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    Disease flows through their blood.

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    Disease flows through their blood.

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:31 pm

    After a few weeks of wandering through the forests and on the outskirts of towns, Ludo and Vetis find themselves closer to the clan than they thought.

    Vetis Bruun couldn't go any further. His body was aching and the young wolf was driving him mad. "NO! I'm done. I need to rest. My feet are fucking bloody." He growled trying to shove himself out and away from Ludo. Though if he did he'd end up falling to his ass panting and growling at the aches and pains. His wounds stung and smelled bad. He couldn't get the taste of his own blood from his mouth. Even his guts felt like they were twisting. "You should have just killed me. Put me out of my misery. What the fuck is the white cunt going to do for us? She didn't even come looking for us!"

    Ludo walked along side Vetis as they made it out into a clearing along the tree line. He was scratching and rubbing at the bite on his arm when Vetis bit him. He was a little too occupied with his wound to catch Vetis's shove and watched as he fell to the ground. "We shouldn't be too far out from what directions we were given." He looked down at Vetis's bloody feet for a moment before looking up at him. "Rest for a moment, brother. I'll gather some wood and start a fire for us." He took a step forward towards the woods and stopped and turn his head back towards Vetis. "Right now she is the only chance we got in helping us. Rest. I'll be right here next to the edge of the trees."

    Vetis Bruun grunted and swatted his hand in Ludo's direction. When Ludo returned to his task of gathering wood he would flop back on the grass staring at the sky for a moment then curl into a ball as sharp pains shot through his body. He hadn't slept in days or weeks.. He wasn't even sure anymore. Whatever the Blood Clan had done to him was keeping his wounds from healing.. and now he wasn't even able to shift in order to hunt. He was constantly bleeding from his eyes and mouth, causing his vision to blur and speech to slur.. and he had the overwhelming desire to bite and claw at Ludo's throat every time Ludo spoke.

    Ludo returned with a bundle of sticks in his arms and kneels down near Vetis and began stacking and preparing for it to be lit. He looked over at Vetis as he flopped back and then over onto his side as his body curled up. "Hang in there, brother!" He looked back down at the sticks and pulled out a couple striker stones out of his pouch and began striking them together until a spark managed to catch the kindling on fire. He leaned down and gently blew on it and the small fire ravaged hotter until it caught the wood on fire. "There we go now. Come closer to the fire and get warm, brother."

    Vetis Bruun grunted when Ludo spoke and curled into a tighter ball as if that would help the pain stop. Digging his fingers into his gut. When Ludo suggested he moved closer to the fire he glared up over his shoulder at him. "Shut it. I'm too hot anyway." He growled.

    Ludo looked over at Vetis as he spoke and his eyes staring at him. He stared back at him for a moment and then nodded. He looked back down at the fire and grabbed a stick and poked at the embers. "Ok, but it will be cold come night." He continued poking at the fire, not wanting to say much more to keep Vetis from snapping at him.

    Vetis Bruun grumbled to himself for a few moments then weakly pushed himself back up to his ass. "Why don't you go do something useful like fetch a fish." he grumped as he moved closer to the fire.

    Ludo shifted his eyes over to Vetis and cracked a smile as he watched him move closer to the fire. He reached down into his pouch and pulled out a chunk of dried beef that he got from the market. He reached his hand over to Vetis to give to him if he accepted. "Here. It's not fish but will have to do."

    Vetis Bruun glared at Ludo's hand then if given the chance would reach up and snag the food from it roughly before shoving it into his mouth. Granted his guts hurt, but his appetite for meat was strong. after a few moments of chewing however he would spit a majority of it out into the fire and start to cough up blood. "It tastes like shit!" He growled brushing away the dribbles of blood with his hand. then.. as if the fire had some sort of magic property, his blurry eyes would fix on its movement.. his mind would start to zone out.. a sort of peace would come over him as it sometimes did when he stared into the flames. Though he was still in pain.. and his throat would now and again let out whimpers from the sharper of them.. it was simply like his mind had shut down for the moment. This would be the only time Ludo had any peace to himself while traveling with Vetis.

    Ludo felt a slight pain on his hand as Vetis grabbed the meat from him, his nails lightly scratched against his. He face wenched from the unexpected pain and he let out a small gasp as he gritted his teeth. He pulled his hand back and rubbed at it with his other until the pain numbed away. He watched as Vetis spat out the meat and cursed at it and stared at his friend for a moment thinking that he hoped they were getting close to the village. As Vetis calmed from staring into the fire, he relaxed a bit and sat down and looked into the fire himself. Taking in the moment of silence and peace.

    Vetis Bruun sat, a bit of blood tinted drool running from his mouth to his chest. A soft groan came from him as if he were stuck in his body and unable to get free. then the groan would stop and his eyes glisten slightly from the fire light as he watched its pretty dance. Otherwise quiet and unmoving.

    Ludo wasn't sure if it was the slight chill in the air or the groan coming from Vetis that caused him to shiver. He let a sigh as he worried for his brother. The groan was sounding more painful than it had before. They have to find the alpha...and soon.
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    It is not the same..

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:02 pm

    Vida hadn't left the den's general area since he'd made his change... and come back out of it. She would have only left him if he'd asked... but chances were, she'd at least stepped away long enough to bring him food in the off chance he was hungry - since she knew she was. But for the time being, she was standing statue still at the edge of a nearby cliff, the gold of her eyes gone. In its place was a blue glow. She could not hear anything around her, nor could she see. She was watching something else... she'd been alerted to something else.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg had been resting for two days.. which was usually the toll on him when he forced such a shifting. When he awoke he was lethargic, belligerent...and starving. He had managed to down six full nets of fish, two pony kegs of mead, a large sack of potatoes, and multiple kettles of stew and mugs of water to replenish his exhaustion. When he was finally back to himself once more, he spoke very little, and spent most of his time in quiet meditation over what he had seen..trying to decipher it to make sense. He left his den to find her, and quietly took a seat nearby, puffing on his pipe as he looked out across the territory. "....Something troubles it still your friend, Fozz?"

    Vida didn't speak right away, nor did she seem to even hear him. She didn't move for several minutes after that... but when she finally had, she had returned to 'normal.' Her head turned to look toward him and, as if she'd heard his question, she spoke in an eerie calm. "There are others... they're settling very close to our borders. I get the feeling it should be investigated..." She turned to face him, a hand reaching out to his shoulder, leaning down to bring her forehead to his a moment... and even if he decided not to follow her, she seemed to be intent on heading toward whatever she had "sensed."

    Ásbjörn AhlbergÁsbjörn Ahlberg (Kah Zaurak) would loudly sniff, looking out over the water. " scents..." HE'd then take a puff on his pipe and slowly rise with a grunt. "Hmmm... mayhap..." He'd remark before lumbering to retrieve his cloak, then silently follow after her, puffing away on his pipe.

    Vida nodded as she looked over her shoulder at him; his nose was far better than hers in that state. She had no idea who they were heading toward... not yet. "We'll see when we get there..." She paused long enough to see if he was truly following... then carried on through their territory, up through the village toward the other side. Blinking, she paused at the sight of Annoth. She'd heard he'd been back... but she hadn't been particularly social in a general sense. As she regarded him, she inclined her chin. Without much of a hello, she spoke up in a tone that was... perhaps a little more gruff than one she'd taken with Ásbjörn - a silent invitation to come along if he wished. "Someone's nearby... we're going to investigate." What, no introductions? ... Nope. Vida wasn't known for her social prowess.

    Annoth Rugani had been simply staring off into space, eiher meditating or simply thinking about other matters Hearing vida he would nod slightly, his eyes looking to asbjorn. "I'll come along then." he stated. Looking to the other man he stated. "Annoth, druid and omega." just because she did not do introductions did not mean he wouldnt introduce himself.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would follow, the hulking mountain of muscle and skin, wrapped in fur garments with a pipe clenched between his teeth. When they approached the bridge he would remain silent, puffing on his pipe and listening to the exchange before offering a polite nod of his head. "Ásbjörn... shaman and protector of Gaia...." He'd reply in his gruff, earthen voice. Licking his lips he'd blow out a large plume of smoke before giving a grunt to Vida. He was a man of very few words, but still did his best to be civil to strangers, especially those who seemed to be known to the land's governing pack.

    Vetis Bruun was still staring at the fire as it danced, the movement seemed to calm his addled mind for the time being. That is till he caught more movement that seemed darker and heading their way. His blurry vision would not tell him whom it was that was approaching, but a low growl in his chest and throat would more than likely warn Ludo to visitors. Vetis's body would start to sway slightly from side to side, like a caged and angry animal. The blood and drool dribbling down from his lip and beard would break off into his lap and against his chest as he bared his yellow and blood stained teeth in the direction of movement.

    Ludo stared at the fire as he was in deep thought. For a moment he didn't hear the growl coming from Vetis until he snapped out of his state of mind. He looked over to Vetis and then jolted his head in the direction he was looking at. He couldn't quite see was coming towards them but he rolled over onto his feet, staying hunkered down low. Drawing one of Vetis's daggers into his hand and watched.

    Vida had wandered the rest of the way there with Annoth and Ásbjörn in tow... but roughly halfway there, familiar scents had caught her nose; the foul tinge to them caused her stomach to turn. With a shrill whine in her throat, she tried to contain herself enough to walk the rest of the way there - but her pace had quickened.  She didn't say anything - not a word - until they came close enough to see the two figures. Her heart pounded in her chest. "... Vetis? Ludo? ..."

    Annoth Rugani sniffed the air to catch the scents, and before he saw them he smelt them Something foul....but familiar at the sme time. He quicked his pace as well once vida moved faser, and soon he saw the familiar figures...and not in the best of states ether. "Be careful vida..." he stated drawing forward protectively. Vets..did not seem himself.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would follow Vida, quietly puffing on his pipe as they approached. He would pause when she did, and begin smelling the air, gathering the scents around them and identifying them to their sources. When he spied the two males he would cross his arms over his chest and watch them, the smoke from his pip steadily puffing from his mouth and nose, wafting around him like a smoky wreath. His good eye would examine them, noticing the wounds on the arm of the one he believed to be Vetis, then look to Ludo, not seeing any visible maks due to his long sleeves and mostly covered figure. Slowly he would lower down, crouching in place while continuing to watch, his hand upon the ground to steady himself while he kept silent.

    Vetis Bruun attempted to push himself up from the ground stumbling across the fire slightly and glaring at the blurs. When he heard his name he paused a moment, though anger still painted his splotched sick face. "WHO ARE YOU!?" he snarled stumbling slightly to the side as if he were drunk. "GET OUT OF HERE! I DON'T WANT ANY!" yelling would cause a coughing fit, making him vomit up blood onto the ground and bringing him to one knee with a groan and a hoarse growl in their direction.

    Ludo heard his name being called from the female and his ears perked. He slowly stood up from his crouch stance, looking at the figures that came upon them. That voice, it sounded so familiar. "Vida?" he spoke out softly. He turned to look at Vetis as he stumbled over the fire and began shouting at the figures. He rushed up past Vetis as he went down on his knee and he extended his arm out to gesture them to stop. "Don't come any closer! He is not well!"

    Vida swallowed hard. Her brow furrowed, but she nodded to acknowledge Annoth's words. "I know... Fozz told us something was wrong..." She left it at that, speaking as though it was entirely commonplace to obtain information from one who no longer lived. But as Vetis reacted in such a... belligerent manner, her eyes widened and she instinctively took a step back, even inching in an uneasy manner toward the large, knelt down male at her left. Still, she spoke up, albeit more tense than she had been. "Vetis! We're here to help!" Her brow furrowed. "What-..." She frowned as Ludo intervened, but she kept back as asked. "What happened to him, Ludo? I was just told he was ill. What's going on? Are -you- alright?" Something about Vetis' behavior struck her as oddly foreign, yet somehow familiar at the same time. She couldn't put her finger on it - not yet - but this seemingly hostile male was not the one she knew.

    Annoth Rugani grimced as Vetis threw up blood, that was never a good sign or rather it wasn't a good sign when someone was ill anyway."I...I am not sure he even understands us...we may have to restrain him Vida." his eyes looking to Ludo. "Or would you be able to calm him? He clearly isn't on guard towards you." or was it because Ludo may have the same affliction? "I dont want him to sufer anymore injury, its clear he needs help and we'll do all we can for him."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would pull his hand off the ground and shake his head. "No... do not approach him...." He'd rub his thumb over his fingers and look at the more volatile of the two. Rising up, he would shrug off his cloak, then roll back his shoulders, popping them before he'd take a few steps forward, keeping his eyes upon Vetis, but not looking directly into his eyes, lest he be perceived as a challenger or threat. He'd stop about half way to him, then crouch back down, staying low in hope of appealing to the perceived bestial nature. As he crouched, he would begin to radiate a sort of warmth...a calming sort of warmth like that of a mild summer's day, all while speaking in as soft a tone as he could given his massive size. "Little Brother..." He'd rumble, keeping his good eye on Vetis. "No one seeks to give you anything...or take anything... I am Ásbjörn.. I am your kinfolk.. and a protector of the Earth Mother... just like all others here.." He'd gesture around him to everyone, maintaining eye contact. "...Would you be sit with me...and have words with me, nothing more?"

    Vetis Bruun was lost to the nature of the illness at the moment. As soon as Ludo stepped close enough to him he turned and would lunge up at him. Attempting to get his claws and fingers around the younger wolf's throat. If Ludo raised an arm up to shield himself, it would meet with Vetis' gnashing yellow red teeth in a viscous shaking bite. Words would be lost on him.. he could not see more than five feet in front of him. the blurs of figures were just that.. blurs of figures that in his mind were too loud.. causing aggravation to his senses. If he was successful in taking down Ludo he would no doubt go after them next. Asbjorn's ability would sooth some of the pain that Vetis felt... but it would not clear his already addled angry set mind upon the idea of killing those who were assaulting his lack there of peace.

    Ludo looked over at Vida and shook his head. "The Blood Clan.." he tried to explain but words trailed off as for the moment he thought of what had happened to them back then and then came to. "I..I'm alright." he told her even though he was feeling mildly sick from the bite on his arm from Vetis. He heard another familiar voice speak then he realized it was Annoth. Just as his eyes moved to look at him, he didn't see the attack from Vetis. He quickly turned towards him as he felt Veti's hands go around his throat but managed to get his arm up in time to keep Vetis from succeeding. Until he felt a sharp pain in his arm as Vetis's teeth sank deep into his flesh. The violent shake from Vetis caused him to flail from side to side like a rag doll. He would attempt to bring his free arm around and throw a gut punch into Vetis. If succeeded, he would yell at Vetis "Sit down!" before he dropped down onto his knee as the pain from his arm was setting in more.

    Vida attempted a defiant huff at Annoth's  observation... though the more logical part of her mind realized he was likely right. She growled at the thought nonetheless, seeming to foolishly hope that one of them could get through to him. For a time, she was at a loss - but as Ásbjörn moved closer, she forced herself to not become anymore tense and instead murmured a quiet "Be careful..." toward him. But... her stomach began to turn at the sight of one pack brother attacking another. Her eyes went wide, and for a brief moment, her mind went racing back to a particular memory. And then it hit her: the lunging, the abnormal behavior, the foul stench, the grotesque wounds. And as Ludo reminded her of one important factor - the Blood Clan - it was confirmed in her mind. "Blood sickness..." With that, she tried to move toward Ásbjörn with renewed urgency, reaching toward one of his shoulders and trying to pull him back away from both Vetis and Ludo in a manner that was a contained sort of frantic. Did she think it would work? No, especially since he was much.. much larger than she was, but she could only hope he would listen. "Get back... Please, -please- get back..." Buuut the 'contained' factor went out the window as she looked in horror toward the result of the attack. "Ludo!" Annoth was right: Vetis needed to be restrained, but she had no idea how they could do so safely.

    Annoth Rugani as soon as he saw Vetis lunge at Ludo he knew what had to be done. He began to speak to the earth, to call upon its aid. He spoke what he needed, and he would use the leylines to fuel his power and guide the hand of the land. Roots would spring from the earth, and they would snap forward, trying to wrap around the violent ludo's belly and right arm. If they succeeded, they would begin to pull, retracting towards the earth to try and restrain him on his back against the ground. That was of course, if it even worked, god knew those who were ill and in a crazed state of mind were a lot stronger than normal.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would keep puffing at his pipe and watch even as Vetis attacked Ludo. He'd hear Vida's words and give a gruff grunt before watching the combination of Ludo's gut punch and Annoth's root magic. He'd take this opportunity to take a risky maneuver...and quickly rush forward while still crouched, huffing as he closed in on Vetis, his hand outstretching in attempt to gently lay a hand upon Vetis to better channel the previously projected calm...assuming that is he could place his hand on Vetis.

    Vetis Bruun would shake till the sudden gut punch. The gut punch would send him collapsing down to the ground with a heavy thud. gasping and choking up blood and unable to otherwise make noise past that. his eyes wide and blood shot as the crippling pain shot through his entire body. Annoth's spell indeed helped to restrain him but also pulled against his already pained body as it strained to curl up on itself. whimpering and cries of agony would choke through his throat as fear would plague his human heart beating heavy and fast at an already weakened state. When Asbjorn touched him his eyes would flit over to him in a moment of pleading for the large bear to just finish him off quickly.. instead a strange calm would start to enter his mind.. the pain was still great but not so much for him to cry out nearly as much as he was.

    Ludo kept knelt down at the ground holding his arm as the blood trailed down to his hand and dripped down from the fingertips. He looked over as the others tried to restrain Vetis. "Please don't hurt him. Careful!" All he could is watch.

    Vida looked on with bated breath. There was nothing she could do to physically stop her large male counterpart... and nothing she could do to aid them in restraining Vetis. Thankfully, Annoth had acted quickly, as had Ásbjörn, but the agonized cries caused her eyes to well and her stomach to lurch for just a moment. As both druids worked to contain the more hostile of the two, she was able to keep herself composed... for now. Ludo's pleas made it more difficult for her to keep her mind in check, but she fought to maintain her composure and instead speak with a quivering tone. "We need to contain Vetis in one of the huts until we find the right cure..." She pressed her lips together into a thin line for a moment as she swallowed. "... Ludo, should you begin to show the same behavior, we'll have to do the same to you. But for now..." She drew in a deep breath and rubbed at the sides of her face. "As soon as you can begin to move him... -carefully- ... do so. We will take him to the village and alert Arianna of what's happened as soon as she returns."

    Annoth Rugani felt a moment of victory as the roots grasped onto the wild vetis and helped to restrain him. Once he had him down, he would command more roots to wrap around the other arm, though at this point it was more to secure the hold than tighten it. The risk of injury would be far too great to continue tightening their grip. Broken bones was the last thing needed after all. "We won't..we won't..." he spoke, trying to concentrate. Once he was confident that they would hold him in place, he released the spell. It wouldn't be hard to pull the roots off with some effort. "I'll head back to the village and prepare a sleeping tincture for him. Just pull the roots off when its safe they'll come off easily enough." indeed already he was turning to leave, unless he was stopped he would begin heading to the village. A sleeping vetis was a safer vetis to him.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would keep his hand upon Vetis, still trying to calm him enough into a lethargic compliance. "It's ok little brother... no one is going to hurt you anymore...sleep now...'ve earned it..." He'd softly remark as he took a large pull on his pipe, filling his mouth and lungs with it's richly scented smoke. Then..oh so gently he would press his forehead to Vetis'...and steadily exhaled the large inhaled hit of smoke. The smoke itself would be calming..soothing..a calm inducing mixture that he smoked to calm and keep sedated his own Rage. "Rest little brother... you will be well soon..." He'd remark again, gently wrapping his titanic arms around Vetis in attempt to carry him from teh roots, and to somewhere much safer for him...and them.

    Vetis Bruun huffed a few times with pained grunts but soon his eyelids would start to close.. ah blissful sleep. Something he had not had in a long long time.. just as he started to go into the darkness his mind would seem to spark one last thing whispered upon his lips.. only Asbjorn would hear it. though asleep.. his lungs would give slow ragged breaths that would make an audible rattle heard within them.

    Ludo nodded to Vida as his mind slowly faded from the loss of blood. He was in a loss state of mind and couldn't form the words. He slowly stood up and would follow the others.

    Vida turned her head to look toward Annoth with begrudging respect... well aware that she hadn't done much to acknowledge him since his return. But... she owed him this time. She spoke as he turned and began to head off with a quick nod. "Thank you, Annoth." Her attention moved back toward the remaining three before her, a pained expression extinguished enough to not journey past her eyes. Seeing Ásbjörn take hold of Vetis, she took a few cautious steps toward Ludo with the hint of a frown. Her mouth opened as if to say something - closed again, then reopened as if she'd found her composure. "We will do our best to make sure both of you are as comfortable as possible. Come on..." Once she saw Ásbjörn was ready to go, she paused just a moment to make sure Ludo could walk on his own. If he couldn't... she would do her best to offer a shoulder to lean on. Otherwise, she led them back through the village, tense, but silent. She would say or do nothing else unless she had to help guide them in getting Vetis and Ludo settled... and would likely only break her silence once she had a moment to step out of the village proper.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would rise to his massive height, arms cradling Vetis in them. He'd remain silent, continuing to puff on his pipe to exhale the smoke down to the slumbering Vetis to keep him calm and sedated till he could lay him back down. Reaching into his side pouch he would pull out a few thick cones of incense and small clay disc. He'd set the incense upon the disc, and light it with stroking his flint upon his small knife. The mixture was like that in his pipe, and would hopefully keep the area around them calmed and relaxed, as he could not be there round the clock. Once things were suited, he'd retreat back to his den to dwell on the events of that day.

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