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    Meeting at the Merchant Docks.

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    Meeting at the Merchant Docks. Empty Meeting at the Merchant Docks.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu May 14, 2015 7:20 am

    The docks were alive with the bustle of traders pirates and raiders from different areas of the North. The smell of old blood from a fight a few nights before still lingered. With it, the sound of the slopping sea water that built into a toxic looking foam where the food merchants dumped their old goods. Excited voices rose over the loud lapping of the water against the old wooden platforms. Drums and flutes could be heard coming from the floating tavern attached to the back of the docks. Drunken voices rising up in song while others attempted to speak in hushed tones to do their trades.  

    As the trade boat, that carried the two Frost Fang, collided with the dock Arianna reached out and snagged the gnarled wood planks and tied off the boat. She watched as Eindride, unsteadily stumbled from the boat onto the docks before she moved to start lifting crates of wares to the large male. Ignoring his sudden shamed expression of losing his footing.

    They packed the area next to the boat with the goods before Arianna stepped off the boat to look around. The boat from Skarvald was there, tied to the docks not far from their own. Though it looked as nothing had been transferred from the boat to the docks from it. There were a few deck hands, but the trade merchant seemed to be missing.

    "Go. Meet with your old friend. I will stay behind and wait for Irik." she said quietly to Eindride. Her hand moved to her side as she would re-open the wounds she had created before they docked. She wanted to be sure that her body was focused more on healing than the thought of fighting and hunting. Eindride watched her a moment before he would move to leave the docks and head for the camping grounds near by just off the docks on shore.

    Arianna waited a long moment, her eyes sifting through the familiar and unfamiliar faces of those who wandered the docks. From the old man leaning back in his chair, feet perched upon a old barrel while he watched the boats.. to the large breasted large backsided slave wench that gladly sloshed mead into traveler's mugs in an attempt to get them to move over to the floating tavern on the other side. Then Arianna felt her jaw clench and her ears would perk to the sound of the same voice that sounded slightly before. This time it spoke in hushed tones.

    "..The younger of the two was practically dragging the old sick man off the boat. What if it is the plague?.." There was a loud shout and call between friends on another boat that would cause Arianna to glare their way. Looking for these speakers in an attempt to listen in, Arianna would move closer. "..And then he turned on the younger guy. Coughing blood and spitting obscenities out at the young lad. Gods know why, seemed like the young one was.." a clamber of barrels hitting the deck drowned out the next words. Though at least now Arianna felt she knew the direction in which this conversation was coming from. She could see a merchant off to the side talking to a young cloaked female. "They went in to the woods that direction." He said pointing. Without a word the woman seemed to turn and hurriedly make her way down off the docks. She would pass by Eindride who was speaking to a man near the Skarvald ship.

    Watching her closely, Arianna tilted her head. It was strange that the moment the woman stepped close enough to Eindride she seemed to pause, look directly at him then turn and move even quicker. Narrowing her eyes she leaned to the side, attempting to get a better look and only catching the hint of a dark red lock of hair flicker out of the hood.

    "Arianna!" the sudden loudness of the voice stank of drunken belligerence heading her way. "How is it that you live -so- close to these docks, and yet I always manage to beat your tiny boat here?" She turned looking at the tall built dark haired male. His face was weathered from years in the boat; exposed to the sun and sea. His dark eyes surrounded by that wrinkle you get when you are constantly squinting or smiling.

    "It is good to see you, Irik. Any news from Baulder?" She asked, though her eyes would return to trying to seek out the hooded female. Arianna craned her neck and leaned from side to side in disbelief that the wanderer would disappear so quickly.

    "HA! No retort!" Irik boomed as he moved to block her view. Arianna felt her jaw clench tight as she felt that urge to snag him by the throat and throw him into the water between the boats. "The Gods know you are too damned serious at times." He said realizing she had her eyes searching in some other direction. "Come, have a drink with me!" Arianna watched him for a moment then sighed. She figured there was no point in watching for a wanderer. Nor her ill companions.

    "I cannot stay long." She spoke up turning to move toward the goods she had brought. "Everything is here but if you wish to break open the crates to be sure, I will wait." Irik followed her then shook his head.

    "Leave it all for now. I have stories to tell you! Come, we must go take a seat. Get some mead within our bellies, so that when we laugh it is a good one." He slurred slightly. He reached out snagging hold of Arianna's arm in an attempt to turn and pull her toward the tavern. He would find her not budging, in fact.. He would find his hand was suddenly in a dull pain. As he turned around his eyes would widen at the sight of her eyes.

    "Do-not-touch-me!" Arianna growled. As Irik looked into her eyes he could not help but blink. The once near silver blue eyes had a hint of yellow orange and red around the pupil. The growl that left her throat took a moment to register with him as he was attempting to pull his hand back from her. His eyes eventually making their way to his twisted wrist in the grasp of her clawed hands.

    "Ari..." He said, though he was in pain, he was feeling rather sobering at that moment. "Calm Ari... I just wanted to spend time with our friends and tell you the news of Balder." Arianna paused at her name being said in such an intimate tone. She instantly looked at her hands and let go moving off further from him and pacing upon the dock. "Is this why you were unable to come to the battle?" He asked holding his hand within the other as it started to swell.

    "Among other things..." She said pushing her hair from her face and looking off into the distance. "Our hunting moon was blocked. There was no way for us to be there and not turn upon the king and his subjects. Eindride made enough weapons for them. With our shipments and trades to them, I am sure they will be fine until we are able to rejoin." She took in a deep breath, but it did not seem to be helping the blood rage that was rising.

    "The battle is over. They won. A great wyrm arrived just in time." He started to say. Arianna paused and glared at Irik, though seeing him shrink back made her realize how dangerous it was to be here at the moment. "Balder has sent goods to you in thanks. He hopes you return soon.. Is there anything we can do about your hunting moon?" She closed her eyes and moved her hand around and under her shirt to her side. The wounds were still there, slowly healing.

    "We will be fine. It is just a matter of waiting for the next moon." She huffed quietly. Her teeth clenched a moment as she raked her claws over the wounds. "I am glad that Baulder did not need our help after all. Though I disagree with trusting a wyrm to do anything." Irik tilted his head watching Arianna for a moment.

    "That you showed up at all gave great moral to those who were there. Come. If you need to calm your nerves, you might as well do it with a mug of mead in one hand." Arianna gave thought and looked off along the docks. Seeing that Eindride had already left she gave a soft shrug of her shoulders. This time she turned to follow him, leaving her boat under the watchful gaze of the old man perched comfortably near his barrel.

    As they took seats in the floating tavern, Arianna leaned back adjusting against the table as she looked out over the merchants and other occupants. Irik sat and cupped his hand a bit wondering if it had been broken. He would soon be distracted by the panting nature of Arianna. Her armor seemed to tightly fitted by now. Her chest ballooning out the top with each huffing breath she took. The sweat upon her brow and fevered looking her eyes was enough to cause worry. He gestured for the wench to bring over her mead, hoping that the drink would put Arianna in a better condition if not mood.

    "What have you heard about the ill man that passed through here?" she questioned. Something about it was still nagging her. "How long ago did he come through here?" Arianna turned to look at Irik. His response instantly started off with a shrug of his shoulders and then his attention turned to the bar wench Hilga.

    "What is it you dirty old sea hound? Mead? Meat? Flesh?" The last word she groped her large breasts and pulled down her ragged top cloth while nearly standing over the top of Arianna. There was a split moment when Arianna simply ignored her, till that smell hit her nostrils. The smell of a woman who had not bathed since the last five men had plowed her fields. The smell of a woman who had been working on the docks close to fishermen and in the sun all day. At first Arianna thought she would gag; instead came a resounding belch that could be heard over the drums and drunken singers. A few stunned faces looked her direction as she covered her mouth, feigning embarrassment for the sake of protecting her heightened senses from the offending stench. A few cheers from men around the tavern could be heard in a roar of laughter before all went back to what they were doing.

    "Hilga, no. Just mead, though perhaps after business a bit of flesh?" He gave her a toothy grin and raised eyebrow. Hilga smiled back and gave a wink, walking with a swagger and sway of her large hips as she went to fetch a pitcher and mugs. Irik turned his eyes back to Arianna, not forgetting her question in the least. "I've not heard of it to be honest. An ill man? Should it be cause for concern? considering the type that float on through here anyway, i mean.." He gestured to the boisterous bunch of sailors and men that laughed loudly and spilled their drinking horns while slurring their tales out as grand God like adventures.

    "No.. I suppose not." Arianna replied as she finally uncovered her mouth and nose. Once the mead was delivered, Arianna managed to relax. Talking to Irik and being told the grand tale of how Balder got his crown back. How things were starting to be rebuilt and looking up for the kingdom of Skarvald. In the back of her mind.. that nagging doubt.. slowly fading as she attempted to have a good time and forget the troubles the clan was having at that moment.

    Soon night would fall, torches lit and ships starting to depart or hunker down for the night. The docks becoming somewhat empty save for those who were still at the tavern. While most moved to the camping ground or their ships to sleep off the mead's effects. With mead impairing her judgement, Arianna would choose to go back to her own boat, which by now had been filled with supplies thanks to Skarvald's deck hands, and await for Eindride to return.

    As she sank down into the furs at the bottom of her boat she stared up at the night sky. Stars seeming to spin and turn in the heavens to the strange beat of the tired drum and flute players in the tavern. The laughter had calmed down, as most warriors full of mead were now speaking in hushed tones about more important business and attempting to get a woman for the night to keep them warm. As Ariannas eye-lids started to slide down.. a fitful dream would start to cloud her mind. One of blood and fire. Not a normal fire.. one that chilled to the bone rather than burned. A familiar howl in the distance. A call for help.. that would go unanswered.

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    Meeting at the Merchant Docks. Empty BloodRage of the Iron Born. A hero?

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    Eindride took only a moment to nod to Arianna before he left. He looked around as he headed for the end of the dock, swerving between fishermen and pirate alike. If he managed to bump anyone on his way through, they were not given a second glance, his goal was clear. He stopped only for a moment near the Skarvald ship to inform them of the wares awaiting transfer before he turned and finished his journey.

    He traveled for quite a while, not paying attention to the time of day, until he came to a large ornate tower. For a moment he paused looking up at it and with a shake of his head grumbled something about 'Mages and their need for gaudy decoration.' As he pushed through the door a bell would sound as if he were walking into a mere shop in town. Reaching up with his large hand he clasped his hand over the bell, no need to offend his ears with the high pitched vibration. Before him stood a petite, child like woman upon a old crate. She tilted her head up looking at the tall man and with wide eyes recited her welcome in a high pitched squeaky voice.

    "Welcome traveler! The tower of wonders welcomes all." She forced a giggle that Eindride would raise a brow to. Clearing her throat she paused a moment. "The Master of the tower is not here at the moment. Is there anything I can help you with or perhaps you have a message for him?" She said, a bead of sweat upon her brow. Eindride slowly looked down from her to the crate she stood upon then back up to her. Standing with a lean and his hand on his belt he would continue to stare at her in silence for a moment. "I uh.. Did you hear me?" she asked clasping her hands together in front of her. A nervous expression crossing her gnomish face.

    "I am not an idiot. I can smell him. Disguising all but his scent was a dumb move. The smell of dust and alchemy sulfur gives him away. He's in the crate you stand upon. If he continues to do this I will gladly take my ax here.." he gestured to the large long ax upon his back. "And smash the shop to pieces." He gave a low guttural growl that resonated around him.

    With a squeak the petite girl cowered slightly then without another word she jumped off of the box and stumbled up the stairs. The sound of her tripping and falling as she scrambled to reach the top of the tower. The sound of a large door dragged against stone could be heard just before it latched. Eindride's steely blue eyes watched the stairs for a moment before looking back down at the box.

    "Now would be a good time to hold up your end of the deal, mage." He said to the box, his lip curled as he had no desire to play games.

    For a moment longer the box remained just that. A box. Then slowly splintering sounds and cracking would start to happen as the box morphed itself into what appeared to be a small human male in robes. As he adjusted the robs and rubbed his beard inspecting Eindride for a moment he smiled wide.

    "My you are a large fellow. What are twins to each other, yet no blood between them?" He asked as if he was not just a box on the floor. Eindride tilted his head back slightly. He would have rolled his eyes save for the fact that he did not trust this mage enough to take his eyes off him even for a split second.

    "Look here, old man, I do not have the time nor the patience for this. You know what I am here for." He growled. A spark in the small man's eyes alerted Eindride to a spell being formed. Without hesitation he snagged the mage by the neck and moved him to slam into a wall where he would be pinned. A beastial growl escaping his lips. "NO MORE GAMES!" He roared. Instantly causing fear in the man as he covered his ears with his hands to protect his eardrums from bursting from the voice of the titan of a man.

    "OKAY.. okay." he repeated shaking his hands slightly as he pulled them away from his head. "Its the twin towers of Sedia. That was the answer. You.. you don't have to get physical." He whimpered and squirmed attempting to find the ground with his slippered feet. Eindride held him there for a moment longer then loosened his grip letting him fall from a foot off the ground. Clamoring for a moment before he dusted himself off, the mage moved to a shelf removing a box and presenting it to the large man. "This.. this... this is what you are here for, yes?" he asked as if he didn't know.

    Eindride looked at the box taking it from the mage and opening it. Lifting up the small hammer he looked it over, flipping it in his hand and weighing it within his grip before he would toss the box aside. He gave a quiet nod and moved the hammer to his backpack for safe keeping. The mage rubbed at his chest, his robes wrinkled in the middle where Eindride had gripped him. "Good.." was all he said. Disappointed that his games were ill received. Eindried took a small pouch from his belt and tossed it at the mage, who stumbled and caught it before letting it drop to his feet and picking it up again. As he opened it, Eindried turned on his heel and headed for the door.

    "I heard you needed those." Eindride said over his shoulder. The mage let out a high pitched excited scream. The door atop the stairs sounded out as it was pushed open with a small force of fury. Stomping down the stairs came the little female gnome, rolling pin in hand as if she were ready to protect the tower. Eindride glanced back as he opened the door. Watching for a split second as the mage excitedly dug his greedy thin fingers into the bag, then walked through.

    As Eindride made his way back, the sky grew dark. He managed to reach a few small human settlements in an attempt to gather supplies from the blacksmiths. Now that night had fallen he took a moment to look up at the sky. The moon seemed to be taunting him and the beast within growling and scratching at the gates that held it at bay. Most of the blacksmith's would either be closed or working through the night to complete orders, and thus Eindride would head back for the Merchant Docks.

    On his way out of town he stopped at a farm house, inquiring about possible trade for livestock to no avail. As he made his way down the road, he noticed the last torch post that lead out of town had figures scrambling under it. A girl's scream rang through the air and he moved closer to see what was going on. A girl flailed her arms as two men took turns tearing and ripping at her blouse. When Eindride saw her milky white eyes, his belief was that it was his daughter they were ravaging. Surging forward he shoved the men away from the young woman. Ready to tear them asunder.

    He turned to be sure his daughter was alright and found himself confused to see the dark haired young woman instead of his daughter. He then felt a hand grasp his arm. As he turned around to face the attacker he caught a sudden pain as a dagger was jabbed through his chest bone nearly nicking his heart. The blood rage taking over, his eyes flashing a deep golden yellow as he let out a roar of anger. Grasping hold of the man's skull, Eindride would slam his own forehead into the attacker's. A loud cracking was heard as the half naked man stumbled back, eyes rolling back in his sockets as blood poured from his nose like a fountain. The other man stumbling and rushing forward in an attempt to slice at Eindride's neck with his sword, missing.. and getting caught in the process. With a twist, Eindride took both the man's arms, pushed him to the ground and placed a foot in the middle of his chest. With one sharp tug, Eindride ripped the man's arms out of their sockets. The man let out a blood curdling scream, alerting soldiers and all around for miles. The girl also started to scream, not understanding what was going on as she was blind. The man's scream quickly gurgled to a stop as the shock took hold of him and he died.

    By the time the guards reached the edge of town, all they would find is the bodies of two dead men and one hysterical battered blind girl. Eindride doubling his pace, even with his wound, in an attempt to get back to the docks.

    Once he stumbled onto the boat he looked down at his unconscious alpha. Dropping to his knees he grabbed hold of the blade that still was lodged in his chest and slowly pulled it out... he looked at it for a moment then tossed it into the water and started to attempt to patch himself up. Slowly he sank down against the edge of the boat, eyelids drooping heavily as his body went into healing mode.

    The next morning he would wake to his Alpha standing just at the edge of the boat staring off into the crowd on the docks. The sun was already bright and blaring down at them with full force. As he lifted his arm to shield his eyes he looked down at his chest to see it had been properly cleaned bandaged and even dressed. His eyes raised to Arianna, and with that she turned to look back into his. Her silver blue eyes were intense, but there was a kindness to them that perhaps only he knew. She took a breath and then looked off into the crowd of people again. She was listening to something or someone speak. Curious, Eindride focused his hearing to try and weed out what she might be listening to.

    "She's alive because of him. No doubt they would have murdered her after ravaging. It is a shame she couldn't thank her lumbering large hero." He would catch onto that and pause a moment trying to focus just on that voice. "Ripped the one man's arms clean off his body.. Crushed the other man's skull with God's know what. I bet it was Thor!" His eyes went to Arianna as she flung the rope and pushed off the dock with her boot. She stayed quiet looking off into the crowd as they drifted away. Then those eyes would turn to him once again before she started to guide their ship back to the Frost Fang Clan.

    "I'll have Sunthor unload the boat." she said quietly.. and these would be the only words spoken to him until they got to shore.

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