but if there is one you would like to present, you can present it simply by thinking of it with the intention of sharing it. I can offer the same.>

    Weloriesh nodded his head in silence as he pondered which memory would be good to show her. He decided on a simple one that brought him joy at times thinking it would be a good way to break the ice. What a HORRIBLE saying for an ice dragon... <I think I have just the one to start us off itov.> He then split his focus, keeping half of his attention on the purple energy next to him and with the rest of his focus, he pulled up a memory of his mother, a dragon white as snow with a small, kind face and pale blue hair that she had kept braided up. He held the image of her smile in his head, wondering if Sili could see it.

    Sililuuth could indeed see the memory, at least for as long as he offered it. She smiled, taking the memory in and enjoying it for as long as he offered it. She wouldn't continue until he withdrew it once more, and she spoke to him through their bond, softly. <That's perfect - simple and effective...>

    Weloriesh smiled as he heard that he was doing it right. But deep in him, he feared of what memory the core might pull from him. Not enough to cause him to get anxious but enough that it lingered in the back of his mind. <What is the next step itov?> As he spoke, he slowly let the image fade.

    Sililuuth held her smile. At the question, she said one simple thing. <First, I'll offer one of my own...> Her own was one of her younger, formative years: a much less serious Sililuuth, who tried to juggle crystals in her hands, only to clumsily trip backwards over an unlit brazier, much to her mother's annoyance. Apparently the Amethyst was a handful as a child.

    Weloriesh felt himself chuckle slightly at the image. He kept his vision on her face as he adored even the younger form of his mate. <You were adorable back then itov.>

    Sililuuth grinned and gently willed the image away. It wasn't entirely needed for them, given how long they'd been together... but she wanted him to be as familiar as possible with the process. <Now...> The task at hand kept her attention focused, and her energy was careful to remain latched to him. <We're going to focus on the power core itself. It will not offer memories of their own, but that gentle pull and allure you feel is the core. It's a calming presence, misleadingly so - only give of it what you know you can, and only when we are ready. Right now, learn its energy, its rhythm; it's alive, just like you and I.>

    Weloriesh nodded his head and took a deep breath as he shifted his focus towards the crystal. As he did, he felt the tiniest of pulls on his heart, nothing concerning but a simple pull as if it was pulling something directly from him. He took another deep breath as he first felt it, making sure he kept his calm.

    Sililuuth noticed no rise in urgency, no panic from him. It made things easier, and she nodded. <Good. The power core merely feeds... gives and takes. It will not force itself, but it -will- lull you into a false sense of security if you are not careful. You are doing well, Itov...> She trailed off as she focused on the power core, wanting to first see how he handled his energy in case she needed to provide him with some of her own. <Now... offer small bits of your energy, but be sure to stop if you begin to feel like you're being weakened too much...>

    Weloriesh nodded his head as he slowly began to increase the amount he allowed the core to pull from him. He slowly increased his energy give until it matched his breathing.

    Sililuuth kept her hold on her mate firm, realizing by then that that was how she should have taught her children in the first place. She felt that familiar pull of the power core upon her as well, but she resisted and only focused on watching Weloriesh attentively. <Perfect, Itov. A great way to start. Do not allow it to take more than what you're willing to provide.>

    Weloriesh decided to test his limits since he could feel Silis presence and noticed that the power core was not feeding on her. He concluded that she was there to help him grasp the concept and with a deep breath, and a tiny bit of fear, he opened himself gradually more until his heart began to race slightly.

    Sililuuth felt his fear before anything else. She tried her best to reach out to him at that point - to urge calm upon him - but she did so gently at first as a reminder, to warn him. <Calmly.>

    Weloriesh felt the core begin to pull at an alarming rate and anxiety took over. After a few more seconds, he felt his control begin to slip. His teeth gritted and sweat began to bead his forehead as he tried to regain control.

    Sililuuth would only wait a little while longer before she intervened. She wanted to see if he could pull out of it, and felt safer testing his ability to do so as long as she had control of the situation. If his own control waned anymore than it was, she would break him out of it, and she readied herself to do just that. <Weloriesh...>

    Weloriesh felt himself lose his last grip on control as a flood of memories ran through his mind. First he saw his village burning, his fathers head on a spike at the front of the village with his mothers desecrated corpse next to it, the last look of terror on her face just before her throat was cut. He let out an anguished cry as his hands rose up, grabbing fistfuls of hair as his energy began to leave him at a rapid pace.

    Sililuuth immediately intervened as the images began flashing through both their minds. It pained her to hear such sounds come from her mate, but she pushed that aside and began to shock him with memories and images they shared: their children as they were born, their moments at the falls in Amoras. And finally, she offered a clear image of them sitting before the power core, speaking physically this time to try and jolt him out of it. "Weloriesh!"

    Weloriesh felt his eyes shoot open. Cold sweat drenched his face as his breathing was both quick and ragged. He released his head with his hands and stared at his palms, watching them shake. "I...I tested too much... I shouldnt have tried to see how much I could give when I already had a good pace..." He thought back to the images that had raced through his mind and felt his eyes well up with a couple tears.

    Sililuuth immediately moved to wrap both her arms around him, holding him to her if he let her. "You did well, Itov. I'm sorry I didn't stop those images from coming forth..." She pressed her lips to the top of his head, stroking his hair a few times. "I... wanted to see what you could do, but I also wanted to make sure you knew how important it was to maintain your calm. I just wish you hadn't been reminded of such things in the process..."

    Weloriesh carefully wrapped his arms around her and buried his head in her shoulder, letting out one short sob and a sniff as he tried to regain his composure. He shook his head in her shoulder. "There is nothing to apologize for itov. I knew you were here to stop it should it get out of control but I let that knowledge make me reckless... Im sorry that you had to see that image..."

    Sililuuth saw no shame in his need to cry, and she trailed her hands tenderly along his back as she listened to him. "Don't worry about me; I'll be just fine as long as I know you'll be okay." She rested her cheek to his head, speaking softly to him. "You did very, very well for your first time, and I'm happy you did."

    Weloriesh sniffed again as he wiped his eyes with his chin resting on her shoulder. He hugged her tight, wondering what he would do without her and never wanted to let go. "Thank you itov..." His breathing started to slow down as he regained control. "Ill be alright. I just got caught off guard by just how powerful it can be..."

    Sililuuth drew in a deep breath and did her best to offer some of the calming energy that she often had to use to keep her own mental chaos under control, hoping that it would help him to better regain control. "It's all okay. It -is- a very powerful thing, and that's why it's important to remain in control. I will not force this on you again so soon, but it may perhaps help if there were two of us to help keep the children focused and in control when they try this again; it was a mistake to pair Fo and her anxiety with Usy and her empathy with no one to provide them with balance. Their outcome was unfortunately worse than your own." As she spoke, her hands continued to trail affectionately along his back, shoulders, and arms, holding him to her unless he pulled away.

    Weloriesh took slow deep breaths, matching it with Silis energy to help him calm down. As he listened to her, his hands trailed up and down her back as well and he nodded on her shoulder. "After what I just saw, it would probably be for the best to have us both here to guide them."

    Sililuuth smiled reassuringly and leaned in to press a kiss ot the top of his head. "It does worry me what Fo repressed... but I don't want to press her on the matter. All we can do is give her time, and whenever they're ready to try to bond with the power core once more, we'll be here." She paused, looking down toward him with concern. "Are you feeling alright, Itov?"

    Weloriesh nodded his head and pulled off of her chin and smiled weakly at her. "Im a little drained but I will be alright itov." He nodded his head as reassurance.

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