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    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam, the Violet Gem of Wisdom

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    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam, the Violet Gem of Wisdom Empty Sililuuth Kethend di Naam, the Violet Gem of Wisdom

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    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam, the Violet Gem of Wisdom 20608653219_96dec470e8_z

    "Only one of them is going to survive," Vorel remarked grimly to her mate. "They are all sickly. But this one..." The Amethyst leaned in to lightly nose the hatchling who moved and chittered from her mother's attention. "... Her coloration is... off, but there is something about her ..."

    The tiny creature had yet to open her eyes, but she turned in the direction of her mother; a good sign. Suddenly, the tiny female managed to look directly at her mother... and it was then that Vorel instinctively recoiled. She'd had thoughts sent directly to her mind - simple thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless. She could see herself looking directly down toward her youngling, clear as day, as though she'd been someone else entirely.

    Vorel looked toward Bekiw in surprise, motioning toward the nest with her snout. "Her mind. She is bright..."

    "And a survivor," the male added. "Lucky, this one. Who does that remind you of?"

    For the first time in quite a while, a strange, hollow sort of laugh sounded in the female's throat as she tilted her head. "One of our ancestors, maybe. The one who faced off against the deep wyrm and somehow managed to defeat it after a stroke of dumb luck. What was her name?"


    As the tiny hatchling struggled around on all fours and seemed to occasionally wheeze, her head did its best to lift in the direction of her mother, who now seemed to be clutching something small between her teeth. Carefully, she leaned over her child and draped the tiny leather rope around her neck. At the end was a brilliantly sparkling violet gem: a scale from her ancestor.

    "For our lucky child. Sililuuth."


    Sili comes from a series of northern islands where conflict was primarily settled with diplomacy amongst the various groups of dragons, mostly gemscaled. The most articulate and well-mannered of these was the Naam clan; Sili's clan. While there were no clans that ruled outright, they were revered for their intelligence and wisdom, as well as their ability to see the big picture. The Amethyst is the only daughter of the Naam clan's leaders, Vorel and Bekiw, and is therefore expected to one day lead in their stead. Reluctant, Sili has proven her talent for diplomacy and strategy rather than leadership. But due to how much was expected of her, she wasn't quite 'raised' so much as 'conditioned.'

    That much is not entirely lost on Sililuuth, but it does become muddied when a cause, group, or individual becomes significant to her. Where she often will look upon a situation and think of a solution without bias, said bias can creep its way into her heart when someone gains her trust: both a blessing and a hindrance. It also causes her to become less guarded and more playful, or even just more willing to speak freely.

    Still considered rather young for a dragon, her clan seems to also be short-lived compared to other dragonflights. She came from a sickly clutch of eggs, nearly all of which failed to survive the first few days of life. Sili was the exception, though not without her own maladies that still come and go in adulthood.

    She can't really fight, having not been subjected to it first-hand at any point in her life - but her mind is a dangerous thing, and perhaps she doesn't even know it. She sees it as a torrential storm of thought and emotion, but she has no idea of the true reasoning behind it. Her own Psionic ability has proven to be an odd advantage when it was absolutely necessary. She's never been able to fully explain the way she knows exactly what to say or do - usually subtle things - to bring someone to their knees, but it comes out in a time of need. Her silver tongue has forked and stung even the most confident of individuals, sometimes without saying so much as a word. Other times, it's as if the object of her fixation sees things that simply aren't there, much to their discomfort (or terror).

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