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    Attack of the Frost Giants

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    Attack of the Frost Giants Empty Attack of the Frost Giants

    Post by Bildo on Mon May 25, 2015 12:50 am

    --Gathering at the well--
    Arianna had been at it all night pacing the territory for signs of anything moving. As she made her way back into camp to check on her clan, she paused and reached down to pet one of the dark wolves. Its ears flicked and it looked up at her in a fond manner, its tongue lolled out to the side before its eyes seemed to flicker and fix on the horizon with its ears perked. However Arianna would not notice this as she moved closer to the well to get herself a drink. She hoped against anything that the giants would attack them on their full moon. The beast wanted a fight.. as did she. What better way to sedate it than with the death of a Frost Giant.

    Sunthor sat on his stool for a moment puffing on his pipe. The new batch of tobacco helped put him in sort of a mediation state of mind. He spent the morning going over his thoughts of past, current, and future of his life. He caught movement out towards the well as everyone was starting to gather. He reached down to the table and took a pinch of tobacco from the pouch to refill his pipe. He stood up from his perch and slowly made his way out to the well to join his clan mates.

    Eindride Chernobog walked outside of his house. The Armor clad half gaint look out at the other . the beast in him made an ass out of him and he was glad the Moon would heal the wound it made in the Clan . he watch looking to the forge he walk to and look in grabing a hand full of ash grabing on the base of the Great Axe . he look up and shoke his head think to him the the axe is not going to be use it was a Show of strength for him . he look down and check the last few lock on the armor making sure he easy get them off . he watch as other Arianna and Sunthor had come back or coming out the there house . word want to be spoke but he hold back knowing the beast would screw with his mind and Actions . he let a grunt of hello befor walking to to ear shot of them and close his and listening to the word around him . he lot out a Roar that would be heard far way like a bear . A few Secound later a Return Bear roar as he friend left the wood and when to hide .

    Runa Chernobog sat, watching the clan pace and smelling unrest in the air. Wearing the new armor her brother had given her, she pondered exactly how much help she could be, seeing as her fighting experience was limited to simple hunting for her ..well what she thought was her family. Adjusting her bow lovingly, she idly scratched the back of her neck, wondering why she kept getting these odd sensations. Having slept for almost a full day following her arrival, she still had way more questions than answers, but seeing as she felt responsible for drawing the Frost-giant to the village with her, was determined to be of as much help as possible. Still puzzling over how she had ended up here, she saw the clan gathering at the well, and slowly made her way across the grass to join them, pulse racing as she swallowed back her unease.

    Vida came from the Spirit Rise after watching storm clouds gathering off in the distance. It caused her eyses to narrow. Well - she couldn't imagine that would likely make the hunt any less intense. With a small clay bowl of a textured paste in one hand, she came toward the village and chuckled at the sight of the familiar, perked-up wolf who she greeted with a fond, playful growl and a ruffle of the fur on the back of its neck. Her free hand returned to the bowl afterward to further mix the paste as she looked between those already gathered, making a mental note of those not present with a low grumble. Her gaze drifted from one face to the other with a slow nod of a greeting, seemingly not surprised by the new face - she was aware of what had happened, after all. But she at least tried to soften her stare when she looked toward her, so as not to seem -too- off-putting to the newcomer. After a moment, she spoke, a meaningful look in her eye. "Don't worry. -This- hunt will happen... unlike the last." She crossed the center of the village a bit more, her thumb dipped into the paste and pausing a pace or two from Arianna - prepared to begin placing protective runes upon their foreheads, but waiting quietly for the go-ahead from the alpha for her to do so.

    Arianna could hear the others start to gather as she pulled the bucket up from the well. She took a moment to splash her face then get a couple of sips before turning to face them. It was then she saw Vida, and that hard expression seemed to melt away at the sight of her sister. She gave her a respectful bow of her head. "Aye, Sister." She said. "The Gods will bless this one." she turned and looked at the few that had gathered and gave a soft sigh. "I have asked Annoth to guide the rest of the omegas off deeper into the mountains for their hunt. Vida is the one that can guide us to the Giant if and when it does come..." she paused a moment looking at the armored pack mates and then to the few wolves that remained in the village. Her eyes eventually going back to Vida. There might be a hint of hesitance in her expression before she steps forward and awaits her hunting symbol to be placed upon her forehead.

    Sunthor stood quietly and looked around at the others, giving them a nod of greeting if they looked his way. He slightly gripped at his belt. The leather twisting and the sound of grinding that it makes. He inhaled deeper puffs off his pipe, blowing the smoke out of the corner of his mouth. He was mentally trying to prepare himself, waiting on the orders from the Alpha. He would occasionally look up towards the sun and smile has it's warm rays didn't have the effect on him with the new shave. He looked towards Vida and watched as she was mixing something into a bowl. He slightly raised his brow wondering what the contents could be inside it. His eyes would then wonder around and then fall onto the wolves sitting nearby and continue his mental preparedness.

    Eindride Chernobog watch the four of them he would stay to the back for now watching . when he heard the roar of his friend he smile and walked close gripping the axe in his hand the bone in his hand pop . his shut and reopen gold yellow . he look to the other and wait think of only the he would start speak in a tone tone " i am steel . Hard thick and unbreakable . Steal has no fear . i am a weapon and a weapon is me , " he softly respeak this over and over . his eye stare in to nothingness waiting for the battle his mind was in a mode in his he was picturing each person and try to plain . his eye blink as he was unsure and the unsure was annoying him each time he thought about it.

    Runa Chernobog watched the new comer moving across the village, noting her hesitant gaze but sensing no aggression from the female. Keeping her eyes level, she watched her with interest, hearing her and Arianna's exchange. Curiosity overcoming her natural shyness, she understood the rune ritual from her time spent with Kayne, although she knew nothing of this clan and their beliefs, the familiarness of it calming her nerves. Glancing curiously at the nearby wolves, she wondered their part in this, but was hesitant to ask. Scraping again at the back of her neck, skin prickling in waves of heat, her ears pricked as she heard the sisters refer to the hunt, something she had heard alluded to in her younger years, but had never experienced, due to Kayne and her brothers overprotective nature. Glancing at her new Brother, she mentally shook her head, grateful he didn't feel the need to smother her as they had, but instead offered to train her. Hearing a faint whisper, she glanced around slowly, not surprised to see no one
    close, Inhaling slowly, she hoped those voices wouldn't show up and leave her with gaps in her memory now, at such a crucial time when her new clan needed her help.

    Vida dipped her chin in response to Arianna's nod, the hint of a smile forming on her face - one that became a brief look of reassurance before her pack sister came forward. Her hand reached up to drag a line down the center of her forehead, stopping just between her eyebrows. From there, a V shape formed at the top of the line, forming a protective rune on the alpha's forehead. This would be the symbol she placed on each person's brow if allowed, starting over at Sunthor, moving to Runa, and ending at Eindride - but always waiting a moment as if asking permission to do so. She muttered a few small archaic words each time she drew the symbol, and once the final mark was placed (unless for some reason one of them stopped her), she took a couple of steps back, setting the bowl aside once she was done. "When you all are ready... we can finish preparing at the hunting grounds..."

    Arianna closed her eyes when Vida was done and moved away from her. She then touched her eyelids and spoke a few names, some of them to the Gods. Her fingers then touched her forehead on either side of the rune before she opened her eyes and dropped her hands to her sides. She would watch as Vida continued the ritual with the others and, assuming all accepted the runes, would give a soft nod as she mentions the hunting grounds. Rather than leading the way, she would allow Vida to do this, taking up the back of the clan with the dark wolf that has decided to follow them.

    Sunthor watched Vida intently as she dipped her hand into the bowl and then rubbed the substance upon Arianna's forehead. When she was finished, he caught her making her way towards him. He gave a final puff of his pipe before she stopped in front of him. He reached up with his hand and cupped his pipe and pulled it out of his mouth and held it down off to his side. He would lean over in front her and allow her to put the substance in the bowl onto him. When she was finished with him and moved onto the remaining others he stood up and placed the pipe back into his mouth. He would move his brows and forehead up and down getting used to the feeling of the marking.

    Eindride Chernobog watch the women name vida . his focus on her . he race to remember her . he seen her once whenwhen rain joined . he watch her walk runa. he watch the marking mark on there head he blink a few and when it come to his turn he knee down to head level to her . he close and let her do the mark . he would open his when she was done and stond up and waited looking to the others . he would walk close behide vida and wait listen to the water fall form the water fall. listen the lack of birds chipping make the air seem dead .

    Runa Chernobog stood still, eye to eye with the female as she dipped and rubbed the runes along her face. Noticing that the insane prickled along her spine stopped as the woman they had called Vida finished, she nodded a thanks, turning her face up to the sun to dry the new marks. All these new things, places, people had her unsettled, but Vida's touch and the simplicity of the ritual further calmed her. Reaching up to run her hands along her bow, she murmured her own pleas to the gods to protect her and her new found family.

    Vida understood the silent cues once she looked back to see Arianna bringing up the rear. With another quick glance between Sunthor, Runa, and Eindride, she turned and started toward the hunting grounds with a thoughtful furrow in her brow. However... they didn't seem to even make it to the forest itself before Vida perked up as if she heard something. Both her hands extended out at her sides, palms turned toward them with a sudden "Hold" muttered over her shoulder toward them. She went entirely still, a far-off look in eyes that flashed and glowed a pale blue. Her body was still and tense, her arms remained extended. If anyone spoke to her in this state, she didn't seem to hear it. It might have been a foreign action to those who didn't know the Spirit Walker... but Arianna hopefully recognized the behavior; her sight was attuning to something else; someone else's eyes.

    Arianna followed along and looked down at the dark wolf at her side. As she was about to say something she nearly ran into the back of Sunthor when they all stopped. She paused a moment, brows furrowed as she stepped around him followed by the wolf. When she caught sight of Vida she paused, waiting. The sun was setting soon and there was no telling how long it would be before the hunting moon would send them into a fury state. She would not stop to explain anything to anyone, she would simply stand next to Vida waiting for her to come back with whatever news the spirits had to tell her.

    Sunthor noticed the spirit walker heading towards the forest and gave a quick glance to the others and followed. He stopped when he caught Vida's hand raise up. His eyes shifted to the side on Arianna as she walked past him towards to Vida. He gripped at the belt, holding tightly and wondering to himself what the alert was.

    Eindride Chernobog walk along and Stopping as vida he look down stand her frozen in Place . he looked at the forest and glare he got low to the ground . he pull a knifte and push deep in to the ground and lean down place ear near the hilt . he wait and looked feet . he hope to ear the foot step other than there . he heard a few deer wa;l but other to rise ear to .

    Runa Chernobog halts along with everyone else, the voices in her head suddenly buzzing a million messages a minute. Shaking her head, she mentally willed them silent, the skin along her spine prickling again. Looking around, she placed her hand on her bow, drawing it from its sheath and fitting it with an arrow. not sure what was going on but feeling better armed and waiting.

    Vida growled. Thunder sounded from the south, across the river. The sun had begun to turn red. As her consciousness returned to her own body, she shook her head and looked first to Arianna, a telling gleam in her eye. "They are here..." It was then that she turned her head to look toward the rest, pausing to watch Eindride in silence with raised eyebrows before glancing between Sunthor and Runa. "Frost giant... moving toward the omegas' huts." As she spoke, her arms finally relaxed at their sides. There was little she could do to guide them in a fight as opposed to a hunt; all she could do by then was offer some sort of utility and direction leading to their pending conflict. As she waited to follow the others back toward the omega huts, she whispered something seemingly to herself, a quiet sigh traveling through the air and calling her spirit wolves back to her before they slipped back into the Umbra.

    Arianna raised her brow and a sliver of a dark grin started to cross her face. She looked up to the sky as it started to turn red pink and purple before fading into the darker blue in the east. "Good." she said simply. Once given the direction of where the Giant was heading she turned on her heel and started back toward the village. "Eindride, Sunthor. You will both be at the front. Keep its attention. Vida and Runa will stay at a distance while I make my way behind it. Do not overstep. We have not fought a Giant before, but being it is dumb enough to attack us on a hunting moon, we should not have to worry." There was a hint of amusement in her voice. She drew her axes and the moment she finished her orders would start to sprint, part of her hoping that no omega had disobeyed and stayed behind.

    Sunthor watched Eindride as he knelt down to the ground and stuck a knife into it. When he didn't see him to be too concerned, he looked up towards Vida as she began to speak. He twisted at his belt firmly as he turned to look out towards the direction of where the Omegas hut was.  He tilted his head towards Arianna as she spoke out her orders. He reached back with his other hand and withdrew his hammer and release the belt with his other to grasp the weapon. He followed in cue as Arianna made haste towards the direction of the Omegas hut.

    Eindride Chernobog grabs the knife place back in his boot . he spin on his boot . he had a grin on his face .this was the time . he look for the two running off and rush after them . he didnt look behide . he run attack plain in his try to picture what a frost gaint look like and had many thing come nothing he would grab to once he change up he spoke " Want us to weaken him or just keep him looking at us . " he ask looking at the back side of arianna head he seem to think she a plain and was want to know a bit of it . he mind race to the omegas fear that some one might be there .

    Runa Chernobog marveled at the silence as Vida whispered, her attention immediately darting to Arianna. Nodding her acknowledgment, her gaze turned towards the shifting sky, her eyes widening at the colors on display. Feeling suddenly odd, she gripped her loaded bow and watched as Arianna, Sunthor and her brother took their positions, putting her back to them as she scanned the area they had just left, suddenly wary. Keeping her bow at the ready, she shudders, the heat racing over her skin as she sensed something heavy in the air

    Vida waited for Arianna and the two males to take the lead... but she didn't move until she passed a glance toward Runa as if to check on her. And once they began to move, she followed after, likely trying to keep pace  with her, as well as the rest of the pack.

    --Group moves to outskirts of the forest to where the giant stands--
    Arianna would spot the frost giant through the trees and across the small river mouth before they even crossed the final bridge. She would hesitate a moment, it was no doubt facing the way they would come by now. "Get its attention, keep its attention but do not get hurt in the process. If you can manage to knock him down or anything then great.. I will move around behind when it is safe." For now the Giant was not within her sights, but she knew the moment they came around the arch the beast of a creature would turn and see who all was there. She wanted to surprise him, she had to. That was her move after all. She would wait for Eindride and Sunthor to go forward first, and when she was sure he was distracted she would sneak into the woods behind him and make her way as close as she dared before her own attack.

    Sunthor followed behind the Alpha until made it the outskirts of the forest. He moved past Arianna and stopped shortly in front her and shifted his stance to the ready as he gripped and twisted the hide on his hammer.  He quickly reached up to his pipe and one motion dumped the contents inside it and put it in his pouch. He stared at the frost giant as Arianna spoke. His body was still but listened to the orders. When she was finished, he moved off to the side to try and stay out of the giants sight. He stopped and crouched behind a small tree and waited for Eindride before deciding to attack the giant or not.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn had been kneeling down looking at tracks when he caught the rustling of feet near by. It seemed to be a small dark wolf that came out with a snarl and snap of its teeth to intimidate him. His lips cracked and split as he smiled. his eyes peering into the dark forest behind it as if looking for its pack, for the beasts were hardly that brave on their own. Slowly he stood, not having noticed the others in the archway just yet as he was focused on this random regular wolf that seemed to want to take him on. "Stupid creatures." his voice deep like a rumbling quake. He lifted up his foot and went to attemp and stomp upon the small dog, only just missing the chance to squash it. The wolf managed to jump back and then lunge attempting to snap at his foot.. then slowly it would start to back away from the Giant as if moving toward the Dock, taking some of the Giants attention from the archway. Agravated the giant pulled its foot back then jumped, closing the gap quickly between himself and the wolf, swinging his large mace and knocking the wolf off into the water. A rumbling laugh would follow the pained yelp from the wolf.

    Eindride Chernobog smile hear her words . he look her and spoke a last " if Fall Know you all Be my Ahlpa " he grabs his axe looking to Sunthor and speak low " i will go First attack his leg then you come the other leg hit those knee caps . "Watch the wolf get hit sending him in to a new rage . he spoke far too long . he grab the and a Fit Rage Rage he jump out charge the gaint . he would slide the ground itself bending to the heavy body Of Enidride. at the point were the ground stop Enidride would spin on a back of his foot . and attempt to hit the Giant Left leg .

    Runa Chernobog watched in horror as the beast she had fled from came into view. Seeing Sunthor and her brother approaching it, her mouth dry with fear, she took her first instinct, and raised her bow slowly, sighting on the giants head and waiting for him to move. Seeing the wolf attack, she shifted her position, the arrow lining up with the giants ear as he punted the wolf, her senses immediately reaching out and feeling for the creature, getting back a slightly dazed but unhurt sensation as the wolf popped up safely in the water and started to swim back to the docks. Seeing her brother charge, she let her arrow fly, knowing it wouldn't kill the giant but hoping to distract him to let Eindride and Sunthor get closer

    Vida slowed as she noticed them reaching their destination. She slowed enough to not risk colliding with anyone, lingering near the rear and watching the backs of those she could. As she did, she took a knee to lower herself more into the tall grass, poised enough on the pads of her feet just to be able to move quickly if she needed to. Her eyes followed Sunthor and Eindride, her ear trained on Runa nearby...  but as the wolf she'd so fondly greeted was knocked into the water, she clenched her jaw, her teeth biting down on themselves to hold back the worried whine that had wanted to come out. There was no time to check on the well-being of the wolf yet... and by the time she noticed Runa letting loose an arrow, it was too late; her hissed whisper not coming quickly enough. "Not yet-...!" Her eyes widened as she watched the arrow sail toward the giant... and with contained urgency, she reached out for Runa's arm to try to pull her down into the grass with her, attempting to draw them closer to the rocks and hopefully more out of sight.

    Arianna watched as the others went ahead of her and gave a soft prayer over her clans mate's hoping they would be able to hold themselves long enough for her to sneak around behind the Giant. She made herself around to the other side to stay out of sight and move into the wooded area near the water. She heard the yelp and quickly glanced around her only then to realize the dark wolf that had been following them was no where to be seen. Her teeth clenched and she gripped her axes tightly, eyes flashing to yellow and her teeth shifting to pointed beast like jaws. No.. just a few more moments.. It was not nearly dark enough for the hunting moon.. She wanted to get at least one of her axes into the Giant's skull before the beast had its fun. Her heart starting to thunder in her ears as a distant howl in the back of her mind sounded. The claws could nearly be heard digging at the door that kept her wolf at bay. The more she moved around the trees the harder it was for her to stay focused on anything but rushing to attack the Giant.

    Sunthor watched as Eindride charged towards the giant and swinging his axe at it's left leg. He gripped the hilt of his hammer till his knuckles were starting to turn white. When he caught the arrow flying towards the giant in the corner of his eye and heard the cry from Vida he lunged out from his crouch and charged towards the giant. He moved out to the right side of the giant and drew his hammer back behind and whirled it around as he attempted to hit the giant's right knee cap. If successful, he would jump back behind the giant to try and distract the giant's attention away from the remaining pack standing by the arch. He would let out a deep growl as he shifted his stance to be ready for whatever came next.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn had barely gotten his chuckle out when he felt and heard a loud ping against the side of his head. The arrow causing him to stumble forward and attempt to spin around. His legs moving just as Eindride's axe swung. The blade of it would bite into the flesh but not nearly as deep and did not bring him off of his feet. Sunthor's hammer would instead connect with his left shin as he had spun around, causing the giant to jump back and limp a few paces and attempt to follow Sunthor and look back behind him to see what all was attacking him. His back to Arianna in a way as he stumbled and tried to get away from the weapons that were suddenly trying to take him down like he were a giant blue tree. He reached up to his helm, seemingly snapping one of the horns from it and placing the point to his mouth. With a quick sharp breath he then blew upon the horn as if he were alerting some one else for battle. His Hammer taking the pot shot swings, first swinging at Eindride's chest as he was the larger target before the backswing would move toward Sunthor's head. If he managed, one or both could be sent flailing off into the woods, though he was using no skill for this and it could be dodged.

    Eindride Chernobog smile as he saw Sunthor attack he watch . when the giant spin to attack watching the unskilled attack against Sunthor and Enidride . he would dig his foot in to the ground .Smile he let a howl Of Pure Pleasure and Pain . grabbing the Ice like mace as lean with the blow letting the armor take most of damage . his Great Axe fell to the ground . Enidride Try and Attempt to pull the mace form to hand as he blow on the horn . Enidride would Scream as loud as he could try to drowned out the horn .

    Runa Chernobog curses lightly under her breath realizing her mistake as Vida's soft cry reached her ears. Dropping low in the grass, she readies another arrow, watching as the giant took his swings. Saying a chant under her breath, she watches as the giant stumbled, Lining up her arrow, she waits this time, knowing she couldn't risk hitting a clansman. Clasping her hands over her ears at that horn and howl screech, she sits back on her heels, her entire body screaming along in a mad symphony of wordless sounds.

    Vida widened her eyes and relinquished her hold on Runa's arm if she still had it, likely as soon as she made the silent point that they needed to make sure they weren't easily spotted... hopefully. But Eindride and Sunthor had seemingly succeeded in distracting the giant. Still, Vida's own uneasiness increased at the blowing of his horn and the clap of thunder that seemed to respond to it. But something was wrong: the thunder sounded way, -way- too close. With a growl, her eyes narrowed and she called forth one of her spirit wolves to scout ahead. The spectral creatures began to slink through the tall grass and toward the source of the thunder. As she did this, her eyes flashed from gold to pale blue once more, her body wedged as close to the rocks as she could manage; her ears no longer registering the sounds nearest to her, even amidst the howls and screams. Her senses were elsewhere until she was able to return to her own body. With any luck, nothing would come flying their way while she attuned to her spirit wolves' vision. If something did.. Vida would likely be in trouble.

    Arianna watched the display as Eindride put himself in danger, getting hit with the Giant's weapon. Her teeth gritted and she could hear feel and taste the call of the hunting moon rising. Her opportunity showing itself she lunged forward with speed and agility. Jumping up as high as she could to try and sink the hooked ends of her axes into the Giant's back flesh. If she managed, she had intent of using them as climbing tools up along his flesh toward his helmet. She ignored the echoing of the loud horn.. but there were drums on the wind. Though she would have mistaken them for thunder if she had not heard the rhythm of the war drums before. Her body felt as if it was on fire and splitting at the seams, her clothes becoming to tight... if she managed to land this attack she could possibly shift while climbing up the Giant's back.. 'Hold on Eindride.' she thought.. hoping that he could keep the mace weighed down enough so she could continue.

    Sunthor watched as the giant swung it's mace at Eindride. He let out a low growl but stopped short as he seen the mace come back around towards him. He kicked his feet out from under him and landing the front of his body onto the ground to dodge the attack. After it had passed, he quickly pushed himself up onto his feet. The lust inside him starting to build as the hues of his eyes were changing to a darker blue. He let out deep loud roar and gritted his teeth hard. He noticed Eindride struggling to grasp onto the giant's mace and he would shift his feet and start to charge at the giant. He raised his hammer straight up above his head and when got in close range to the giant would attempt to swing the hammer straight down, smashing the giant's toes on it's left foot. Again, he would jump back and hold his hammer in the ready position by his head.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn having felt the heavy of the male grasp hold of his mace he continued on his path to try and crash the other male with his companion. When Sunthor dodged his attack he found his foot in the wrong position, feeling his toes crush under the weight of the small man's hammer.He would swing his arm down throwing the horn with a great force in an attempt to smash it into Sunthor's chest. Arianna's axes would bite into his flesh causing him to howl in pain and stumble backwards while trying to grasp at her. However she would also be face to facewith the two pronged stick that held two skulls tied together with intestine. One, being that of her father, would no doubt stop her in her tracks long enough for him to attempt to grab her from him.

    Eindride Chernobog smiling he would land on the land. Enidride would twists his body pull on the mace use the Weigth of the mace to his benfit as he attempt to pull the giant off his feet . he watch the giant not focus on any one try to test the giant wits. he scream out " Go for the Dick Sunthor !!!!! , Sister Shoot him in the nipple " he smile looking up try to talk to letting the gaint think those were the next attack when . he hope the saw his tricky plain .

    Runa Chernobog's body stops its motion the moment that she catching Vida's slump, she curses and throws herself between Vida and the giant, blocking her from view. Squinting hard, she realizes that Arianna was still there, but changing. All her senses screaming, she looks swiftly between Eindride and Sunthor, realizing in shock they were in full attack mode, she levered her bow, loading it and aiming at his eyes, her second arrow in place and flying even before the first had time to reach, this time dropping and aiming at the giants open mouth, hoping to help rather than hinder the closest ones.

    Vida sighed when she realized she was hearing and seeing nothing through her wolves' eyes right away. Her sight returned to her body as she slowly shook her head, blinking at the sight of Runa between her and the scrap farther ahead of them. Her eyes scanned the area, watching for points of concern for her packmates that they couldn't cover themselves... at least until she heard back from her spirit wolves.

    Arianna was shifting as she climbed up the flailing Giant's back. Ignoring all others as she focused on just her part alone. Trusting that they knew what they were doing. The Giant's foul stench was nearly choking her till she realized.. it wasn't the Giant that she was smelling. As he flailed she dug her claws into his back pulling up as she was shifting and nearly had the skull slap her in the face. At first she didn't recognize it to be Gareth, the eyes gone and face greened and bruised from death.. but then she could see it. Her father's face. A pained scream started to well up in her chest at the sight. What came out was an order. "THE LEGS!" that ended in a howling snarl as she felt the Giant's hand wrap around her hip. His grip near crushing. If he pulled upon her she would take chunks of his flesh with her. Claws gripping his flesh with just that intent. The beast taking over as her features formed into more of a wolf like appearance.

    Sunthor stared at the giant as he gritted his teeth and growled. He stopped and paused for moment as he started to hear thunder. He turned his head and looked off into the direction of the sound and twitched his ears. He listened for a moment and realized it wasn't thunder. Then he heard the yell from Eindride as all he caught was 'dick sunthor'. As he turned towards the call his awareness was caught off guard and didn't see the horn coming at him in time. The broadside of the horn hit against him hard that sent him flying backwards, his back hitting the ground hard that caused him to lose his breath momentarily. He slowly rolled over onto his hands and knees and the lust and rage inside began to grow more. He let out a growl and reached up and slid the shoulders off his head and undid the clasp on his armor.  When he managed to remove the last piece he heard Arianna's command. He let out a more deafening growl and bared his teeth out as the pain of his back was popping out and forming into the shift. The wrenching pain from his mouth as the teeth formed and grew, edges of his mouth foaming, drool dripping down. Once the shift was complete, he spun around and leaped towards the giant. He would attempt to latch on with his teeth on the giant's left leg, locking his jaw down hard onto it.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn would feel the tug of Eindride, barely as he swung his arm around. The might of the giant far outweighed the heft of the man in armor. As his hand grasped hold and he heard the call out he felt a arrow hit just above his eyebrow. If not for the helmet it would probably have hit full force and sunk deeper into his skull. With a pained yowl he pulled Arianna out from behind him, surprised to have a gnashing white pelt in his grasp but not giving it much time for thought as he flung her into the direction the arrow was coming from. If Eindride kept hold of his mace he would simply continue to try and wield it against the other small man, or even if he let go. Sunthor's jaws sunk into his leg and he stumbled back trying to pull and shake the suddenly large black beast from him. He would call out.. trees starting to split and crack in the distance. Unsure if he would last much longer as the beasts seemed to be getting bigger and stronger all the sudden.Blood gushing down his back and sides, and into his eye from his wounds. He would attempt to grasp hold of heads from his bag to try and throw at the archer if the large white wolf wasn't enough. While trying to use his weighed down mace to slap and hit at the two closest to him. He was losing this fight. He had never seen a pack come at him with such a force.

    Eindride Chernobog Smiled his skin and armor sound of Slamming and breaking bones as Enidride change quicker and quicky he scream and howl out the damage was just for him and the want and need and the lose of controll of his rage as the giant didnt seem to move at all. . the Black Armor Male screaming as the head of the beast changed . his armor Breaking off as a next wolf change this was Far bigger than the other . the white Wolf would grins and kelt a wolf grip on the mace looking to the gaint . as he throw Arianna and a Skul he use the giant shadow and attack he would try to slam the free claw in to the giant chest . he hope to put all his strength and mass by behide the claw . his watch the gaint eye force on the big guy next move .

    Runa Chernobog screams, terror in what she was seeing outweighing the fear of the giant as her clans shifted , her eyes almost popping from her head as she tried to process what she was seeing. Whipping her head back, her voice catching, she hisses at Vida, "Oh shit..." just as the flesh stated to steam off her bones. Launching up in shock, she goes rigid, clawing the armor off her body as she howls, the colors around her shifting as she stumbled in agony. Dropping the final piece of armor, she drops her bow, throwing her head back and wailing as she suddenly starts to shift, changing, absolute fear engulfing her as fire ripped through veins, and just as suddenly as it started, her breathing deepened and she could hear, see better than ever. Screaming in shock, she almost fell backwards as a roar ripped out of her throat, looking down at herself in shock. Fully shifted, the voices in her head suddenly sharped into perfect clairity, and she lunged at the Giant, Ducking under her brothers legs as she sank her teeth into his leg opposite Sunthors snarling form

    Vida widened her eyes. With no time to grab at Runa -and- move, she could only hope that the female's reflexes were quick enough to dodge Arianna being thrown their way. She lunged to the right and scrambled away as fast as she could, hopefully being grazed at best by any possible collision. Seeing the others shift, she took it as a cue and began to undergo her own change with a low growl in her throat. And yet despite it all, somehow she was more... docile. More controlled. ... Even as she looked toward Runa and watched her change with quiet observation - though there wasn't much time to ruminate. Suddenly, she perked as if she heard something again. Straightening to a stand after a few seconds, she howled in warning, twice - once for one approaching giant, and once for another, a single claw extending toward the direction the other giants approached from.

    Arianna twisted in the air as she had been flung, managing to just miss hitting Runa as she landed and stumbled only slightly to all fours. Runa's arrow had lunged into her flesh and twisted in her fur, stuck fast and waggling slightly as she moved. She watched as the Giant was now overcome with her pack mates and would jolt forward. leaping and aiming her jaws for the Giant's throat. If she landed her mark, she would clench down and rip his throat out. Vida's howls would not go unanswered for long. Just long enough to tear this bastard asunder.

    Sunthor kept his jaw grasped firmly onto the giants leg. His head would shake frantically back and forth with a growl like a dog with it's toy. He would grasp at the giant's lower leg with his claws, scratching at it's ankle in an attempt to rip apart the tendons that helped support the giant's stance. His hind legs sifting as they dug into the ground to support himself up against the blue giant. His teeth clenching further into the flesh, the blood oozing down it's skin and soaking into the black fur around his mouth and snout.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn let out pained screams. As Eindride managed to wrench the mace from his hand with his new beastial strength, he found himself weaponless and losing his stance. The small cat like female setting his stance more unbalanced.. Between one leg being lifted up and torn to shreds by the black wolf and the small female on the other leg, his balance was done. Arianna helped to send him toppling over backwards heavily with a loud earthshaking thud. When Arianna's Jaws wrapped around his throat he pulled his hands up from trying to fight Eindride's claw from his chest. Grippking hold of her jaws and trying weakly to pry them from his throat, and failing as he felt the air cut off to his lungs briefly. Eyes wide in disbelief as he looked up at the pure white pelt covered in his blood, her teeth glistening with drool and chunks of blue flesh clenched between them. His eyes rolling back into his skull as his mouth was open in a gurgling blood sputtering came from the open wound on his neck. Trees would be crashing down much closer now. Blue flesh could be seen between them as two more Giants started to make their way to find their brother.

    Eindride Chernobog growling at the giant pull the mans claw off he walk in front of the Clan and howl . he rage was free . he look two the giant , claw at his side the beast got down to his hands and feet growl as he rage slamming his claw deep with in the ground digging deep each secound grabbing the largest peice of earth he liftspinning around use the wieght of the earth and him self to become a living catpute and throw the large mass of earth at the Blue skin. He wait to taste blood he want to drink to feel in his belly and he was not stopping the new giant was all that he need to feel alive again . he knew there was taller stronger but there wits was weak .

    Runa Chernobog claws her way along the Giants thighs, the blood puring from above painting her face as she viciously ripped into him, riding him down as he falls. Spinning about, she watches as her brothers massive beast threw the land-mine, scampering around to launch herself towards her brother, ranging herself to his left. Instinct taking over, she waits for the alpha's to attack, knowing her slight form was better at secondary damage Lifting her face, she howls, the blood and adrenaline rushing through her making her more alive than she had ever been.

    Vida watched them all closely. As she did, she dropped to all fours to lower herself to the ground, creeping along back to the left as if to get a better view... ever watching the rest of the clan, looking out for them... but currently unable to be of much assistance.

    Arianna only lingered long enough to be sure the first Giant was not moving any longer. Her jaw opened to drop its throat upon its chest as she turned to head for the forest, nearly leaping off of the giant's chest as she intended to catch them in the confines of the trees. She watched as the piece of earth went sailing into the woods and just caught sight of something glimmering in the moon light before it passed on through her. She froze for a moment as a burning pain surfaced and started to spread through the wound in her gut. Reaching down and grasping hold of a spear sized arrow. The tip poking out the back of her was silver. Both clawed hands gripped the wood and shoved it further through before she snapped it, but was unable to reach the other side to finish pulling it through. Her eyes turned up just in time to see a large bow that looked as if it had been made from a large sapling of a tree, being notched with yet another silver tipped spear like arrow. A guttural growl escaped her as she dipped down, Runa's arrow seemingly insignificant to the spike that protruded from Arianna's back as she charged in to tackle the giant before it could further harm anyone else. ((Figured this might help split the load since there are two more giants.)) The second giant was not far behind, a club with silver spikes upon it and a war drum upon his back.

    Sunthor felt the giant stumble backwards as it fell to it's death. When he felt that the giant was motionless and dead, he release his gripped maw from it's leg. His tongue would lap around his mouth and the taste of the giant's blood would enhance the lust inside him. Just as when he looked up as seeing Arianna move to the timber, he caught the tip of the spear protruding out of her backside. The deep blue eyes making his vision see red. As she tackled the giant down, he let out a deafening roar and charged forward. As he got closer, he compressed his hind legs and jumped up and over Arianna and the giant. When he landed he swiftly turned and with his claws raised began slashing violently at the giant's face. The rage was uncontrollable as with each swipe the giant's face become less and less recognizable until majority of the skull was no more. Bits of flesh and matter covered his claws and onto his body as the blood drained from the near headless giant's esophagus.

    FrostGiant: Thyorn stumbled back as he watched the other giant go toppling down just before him. He raised the spiked club up to attempt to crash it down upon the black wolf that seemed to come out of nowhere behind the white pelt. Unaware at just how many more might be coming inbehind it. Had he had that information he might turn tail and run for the hills, not that it would have saved him from the fate. He did not see the giant piece of earth that had been flung, due to the trees. It would more than likely have knocked him for a loop sending his club off to the side and just missing the dark wolf as it continued to slash at his brother's face.

    Eindride Chernobog Raor Not leet Nothing live the Massive beast would move earth it self . he rush run at all four half way jumping as he grab the gaint legs Roaring as he grabbed a hold of the Giants legs listing the massive creature above his head flinging him side to side sliming the creature's entire body against the ground left side to the right side every it was like an earthquake the Titan like werewolf full berserk in this moment. He would continue sliming the creature around each time making a new different into the ground where the Giants head dug into the ground. Enidride was screaming roaring howling sounds of pure pleasure of the ecstasy of hearing the creatures bones break within the ground. The last time he slammed him into the ground Enidride Him self leapt into the air as high as he could landing with his feet on the Giants neck hearing the last final crack as the giant screen his last words. Enidride would start to feast biting at the creatures back and back ripping the flesh from bone dropping meat chunks all over the ground. His eyes were rolled back and all that would be seen was the foam from the warform mouth

    Runa Chernobog watches Eindride and Sunthor attack the incoming giants, Runa turns her head towards Arianna's body, the pulse of that silver arrow beaconing her as she reaches her smaller paws up and grasp the slight bit of wood behind the silver tip, yanking it free before she tosses it away, Snarling, she turns back in time to see her brothers rage, the giant tossed about like a rag doll. Looking over, she races towards the war drum, yanking it free before the giant could pound it to summon help. Dropping in a crouch, she runs back to the gore on the ground, the animal in her relishing the scents and taste of the giants destruction, dropping down and all but wallowing in it.

    Vida took advantage of that moment - with all of them farther from the shore - for her to creep toward the water's edge. There was nothing she could do for them that they couldn't already. And so her attention moved toward the dark-furred wolf who remained in the water - Ebba. Her ears drooped back at the sight of her floating, partially submerged - and two large, clawed hands reached in to gently retrieve her and cradle her close to her furry chest. She turned to face the others only for the sake of awareness, poised on her back legs to be ready to spring away with their wolven companion in her arms if anything came her way...

    Arianna had started to tear into this Giant's gut. Poking her head through and snapping her jaws at the warm liver inside. As Runa pulled the spear out from her gut she let out a yelping snarl and pulled her head out of the cavity in the giant to snap at the female, but not make contact. Her entire snout and head to the tips of her flattened ears covered in the blood of the Giant. She would move and jab her face back in chewing and tearing till she had eaten part of the liver and retrieved the heart. The pain from her wounds hardly registering as she was focused on getting her prize. Once she had it she moved from the carcass with the large heart in her mouth and moved off to the first dead giant to gnaw chew and swallow it before she would seemingly become calmer or perhaps sullen. The moon was near fading now.. the beasts were pretty much sated.. the battle seeming to last all through the night, though to most it would only feel like a few hours had passed. Slowly Arianna's eyes blinked.. the yellow in them fading as she looked upon the dead corpse of the Frost Giant and her eyes slowly traveled down to the two tangled heads on the stick. Silently sitting and staring at it while the others continued what they were doing.

    Sunthor slashed at the giant's little remaining head until it was completely gone from the body. He knelt down on all fours and lapped at the blood that was draining out of the esophagus. The hunger becoming overwhelming as he then chomped at it and pulled, ripping the tube out from with in. By then the Alpha had finished with the mid-section of the giant and he would crawl over the top part of the giant's body and bury his snout inside, eating whatever parts remained until the hunger subsided. His face covered with the giants blood and strings of it's intestines drooping from his teeth. He slowly made his way out into the opening from the forest to join the others and suddendly fell to his knees. His panting heavy as he sat still to calm the rage. His vision becoming clearer and the colors returning to normal.

    Eindride Chernobog walking other to arianna with his dead giant . look at what she seen and stop and touched her on the shoulder light as he blink and got closee sniffing he would rise his head . he look down and sat then lost the big white was lost did know what to do and didnt belive in what he saw . he look to her and look to it he wine at her push his nose in to her arm try to comfort her . he want to take her away form it . but he could bring himself to it the head as that the stop him dead in the track of any thing . his heart broken right there as he look down . he sit there stare at the head still not want to belive in his eyes they flash blue and yellow as the rage turn in to deep sadness.

    Runa Chernobog rolls around in the gore, munching on random bits if flesh as she experiences a shift full for the first time. Shaking her head, she hears the silence as the giants loud breathing stilled, and looks about, spotting her clans kneeling, she slowly pads over to them. blood covered and dripping with slime, watching helplessly as she tries to understand whats happened.

    Vida had yet to fully process the significance of what had been seen by some of her other packmates as well, despite the impacted worry in her stare. She was more or less in the same boat as Runa in that case, but she continued to hold Ebba to her, a canine-sounding whine in her throat as she found herself holding onto the wolf as gently as she could. Their lesser packmate felt utterly broken in her arms... and Vida didn't even try to communicate that or anything else, instead looking slowly between the rest of them as they all seemed to come down from their bloodlust.

    Arianna winced slightly as she reached over and pulled upon the contraption, not totally sure what it was going to be used for.. not caring. She carefully untied and pulled the head off of the branch, letting the other drop to the ground as she turned the head over in her massive clawed fingers. She heard Eindride's whimper.. and it helped her little. The day before her excitement was so great to see her father again, but not like this. She looked down at the strewn severed heads, some of them unrecognizable and others.. resembling others from the iron jaw and her father's best warriors. Her jaw parting softly with a soft whimper coming from her nose.. eyes watering as she lifted the rotting head to her face and nuzzled it softly. Her silver eyes would lift to Vida.. who might recognize that agonizing pain she had seen Arianna face so many times and know.. that head belonged to someone important. It was only then that Arianna's eyes caught sight of Ebba's limp body. Her body shuttered slightly from pain and sadness and she closed her eyes only then to hear the soft whimper from Ebba to let them know she was still there. Arianna's ears perked and she tilted her head back letting out a howl that seemed to echo along the tree tops. Her call for Annoth as a healer.. the call to let them know the fight was over.. but a pain would still be heard in the undertones.

    Sunthor sat quietly for a moment, looking towards the ground. The calmness had finally came over his body as the bloodlust had sated. He lifted his eyes up to check his clan mates but his eyes instantly locked onto Vida and noticed her carrying something with black fur. He squinted his eyes and realized that it was Ebba. His heart sank a little seeing the motionless wolf as it layed in Vida's arms. The thought of the little wolf's courageousness as it was the first in trying to protect it's protect us. His right ear heard a whimper and as he turned he was surprised to see that it was the Alpha. He cocked his head to the side in confusion until his eyes looked down to what she was holding. He sensed that she must have knew this now rotting head that she held in her paws as he watched her nuzzled it. He would stare for a moment before looking at the others to continue surveying them on how they had faired after all this that had happened.

    Eindride Chernobog not getting her call but howl with her his tone matching hers . as he bow his head to the head . he try to hold but the tears fall down his face he would push his paw under hers . he watch the One man he looked up dead and head was in his bloods hand he howl again this time pure sadness come form the cry . he try to comfit her more rubbing her and wining to her more try to show that he felt her and lost . he look at her and nods up and down .

    Runa Chernobog crouches between her kin, her mind not able to understand their grief, but her energy waining, she simply rests close to them, whimpering as she looked between them. laying down in the grass she waits, unsure of what to do.

    Vida met Arianna's stare and felt her heart crack. She still didn't know whose head it was specifically... but she understood by then that she hurt for a reason. Vida could only assume she would learn more of this soon, but seeing that familiar look of sadness in the alpha's eye had already saddened her, just as it'd done the rest of them. Ebba's whimper caught her off guard and she held as still as she could, trying not to cause the smaller creature any further pain... merely waiting.

    Arianna found herself huffing as she tried to stand. They needed to move to get those who were injured back to the village for recovery. As she stood and heard Eindride's howl a part of her wanted to howl along with.. however as she tilted her head back she became dizzy and toppled back against Eindride before slumping down. Her wound was still wide open and dribbling quite a bit of blood. She felt feverish as she clutched her father's skull to her chest to keep from dropping it. She attempted to stand again, her bottom jaw hung slack as she looked confusedly around at her pack mates before nearly flopping back down. She moved her mouth as if she were trying to say something to Vida, but unable to speak all that came were gurgling growls and whimpers. Slowly she started to become still until those silver eyes closed and her hands became lax, letting Gareth's head roll to the grass from them.

    Sunthor looked towards Eindride has he howled. He was about to howl with him but he caught Arianna stumbling back against Eindride and falling down. He shifted closer to help but noticed the wound on her back. He watched as she tried to stand up again to only fall back down. He caught as the head roll out from her and stared at it for moment. He leaned over and carefully swooped the head up and gently placed it back into Arianna's paws.  He would attempt to gently grab her left arm and if Eindride notices would help with the other arm and help Arianna to her feet. He would look around to the others and shake his head over to the side in gesture of 'we need to leave'. He looked over to the dark wolf and then up to Vida and nodded. If they agreed to his motion he would lead them back towards the village but stopping by the waters to clean the wounds and blood that covered them.

    Eindride Chernobog grabbed arianna lifted her in his arms and let a Massive Raor for Annaoth . he look down to the skull watched Sunthor pick the head . he would look to sunthor and give him the look of let me do this . his eye lock on to vida give her a look of Help me . his eye had the deep sadness in them . he look to sunnthor and runa and then back down to arianna . he would nuzzle her and place his head to her chest listen to her heart . he could not take losing her too . he would start walk with her in his arms . he look back at the dead giants and growled as he walk to town with her.

    Runa Chernobog gently picked up the skull, not sure why it was so important but cradling it close to her body, she followed the the wolves, her steps slow but sure. Sniffing gently at it, she pulls her head back as the scent saddened her for reasons she couldn't explain. Looking around to the others, she silently made her way back

    Vida didn't quite understand. Not fully. But she at -least- understood the wounded needed to be healed. The look on Eindride's face directed toward her caused her to respond with her best attempt at an incredulous expression, her arms full trying to carry Ebba with as much care as possible. It caused her to respond with a low grumble of a growl, refusing to release the smaller wolven companion until they reached a healer. The look turned to one of gratitude as she noticed Runa picking the head up. As carefully as she could, she rose to her feet to follow the rest to the village.

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