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    Celebiel- Daughter of light gone dark

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    Celebiel- Daughter of light gone dark Empty Celebiel- Daughter of light gone dark

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri May 08, 2015 4:28 pm

    Medaesos Toria os si Pololi; A divine city of superior elves. Their beauty wide told by any who visited. Fair skinned elves with pure blue eyes. Their city constantly referred to as The City of Light, for its luminous people and white marble buildings. Being purest of race and religion, they have their enemies.

    Celebiel was born here, into what most would call a middle class family. She was not the most beautiful in the city, and any to make suggestion that they might be had to suffer the fate of the queen and king's jealousy. But she had her own beauty to her. Celebiel was a very bored child. Talking to other elves always seemed like "the new fall color is" in her book. It wasn't until she managed to sneak out of the city that she found a small dead bird and found it to be the most wondrous of things. About the age of 10 (in human years anyway) she would go out and gather things that reminded her of the dead bird. For she dare not bring it into the city.

    Black rocks, dead flowers, broken egg shells and many other things that most would consider trash and rotten, became her toys and her most beloved possessions. To her the utter tragic appearance of these objects was far more beautiful than anything the elves ever made or ever could be. Her parents noticed this behavior. As how could parents not?. They would sit and talk with her and try to make her understand that if she kept bringing these things here they would have to make her leave. However, her mother loved her very much and with that the small family decided they would leave the city to give Celebiel a chance to experience the world beyond the city of light.

    However, as most of the citizens did not fully know, The city of light was at war with the neighboring humans and drow. Chaos waited further outside the city walls, where many were fighting and dieing to protect the peace and beauty of the land further in. Choosing to leave, Celebiel's parents were warned they would not come back. Ignoring these words as they saw it as just a threat to keep them their, Celebiel's parents continued.

    After a day's travel they became worried. The land was quiet and smelled different from when they remembered. Although Celebiel seemed to fall in love with the sent of burning plants, her parents began to talk of turning back. Only to have Cel encourage them on. Her curiosity, her desire to go further is what brought them to a end. Camping at night a group of drow ransacked their belongings, Cel's parents tried to defend themselves but were slaughtered.

    As a female drow stood over Cel raising her dagger to strike the ugly child down she realized the child was not recoiling or afraid. She witnessed as the child walked by her to her parents and began to tell her mother she'd never seen her so beautiful. The red stains that leaked from the gashes across the dead panicked elf's face were seeming to amuse Cel as if she found a puppy. Cackles heard from a few of the other drow.

    "You really did a number on that one, Roslin."

    "Silence...You, Ja'dir, raise her mother as a minion..." Nodding Ja'dir stepped forward removing a dagger from his arm piece. Leaning over Cel's mother's body, he gouged out her eye and cleared the socket, replacing it with a onyx stone and saying a few words. Crackling and ripping could be heard followed by painful retching as the skeleton pulled itself from the flesh. The onyx stone becoming a empty socket once again. To Roslin's surprise the girl clapped excitedly and grabbed hold of the minion's hand as if it was any normal mother and daughter. Roslin studied this a moment then gestured for Ja'dir to do the same to her father. "The rest of you collect what you can find worthy of anything."

    Walking up to Cel and her undead minion of a mother, she leaned in real close. "You are a ugly child, but you do show promise. What is your name?" She said in no avail. Cel only knew how to speak Elvish, not drow. with a great sigh she repeated herself in elven, much to her group's surprise.

    "Celebiel." the child replied unable to take her eyes off of her mother and now her father who stood as two glorious beings. Thus she was adopted by the drow and taught how to speak their language through Roslin and Ja'dir.

    Ja'dir became very fond of Celebiel, however. He was a young drow and as Celebiel got older it became more clear that she was as beautiful as the other elves in the city of light. However Roslin did not take kindly to this. Pale skin was considerably ugly, as it reminded the Drow constantly of their once surface lives. It was not long before Cel became attached to Ja'dir just as closely as he was to her, and Roslin took her chance. Cel had already out shined Ja'dir in learning the necromantic ways, leaving Ja'dir to be undesired for he could not speak common and would not make it so easily as a spy. Roslin summoned Ja'dir and after a short conversation he was murdered. It is said she offered him her bed and he refused, whatever the reasoning, it was the end of him.

    Ja'dir was Cel's first minion. He was poorly made do to her desperate attempt to have him back from the dead. Roslin did not take pity on Cel's heartache and almost instantly destroyed the minion leaving nothing but bone dust and a skull behind. This skull can now be found always on Cel's person, for she will always carry him with her.

    War broke out among the Drow and humans, as everyone knew it eventually would. Cel took this as a opportunity to escape the drow and go about her way traveling. She had no desire to settle anywhere or even return to the city of light. Along her way she raised minion after minion, the only part of her craft that she continued with constantly to protect herself and to relieve herself of the loneliness that followed her.

    Upon traveling she managed to make a minion that could speak back to her, this helped a great deal. Though his ability to speak was rare it was welcomed. His speech halting in common for the talk of the undead was difficult for Cel to continue for long periods of time, it kept her more company than she had in a long while.

    Coming across a path that lead to a place called "Valahari" Cel began to feel tired and somewhat weakened. Her minion seemed to lose his ability to speak and the further she traveled into this land the more control over him she lost. He would lash out at her at times and then slam himself into the ground till suddenly he simply fell apart. Disappointed, Cel collected his skull and continued to talk to him as if he were still animated.

    Coming across another corpse, Cel took out another onyx stone, her last one, and replaced the left eye with it. Speaking a few words and the stone itself became a hollow useless socket..but the minion did not rise. Now alone with no way to defend herself she became worried and desperate. She would need to find shelter soon.

    After a short stay in this pathetic realm, Celebiel found her way across the planes. Traveling alone. Her powers coming back to her after leaving the strange place. Once in the planes she started to perfect her craft.. raising the dead and finding a minion that would serve her well. An Orc by the name of U'gar had fallen in battle. A strong, intact beast of a being. She wove her magic well, and he became one of her best minions. Able to speak some, powerfully strong and loyal to her.

    However, her minion did not understand he would not heal by natural means. Any fight he was in, he would become injured and fall apart. The only way Celebiel could keep up with this was to use up her precious onyx stones to rebuild his body. Running low... she started to become nervous. If she did not get more onyx stones, it was possible that U'gar would eventually fall apart.

    Luckily she came across a rather timid crystal like dragon. She offered to have U'gar hunt for food, bring back a bear and receive Onyx stones in return. Interupted by spying spirits in the forest, she chose t display her power to the other caster that sent the spirits.. by dismissing one of their spirits. once they were gone, U'gar gathered food and they flew to the floating islands and she was escorted to the dragon horde. There she sensed many onyx stones, but something more dark and powerful. A stone statue of a dragon stood in the middle of the horde.

    She approached it, intoxicated by the power she could feel within the stone. She desired nothing more than what was within the stone. Striking it with her dagger in an attempt to free the energy inside, she was sent into a world of darkness. A voice spoke to her. Dark, far darker than anything she had ever experienced with the drow. It left her humbled and in a hurry to leave. She collected five onyx stones varying in size and left the floating dragon islands in search of the next adventure. U'gar close by her side.

    (( The list after this is spells that she does know and spells she will need to learn on her travels. ))

    Spells she knows:
    1: Cause Fear-(would like to keep even with magic dampening due to no other weapons being used.)
    2: Animate Dead
    3: Disrupt Undead
    4: Gentle Repose
    5: Control Undead
    6: Summon Monster :
    1-Spider Skull (Skeletal fingers attached to a skull for movement, No damage taken from these. used as a scare tactic.) 1 black pearl
    1-Skeletal rat swarm 1 black pearl
    2-Regular Skeletal being (full form. weak but fast, does damage.) 1 onyx pebble 1 black pearl

    Spells she needs to learn:
    1: Chill touch
    2: Ray of enfeeblement
    3: Ghoul touch
    4: Spectral Hand*Creates disembodied glowing hand to deliver touch attacks.*-
    5: Halt Undead*immobilizes undead*
    6: Vampiric Touch*gain health*
    7: Contagion*infects subject with chosen disease*-
    8: Magic Jar *possession of another creature.*-
    9: Clone*duplicate awakens when original dies*(would only be used on a minion once per day.)
    10: Horrid Wilting*deals damage to foes who are within 30 feet* (last efforts deal.)
    11: Astral Projection*Projects you and companions into astral plane*-
    12: Soul Bind*traps newly dead to prevent resurrection*
    13: Summon Monster :
    (x)1-Spider Skull (Skeletal fingers attached to a skull for movement, No damage taken from these. used as a scare tactic.) 1 black pearl
    (x)1-Skeletal rat swarm 1 black pearl
    (x)2-Regular Skeletal being (full form. weak but fast, does damage.) 1 onyx pebble 1 black pearl
    3-Zombie (slow but strong, does more damage.) 1 onyx pebble 2 black pearls
    4-Wraith 1 onyx stone
    5-Stronger Skeletal being 1 onyx stone 1 onyx pebble 1 black pearl
    6-Lesser Vampire 1 onyx stone 2 onyx pebbles
    7-Dread Wraith 2 onyx stones
    8-Lich 3 onyx stones (Half her energy spent)
    9-Ghoul 3 onyx stones 2 black pearls
    10-Draco Lich 5 onyx stones (Nearly all of her energy spent. 75%)
    11-Ja'dir Lich (Personal creation, powerful lich, no control over what he says or does.) 1 large onyx stone and energy spent 100% (unable to cast for the next 3 days.)
    11- Horde 1 large onyx stone 100% energy spent (Last ditch effort to escape. Summon 6 lesser monsters to fight/distract while she attempts to escape. example-6 Skeletons, 6 Zombies, 4 wraiths, 2 stronger skeletal beings so on.)

    1 Common
    2 Elvish
    3 ilythiiri-Language of the drow
    4 Language of the dead

    =Her tactic is to scare rather than to fight. She does not like to spend her energy at all, and the onyx stones are few and rare. She would much rather use the onyx stones to create better animated minions than to use them in a fight. So most if not all of her spells are only used as a last resort and -only- if she has the materials to do so.=

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