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    Post by Silvy Dean on Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:37 pm

    After she had left the shadow realm, it was nearly all but forgotten. Her mind body and soul was exhausted. Yet the feel of Dom'Ro's arm around her seemed to relax and invigorate her at the same time.

    She found herself confused but to tired to make sense of what had just happened to her. She took note of her mother's injuries and of her father's exhaustion. Her sister's excitement and the total stranger that seemed to feed off of it and then follow her when she left.

    As Dom'Ro guided her to a place to rest she found her mind drifting to them playing in water. She could not help but smile and then blush as she would think of when he brushed his lips against hers. His touch always made her feel warm and comfortable. It wasn't until now that she realized there was feelings there she had not had before. As he sat down and pulled her into his lap, she leaned into his chest and took in a deep breath. The trees and grass around them alive with chirping of birds and the chittering of one small squirrel. She felt a calm wash over her.

    "Thank you for being so kind." She whispered as her eyes would start to flutter shut. Dom kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her protectively. His fingers stroking through her purple and blue hued hair. She would dream of nothing, her mind was too tired to even give her that. But physically she would start to regenerate.

    When she woke, she was still in his arms. He was sound asleep and she found herself looking at his face, reaching to pet his cheek with her delicate fingertips. Her fingers traveled down his cheek to his lips and chin. Slowly down his neck to his chest. He was so warm... She rested her head against his chest. That soft thump of his heart in a rhythmic beat and the in and out of his breath. Closing her eyes once more to just lay there and enjoy being so close to him.

    Her body would tingle slightly, causing her to squirm near him. A sensation she had not felt before as it seemed as if her flesh was growing warm. She blinked her eyes open again to watch him, and peering back at her was his emerald glowing orbs filled with an expression she had not seen before. Her breath caught and she found herself rising.. -This time- she would brush her lips against his in a soft warm kiss. Her own heart seeming to flutter within her chest.

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