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    Arianna Daughter of Iron Jaw, Alpha of Frost Fang

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    Arianna Daughter of Iron Jaw, Alpha of Frost Fang Empty Arianna Daughter of Iron Jaw, Alpha of Frost Fang

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    The White Wolf.
    Race: Lycan
    Clan: The Frost Fang
    Offspring: ------
    Standing: Alpha of the Frost Fang Clan
    Weapon Mastery: Dual Sword, Dual Axe.
    Class: Warrior
    Forced into Exile to protect her pack after her first mate's death, Arianna has become over protective of what is left. Losing pack members to random and horrid deaths along the way she finds herself desprate to keep the last few that remain alive. Shortly after their escape from the Mists, the clan finds themselves face to face with a small pack of hunters sent from the Shadow Clan to bring them back to face the Elders.
    They could not have prepared themselves for the devistation they would face when they returned to the northern lands. Defeating Kurnin was only the start.. The clans spread out and missing.. they set out to find a new home to rebuild what was once a proud race and community of shifters.
    Lore: Norse based. Northern Shifter Clans.
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    Arianna Daughter of Iron Jaw, Alpha of Frost Fang Empty The Pale Twins

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    The Iron Jaw Clan was a vibrant and rich clan. Most of the pack thrived on making weapons and armor to trade with the human cities further south. Though they did not trust some of the other clans completely, though they were known to accept any who wished to join as long as they brought with them no ill will.

    The Iron Jaw were known for their abilities to fight in human form with human weapons. They often chose to face their attackers, be it kin or other, and fight till they had no choice but to shift. If called upon by other clans for help or protection, regardless of their political standing, the Iron Jaw answered. The clan was considered possibly the chosen of Odin. Guard dogs and warriors that overcame any adversity with grace and nobility. It was often that the Elders chose older Iron Jaw members to become their guards and even trained them to one day take the place of the Elder they were guarding.

    When Gaireth became the Alpha of the Iron Jaw, he wasted no time in claiming Isiru as his mate. Her dark chestnut hair and green eyes had bewitched him long ago, and he would have no other before her. They were claimed to be a matching pair, though his hair was a dark almost black brown and he had dark golden eyes.  Needless to say.. when Isiru gave birth to albino twins, rumors began to spread.

    None had ever seen a white pelt in some time, other than the wild one who came down from the frost giant mountains in chains. He was savage and refused to shift from his war form. It took years for Gaireth to calm the white pelt down and months after that to encourage him back into his human form. His speech was stunted to say the least. Spending most of his time grunting and growling at those around him.

    When finally he did speak, he was asked his name and where he had come from, though he would only share that information with Gaireth. He did not have a name, beast of the Frost Giants. Guardian, warrior and slave along side many others just like him. Gaireth gave him the name Randall, not wanting to remind their new clan brother of his misfortunate history. This, was who was rumored to have sired the pale twins. Though shortly after they were born, his own mate gave birth to a son that they named Eindride. Both Randall and Eindride's human forms were dark haired, tan bodied.

    The twins, Arianna the runt female and Aric the strong male, were born with white hair and pale flesh. They were said to be doomed from the start. They had been birthed too close to a full moon. Typically all the females born within the week of the full moon suffered and died every single time. Half of the males born within the week of the full moon survived, but were often marred or traumatized by the transformation. Those, trusted by the alpha pair, warned and pleaded with Gaireth and Isiru to spare their children by murdering them before their first transformations.

    They could not. Just as many before them had failed to do this.. they chose to wait and hope that at least one of them would survive.  Both were sure that Arianna would die, being the weaker and smaller of the two. When the full moon came, Gaireth fought the transformation with Isiru, waiting by their cub's side to see them through. When the moonlight hit the window the crib lit up.. the screams of Aric pained their hearts and they did what they could to try and comfort him.

    When his shift had finished he huffed panted and wined in his tiny pup form. Isiru started to cry, turning expecting to see Arianna dead, only to find she had shifted and stood bright eyed and wobbly upon her front legs. Looking at the two white pups, Gaireth looked to Isiru.. This was unheard of. They called upon the elders to investigate the next morning.

    One elder entered the room of which the babies slept. Lifting the small children one by one slowly into his massive clawed hands. He would speak in a language that had not been heard since Fenrir last wandered the lands free.  Another stepped in behind Gaireth smiling and turned to the Alpha of Iron Jaw.

    “He says, they are your children. Blessed by the moon and destined for great deeds and change in this world.” The elder set down Aric and lifted Arianna further into the light. He spoke again, this time in the broken language that was so used by these children.

    “This one.” He hissed softly as Arianna rested her hand upon his nose. Her bright blue silver eyes examining the large beast while she smiled. “She will be a leader. A strong loyal daughter of Fenrir.” He said with a soft smile, that turned his face into a twisted chill up any human's spine. Again he spoke in the lost language and gave a soft nod to the fellow elder.

    “This next part, will not be pleasant. We should go.” He said turning and walking from the room. He had expected Gaireth and Isiru to follow him, but they did not. Isiru had become uneasy, after fearing losing her children to the shift shortly after they had been born, she was determined to never leave their sides for any other reason. Gaireth chose to stay by her side. The elder bowed his head softly and rested Arianna against his fuzzy chest. Patting her back a moment before laying his hand flat against it.

    A short moment passed, his eyes closed and, once open, they seemed to be flames that flickered out around his eyelids and brow. Arianna started to fuss, then suddenly started to wail and cry. She pushed and struggled with her little might to get away from the beast as her back began to burn. Isiru's eyes widened, her body twisting as she began to shift and lunge after the elder who was torturing her baby. Gaireth torn between his mate and his offspring, chose to grab hold of his mate to try and hold her back.

    The elder was in a trans, unable to defend himself from any attack. His spell continued even after Isiru wrapped her jaws around his neck... and his blood spilled down across Arianna, staining the white hair and seeping into the burn.. Slowly the elder sank to the floor. The spell ending once he had laid flat still clutching Arianna to his chest as if to keep her safe. The mark he had placed upon Arianna's back had been only partly healed, leaving the small infant feverish and crying.

    The elders would punish Isiru for the murder of one of the oldest of their kind. They had gathered together and remove the gift of Torr from her. Condemning her to a short life as a mortal human woman. The Iron Jaw Clan was outraged and insisted she be exiled as well, though none dared to challenge Gaireth, Isiru would never be safe among them. Torn from her children and pushed further into the woods to live like an old hermit.. Only Gaireth would visit her.

    Shortly after she became brittle and blind, keeping her from sneaking in to the clan to see her children.

    “I've brought you some more furs, my love.” Gaireth said through the thick wooden door. “I'm coming in.” He warned before pushing it open. As he entered he dropped some thick bear pelts along an old chair. “You've let the fire get low again. Are you nearly out of wood?” He looked around the room till he could see the silver haired woman barely poked out of a pile of furs on the bed.

    “No...just tired.” she said meekly. Letting out a soft sigh, Gaireth piled a few more logs upon the fireplace and made his way over. Pulling back the furs to reveal the frail looking old woman underneath, he then sat down next to her. As her milky eyes opened and looked past him he attempted to smile, though there was a sadness deep within his chest. “How are they?.. can you tell me what they look like now?”

    “It has only been a few days since I last told you... but yes, my love. They are fantastic. Strong and healthy like their father.. beautiful like their mother. The envy of any parent.” He reached down to pet along her silver hair. “How are you? You look pale..”

    “I am fine, my beast. I just need more sleep.” She said in her brittle voice.

    “I will get you some water...”

    “No, just stay with me a moment.” She sat up, as best she could, and Gaireth took her into his arms carefully. “Tell me, how are my children? What do they look like now?” She asked, again. Gaireth paused slightly, tears spilling freely from his eyes as she relaxed into his arms and became still.

    “As beautiful as their mother always will be in my heart.” He choked on his words as tears did a delicate dance along his wrinkled and pained expression. He then hugged her to his face. Isiru's soul taken by the dark hound to whatever awaited her. She never regretted what she had done. Any mother would have protected their child with their life. It was a simple misunderstanding. If the Elders had only taken the time to explain what they were doing... it was to late now. Slowly he leaned back looking at Isiru's remains.. Rather than put her upon a pyre, he chose to burn down the small hut with her buried within her furs.
    As Gaireth arrived home he entered slowly swinging the door aside. Laughter of his children turned into joyous yells as they ran to greet their father. Both of the pale haired children stopped short, as one look of the darkness that followed their father was enough to stun them into silence.

    The streaks along his ash covered face were prominent and obvious that he had been crying. He smelled of heavy smoke as if he were just tending to a large fire. Aric lowered his head and stood still as if he were waiting to be scolded. Arianna stepped forward then wrapped her arms around her father's leg to give him a hug. Her pale silver eyes looking up into his dark ones. “Father?” she questioned.. she could feel the sadness within him.. Without another word, Gaireth dropped to his knees and wrapped an arm around Arianna while holding out the other to Aric. Once Aric had shuffled over to his father's arms they were both hugged to the large alpha's chest while he sobbed. Both of the young children sobbed with him.

    As time passed on, Gaireth would watch carefully over his children. Any fights that they had gotten into he would be there watching ready to jump in if they needed it. Surprisingly, Arianna was always the victor of the fights. She always stood up for her submissive younger, yet physically larger, brother. The fights never seemed to get out of hand, and rarely were they ever physical. Most of the time it was Aric who had been picked on or bullied by other pups. The alpha's son was expected to be stronger, more dominant than he was.

    As Arianna grew it became apparent that she would benefit from training with the warriors and shield maidens. Gaireth reluctantly started to groom her for such a class, but made sure to include other studies. She would be a worth while shield maiden, but he would rather she not result to just brute strength every time to settle an argument. Aric was pushed into training. Though submissive, on the battle field he proved to be an amazing and strong fighter. He, unlike his sister, never went for the kill shots. He only disabled his opponents so they could not return to the battle so quickly.

    It was often thought that Arianna fought so viciously  herself, because of her small stature. She was quick to tap the blunt sword to her opponents neck or inner thigh. Or the point against the pounding chest where under the thick hide lay the vulnerable heart. Often described as the pale ghost or white phantom on the battle field, a blur of white before death. Though he would not admit it aloud, Gaireth was a bit afraid of her. Aric followed close behind her. Watching her back every step just as she had watched his when they were younger. Never allowing any to close off the gap between himself and his sister.

    It wasn't long before Aric fell in love with a pretty young raven haired girl. Shy any other given time, he boldly walked up to her and told her he would marry her one day. They were inseparable from that day forth. She was not much of a fighter, more of a scouter and healer. Her name was Eira, daughter of the forge. Her family was well known for their intricate designs upon their armor and weapons.

    After a while, Arianna had started to feel the loss of her best friend and brother. Though he was still there, the attention was now more focused on his bride to be. His life mate Eira was a kind woman. She often offered to spend time with Arianna but even that was cut short, as all the child hood secret places and adventures were now being shared with Eira. Someday, perhaps, Arianna would have a moment alone to her own thoughts...

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    Arianna Daughter of Iron Jaw, Alpha of Frost Fang Empty A shadow cast upon the hunting grounds

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    One afternoon Arianna decided to sneak away and go hunting alone. It had not been that hard to slip away from the love birds or her busy father. Her father was off, doing alpha things with whomever.. this was the first time Arianna had been alone with her thoughts in a very long time... it was nice.

    As she made her way through a small open field, she aimlessly followed dear tracks while her thoughts drifted to her mother. She could not remember what her mother had looked like.. this pained her. She paused a moment and sat upon a small hill of grass. She could not remember her mother's voice, nor the song that she had hummed to them through the veil of night. She let out a soft sigh, a tear dropping down into the dirt without touching her cheek. Why couldn't she remember these things? Was 16 years really that long that her mind would let such delicate important memories fade?

    She lifted her head and looked off into the distance of the hunting grounds. Watching as the stag she had been tracking moved cautiously to the wooded edge along the clearing. Arianna's desire to hunt had long since faded and exposed itself as just an excuse to get away from it all. Suddenly the stag bucked and reared. It spun and ran off in another direction as if something had startled it.

    Arianna furrowed her brow and pushed herself up from the hill, tilting her head in confusion. Was someone else here? She sniffed at the air and started to make her way down to where the stag had been. In the woods, a dark shadow stood off to the side watching the pale female from a distance. His eyes locked, his lips slightly parted as he let out a slow breath of air.

    Arianna had not seen this shadow at first. No, she was focused looking in the direction of the stag and searching for foot prints or scents to explain what she had seen. Raising her hand up to the back of her neck, she glared at the trail the stag had left. The crazy beast must have startled itself, that was the only thing she could conclude. The shadow could not help but smile at her confusion.. and stepped forward. The snap of a twig caused him to pause and look down at his foot where the broken piece of wood splayed up from either side of his boot.

    When he looked back up, he found himself caught in the silvery gaze of the pale female. Though part of him wanted to shy away and disappear into the shadows, he stood and grinned at her.

    "Who are you?" Arianna asked, feeling slightly annoyed that her alone time had been interrupted. "You've interrupted my hunt!" She crossed her arms and glared at the young man standing in the shadows.

    "I could say the same to you." He said in a silken deep voice. "Yet I am not so angry." Slowly the shadow stepped further into the light. Arianna raised a brow as she got a better look at this tall dark handsome male. However her expression would continue to be one of frustration.

    "You are not of my clan.. you're on the wrong hunting grounds!" She growled.

    "Actually.. this ridge of trees.." he gestured. "Are not your hunting grounds." He was right.. and Arianna knew this.

    "You're still pushing the line." she glared at him, anger tinting her voice.

    "Well.. actually." He said giving a soft shrug of his shoulders and boldly walking up to her. He stopped just a few feet from her. "This.. is pushing the line." His eyes were a bright reddish brown. His hair so dark it could have been black save for the hints of brown the sun illuminated. Arianna felt her heart thump a little harder in her chest and took a step back. Attempting to keep her angered expression focused on him, though the awe factor had flitted over her face a little to noticeably.

    "Y-you need to leave." she said sternly. "I do not know where you are from, but what you are doing could be considered an attack. I could rightfully murder you." She tried to sound proud and sure of herself.. though really, he was the first opponent she had ever come across.. where she did not want to outright fight or kill him.

    "Oh?" He said with a tilt of his head, that grin fading for a moment then brightening as he watched her. "That would be an act of war.. over such a small thing. I simply wanted to talk." He said shrugging his shoulders and watching her closely. Her cheeks tinted a slight red and she found herself frozen to the ground. She was not sure what she was feeling at that moment, anger yes.. but why? Frustration?

    "Just.. get out of here already." she snapped at him and glared again. He raised his eyebrows and then suddenly burst into laughter. Arianna was shocked by this and opened her eyes wide looking at him. His laugh was intoxicating. She huffed a few times then could feel the corners of her mouth curl. "Stop laughing." she said suddenly, as serious as she could. "I do not want to laugh."

    "You're so uptight and tense. Why? What has you so serious?" The shadow asked, attempting to tame his laugh down and give her a serious expression. Failing, but at least he tried.

    "My mother's death." She glared at him. Suddenly there was silence and he moved his hand to rake through his hair.

    "I... I'm sorry." He said carefully. "I could not have known."

    "No.. because you do not know who I am or what clan I am from.. She died years ago." Arianna said and turned to start walking away from him. The shadow got a confused look upon his face then slowly started to follow her. For a split second Arianna opened her mouth to yell at him to go away, yet she changed her mind. His company seemed.. not so annoying as other's did.. at least he was remaining quiet for a time.

    They walked for a short while till they came to a bank under a large tree that cast a large shadow. Arianna sighed and finally turned to face him. His arms were crossed behind his back, and though he looked to be doing this to annoy her, his expression was a thoughtful one.

    "Why are you following me?" she asked. Her posture was that of standing up to a bully, head held high and defiant.

    "Well, as you said. I do not know you." He said and then cocked his head to the side. "I would like to." Arianna paused a moment blinking at him.

    "I... I am Arianna daugther of Iron Jaw. Gaireth's daughter." She gave in. Though part of her figured soon as she gave this information he would give her a better idea of what he was there for.

    "I see. So your mother was the one who murdered the Elder?" He said uncrossing his arms and moving to lean against the tree. Arianna blinked and watched him for a moment.

    "She.. misunderstood what they were doing.. It was not her fault." Arianna twisted her fingers into her dress slightly.

    "I get why you are sad she is gone.. but it has been quite a long while since her death, right? Why so sullen? Do you not think she would rather look upon your smiling face rather than this grouchy one?" The shadow asked and watched her carefully.

    "S-she.. I.." Arianna paused for a moment, and though what he said was probably true and made sense, it only caused her heart to ache. "I never got to know her other than what I was told.. I had seen her face once.. a long time ago. I can't remember what she looked like." Tears filled her eyes and she looked away from the stranger and started to walk away from the tree. She stopped the moment his hand touched her shoulder. At first she attempted to pull away out of shock, but found herself pulled into his arms.

    "Shh, I have a feeling no one has done this for you in a long time." He said close to her ear while she struggled.. and for a moment she continued to struggle. It was weird and somewhat frightening to have a total stranger embrace you.. Yet. Arianna slowly sunk into his chest and started to cry. "No matter what she did in this realm, no matter what pains she faced or troubles that worried her. She is in the next realm. Happy, healthy and beautiful. Watching you, loving you and protecting you still." His voice was strangely soothing. "Just remember that.. and smile for her."

    "How.. could you even?" She whimpered against him. "How could you even know any of that?" She tilted her head up to look at him.. and his eyes focused on hers once more.

    "Because I believe the same of my mother. The spirit walkers took her to the next realm. Guided her on to the next life yet gave my father and I messages from her time and again. To let us know she was still with us." He moved his hand and pet along her pearl tinted hair. "Know your sorrow isn't just your own." He said softly. Though he had only just met her, part of him was lost to her in an instant. He would give her anything and everything just to see her smile once. Finally he felt her start to push him away once again. Rather than contain her he finally let her go.

    "You're.. strange." she said softly brushing the tears from her face.

    "You're hurt... a young girl out alone and in pain. How could any walk away from such a thing?" Arianna blinked and shook her head.

    "I think you are too familiar." She said sternly... There it was, once again. That wall covered in spikes and set upon rollers to keep people not just at bay but moving back to avoid. The Shadow smiled.

    "Perhaps.. I will be here again in three days... if you wish to speak more?" He asked and moved to walk around her as if he were about to leave. He would pause and wait for her answer however. Arianna watched him for a long moment. Though what he had done was strange and something she had never experienced, part of her had needed that.

    "I will see you then..." she said watching him. "What is your name?" she called out as a last thought, but he had already started to walk away. Without a word he waved his hand over his shoulder and continued off. "Strange... very strange." she said aloud to herself. Perhaps this was dangerous, but for the first time she felt a comfort and a release that she did not have before.

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