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    Shadow Realm Races

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    Shadow Realm Races Empty Shadow Realm Races

    Post by Silvy Dean on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:21 pm

    ~NOTE: These creatures do not have feelings of remorse. They do not envy the beings of light. Their intent is to turn those beings into shadow beings by feasting upon any conceived light within them. Though most light hurts/angers them (Especially when brought into the shadow realm.)

    It is only Moonlight touched objects (specific blue moon.) Moon magic or moon infused objects are the only way to actually -kill- them/Weaken them. All other objects, including sun or fire infused, will pass through the shadow being not harming them.

    Though they are called "Demons" They are not part of the 9 hells. They do not hold any affinity to any of the 9 hells demons or their masters. The shadow realm is a separate darkness. For beings and shadow users who have cast the light out of themselves as the darkness offers relief from physical, mental and emotional pain caused by the light and the memories of the loss of their light. (Please see for reference as to how this works.)~

    Common Shadow Demons:
    The sprite eater-
    Lanky looking shadow that crawls up from the ground with a gaping mouth full of foul black rotten teeth. These monsters eat fairies and sprites. Their light a every delectable taste upon their pallets.

    Shadow Knight-
    A common shadow. Black as night but otherwise human like features. They have tall twisted like shoulders and long capes. Very rarely do you see their head poke out from their black body. Limbs suggest the outline of armor. They feed upon common light. The light from a torch, the glow from magic. Everything will become dim with them around as they are slow eaters.

    Soul Harvester-
    A wicked looking beast. Not nearly as black as the other shadow demons you would come across. It has a sharp hard dark blue hued exoskeleton with four bone claws that latch onto a person. They will suck the light out of any soul they get in their clutches. Leaving the victim feeling weak and hopeless.

    Shadow Shaman-
    Human like beings with the skull of large shadow beasts upon their heads. Their pale ashen cloaks decorated in dark black ruins. These are the portal guardians. They have the ability to conjure smoke and knock out those who dare enter without permission. The smoke they use is so dense that it sucks the air out of the victim until they are unconscious. These guardians levitate and do not touch the ground.

    Shadow Cultist-
    Human like husk of a body, covered in ashen clothing, pale yellow skin, glowing yellow eyes. dark black markings upon their faces and bone spiked armor chained to their back.
    They carry Obsidian spears.

    Shadow husks-
    These demon shadows can be almost any large brainless beast. Mostly minotaurs and ogres. Their main goal is to feast upon divine magic. If not touched by moonlight (the magic), all divine magic is drained to nothing.

    Lightning Chasers-
    These jagged horrors flit so quickly around that they are hardly ever seen. They are attracted to lightning and its element, as it is an intense light and energy that feeds them so that they may move so quickly. Careful, these beings have a shocking secret to their mouths and fingertips. When they bight or dig their nails into you, even if you are lightening based, You get a negative energy blast. Example: Black lightening. You will be burned/shocked and unable to redirect your lightening ability for one turn without burning yourself.

    Shadow Wraith-
    Dark floating shadows with bone arms and skull. Often mistaken as the embodiment of death. They bring the cold that bites deep within the victim. Feeding upon any warm body or memory. Victims usually feeling as if the end has come. Freezing to death if not saved. These victims also lose good memories of good things that has happened to them. Leaving only pain and sorrow to mar their souls.

    Higher up Demons:

    Shadow Shifters-
    At first you think you see one thing, then it is another. These tricky little demons will hide in your shadow, daunting you every step of the way. They carry obsidian daggers and are often considered the assassins of the realm.

    The burned forest entity-
    All of this realm is covered in burnt trees and brush. Most harmless.. save for a few. They will still have embers of heat within them. One that can sense a nearby person's affinity/element and use its weakness against them if it fixates on them. Or maybe just terrorize them with the illusion of it enough that they think it's actually happening when nothing is physically harming them at all. Essentially they'd be driving the person insane and causing them to harm themselves and possibly others around them as they try to battle off the opposing force.

    The Obsidian Soul Mirror-
    A being that flits along side its intended target. Waiting for them to pause in movement for just one moment. When the victim stops the demon will become a obsidian mirror. Any that look into this mirror will be transported into a hallucination of the mind. Tortured by visions of those they love and care about being killed and harmed in ways unimaginable to any with a heart. The mirror must be shattered with a weapon made of moon silver, to free the victim.

    Shadow Paladin-
    Armed with obsidian armor lance/sword. These demons worship the darkness. They draw their power from their dark deity and will attack any that are touched by the light. Powerful and strong, they should not be underestimated.

    The Black Flame-
    Quickly spreading shadow flame that both burns and freezes. Slows/traps people who get caught in it. Divine moon magic or water collected from a pool under a full moon will be the only way to stop this flame.

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