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    A Tribute to the loss of Iron Jaw son :Gaireth the Alpha

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    A Tribute to the loss of Iron Jaw son :Gaireth the Alpha Empty A Tribute to the loss of Iron Jaw son :Gaireth the Alpha

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:33 pm

    The pyre had been built tall and tight, insuring the fire would burn hot and the smoke would rise Gaireth all the way to Valhalla. Upon the top of the pyre was Gaireth's head. Having been washed and the skin rubbed with oils. What hair was left had been cleaned and braided, including his beard. His face massaged into a more peaceful expression than what was left from the Giant's brutality.

    To set his head upright was a freshly well made suit of armor. Made in the style of the Iron Jaw with a shield embroidered with the Iron Jaw's emblem. A fresh black cloak to lay all of it upon, the armor looking full as if his body were inside. Upon the chestplate lay a sword and a primitive necklace tangled around the gauntlet as if he were holding it tightly. Around him lay all matter of smith tools, the finest weapons and jewels ones could offer. Pottery and foods along with fine expensive mead and a drinking horn lay on his right, so that he would dine and drink with Odin in style. On his left a freshly killed 9 point stag that nearly matched his stature and to honor his wolf.

    In the center of the pyre lay nearly fifteen Iron Jaw warrior heads, some barely more than shattered bone with a few teeth. All had the same treatment aside from the full suits of armor and goods. Following their Alpha into the great beyond would be enough.

    Off to the side of the pyre, a horn was sounded and drums would start to play while deep voices would start to hum and sing the songs of farewell. Arianna stood holding a torch looking at the well made pyre, her face stone in expression and eyes glistening. As she listened to the chantings and music she took in a deep breath. Slowly she stepped forward and made a pass all around the bottom of the pyre carefully touching the torch to the dry wood to catch it all aflame. When done, even though the fire was already rising to a uncomfortable temperature, she knelt and set the torch down at the base and slowly backed away.

    "To Odin. No finer a man to drink with. No finer a warrior to fight with. Death in battle, accept him for his is your equal." Arianna spoke loudly so that Odin himself might hear her.

    "To Fenris. No finer a wolf to hunt by your side. To guard the gates of both Hel and Valhalla. Accept him as your equal." She said again, tears filling her pale eyes. All of the clan would call out a salute and then in hoarse human vocals all would howl in honor to both. The music would become louder and eventually change from a sullen tone to that of warriors going to battle.

    For a long while, Arianna stood and watched as the fire climbed and smoke started to rise. She watched till the pyre started to fall in on itself as the fire weakened it. Her pack drinking and moving off to do their own things. Annoth hovered by for a few.. then slowly he would back away more and more till he was no longer there.

    Once the fire had died to a burning red ember among the ash Arianna finally looked around with strained eyes as all the world around her seemed so much darker now. The village far quieter, as it seemed all had moved to their homes. Slowly she moved closer to the warm embers and sat nearly atop the ash so as to keep warm. The only thing that brought her peace in this moment was believing Vida had been able to walk her father's spirit to Valhalla herself.

    Her pale eyes went from the ground slowly to the water.. Then the peaks across from the water and eventually up to the star filled sky. Only a sliver of moon could be seen. Her lips parted as she let out a soft huff of air. Her chest felt tight.

    "First mother." She said softly. "Then Gunnar." Her jaws clenched slightly. "Aric." her voice cracked some. "My unborn.. whom I never gave a name... and.. Annoth might as well have just died with how he left me.. Left the pack.. and now you." She could not have known that Sunthor sat silently just a few feet from her in the shadows. He was watching over her.. learning more and more of his new Alpha nearly every day. "What am I supposed to do, Gaireth?" She asked the sky. Tears glistened down her cheeks. She sniffled slightly and turned her eyes back down to the star's reflection upon the water.

    She started to think back to the days when her father was a great and powerful leader. A man with a kind heart yet firm leadership. She remembered when her mother had died. The day he swung open the hut door and stared at them with such pain etched on his face. He was covered in soot save for the lines down his face where he had obviously been crying. She remembered knowing at that moment.. why he looked that way.

    She remembered also that he had become grumpier and violent at times with other packmates. Even though there were days she caught him laying in his bed rubbing at his chest and gasping as if he couldn't breath, let alone live through that day.. He still forced himself to stand. He still forced himself to smile at her and Aric. How disappointed in her he must be now. How much she herself has failed at. How many she had lost from her own pack. A soft whimper came from her and she shook her head slightly.

    "I..I'm sorry father.." She said in a shaking tone. She brushed her gloved hand along both of her cheeks to remove the tears. All revealed to the dead as an open book.

    "I feel I have failed your hopes." She said somberly. "I could never be as great as you. Gods have kept me alive for whatever reason.. why they took you? I do not understand." Her voice choked out for a moment and she clasped her hand over her mouth to quiet her sob. "I'm so alone now." she said muffled through her hand. "I have no blood left in this world." Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she glared back up at the sky. Her hand dropping to her lap. "I had hoped to see you again!" she took a shuttering breath. "Just one more time... I know I am supposed to celebrate your entry to Valhalla.. but.. I cannot.. Damnit father.. I still need your guidance!" She sobbed softly for a moment.

    As her sobs slowly died down to soft whimpering she blinked and looked at the palm of her hand picturing all the faces of the lost pack members. Even ones she was unsure of if they were dead or alive. Then as if something struck her she stopped crying. Choking back the tears and fighting back the sadness.

    "No.. I will not disrespect you." she said more to herself. She looked at both of her hands now. In her mind imagining the day her father handed her the first pair of axes that she would ever wield. She took a deep breath. Her memories hurt, yet the more she thought of the things her father had taught her.. the more courage she got to stand once again. She would think about the night she had her first successful hunt. She knew her father was watching her from afar, and yet it had not caused her anxiety. It only encouraged her to prove her worth. She thought about the day her father took her aside and gave her Isiru's necklace.

    She closed her eyes and could hear her father's voice in her memories.. clear as if he were standing before her. How he described her mother with pure love in his heart. How he talked of her bravery and strength. How he admired her when all other's damned her for what she had done. How he had forgiven her and wished he had done more to stand up for her. His last words to Aria as she left the Iron Jaw Clan with Aric, to start the Frost Fang pack with Gunnar.

    "Trust in yourself." She echoed his words aloud and opened her eyes.. a soft smile shown to the sky. "I hope you found mother.. and Aric.. " Though her voice cracked she forced herself to keep that smile. "Tell them I love them.." With a deep breath she turned to the ashes reaching down and touching them with her fingers. Using them to draw the emblem of the Iron jaw upon her forehead. It was only then that she managed to look up and catch sight of Sunthor.

    For a moment they simply locked eyes and stared. Then slowly he bowed his head respectfully. Arianna tilted hers.. she did not feel ashamed, though she wished she hadn't been speaking aloud that entire time. She bowed her head back in his direction.. and turned to leave. She would sleep fitfully that night and many nights to come. Something would not allow her to rest or forgive and forget.

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