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    The Alpha Tries To Make Sense of Things Empty The Alpha Tries To Make Sense of Things

    Post by Bildo on Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:37 pm

    Sunthor stepped out from his smoking table as he finished the last bit of tobacco from his pipe. He raised his arms back around and stretched. His muscles felt a little tinder still since after the day of the shift. He caught Eindride and Runa standing outside of the hut and slowly made his way over to them. When he got close by he raised his hand up in greeting to them.

    Eindride Chernobog walking out of his house he look behide him speaking to runa " Sister i am going to the forge i have to keep work on these weapon i am making form the forst gaint bone and blood . " he would stop and look to Sunthor and nods a look of uneasy was on his face . he walked to the forge looking in as he start hammer away breaking in the new hammer that was give to him . each time the hammer sing out in a new scream than the last it sound like steel breaking and not bended .

    Runa Chernobog stops in the courtyard, watching as her brother got busy. Spying Sunthor, she smiles at his greeting, and moved over towards him. "Well hello! You seem to have recovered quite nicely from the battle. how are you?"

    Arianna moves carefully up the path focused on the rocks ahead of her. Her eyes catch movement ahead of her and she hears voices. Soon as she spots Sunthor and Runa her steps become quicker in pace and she walks right up next to them. She looks, hearing the ringing of the smith where Eindride more than likely is and clears her throat. "All of you.. I need to speak with all of you. Eindride, whatever you are doing can wait. Come to the long hall." She starts to call out. Possibly offending the ears of those closer to her as she attempts to speak loud enough to be heard over the noises in the forge.

    Eindride Chernobog rise his head looking for the voice he would look grab his hammer and quickly throwing the smaller axe in to the box . he look up and walk out to the other . he eye bouncing off each one as he waited " You Got my ear . " he wait smiling and waiting again .

    Sunthor watched as Eindride made his way to the forge and caught Runa as she walked towards him and spoke. "I'm a little bit sore but doing well nonetheless. How ar--" His head immediately moved towards Arianna as her loud tone caught his attention. He listened to her command "Yes alpha." He would wait for the others and would follow.

    Runa Chernobog looks at Arianna curiously, watching as her brother came out also. Nodding, she smiles, moving over to the Hall with the others,

    Arianna moved once she was sure she had everyone's attention. She went straight to her chair sat down and made herself comfortable before she looked at each one of them. Her eyes finally settled upon Runa. "Runa, I want you to tell me everything. From the moment you met your father to the moment you ended up on the steps of our land." She said in a focused tone. "leave no detail out."

    Runa Chernobog nods as she picked up a pitcher and poured herself a drink. Sipping it, she cleared her throat and spoke softly, but clearly. "My Father.. well Kayne, had heard rumors of war from one of the neighboring villages, and had come home with orders for us to pack up, as he wanted us well away from harm. We were set to leave in a weeks time. I had packed a small bag of essentials, and it was nearing dark of the third night when a party rode into the village, Fearing war had come, Kayne bid me hide in the barn while he and my brothers assessed the situation. A short time later, He came, took me to our house, and introduced me to Randall. They told me then, that Randall was my father, and he ordered me to take my bag and go north, find my brother, that i was needed. I set off the next morning at dawn, and i hand't traveled a full day when i caught sight of the first giant. Running, hiding, makeing my way carefull towards the village i only had a vague notion of its location, i traveled at night, hid during the day, always managing to stay just far enough ahead of the Giants that they were not aware of me, I was looking for a safe place to hide when i ran into you, and well, you know whats happened now,"

    Sunthor followed the others into the long haul and made his way off to the side the of the room and stood beside the pillar. He slightly stretched his back and his eyes fell upon the wall above Arianna's throne. He thought for a moment as he stared at the blank wall that he needed to finish that dear head. His focus shifted down to Arianna as she spoke. Then he tilted his head towards Runa to listen as she told her tale. He lifted his hand up to his chin and scratched at his beard, taking mental notes of the event.

    Eindride Chernobog lean to runa and grabing the mug and mead drinking . wait to after runa was done he look to Arianna and look to sunthor . he drank form the mug and yawned abit . he spoke after her " Randall my Father send to these druid to learn her to cast and to learn her magic like her mother . But form what i was told they did nothing they drug and keep the beast caged let the beast free on the full moon but she dose know how to freely turn in and out . She is like a baby well more like a Feral she need to be trained . " he look to arianna and nods drinking the last bit of mead in the cup " i have been trainign with her she can only change if she is freaking out or in lots of pain . " he look to all of them and look to runa and smile . he face turn to arianna .

    Arianna listened to Runa placing her hand against her chin for a moment. When Eindride spoke up she listened but then turned her attention back to Runa. "Did Randall give you any reason as to why you needed to find your brother?" She asked, seemingly ignoring Sunthor as he made no attempt to speak. And since she was focused on specific answers at the moment, she would lock away the information that Eindride offered of his sister's shifting issues for later.

    Runa Chernobog shook her head, taking the cup back from her brother and refilling it. Sipping it, she cleared her throat and continued to speak almost embarrassed it seemed. "You have to understand Arianna, until the moment Kayne told me the truth, my whole life i had believed that Kayne * Hilde were my parents, my brothers my brothers, and that i was ill. They kept me close, and when they told me the truth, i didn't believe them. Then Randall spoke of things, things i had never even confessed to my parents, things i could do. It was then i knew He was telling the truth, and my world shifted. I knew then why i looked different, why i was the lone girl. Randall told me that my true family, my brother and his clan, were in a small village in the Northern Free Lands, about 3 weeks away. I avoided all the places i encountered on the way, the giants only a day or so behind me, but close enough i could hear them. Randall told me to find Eindride, that it was time to learn my true nature and that my purpose would be revealed in its own time. So, here i am."

    Sunthor looked at Eindride and nodded as he continued scratching his chin. He thought to himself that he should maybe work on his own to keep up to par. He shifted his gaze to Arianna and then back to Runa and listened in to more. He shifted his feet a bit and moved his shoulders to better adjust the hammer on his back to try and help the slight ache.

    Eindride Chernobog blink and look he waited looking to the three wordless at this point and didnt know what to say he sat on the tables and wait floding his arm and look to the three of them . he would think to him self as he face move a bit as if he was talk to his mind and it was talking back .

    Arianna sat up in her chair as Runa continued to speak. "If they knew where we were, why did they not come to us themselves? Did they warn you of the Giants or did you simply find that out as you were on your journey? How did they even know where we are?" The more Runa spoke, the more questions that started to pup up in Arianna's head.

    Runa Chernobog shook her head. :Randall knew of your location. HE was not specific, only that if i traveled due north, i would stumble upon you in about 3 weeks time. I had assumed he had traveled from here specifically to find me, so i didn't question him. Randal said the enemy was coming, but i didn't know it was the giants until my 5th day of travel. I had fallen asleep by a stream, and i awoke, to the animals streaming past me, the earth shaking, and in fear, i climbed the tree and hid, I spied the Giants, ravaging a small village in the distance. I stayed in the tree till darkness fell and the distant sounds quieted, then i ran. I repeated that, traveled at night, hid and rested day time, and was near worn out when you found me. I have questions of my own, but i am not sure who to see, or what to do to find the answers i seek."

    Sunthor glanced over to Arianna as she spoke the questions to Runa. He turned back towards Runa and cocked his head in a curious manner. He dropped his hand down from his chin and folded his arms. He wondered to himself as to why the clan would send her out alone if they knew where they were. After a moment later as Runa spoke, he relaxed his stance and shifted his feet. He leaned slightly back against the pillar and felt his hammer rest upon. He leaned back a bit more to rest upon it, relieving the tension on his back. A quick thought came to mind as he forgot his pipe on the smoke table at his hut. He shook it off and looked around at the three.

    Eindride Chernobog look to arianna and blinks " Would the spirit told the iron jaw walker that you are here . you knew you headed this when they send me after you . they knew you end up in a low part of the world . " he looked to her and wait his tounge was not easly keplt shut .

    Arianna sighed softly at Runa's lack of information and looked up at Eindride as he spoke. "What can you tell me of your father? I remember stories before i left, but i was never to observant of them. That they found him clasped in iron chains filled in the center was silver. That he could not speak and it would take a while to tame him out of warform.. Did he ever tell you where he was from? what had happened to him? Any of that?" She seemed to talk over him at that moment.. making it clear she had a direction in which she was going with all of her questions.

    Runa Chernobog looked at Arianna and sighed softly, "I wish i had answers for you. My time with Randall was short, I can't exactly explain why i knew i had to fine Eindride, only that something inside me knew it was important."

    Sunthor kept to his posture as he continued to listen to the conversation. More and more questions filled in his mind over the whole situation. He leaned forward a bit and reached back and unhooked his hammer from it's holster and slowly bent over to set it down by his feet. He eased back up and set his hand on the end of the handle and leaned up against it. "Sounds like it was a suicide mission." He looked over to Arianna with his eyes slightly shifted as trying to make sense of the situation.

    Eindride Chernobog nods " Yes i Know of the Ice fang You father and my father Told alot giant enslaver My father kin and make them work in a warform . Made them breed to make more they have a army of white fur Lycans other other monster . " he look to her and spoke " And there four white they dont owen . " he look to her and rise an eye brow and spoke again " My father Was a Wild Beast stronger than two of your father best men . he was train by druid to unlock his human side . it was Year for my father to speak and to lean what it was to a Person . he worked hard and won battle after battle climbing his way up the iron jaw ranks . i heard my father skill in battle in warform was nearly god like he was Faster and strongther than most men he could change in to the monster called white fang . other talk about my father beening some alpha of tier but you father saw him as a friend a brother a commander . Randall the white fang of the iron jaw . my father never left you father side unless there was some he need to do him self . My father was a demon in fur ."

    Arianna raised a brow to Sunthor's remark and nodded before she listened to Eindride. "Ice fang? How is it no one has ever heard of this clan and yet you speak of them as if you've seen them hand to hand? I guess Randall would have told you.. But why wouldn't have my father or any of the other clans have told us? or why wouldn't they have sent out parties to try and free our kin from the giants?" she shook her head and leaned back in her chair. "This is making more sense and less sense at the same time. I have news.. Vida has spoken with the spirit of a Spiral Elder. He gave us riddles.. as they often do. Eindride, You are the Iron born son who is meant to free the Ice clan along with my help. We've at least figured that much out.. though why Giants would enslave our kin I do not know.. Nor why they would travel so far south to do so. As for the rest of it.. Blood is on the wind. Danger is coming. I have surmised that Blood.. could mean anything.. But with how much was referred to of the other clans by such names.. we are going to assume it means that the blood clan is coming. Why, we do not know.. but they bring with them danger.. so we will need to be on the look out. I plan to go to Skarvald and speak with Baulder to hear if any have seen the Giants in his area. I will take whom'ever wants to go, but some will stay here. We do not know when the blood clan will show up. I also wish for those who stay here to speak with Vida.. and perhaps Sunthor.. to learn about what will take down a blood clan member if it is needed." She pulls up from her chair and looks among them. "I leave in the morning.. which of you will come with me?"

    Runa Chernobog shakes her head, more confused than before. Looking between them, she spoke softly.."I think i would be of more help here. I am not really battled trained, and i can do well enough with my bow, but..something tells me my place is here, learning what i can of myself and what awaits us. Possibly discover the reason that Randall sent me now, I have much to learn it seems."

    Sunthor lifted himself up off his hammer. He raised his hand up to the side of his head and scratched along against the stubble of hair as his other hand rested upon his belt. He moved his hand away and shook his head, satisfied that had relieved the itch and placed it upon his belt. He looked around to each of them and looked back towards Arianna. "If I may, I would like to come along. I'm afraid I would not know much information about the Blood Clan...or at least truthful the true selves of them do you say?..been behind closed doors from me." He looked at Arianna for a moment then towards the others.

    Eindride Chernobog rise an eye brow and looking to her " if he is going i will stay i need to protect the lands you too leave we have no fighters in the village . " he look at sunthor and then turn to Arianna " i Bet your father knew about the clan they had my father told me and warn me to not go up there it is hell . Would would tens of hundred of army that is Monsters there not an army that can take them . and i am you are to free them i think the spirit want us dead now Alpha . " he look to her not saying more but more wanted to be said . " i will back my thing i need each of you to see soon i have a gift a token to remind how we killed three of the Giants , " he looked to each of them and smile a hint of want to attack the forst giants sparked in his eyes .

    Arianna nodded at Runa's words. "Then i would suggest you either speak to Annoth or Ásbjörn. Annoth you will find in the Omegas house near where we first met. You'll see a chicken house sitting just outside the hut. Ásbjörn is to the east of us. The high hill in the cave. Vida can take you to him. Do not start trouble with him." Her eyes flashed to Eindride before she looked back to Runa. "I hope you find your answers between him and Vida.. there is a chance you could find out more of what your purpose here is." she looked at Sunthor as he spoke then gave a nod. "That is fine. Vida knows enough about them and herself to perhaps fill in the rest.." As Eindride spoke up she rubbed her chin. "You are probably not far from the truth, clan brother. From the description Vida gave me... The Spiral elder she spoke to, was the one my mother killed. This could very well be the work of a vengeful spirit.. either way.. it is best we stay on our toes." She gave a soft sigh and rubbed the back of her neck before looking to Sunthor. "Meet me at the docks in the morning. We will set sail before the sun breaks over the eastern mountains."

    Runa Chernobog tilts her head and looks at Arianna. "It is not my nature to start trouble, it is answers i seek, Randall had reason to send me, and while i may not know what it is yet, i shall find out, I vaguely remember seeing Annoth when i arrived. I shall speak to Vida soon, and then further my quest from there. I seek to know my history, my heritage. And the shifting, "she pauses and shakes her head " i had no idea i could do that, its still not easy for me. If i can shift, what other talents do i possess? I think its important to find out now, before i suffer another shock as before." she laughed softly, now able to see the humor in her first shift and the shock it wrought upon her.

    Sunthor looked around towards the others and then to Arianna and nodded. "Aye, I will go and prepare for the trip." He turned would make his way towards the entrance out of the long haul unless was stopped by any of them for anything else.

    Eindride Chernobog wait and dose not move and turn to get a drink of mead and looks to the other watching sunthor leave " Find me be for you leave Brother i have some thing for at the forge . " he spoke drinking of the mug .

    Arianna nodded and looked among them. Watching as Sunthor made his way to the door before she decided she too needed to pack and get ready to go. "If anything happens, send a raven." She too made her way away from them, heading for her room however. If any tried to stop her she would simply continue into her room figuring they could either speak through the door or walk in.. whichever they dared to do first.

    Runa Chernobog smiled. "if i don't see you before you leave in the morning, safe travels, and gods speed to you both."

    Sunthor nodded towards Eindride. "Will do, brother." He looked towards Runa and had a slight grin. "Thank you, Runa." He nodded farewell to them both and made his way back to his hut to prepare.
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    The Alpha Tries To Make Sense of Things Empty Sailing to the Skarvald Docks.

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    Arianna had made sure to pack enough furs and trade good so as to keep their cover as mere humans and nothing more. Balder may be so brazen as to share his kin secret with those of his kingdom, but he also had an army to back him case anyone chose to hunt him for it.

    As Sunthor climbed into the boat they pushed off setting sale rather early in the morning. Unable to find Eindride at his smith or in his home made her uneasy, but they could not wait any longer for the large man to make an appearance. The trip was rather quiet.. Even when they hit the merchant docks to switch to the larger ship manned by deck hands and a captain with a sick sense of humor, Sunthor stayed quiet.. and in respect, so did Arianna.

    Once there Sunthor went straight to the tavern, worn down by the trip no doubt falling asleep soon as his head hit the cot. Arianna stayed up however, Meeting with the Potions master in the market and taking time to wander around before she would join Sunthor in slumber.

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