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    Fo'uh Ice Amethyst

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    Fo'uh Ice Amethyst Empty Fo'uh Ice Amethyst

    Post by Silvy Dean on Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:59 pm

    Daughter of Sililuuth (Amethyst) and Weloriesh (Ice)
    Sister of Usyraz and Serelath.
    Name: Fo'uh
    Race: Dragon (Species mixed. Gem-Ice)
    Age: young adult dragon (looks 20 ihy)
    Breath weapon: Icy Blast (barrage of ice crystals that burst on impact.)

    Weapon: Conjured Ice Glaive with extremely sharp edge, though blade will shatter against heavy armor, still leaves a decent slice in light armor. Blade is regenerating.

    Trickster: Tends to conjure ice golems and patches of ground ice when attempting to escape.

    Weakness: Anything to do with heat/fire will drive her off very quickly.

    Elven Form: weakened by ice crystals, her iron armor can be shattered by the blow of a two handed weapon (such as a hammer or battle ax or longsword.)
    Hybrid/Dragon Form: Ice armor embedded with Amethyst crystals all over her body. They also can be shattered but with great force. (Such as a large heavy hammer wielded by a large strong beast/man.)

    Personality: Friendly.
    Alliance: Neutral

    "Gosh it is miserable hot here." -Fo
    Fo'uh Ice Amethyst 17020262896_e918465231_sItov by absoluteschizo, on Flickr

    Fo'uh grew up with Usyraz and Serelath. She had become really protective of her siblings, as she felt she was the only one that should play such pranks upon them.

    Her father, Weloriesh, left at an early age of her development, leaving her questioning if he ever loved her. It wasn't until much later in her life they would be re-united and she would eventually find out -why- he had left.

    Her mother, Sililuuth, had raised all three of her children the best she could. Unfortunatly, Sili could not teach any of the three offspring how to use their ice abilities. Most of them were figured out or practiced in play as they grew up. Fo'uh had no abilities, that stood out enough to recognize, of her mother's race. This ment there was nothing her mother could actively teach her.

    Fo'uh would rely heavily on her ice abilities, as that was all she would know to do. However something dark in her past had her afraid of fire. The mere mention of it would cause her to tense up, the sight of it would have her scatter and flit away like a startled bird.

    When Sililuuth rejoined her friends at the Aerie, she sent for Fo'uh in hopes to help keep her siblings in good spirits. When Fo'uh arrived she found the worst of her nightmares to be only a few hundred feet away. A floating island of liquid fire bubbling and smoking. She would spend most of her time in this new Aerie trying to overcome her fear enough to meet the rest of their new family in the middle island.

    When disaster struck she found herself blaming the odd power crystal.. as she had bonded with it shortly before. She had been sure it was to blame for the sudden tremors and quakes that caused the islands to become uninhabitable. After talking with her mother.. and then her brother, she decided that the power core was just a 'thing'. When it broke from the aerie and the islands fell crashing to the ground there was a moment of panic. Watching as the power core slowly lead the Aerie dragons to a new home.

    The new home was glorious. Regardless of meeting strange creatures and kin every time she turned a corner, she was happy there. She made friends and started to train with an elemental named Callidus. A handsome storm dragon that seemed to help chisel and take control of her abilities.

    Then there was Dom'Ro. A warm kind and funny emerald that she had met just shortly after moving to this new place. She could not put her claw upon it, but something about him made her skin de-frost. His kind voice, gentle touch and perhaps even his own innocence made her comformortable for the first time. Able to be herself whenever he was around.

    Thurkear, the black scale that she was told was family. His strange behaviour and bullying confused her. She found herself laughing however when she realized, he reminded her of what one would consider to be a big brother. The darkness he allowed into her heart... would send her on one of the worst journeys ever.

    A being from her mother's past, one her mother had spoke highly of, appeared in a dream. Thurkear had been there as well, teasing and bullying her. showing her harsh images and torturing her with the fact that she herself killed someone at a very young age. However the being spoke.. It scared her far worse than any other.. and it would drag her into the depths far worse than hell. There she would be subject to horrid images and a cold so bitter that her own ice abilities would have been compared to fire.

    Her family traveling to these depths to rescue her.. But her memory would be forever splotched and confused. Wondering where she met Dom'Ro, where she had spoken so many times to Usyraz and what happened to her brother? She would remember none of these images.. but she would remember she had a family, and when she needed them they came.

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