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    Sunthor - Not Really In My Blood

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    Sunthor - Not Really In My Blood Empty Sunthor - Not Really In My Blood

    Post by Bildo on Thu May 14, 2015 10:44 pm

    Sunthor walks through the village slowly after he just killed his parents. His thoughts trying to replay the event but it was all a blur. The only clear thought he could remember was the horrid look that was upon his sister Nanna's face as she watched him do the act. He spotted a couple of the older clansmen in the distance talking and caught them glancing at him. His curiosity peaked and he started to wonder why they kept looking at him. He waited until they looked back to each other before He quietly moved in closer without being noticed by them. Once in ear shot he became very still.

    "The first phase is complete." the one older clansman said.

    "Now to move forward in completing their bond." said the other clansman.

    "Yes, once bonded we will begin the sacrificial rite to the blood moon!" the first clansman explained.

    "Yes! We have waited for this since the abduction of that mutt!" exclaimed the other excitedly.

    "Sunthor thinks killing his foster parents was bad, wait till the night of the ritual when he discovers the one with the blade to end him will be his mate!" chuckled the first clansman.

    "Yes! Yes! And to think we will have her believing he did it willingly on his own!" the other joined into the laughter.

    Sunthor quietly moved out and walked in the opposite direction of the two elder clansmen to avoid having to walk by them. His mind trying to piece together the answers to the questions he had always asked himself. The realization of why he was the only dark pelt compared to the rest who were reds and browns. Sure, growing up he had seen other dark pelts but always seemed they had never stayed long. He now had a good idea of what might have had happened to them. The thought that the slaughter of his...foster...parents was nothing but a mere ploy by the others for the reason from the years of abuse he had endured by them. And then there was Nanna, the one who he had believed to be his sister, and soon to be mate, was really not so. Even if now they weren't really siblings, he still had this feeling about her. But yet how did he know if she wasn't part of this grand scheme or not herself?

    All this new information swirling rapidly in his head suddenly hit him. He felt....alone. He looked up into the night sky at the half lit moon as he gritted his teeth and grunted. He cursed at the thought of the blood moon for what it was and vowed to never appease it or be under it's ravage effects, even though it would be near impossible to avoid. He quietly made his way back to his home. Strangely, no one was around. He peaked through the corner of the window and could see only Nanna asleep on her furs. One of the druids must have given her some special tea to help her sleep. He slowly made his way to the door and quietly opened it as he stepped inside. He made his way to his area and gathered his things and put them in his pack. He picked up his hammer and turned to look at her one last time. Even if she might not had any part in this, maybe they will spare her life. He quietly stepped out of the house and made his way towards the back where he thought no one would be around. He looked around trying to decided something. He made his final turn pointing to the North and then began walking...

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