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    [Vida] Stare of the Necromancer

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    [Vida] Stare of the Necromancer Empty [Vida] Stare of the Necromancer

    Post by Codex on Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:56 pm

    Vida had found peace in her regular meditation throughout the slower parts of her days - or in this case, evenings. The falls that rested comfortably close to Frost Fang territory proved to be a source of tranquility of her, where she could gather her thoughts and focus while "patrolling" the area with the use of her spirit wolves.

    Every patrol was pleasantly uneventful, often only providing her a good idea of where their next hunt needed to take place. Her Alpha had chosen a peaceful place, it seemed - devoid of visitors and trespassers. She had yet to see any others pass through the lands.

    But that evening, it all changed.

    From her peaceful perch near the top of the small collection of falls, she looked through the spirit wolves' eyes as they stalked through the woods. All was well, but as they reached the border of their territory, they caught sight of an odd glimmer of... gems? And sparkling wings?

    They came closer to investigate, enough to see a brightly-hued female with gems adorning her flesh - unnatural, catching the light. She was hunting... right at the border of the land of the Frost Fang?

    The spirit wolves hardened their stare through Vida as they stalked the mysterious winged creature from the brush. Soft humming came from the creature whenever she seemed to simply wander through the woods - and in an unexplainable way, the wolves were momentarily soothed, despite the way they followed her. For the entirety of the trespasser's tenure within the area, they followed her... and then it hit Vida.

    That pain. That horribly familiar pain...

    And the source seemed to be in the same direction the odd winged female was walking.

    The spirit wolves slinked quickly through the wood ahead of her to spot them, and it was then that a sickness filled Vida's stomach. Two other beings: one male, one female. The female held a strange beauty that was dark, yet light. The male, however... there was so much pain. And excitement? Conflicted, Vida looked on through her attunement to her spirit wolves. Her urge to free the spirit trapped within its unliving body was great; it sickened her to see and feel. Somehow, though... he seemed to enjoy this agonizing confinement.

    Ghastly, Vida thought to herself, her internal voice lowered to a growl.

    The female with the glimmering scales was all but forgotten in that moment, having determined that there was a far greater threat in this pair - and as they came across each other, the spirit wolves paced in silence; the Spirit Walker wondered to herself if perhaps they had arrived together.

    That question was quickly answered with the unfamiliarity between them: the timid way that the winged female seemed to begin to retreat back into the trees until she had been spotted. It became clear that the first female - a dragon, as it turned out - was even more timid than Vida had ever been in her youth.

    Still a whelpling, perhaps.

    Within a few short minutes, three names reached her.

    Usyraz, the draconic female. Celebiel, the masked elf that possessed a strange, dangerous beauty. Ba'al, orc in appearance... but risen. And in so, so much pain.

    The spirits became restless simply looking at him with those onyx stones in his eyes. Vida found herself reminded of the talismans of Kurnin's doing; the urge to vomit grew. That feeling only grew more intense as one chilling reality struck the Garou: the elven female could see her spirit wolves. She looked directly at them, lifted her mask...

    ... And dismissed one of them.

    Stunned from her attunement, Vida doubled over in her place with a howl of agony and loss that rang throughout the land. She remained there for a few minutes, panting and trying to recover from the overwhelming pain. By the time she regained her composure, a large, flying mass of baby blue carried the limp body of a bear in her claws, the pair from before appearing to be on her back.

    This did not bode well in her eyes.

    With frantic grace and agility, she slid off the falls and ran in a full sprint toward her hut, the breeze blowing her hair behind her shoulders; in front of her face; across her neck. The pads of her feet barely touched the ground with each frantic footfall that took her closer to her home. Her spirit wolves fell in step and pace with her, racing alongside her for a few seconds before dissipating back into nothingness with a disembodied, whispered sigh. And as she burst into the relative safety of her hut, she slammed the door shut.

    The rest of her internal agony was distracted from her mind by the physical pain of her fist colliding forcefully with solid stone.

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