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    Wake into insanity

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    Wake into insanity Empty Wake into insanity

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:42 pm

    After a long much needed nap, Vetis would slowly start to descend back into the spiralling aches and pains that had plagued him what seemed like just moments before. His dream twisting into horrid images of his former clan and their deaths. How they haunted him. How they blamed him. How he hoped that at least one of his children had escaped the horrid deaths that were laid before him the day they fought Kurnin. His jaw opened and snapped tight against the flesh of his cheek. Waking him finally. The taste of blood in his mouth so familiar.

    As his eyes opened and squinted, he realized his vision had only gotten worse. Slowly he lifted his hand up in front of him only to see it clearly enough as he brought it within a foot of his face. What little logic of him was left was seeping away as he sat there taking ragged breath after ragged breath. He could not see nor hear Ludo who slept soundly across from him on the other cot.

    Opening his jaws he let go of the flesh of his cheek, the pain was hardly anything to whimper about. In fact he hardly felt it at all. Slowly he would chomp back down on it. The taste and texture of it, on the other hand, was very noticeable. Had he been in his right mind, he might not continue what he did next. Taking that chunk of flesh from his cheek and chewing it completely and swallowing what was left. His stomach growled softly as his blood shot eyes closed. "Delicious." he said with a ragged rattled breath.

    The darkness of the room would seem to break into something new as the light started to seep in from the window. Slowly he pushed himself up to a sitting position and turned to look at the bright square off to his left. For a moment he stared at it from under his sweat plastered black and silver hair. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet, shaking slightly in the unfamiliar hut. He swallowed and shuffled slightly along the wooden floor till he met his hands with the thick glass. Blood stained tears started to fill his eyes.

    "I've never seen the sun like this before.." His voice came out in a hoarse whisper as a bloody tear snaked down his cheek and disappeared into his beard. The light fractured in his eyes, creating a beautiful dance of fire like colors against the window. Slowly his eyes would lower to a figure that looked like a red headed woman padding in the brownish colored grass up to the hut. No matter how her legs moved, she never seemed to get any closer. Slowly he moved his hand to the image on the window as if he were trying to stop her from coming closer. The beautiful image still so far away yet so close.

    "I am sorry little one. I let you down..." He whispered to the glass. His heart started to pound heavier and his fingers curled into a fist. He pulled back his arm and drummed the fist against the window.. but it would not shatter. No matter how much or how hard he hit it, something within the glass seemed to keep it from cracking or breaking from the force and impact.

    By now Ludo had wakened and looked up at Vetis watching as he seemed to attack the window of the hut. He had heard the words but something within him seemed to make him cower back and not want to bring attention to himself. He would watch as Vetis bloodied his fist against the window and the window frame. Listening to his erratic words and snarls and growls.

    Eventually Vetis would give in.. slowly sinking to his knees dragging his bloodied hands along the window till he hit the floor. Huffing roughly as he then dropped to his hip and spun to put his back against the wall. Then he would start to sob. Giving Ludo hope that, perhaps, Vetis was still in there somewhere. This would not encourage the young wolf in any way to come to Vetis' aid however. His shoulder was still sore, unhealed from the last bite the old wolf had given him.
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    Wake into insanity Empty Is he still there?

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:44 am

    Vida had taken to making her trips past the quarantined hut a daily thing as much as she could. As long as someone was letting Ludo out to eat and bring food back to Vetis, she didn't come more than once or twice a day - but if that wasn't the case... she would have taken it upon herself to make sure they were tended to as best as possible. As she made her daily pass and paused on the porch of the hut to peer in, the sight of blood smeared on the window made her stomach turn. And Vetis was... not in his bed? Worry caused her to call out when she normally did not, moving closer to the window to try to catch sight of either of them. "Ludo? Ludo, is everything okay in there?"

    Ludo watched as Vetis slid down the wall from the window until landed onto the floor, the blood trailing down the white plaster in four obscured lines. He continued to watch him for a moment longer until he slowly rose up from his cot. He slid back as far as he could up against the wall and hunched his legs up to him as to feel as if having them as a barrier for him to hide behind from Vetis. His knees shook some from the sight of Vetis bloodying his hand against the window. His eyes were dead locked onto Vetis, fearing and worrying of his brother. He suddenly heard a familiar voice that would snap his mind out of it but still kept his eyes on Vetis. "Y-yes? V-Vida?" his words trembled in response. "Vetis is not...well." The words coming short as the scent of fresh blood filled the room.

    Vetis Bruun would be sobbing somewhat quietly under the window. When he heard the muffled voice he looked up, then slowly turned to the wall. a growl forming in his throat sounding hallow. When Ludo responded Vetis' eyes would search the room and be unable to see where that voice, which also seemed muffled to him, was coming from. He turned and used the wall and part of the window to help him stand back up, the thump of his hand against the window possibly startling Vida would not have occurred to him. Slowly he turned looking around the blurry room till his eyes focused back on the image in the window.. eyes locked with the redhead just outside as she was standing close enough to almost make out distinct features. However.. all he would see is the red hair int he sunlight. It would remind him of being captured.. "LET US OUT YOU BITCH!" He snarled and attacked the window again. Red dots of spittle hitting the window as he attacked it. He would look worse than before.. though he had been force fed a few times.. he was becoming more thin and gaunt looking. In a darker voice he growled at the window. "I'll be sure to rip your pretty face off with my teeth.. first." He then bared his yellow and red teeth to the image with a grin that could only be described as complete insanity.

    Vida bowed her head and let out a quiet sigh of relief when she heard Ludo speak, still able to maintain some kind of coherence... and seemingly unharmed - at least worse than either of them already were. Keeping her composure while knowing they suffered was particularly difficult - and hearing his tone only made that difficult. She didn't speak right away, instead having to make sure she herself wouldn't crack while she spoke to them. Once she was stable, she nodded, one of her hands lifting to place her palm to the window. "I know, old friend. I am so... so sorry..." As Vetis' hand collided against the window, she pulled her own back with a startled gasp. Her eyes went wide and she stared through the window at him; her head shook. "I wish we could get through to you, Vetis... we are trying to find answers to help both of you..." His words stung her, and she had to quietly remind herself... that it wasn't him. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she spoke up toward Ludo again, still fighting for her own composure. "Ásbjörn left an herbal mixture in the room when we first placed you here; one that was supposed to help keep Vetis - and to an extent, you as well - relatively at peace while it burned. Did it seem to you that it helped?"

    Ludo would continue his gaze upon Vetis. His eyes slowly shifted along as Vetis slowly rose to his feet. His heart started to race as he was unsure what would happen next. When the sudden yell from Vetis came from him as he shouted at the window, he let out a whine and crossed his arms around his legs and buried his face into his thighs. His head shook as he heard Vetis's threat to Vida and slowly lifted his head till he could see above his knees at Vetis. He listened to Vida as she spoke and her voice would make him calm down some, her tone soothing to hear as it limited his shaking to just a tremble. "I'm not sure if it has helped him. He had been on his cot for some time until you see him where his is now." He reached his hand across his folded arms and rubbed at the bite mark. The wound felt dull but didn't look like it had healed. "I-I think so. I can't really tell other than that the pain is bearable."

    Vetis Bruun was no longer really hearing the words that the two were saying.. it was coming across as an aggravating noise and he slammed his palm against the window. "What have you done with the others?!" He yelled at the image. "WHERE ARE THEY!" He slammed his hand against the window. If Vida maintained eye contact with him he would start to calm down.. but even one glance away would seem to just enrage him more. "You can't keep us here!" That gave at least some hope that he knew Ludo was there with him... but it seemed he was locked in a memory of being captured by the blood clan.

    Vida frowned in the direction of Ludo's voice. "We need to get you out of there so you can eat and bring so-..." Her response to Ludo was cut short by the surprise of Vetis' words. And just like that... something in her... snapped. A flash of gold in her stare gleamed as her voice rose back at him through the window. Her calm broke momentarily. "DAMN IT, VETIS! I KNOW YOU'RE SOMEWHERE IN THERE! WE'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU, NOT HURT YOU! I KNOW SOME PART OF YOU REMEMBERS WHO I AM! I WANT TO HELP! I WOULD. NOT. HURT. YOU." Her jaw clenched, and she pulled away from the window to try to move out of sight for a time, her back to the door as she drew in a deep breath, dabbed at her eyes, and spoke calmly once more through the door. "... I'm going to go see if I can make the concoction that was given before to try and calm him down, Ludo. Please hang in there while I do. I'll be quick." With that, unless she was stopped, she would take off in a full sprint toward the den.

    Ludo jolted his head back against the wall as Vetis shouted out the window again. He thought for a moment and tilted his head as he was a little confused to Vetis's questioning. The eyes flashed over to windows has he heard Vida's shouts. He looked back over to Vetis. "Vetis, it's Vida! Remember?!" His darted back to the window. "Hurry, Vida. Our brother needs help!" He would slowly scoot over on the the cot to further distance himself from Vetis as he starting to panic.

    Vetis Bruun seemed shocked by the yelling.. though he didn't totally understand the words, something about the females eyes struck him.. that she was closer to the window somehow caused his heart to flutter... was this a trick? The moment she moved away from the window he pressed his face to it trying his hardest to see who it was.. where she had gone.. then a flitting moment when she suddenly disappeared. "NO! VIDA COME BACK!" His voice cracked and a panic started to set in. "PLEASE LITTLE ONE! I AM SORRY!" Had he really recognized her? Was it really her or was it some fucked up trick the blood clan was attempting to play on him once again? Blood tainted tears started to poor out his eyes again. "We're not safe... they will catch you please little one!" he pleaded.. though it was probably too late.. with how quick Vida was, she was more than likely out of ear shot of all of it by now.

    Vida nodded at Ludo's words, if she'd even heard them before she'd taken off. Sadly... she didn't hear the apparent moment of clarity for Vetis. Or maybe it was for the best; she might have fallen apart if she had. Her arrival to the den was abrupt, and whether or not Ásbjörn was there, she would take hold of the deer skin filled with his herbs and frantically work to piece together the remedy he'd shown her previously. She had to lean close to the worktable to catch the right scents and combine them as accurately as she could. Once she felt she'd at least gotten it close enough, she carefully packed it together into a clay dish, mixed it together, and returned to the hut, hoping that nothing had escalated too terribly. "Hello?" She spoke through the door as she began to burn the herbs, moving to a crouch before the door. As best as she could, she tried to guide the scent of the burning concoction through any available cracks in the door (likely the space just beneath it), waiting patiently. "I really... really hope this works..." And if it did, Vetis would at the very least be calm enough for her to open the door. If they were -really- lucky, Ludo's anxiety could be momentarily eased as well. She called through the door to them again as she waited, knelt close to the ground. "Let me know if you notice any sort of change. I am right here for you..."

    Ludo slowly moved his legs down to the floor and moved foward to the edge of the cot as he heard Vetis pleading to Vida. He thought for a moment that his brother was back. He was about to lift himself off the cot until Vetis's next words made him lose hope to his previous thought. He looked towards the door as he heard Vida's call. "Yes! Still here!" He listened to Vida as she spoke and he would start to smell a different scent than that of the blood. The aroma was getting stronger and he would take in a deep breath to try and distinguish it. His head started to feel light and his body slowly went backwards until stopped against the wall. " feels...light. What is hap-" His words cut off as he went unconscious and his body slowly fell to the side onto the cot.

    Vetis Bruun huffed and leaned against the window trying to control his sobbing. When he heard a voice again it was no longer in his mind that it was Vida.. He moved and pressed his face to the window again, unable to fully see who it was at the door.. the smell of smoke would hit his nose first.. and he turned to look in the direction seeing a soft grey rising from what must have been the door.. for a moment he stared watching the strange pattern form then slightly panicked covering his face. "NO! DO NOT BREATH IT IN!" he yelled more at himself than to anyone else... but soon he would stumble slightly.. a feeling of calm hitting him again... and he would sink to the floor once again crawling. "Poison?" he'd say trying to hold his breath but only sucking in more of it.. he heard someone speak.. then heard the sound of something rustling as Ludo flopped over.. this was it. They were finally going to give him peace and kill him.. that had to be it. He relaxed and leaned against the cot slightly as he sat on the floor.. he would wait for death. It had to be fare better than this torture the blood clan continued to put him through.

    Vida made no sound on the other side of the door. Her head bowed and she held her breath to keep from losing her composure and audibly crying. She allowed her hair to hang around her face to obstruct view of her cracked exterior while she worked to regain a hold on herself. As she heard Ludo beginning to fade, she spoke to him unsteadily... even if he didn't hear her by then. "I'm so sorry, Ludo. We're going to find a cure for both of you, whatever it takes. No matter what has to be done..." She swallowed the lump in her throat and waited for Vetis' frantic cries to quiet. As she waited several more minutes just to be sure, she slipped away to the long hall and returned with food on two platters. Normally, she may have had Ludo come out with her... but perhaps rest was for the best. Retrieving the key once enough time had passed (she hoped), she waited a few beats to see if the silence continued... and tentatively, she unlocked the door and stepped in with the platters, looking with a frown toward Ludo, then toward his elder pack brother on the ground. "Vetis... I don't know if you remember me right now... but I really, really hope this is strong enough to keep you from maiming me..." Was she mostly talking to herself? Probably. Unless she was given reason to quickly back out of the hut again, she would begin to cross the room with both platters in her hands.

    Vetis Bruun wavered slightly hearing footsteps and seeing a blur walk through the room. though he felt calm and seemed to be dormant he was fighting the urge to drift off to sleep. He wanted to be awake for what was to possibly come. As she spoke he would catch his name being said.. he would smell food.. and he would watch the blur for as long as possible. However he would not catch all of her words. "Why keep us alive?" was all he ask. His voice subdued sounding even.

    Vida frowned at the question he posed. Seeing Ludo knocked out, she carefully set the platters aside for when he awoke, one of her hands reaching for a clean rag by the wash basin and dipped it into the water. She didn't walk toward him. Instead, she lowered herself to a kneel to make herself appear as even less of a threat, crouch-walking toward Vetis with a deep frown on her face. "We're keeping you alive because we're going to rid you of this sickness..." She'd lost hope that her words even made sense to him, but nonetheless she spoke, even if just to say she could. "...Because you're home. You're among the Frost Fang, and I refuse to lose either of you again..." As she spoke, she reached out toward him cautiously, the damp rag in her hand... waiting to see if he would recoil or react negatively... or if she could continue.

    Vetis Bruun turned his face away from her as she lowered down and the closer she got the more sure he was of the action he was going to take. As the rag nearly touched him he spun attempting to snag her arm.. weather or not he got that arm did not matter.. the moment his eyes locked onto the clear image of Vida his jaw would drop and yet again blood tainted tears filled his eyes. He stared at her for a long while.. quietly.. and lowered his hand as if he wasn't sure what he was looking at. As the tears fell down his cheeks he simply stared at her in silence allowing her to speak and do what she felt she needed to do. All the while.. attempting to make sense of what was going on in his mind.

    Vida froze her movements; she didn't even try to pull away. Not that time. She placed perhaps a dangerous amount of trust in the incense and in what she hoped was left of his mind - but she was there nonetheless. Seeing his tears, bloody or not, crushed her. While she mostly kept herself together, her own eyes welled... and her own tears fell, the marks on her face smudging and dirtying. It was his face she moved the rag toward first as long as he allowed it, intending to dab his tears away. "I'm so sorry..." Her features contorted into something pained all its own as she started to try to clean him. "All this time, I thought you both had left us. I was so... angry.." She paused to swallow the lump in her throat as she looked Vetis over. "... I resented you both when we could have spent that time looking for you if we only knew. We failed you... and I'd spend my life trying to atone for that if it meant ridding you both of this curse..."

    Vetis Bruun seemed to take the moment of her speaking to slowly take all of her in.. from her hair down her forehead to those beautiful eyes that haunted him for months. Every tear she managed to dab away would simply be replaced by another flowing freely down his cheek. He raised his hand, muddied with blood, dirt and even bits of grass.. but he dared not touch her. She would watch as his dark blood shot eyes inspected her face. Stunned by her beauty, and though she had aged some since he last seen her, there was enough of her features that were the same young wolf he had walked away from. "I could not find her.." he finally spoke up. "I could not find any of them.. I should have never left.. I should have just dealt with their deaths and come back to you.. my ghost.. my little ghost walker.." it seemed, even though she was touching him, speaking to him and cleaning his wounds before him.. he still did not believe she was actually there in front of him. "Now I'll never see you again.. I've put you in so much danger." his thin face contorting into that of pain as his heart started to break.. his eyes squinted shut. "I am such a failure.. they'll all die because of me."

    Vida watched his lifted hand with quiet apprehensiveness. After a few seconds, she shook her head and reached to take it in her own to clean it with the rag, turning the cloth around to find a clean spot to use. "You did what you felt you needed to, Vetis..." Something in his words caused her to choke out a quick sob before she could stop herself, at least managing to hold the rest back. In her mind... part of her feared him too far gone to cure, even if it wouldn't stop her from trying if she could. As it turned out... at least part of his words echoed her own thoughts. "You are not a failure..." Her nose lifted to the air to sniff it; the incense still seemed to be burning fine. So with a sigh, she collapsed to a sit next to him as she searched for exposed parts of him that looked particularly dirty: his arms, more than likely, if he let her. "Arianna will be back anyday. I will wait for her... and then we will find answers. You and Ludo will be well again... cured and freed from this hut." The incense kept her from becoming angered, herself - her frustration stemming from whatever was keeping the alpha away from home.

    Vetis Bruun seemed to slump some. the smells of the incense soothing him more and more.. though there was still pain it was more in his heart and gut than anywhere else. The more she cleaned of his wounds the more calm he became. Though the wounds themselves would start to bleed a bit more fresh as if they were just made. She might note that they used some sort of clotting concoction to get them to stop bleeding in the first place. The further she'd move she would possibly see that the wounds he had were actually marks carved into his flesh in the shapes of runes. He opened his eyes slightly, his face turned away from her as he leaned his head against the cot.. he blinked a few times then slowly started to close them again. "My mate gone." he said in a tone hardly above a whisper. "My children all dead..." he paused for a moment his eyes closed. "And because of me, what little family i had left will all die.. What place do i have in Valhalla now?" he would be quiet a few moments more.. eyes shut. She would figure out by his ragged shaking breath that he had fallen into sleep once again.
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    Wake into insanity Empty Arianna Returns

    Post by Codex on Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:52 am

    Vida observed in curious silence the way his wounds behaved. Her brow furrowed and she used one of her armbands to wipe the tears from her own face, leaving black smudges all over her cheeks and around her eyes. Every additional word helped her heart to crack a little more. She set the rag aside with a deep frown, one hand moving to his chest - her palm pressing flat to the center to feel for a heartbeat, as if she feared the worst. She had to get out of there before she fell apart entirely. Her tone lowered to a whisper, choked out between quiet sobs as she spoke one final thing to him. "Rest... but do not leave us yet. I cannot bring you back if you leave us..." Rising to a stand, she let him be after making silent note of the runes on his flesh, memorizing them bit by bit. She hadn't forgotten Ludo. As she turned to face him, she paused... debated between leaving him to rest, and waking him. Her head shook and she moved toward him, leaning down to rest a hand to his shoulder and gently nudge him. "Ludo.. wake up. Can you hear me?"

    Ludo heard a faint voice that seemed far off into the distance. His eyes slowly opened and moved his head over to side facing Vida. Her figure was a blurred image at first but he blinked his eyes a few times until she became clearer to him. His heart began to beat as he noticed her red hair, then her beautiful face, until he noticed that the paint under her eyes was smeared. His body twitched as he tried to quickly raise up from the cot. "V-Vida? W-what's going on?" He lifted himself off the cot until he was standing in front of her. He got a closer look at her face and began to worry. "Are you alright? Hurt?" He looked at Vetis over Vida's shoulder and noticed he was on the floor and then looked back at Vida. "What's going on?" he asked again as if he had forgotten that he already spoke of the question.

    Vida blinked at his question. Her head shook, and she thought quickly to try to come up with a good excuse for the state of her own face. "... Oh, I must have smeared it while I was trying to clean his wounds, that's all." Offering him a small smile, she followed his glance toward Vetis and her features sobered for only a moment before she looked back toward him. "I'm fine. I thought you might want to step out for a little while? He is resting and these herbs should be able to burn for a little while longer - enough for you to at least get some fresh air..."

    Ludo calmed down as he listened to her and was lost in thought for a moment as he remembered her smile and how much he realized he had missed seeing that. He reached up and rubbed his forehead, still feeling the effects from the smoke. "That is good, I don't know how long it has been since he was able to settle down." He placed his hand back down to his side. "I..think that would be wonderful. This smoke isn't making me think to clearly."

    Vida nodded. "The druid who helped us bring you and Vetis the rest of the way to the village... taught me an herbal mixture that can calm and contain for a limited time. It seems to have been helpful..." She stared up at him in a moment of welcome peace, and for a little while, her own worry was able to be pushed aside, lest it drove her mad. Ludo was at least clear-headed enough to still leave the hut, and that much was a positive. With a final look toward Vetis, she drew in a deep breath, nodded, and pushed the door open - gesturing for Ludo to step out whenever he was ready. "... Though I do admit, yes, it -can- certainly make you heavy-lidded sometimes..."

    Ludo nodded as Vida spoke. He gave her a faint smile. "Well have you grown up?" he try and say playfully to her. He watched her head for the door and he would look down at Vetis for a moment. 'Hang in there, brother.' he would say to himself. He looked back over to Vida and nodded and would follow her out of the hut.

    Vida managed to smile faintly at his words. She hadn't expected teasing, but she welcomed it without so much as an eyeroll this time. Instead, she chuckled, even if the sound was hollow - as she fired back wit ha hint of playfulness. "Maybe you have too?" She started through the village at slower steps, having forgotten entirely that she'd at least brought them bread and left it in their hut. "Are you hungry? Maybe we should get something for you to eat... and something for you to bring back to Vetis..."

    Ludo breathed in the fresh air as he stepped outside of the hut. He let out a small laugh. "The way my body feels I think maybe." He put his hand on his stomach for a moment. "I think I'm ok for now. I feel more exhausted than anything." He looked around the village for a moment. "Where is everyone? Where is the alpha? I have not seen him since we arrived." His mind wondering where the rest of the pack was at.

    Vida shrugged at that, deciding against making an immediate trek toward the long hall. Her steps remained leisurely, his questions causing her to look toward him and blink. "Arianna has been away. As soon as I heard tell of what was happening with you both, I sent a messenger raven her way. She sent back word asking to wait until she returned... and that was shortly before we found you not -too- far from the village..." Her gaze was on the ground by then, stubbornly trying to wipe the smudged paint from her face.

    Ludo nodded his head as she spoke and continued to look around the village. When Vida said Arianna's name, he looked over at her. "How are the alpha's? Is Annoth and Arianna doing well, I hope?" It had been awhile since he had seen the alphas, Vida, everyone.

    Arianna caught sight of Vida and Ludo standing just outside the small hut. She heard Runa's call for her to be careful but at the moment she was more interested in finding out what had happened and how bad off they where. Without hesitation she moved right up to them both.. she would smell strongly of sea salt and sun kissed skin. It was apparent she was out to sea longer than normal. Though she was tired she was happy to see them both. She would stop just in front of Ludo and reach up to attempt to guide him down to touch foreheads. "I am so sorry brother." She spoke.. no fear for his illness or of anything she had been warned about. Perhaps risking more than the others dared to in how she was attempting to embrace her long lost pack member if he allowed it. She then turned to Vida and noticed almost instantly the smears on her face. "W-where is Vetis?" she asked with a tint of fear in her voice. To her, Ludo did not look ill... but the lack of the other pack member made her falter some. Luckily she had not heard Ludo's questions of herself and Annoth before hand.

    Runa Chernobog hung back, watching as Arianna rushed forwards, Nodding a greeting to Vida, she curiously watched, not having met the new comers, or what was going exactly, she simply waited, and watched.

    Vida blinked at the plural of alpha. Her brow furrowed and she murmured, more to herself than anything. "... Has it really been that long?" She frowned, her shoulders slumping. Arianna and Annoth as a duo wasn't something she felt comfortable answering just yet. "Maybe we can talk about that another... time..." As Arianna and Runa approached, she looked up and a conflicted look formed in her features - determined not to crack in front of anyone else, despite the urge to do just that. That is, except for the glistening in her eyes. She couldn't quite hold that back, but she spoke as steadily as she could - pausing to nod a greeting back to Runa as she caught it, forcing as convincing a smile as she could. "Vetis is... resting. It turns out what we learned from the spirit wasn't quite so simple as 'illness...'"

    Ludo looked at Vida with a confused look as she answered him. He heard the sound of footsteps coming near and as he turned he noticed that it was Arianna and a female coming up behind. He noticed something was different about Arianna. She looked aged compared to the last time he saw her and her movement was more stern than he could not remember used to be. As Arianna reached up to him, he would allow her to pull him close to her till their foreheads touched. "It is just good that we have found you all."

    Arianna would catch the glisten in Vida's eyes and turn to look at the hut as she spoke. She moved away from them to glance through the window then looked down at the small clay bowl full of something burning and wafting in. She noted that Vetis was on the floor resting against the cot instead of on it.. there looked to be wounds all over his arms. "How long ago was it you found them?" she asked as she moved to the door, carefully pushing it open with intent to go in.

    Runa Chernobog continued to stand, watching with a small measure of worry as Arianna moved towards the cabin, Nodding a greeting to the male, she turned to Vida, knowing that the Spirit walker had more answers than she did.

    Vida looked between them silently for a time. Her chest rose and fall in a heavy, quiet sigh. "It's good that you made it before your illness took your own clarity. Seeing both of you in that state would have been-..." As Arianna moved past them, she parted her lips to protest, her hand lifting as she turned to follow after her. "Be careful! It is blood sickness... We have had to quarantine them both for the most part, to try to insure that no one is bitten and afflicted alongside them. Ludo's hasn't progressed nearly as far as Vetis' has, so he's been able to step out with us from time to time. The incense was able to calm him enough to rest... for now." Her head shook at the question. "A few days ago, maybe..." She briefly glanced over her shoulder at both Ludo and Runa, likely to make mental note of their location for paranoia's sake.

    Ludo watched as Arianna walked past towards the hut and looked at the female standing and nodded in greeting back to her. He doesn't remember seeing her before. His thought was interrupted as he heard Vida and turned and looked. "He is not..himself. He.." He tried to explain but the memories of what had happened hit him and he just went quiet for the moment.

    Arianna paused at the door for a moment. her head turned and her eyes looking over her shoulder at Vida. Then they would flit to see where Runa and Ludo stood before she would move further into the hut. Leaving the door open. She took careful steps and knelt down beside Vetis and reached a hand out with careful fingers to move his hair from his face. His face scrunched slightly then went back to calm. Even with her knelt beside the large man she suddenly realized how small he seemed compared to the last she seen him. She looked over his wounds that she could see.. then made her decision. She wrapped her arm behind his shoulder and moved the other under his legs, and lifted him to the cot.. surprised by just how light he felt in her arms. Once he was upon the cot in a comfortable position she moved to the bowl of water and gathered a few things. Dipping a rag and returned to his side. She would do this quietly so as not to cause disruption. She started to remove his shirt and furs, her intention was to get him some clean clothing.. but this is when she let out a soft gasp loud enough for Vida and the others to hear. If any peered or peeked in.. they would see tears in their alpha's eyes as her hand hovered over what seemed to be many more wounds that had been hidden under the shirt.

    Runa Chernobog moved forwards, peeking through the door and watching Arianna's actions. looking towards the male, she could sense his grief, even as her nose wrinkled at the peculiar odor emanating from his skin. Hearing Vida call it "blood sickness" her brain connected the scent, and she frowned, Moving closer she could smell the much harsher scent even over the smell of the incense. Standing still she simply watched longer, not knowing what, if anything she could do to help.

    Vida heard Ludo's statement and had to hang her head for a moment as she frowned. "It's true..." She froze in place as she watched Arianna move in - but the moment she heard so much as the hint of a gasp, she instinctively rushed into the cabin with as much silence as she could muster. As soon as she saw what had caused such a reaction, her stomach turned and she had to hold her breath once more to keep herself together. When she finally spoke, it was in a quivering tone that would have only been readily heard by anyone else who had come near enough to hear the whispered words. "... We have to get the cure. We can't lose them..." Before she could stop it, the hint of an animalistic whimper formed in her throat, and she quickly fought to hide as much of it as she could.

    Ludo watched as Arianna moved inside the cabin. He suddenly felt a cold sweat as he reached up and wiped at his forehead. He moved closer to the hut and took a step up but stumbled on the next step and caught himself on the post. He looked up at the female and hoped she had not noticed what had happened. He slowly walked behind her towards the window and looked in. He watched as Arianna cleaned Vetis's wounds and his eyes would fall upon his wounds and his eyes would start to water. The images replayed in his mind of those nights of what the Blood clan had done his old brother. He couldn't take looking at them anymore and turned looking out from the hut.

    Arianna hearing Vida's words she would turn her face slightly attempting to hide the tears that fell from her eyes... she focused on cleaning Vetis' face first.. but mostly because she couldn't for the life of her think of what she could do for the other wounds. "Did they do this to him? or did the blood sickness do this to him?" she asked.. there was a hint of absolute anger in her voice. If Vida watched closely.. she would see Aria's hand shaking slightly every time it paused in movement. No amount of incense would change the rage that was filling her heart right then. Though she was gentile, Vetis' face would scrunch up from time to time as if it pained him every time she cleaned around a wound. All of them looked infected beyond hope. "Get Ludo in here." she said in a careful tone so as not to wake Vetis. Though she was at a loss with no real ability or skill to try and clean such wounds, she would still attempt to anyway. "Was there nothing Annoth or Asbjorn could do?" She started to notice almost instantly that the wounds she cleaned would start to bleed freely now. Almost as if they had just been made. She frowned and placed her hand on one attempting to get it to stop.

    Runa Chernobog reached as the male stumbled, pulling her hand back just shy of touching him, Looking down curiously, she felt a heat in her palm as she neared him, backing up slightly as he moved to go in the cabin, Following them in, she gasped, tears welling in her eyes at the sight of the wounded man up close, the scent of the illness heavy n the enclosed space. Looking between them, she waited on Vida's response, even as something tinged in her memory, her forehead furrowing as she tried to make sense of it all.

    Vida shook her head in response to the question. "Annoth was able to ground Vetis in roots until he was contained; Ásbjörn helped to calm him enough to bring him here, and he taught me how to create the herbal mix whenever it's needed. Or... he showed me, anyway. I don't know-..." Knowing Ludo was nearby, she moved closer to the blonde, likely to whisper into her ear and try to prevent at least Ludo from overhearing. "Arianna... I have not seen this since I was a child. Any that I have seen infected with this illness... I have not seen well again. But if you'll allow it... I will go to the Blood Clan myself with a deal... to try to bargain for a cure. Unless you have any other ideas..." Part of her honestly hoped the alpha had somehow magically forgotten Vida's own ill relation to the clan. Aware of Runa's presence, she glanced back toward her, stony-faced, as she pulled away from Arianna and moved to gently call Ludo in - careful not to somehow push or bump Runa in the process if she could... waiting just a moment to see if anyone else would beckon to him before she did. "Ludo... can you come in here, please?"

    Ludo looked out across the village staring at nothing in particular in the area but only of the images replaying in his mind. He gritted his teeth and slightly shook his head at the thoughts as it was starting to make him upset. He reached up to his arm and felt one of the wounds on his arm. The sharp pain made him gasp but only tightened his jaw more. He heard Vida call for him and he would walk inside the hut. He walked up beside Arianna and looked down at Vetis. Having to see the wounds again agitated him more. "I..I don't know what to do. I tried but I..can't do it. I can't!" He would turn away from them and look down towards the floor.

    Arianna looked down at Vida as she spoke then softly shook her head. Tears still welled up in her eyes but had finally stopped flowing down her cheeks. "No, I will not risk you too. The spirits said they were hunting them right? Then send a raven to Sunthor, Tell him to drop what he is doing and come home now. We need his skills.. we'll show them what it is to actually be hunted." She said sternly, her hand pressed firmly against the wound as if that would stop it from bleeding. the frail body that was left of Vetis did not look like it could lose much more blood than it already had. She used her other hand to place a cool rag upon his forehead, his flesh was hot to the touch. Obvious fever was there. She would look up to Ludo as he entered and then notice Runa with a frown. The small hut was becoming to crowded and who knew when or if Vetis would suddenly become hostile again. This was starting to become more dangerous. "Ludo, tell me what happened to Vetis and you..." she noted he turned away from her and his pack brother. With a frown she glanced back at Vetis then moved away, letting go of his wound and reaching to grab hold of Ludo's arm. If she managed she would turn him to face her. "Ludo! Your brother needs you!" That alpha commanding tone.

    Runa Chernobog stayed back, close to the door, sensing the unease in the room. Looking between the men, then to Vida & Arianna, she pauses, starts to speak then stops herself, curious to hear the tale as well, opting to listen first

    Vida looked toward Ludo with a deep frown. After knowing the 'normal' him, it pained her to see him at such a loss. Quickly blinking out a tear and wiping it away, she only forced herself to stay back as Arianna moved to turn him to her. Her alpha's stern 'no' was enough for Vida to reluctantly agree not to go, even if the idea lingered at the back of her mind in the event that desperate measures were called for. At her command, she nodded, carefully moving past Runa and stepping out onto the porch, -hopefully- still within earshot of what Ludo might have had to say... depending on how softly he said it. A sharp whistle would not do this time; she feared it would wake Vetis, and the thought of that made her nervous at the moment. So, she made use of her family's bizarre ability to mimic, a soft series of clicks and a couple of caws coming from her mouth - as close to the call of a raven as her vocal cords would allow. Not the most acoustically appealing thing in the world to come from a woman's mouth, but it was better than the alarming start-and-stop of a whistle. Her arm extended expectantly as she reached for parchment and pen if she could find some near the chair just outside the door, and it was there that she waited for just a time - her ear remaining trained on those within the hut.

    Ludo felt the hairs on his neck start to rise as Arianna spoke. The images of those events were fogging his mind and he tried to shake them out. "I don't want to talk about it!" As Arianna grabbed hold of his arm, he had flashback of watching the Blood Clan torture Vetis as the guards held him back, forcing him to watch the horrific scene of what was happening to his pack brother. That firm grip Arianna had on his arm made him go into an instant rage. As she managed to turn him around to face her, he would attempt to lunge at her, grabbing her extended arm on him and bite down on her bicep.

    Arianna was not expecting Ludo's reaction. His aggravation should have been a clue into what he was going through. As he pulled her arm to his mouth there was a sudden spark of realization and she attempted to punch him away from her. She was to late.. she felt his teeth break her skin, just as her fist would probably connect with his face. If he let go she would stumble back watching him intently, and Vetis as well.. she would stand between Ludo and Runa and the door. "Runa, leave." she said in a commanding tone not wanting the young one to get attacked next. She was glad Vida was already on the outside of the hut.

    Runa Chernobog gasped, watching as the male attacked Arianna. Seeing her swing, Runa stopped herself, resisting the almost primal urge to protect the Alpha, and instead, paused, half in and half out the door, ready to do...what she wasn't sure, but frustrated at the order to leave. Standing between Vida and others, she clenched her burning fists, feeling a crawl run up her spine as she stood poised, ready to fight or run as need dictated

    Vetis Bruun starts to wake hearing a scuffle.. he slowly sits up and moves to the edge of the cot.. his mind clouded as much as his vision and lets out a low growl of annoyance at the sudden disturbance.

    Vida heard the flare in Ludo's temper before she could do anything about it. Her arm withdrew just as the raven was about to land, causing it to flail around after her and try to land on her shoulder before she rushed back to the entrance of the hut. Her hands reached out instinctively for Runa, intending to try and pull her back out onto the porch if she could - if she hadn't gotten there already. "Come out here, quickly!" She said this almost simultaneously with Arianna's command, the words leaving her lips before she had time to process it. Her nose lifted to the air; the incense had died down to nothing, unless her nose was playing tricks on her. "The calm is leaving them..." If she could even catch sight of Ludo, her expression would fall into a frown of dread; was his condition worsening as well? As the raven landed to her shoulder with an agitated ruffle of its feathers, she looked toward Arianna with wide eyes, having not yet noticed the bite on her arm. She looked between both females worriedly, the task of sending the raven to Sunthor momentarily forgotten, though not permanently. Vetis' growl was the final nail. She looked more pleadingly between both Runa and Arianna. "Please... get out here. We need to close and lock the door again. Now..."

    Ludo came to after the attack and looked down at Arianna's arm. He noticed the bite mark and suddenly taste the blood in his mouth. He looked up at her with his eyes wide. "I-I am sorry. I don't know what came over me." He started to step closer but stopped as he heard the growl coming from Vetis. He looked back up towards Arianna and could hear Vida trying to get the female out. His eyes fell onto Arianna, tears welling underneath. "Please...please..." was all he could call out to her.

    Arianna caught sight of Vetis sitting up. The moment the growl left him she back peddled with her arm outstretched as if to grab Runa not knowing she had already moved into the doorway. Once her body was sensed, Arianna would simply shove her out of the way if she did not move. Using her own body. She pulled the door shut tightly in front of her and placed a boot on the wall as if to be sure it stayed closed till someone locked it. She ignored the sting of the wound on her arm, not wanting to look at it.. cursing herself in her mind for not catching onto Ludo's sudden mood change. Her teeth clenched as fear started to well up in her chest and her heart started to pound heavy and fast. Drowning out the words of pretty much all around her. That Vetis sat up so suddenly, with as frail and sick as he looked.. and that growl. It bit down to the child inside of her and scared the absolute shit out of her.

    Vetis Bruun could hear the feet as they moved through the door and the door closed. his instincts had him upon his feet instantly and moving for it. He grasped hold of the handle and tugged hard attempting to pull the door open again. He heard the pleas from Ludo, his own mind going back to when they were tortured and thinking that somehow Ludo's pleading voice was on the other side. They had given up on torturing Vetis for the where abouts of the clan.. now Ludo was going to be tortured. He let out a roar from the other side of the door.. tugging and flailing against it, in his mind.. to save Ludo. He would kill every last one of them!

    Runa Chernobog half pulled half fell out the door at Arianna's sudden departure from inside. Instinct kicking in, Runa swiftly relocked the door, Stumbling back and dragging Arianna and reaching for Vida, she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, listening in horror as the man that appeared so near death suddenly regained strength and beat upon it, Hissing at Vida she pointed at the incense, not sure why it had helped but knowing that they must get it burning again quickly if they had any chance of protecting themselves against the sick males now contained inside the house.

    Vida paused her movements for just a few seconds. Hearing Ludo's pleas caused her tears to fall a little more freely, stopping herself from going toward the door as she watched Runa step forth to lock it. Thankful, she looked on in silence at first, the hissing and pointing catching her attention as she nodded. "I will return to the den to see to finding more to contain them soon, assuming there's enough left. But first, we need to-.." Her voice trailed off as the sight of blood caught her attention. The color drained from her features, and she looked almost wildly toward the alpha. "Arianna... were you-...?"

    Ludo felt light headed and stumbled back, catching himself against the wall. He watched as Vetis got up and went to the door trying to open it. The sudden thought hit him and he began to question if is fate was to become as of Vetis's. Tears began to roll down his cheek as his body started to feel weak and slowly slid down the wall. His legs collapsing out in front of him as his butt hit the floor, his feet falling limp to the sides. All he could do was watch his old pack brother and cry.

    Arianna looked to Runa and once the door was locked she herself stumbled back some staring at it. As Vida spoke she started to come out of the fog and looked at her. Then slowly looked down at her arm. The bite mark looked so innocent, however the amount of blood that flowed from it did not.. she dug her hand into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a bandage. Wrapping it quickly and tightly so as to attempt to stop it. She stood there holding her arm for a long moment and then looked back at the hut. Her silver eyes wide as she listened to the clawing and roars from Vetis. She was worried about leaving Ludo in there now... though how would they separate him safely? "Its barely a bite.." she attempted to shrug off the wound.. "We'll find the cure.. get the note out to Sunthor.. No one is to enter this.. not even to feed them." she said looking back to Vida finally. "It is just too dangerous." She moved slightly to the side and peeked through the window just enough to see Ludo on the floor.. then turned her head and looked at the two of her pack sisters. "We will find a cure." she said, remembering clearly what Vida had said to her before. "Whatever it takes.." she turned looking directly at Vida.. almost as if to tell her that perhaps the blood clan idea she had before wasn't a bad one.

    Runa Chernobog nodded her head at Arianna's words, hearing the truth behind them. Watching as the Alpha wrapped the wound, she again touched her lightly.. "Let's go clean that up while Vida sends for Sunthor. I...." she stopped herself, the words from her former family still ringing in her ears amid the roars and growls coming from behind the door that suddenly didn't seem quite so secure as before halting her actions. Gritting her teeth, she turned her strangely colored eyes up and looked between the two women. "There must be something i can do to help..." she stuttered, her voice soft. "my, well the ones i assumed were my brothers, always came home bloodied and bruised.. and i have some knowledge of cleaning a wound at least, Let me try, since the others aren't here and we can't risk you Arianna." she sighed, mentally cursing the ones that raised her for not teaching her more. "Lets move away.. just to be safe..."

    Vetis Bruun continued to snarl curse and claw at the door. He would do this for hours till he finally wore out enough to slunk down behind it. Tears welling up in his eyes as he would feel helpless, useless and defeated by a mere door. Not knowing that he was attacking his loved ones nor that the door held him in there by use of the silver lock that was blocking on the other side.

    Vida slowly shook her head, her eyes wide almost as if with defeat. "Watch your wound. If it does not heal... we will need to quarantine you as well." She started to move away from the hut and both females, her breathing ragged and frantic. If she was -really- lucky, Ásbjörn wouldn't be within his cave when she went to put together another concoction to calm them once more... if there were even enough herbs left to do so. She needed to break away and break down on her own. Arianna's words struck her... as well as the need to get away once she finished her note. So she scrawled a desperate note onto parchment, finally giving the rolled up paper to the raven, her hands trembling. "Give this to Sunthor... Sunthor..." She offered it a small trinket in exchange for its services, watching it take flight toward its intended target. Glancing between Runa and Arianna, she gestured toward the door. "When they are calm... perhaps try anything you may know then - but not anytime before you're certain they're pacified..."

    Ludo watched as Vetis fell down to the floor. His heart felt broken as he just stared over at him. His light headiness was increasing more, making him start to feel nauseous. He would slowly try to reach his arm out to reach and it would start to tremble. Sweat perforating from his body as he was feeling hot. Then he would slump over to his side and pass out.

    Arianna agreed with Runa and moved from the door. She would start to walk toward the long house then pause only to vier off and head to her own hut. "I will meet up with you in a few. I have to do something." She called out.. she had every intention of hunting down the omegas. their chores needed to be done.. but for now... she was more interested in making sure her own hut was secure, just in case she herself would need to be quarantined.

    Runa Chernobog watched as Arianna moved away,nodding at her words. Moving away to the well, she drew some water, taking advantage of the ever burning fire of her brothers to set it to boil, moving towards the woods for some herbs while the water boiled and she waits on Arianna's return.

    Vida made a beeline for the den while barely keeping herself together, waiting once more until she was alone to lose her composure. Assuming she could find the right herbs, she would have it ready for them to be pacified when next they woke from their exhaustion.

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