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    Skarvald's Docks Empty Skarvald's Docks

    Post by Codex on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:46 pm

    Arianna came to the docks early with some supplies. The least she could do was carry some of the load home so that her companions did not have to later. She stopped a moment dropping a crate and a bag before sitting down on the crate and huffing slightly. She took a moment to catch her breath and dipped her hand into a pouch pulling out a crumpled piece of parchment to look it over. A worried expression knitted her brows together and focused her eyes intently on the words.

    No matter how softly she stepped over the aged dock, the boards beneath her feet groaned. It made sneaking about something of a chore for those that were keen of hearing especially when the harbor was stilled by the low tide of mid day. As Cami skulked about freely, not really putting forth that much effort to hide her vibrant colors or her interest in the woman carrying a crate about, she came to pause by a barrel only because the woman did so. From there she observed, preparing to follow her about some more, as was her nature, once the woman gathered her belongings and began to move about again.

    Arianna looked up from her partchment, if only to take a moment to think without looking at the words. She heard footsteps and her eyes would instantly be drawn to the colorful woman that stood upon the docks. A rare and perhaps fake smile crossed her lips as she nodded her head in greeting. She then looked off to the market, as if expecting to see someone come through the arch. She was obviously waiting on someone or someones.

    Cami's head tipped to the side in silent consideration as the breeze of the harbor brought forth a plethora of scents. Everything from the normalcies to be expected such as fish, salt, musky wood to the underlying smells of those on the dock both laborers and perhaps the fair haired woman that smiled at her. Cami's hand lifted, her bracelets jingling noisily as she moved and she took up the thin layer of material that clung to her legs before moving closer. She'd become much bolder in her approach after spending what seemed a lifetime haunting Skarvald in one shape or another. "You are familiar..." she accused fearlessly. "But I don't recognize you... why is that?" Her voice was of soft demand with a lilting accent that marked her as a foreigner despite her words.

    Arianna turned her eyes from the market this time and looked back at the woman with her own confused expression. "I.. Believe i would remember one dressed as... well as you m'lady." she said politely. Again that fake but pleasant smile. She often assumed she was dealing with humans and always had to force a smile around them. "Perhaps you are mistaken?"

    Cami's lips twitched as she considered the nature of the womans smile. As a wolf, her own smile either indicated that she was nervous... or aggressive. Humanity inspired it's own tedious list of complications and social norms that often confused her even now. "No... not mistaken..." she said softly, very keen on trusting exactly what the duality of her own nature was telling her. "As they say, not everything is what it seems..." Then she extended her left hand, bracelets sounding out their melody once again as she kept her palm up, a peculiar gesture of physical ease... peace even.

    Arianna slowly stood from her crate looking at the hand for a long moment then up to her with a slight tilt of her head. That fake smile gone. "You know what I am then?" She said bluntly, though she knew that Balder did not go out of his way to hide their kin, she at least attempted.

    Cami left her hand extended for some time longer before she finally withdrew and clasped her wrist with the opposing hand. She'd said something that had unsettled the woman, or perhaps her inquisitive nature was far too revealed. "A woman who is recently returned to her home?" Cami herself was a keeper of secrets, her own included unless it suited her to do otherwise. "I don't know who you are in truth... I just know you are familiar, and I cannot place why. Forgive me if I have overstepped the bounds of normalcy." Though she spoke remorseful words, the inflection to her tone was sorely lacking, she very much struggled at being a sincere human more often than not.

    Arianna watched her for a moment till she heard the footsteps of the male as he came upon the docks and closer to them. Her eyes went to him inspecting him almost instantly from head to toe. The dark hair tan skin and the weapons.. even they way he carried himself told her he was a fighter.. she forced that fake smile again. "Aye.. I am just a trader for the king. I am waiting upon my crew to join me while i await the ship. We have more supplies to run." She said, her eyes still upon the male as she gave him a polite nod in greeting. "Is there something I could help you with?" She asked him, unsure as to why he had chose to stand here at the empty side of the dock.

    Ogmundr Odinson looks to cami and then to women looking her over, her attire telling him that she was a traveler or a goods trader "Greettings to you both on this greaty day " speaking with a happy tone " i was doing a patraol and saw you both standing here, i hope i'm not intruding?" looking to both of them inclines her head respectfully though her mismatched eyes remain fixed upon the woman... until the presence of another is made clear. Cami smiled, just enough to show teeth upon recognizing the male. "Just welcoming the fair haired lady to Skarvald," she said while exchanging glances with the pair. "I... suppose I should be off to market soon, this is the best time of day to get the freshest supplies..." Though she made no move to leave out, more so it seemed an attempt at small talk, perhaps not a great one though as it was self-dismissive.

    Arianna shook her head slightly attempting to continue her polite commentary. "Not at all. I am simply waiting for a rather tall man in a mask to join me so that we might make the trip back to the Northern Free Lands for more supplies. Food, furs, ores and the like." Though she spoke in a polite tone, offered that smile and gestured like she thought a human woman would.. She came short on the conversation skills. Her blue steel and yellow eyes would instantly return to the female for a moment. A suspicious sort of glance. "We aim to keep the markets flowing for you, m'lady. Hope you find all you are looking for, If not.. Order it and we will get it for you." She gave a soft bow of her head.. but made note that she was not attempting to leave.

    Ogmundr Odinson smiles soflty looking to the woman "i am ogmundr but my friends call me og" bowing softly to her out of repsect "it is an honor to meet you"

    Cami perked at the proposal that the woman and her companions thought to keep the market populated with goodies to obtain. She couldn't help but wonder to what extent she aimed to supply the people of Skarvald. For a moment... there was a glimmer of annoyance to her eyes as if she'd just had her toes stepped on. Then it was gone and replaced with a smile of her own, again with teeth. "Well then, I shall consider our market blessed and hope for prosperity for all..." To Og, she nodded, a humble gesture, faked or otherwise and even then, still did not seem inclined to leave, but instead kept an awkward distance between them all, watching, listening and not even remotely abashed by her blatant desire to do so.

    Arianna turned her attention back to Og now that he had given a name. She gave a soft smile to him and, though faint blink and miss it, gave a soft sigh as she realized she now would have to give a name in return. "Arianna of the Frost Fang Clan. Just a small group of traders that are friends to Baulder." Her accent over pronouncing his name every time she said it. "Pleaser to meet one of Skarvald's fine guards." She turned and looked to the archway of the market again. A soft horn sounding in the distance would pull her attention away from the empty arch and out to sea as a small boat flying a flag with a strange symbol was making its way to the docks. "Seems my ship has come in faster than my crew." she muttered. "He must have had to much mead." She smiled at them both, nervous now that her companion would make her wait even longer.. The parchment in her hand crumpled as she carelessly stuffed it back into the pouch on her belt.

    Ogmundr Odinson "it is any honor and pleasure, i hope we meet again." he looks to the market, "i must be on my way, i bid you a good day nd safe paths on your journey"

    Cami exhaled a sharp breath through the flared nostrils of her down turned nose as she resisted the urge to sneeze due to the great abundance of smells infiltrating her senses. To her own little world she seemed to stand like a sullen youth while the two spoke their simple pleasantries and she chose to observe rather than partake. Until Ogmundr noted that he would be on his way at which time Cami looked up and lifted a hand in subtle awareness. "Be safe Og..."

    Arianna nodded to Og, "To you as well.." she said awkwardly as he left. Soon as he was gone her eyes would flit intensely back to the woman who stood upon the dock. She took in a deep breath, the sea salt masking most of what the dock had to offer. Had she maybe been in a true form of sorts she would instantly have outed the woman for what she was.. however she could not smell or sense it at this distance. "There is something more you wish to speak about?" though her tone was that light politeness, her expression was a mirror of serious questioning. Stepping closer to the woman as if to give them a more intimate privacy case others might attempt to join in.

    Cami watched as Og took his leave in full before the woman stepped closer and she set her attention upon her more directly. To the best of her knowledge nobody was within ear shot, unless they were hiding themselves far better than she. Confusion seemed to cloud her expression momentarily as she actually found herself asking the same question that the woman asked of her before she shrugged lightly, a very in-proper gesture for a woman... a lady. "We all have secrets, should I happen to know any of yours, I promise they are safe. With the hopes that you pay me the same courtesy in regards to me and mine." Then she paused and glanced towards the market, her jawline set firm as she considered her next words. "I've great interest in the going's on's in the market. But not for things such as spices... furs... meat and cheese. I've an interest in other things, that are harder to obtain. At times I'm able to obtain such things, and I suppose knowing what I know now, by the words you speak I'm curious if there need be a competitive spirit amongst us, or if we can work quietly side by side..."

    Arianna smiled mostly in her eyes. "I see." she said softly. "The market is yours. The only time we go out of our way to obtain more... rare items is when they are otherwise specifically asked for.. and only by the king." She said her last few words a bit more sternly. "So you should be safe in that aspect at least. Your secrets.. whatever they may be, i assure you.. less they are my secrets I have no interest in learning them nor spreading them to others." Her animal instincts showing a bit more as she seemed to tower over the woman some. She tilted her head and turned to her side watching her closely and not breaking eye contact. "If you have any need or wish to travel with us to obtain your specific Items you are more than welcome..Though there would obviously be a fee and a split up on the merchant docks once we are there."

    Cami turned her eyes upon the woman again as she spoke in an unexpected, but most agreeable way. People after all, could be every bit as territorial as wolves, though she herself was fine with sharing. Despite the conversation they held, the somewhat imposing nature of an Alpha whether Cami recognized her as such or not, felt heavy upon her like a blanket source of power that forced her eyes lower. Cami was no push over by any means, but she was not an alpha either which the beast that she held contained within immediately revealed whether she liked it or not. "You speak fair enough..." she said a hint softer than she'd intended before clearing her throat. "It could be a working relationship I'm... certain."

    Arianna noted her eyes going down cast and stood in that stance for only a moment more before her attitude completely changed. She turned away and walked back to her things. "It is an open offer." even her tone had changed, as if she was no longer overly guarded with the woman. A loud thunk could be heard on the docks coming from the market. Arianna turned and paused for a moment, a thin blond brow raised as she watched what looked like a really well built old man carrying crates far heavier than any human would be able to carry. His face was masked, but the salt and peppered hair gave away his age. An exasperated sight came from her as she turned and moved down to offer help only to have him pass her by with ease and straight up to set the crates down carefully near the dock. Brushing his hands off his eyes suddenly turned and fixated on the smaller female, and below the skull like mask would be a wide grin. Arianna moved back up to the docks behind him.. the boat closer now. "If you have supplies to get," She said turning back to the woman. "You should get them soon and be here quick. We'll be leaving soon.. less you want to wait for the next time we are in Skarvald.. Or you can leave with Sunthor.. He will be left here for a bit more..gathering other supplies to take back to our village. I leave it up to you to decide."

    Cami nodded as the woman took a step back and moved back to her belongings. Her eyes lifted as if she were suddenly free of a spell that left her taking a back handed swipe against her brow to blot away sweat from the oncoming heat of the day. As the man came about making himself known, hauling a rather large group of crates Cami regarded him with mild interest. More so because the woman seemed to know him and interacted with him easily. "I did not know you were leaving so soon..." she said, sounding someone startled by the fast pace of the oncoming plans. "Though it does sound like something of an adventure... I..." Then again she shrugged and smiled a nervous, charming smile that indicated she didn't have THAT much to lose, unless they took to fooling her, and tossing her overboard to rid themselves of competition despite what the woman had said. "You don't need to know me or my name or anything?"

    Arianna shook her head. "Your coin should be good enough. It will be a day long voyage.. plenty of time for friendliness if it comes to that. Though I warn you, if you do try anything I'll dunk you in the water till you're unconscious and ship you back here rather fast." she said, a broad grin crossing her lips that seemed genuine as she joked. The large man blinked and looked at the ship as it came thumping against the dock rather roughly. He called out cursing at the one guiding the ship before he took a rather large leap onto it. "Better hurry." Arianna said to her then turned and started to lift the crates up rather easily to hand them over to the large old man.

    Cami briskly rubbed her arms in opposing hands as she watched the ship coming closer that the woman seemed to be most interested in. It'd been some time since she'd actually traveled further than the land could take her but before nerves could settle and bite her by the throat, the woman spoke again and Cami actually produced a laugh. "How do you get things done when you so openly speak of such a good time..." The threat, be it sincere or not sounded like rough housing to her... or rather the wolf that she happened to be. Then just like that Cami was off, padding across the docks in hurried steps only to run out of sight round the market wall. Whether she made it back on time or not was not decided at this time, either way she'd make sure to find her way to the free lands one way or another.

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