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    A Plan and a Bond

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    A Plan and a Bond Empty A Plan and a Bond

    Post by Codex on Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:45 pm

    Vida had been in his den mere moments ago. If what he had taught her and what she had applied was any indication, anyone aware enough could have put two and two together... and figured out what she'd placed into the pouches she wore on a strap around her thigh. But she was running out of time... and growing a little more frantic. Failing to see or hear him approaching his den, she exited it in a jog, scanning the area for him. As wildly as she looked around, it would have been entirely possible for her to go right past him without realizing it... unless he caught her coming and stopped her, one way or another.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would come trudging from the woods, smelling heavily of smoke and earth. He had been gathering herbs and other reagents, mumbling to himself, lost in thought. When he saw her he'd give a low throated grunt, and nod to her. "My Vida..." He'd growl, bowing his head to her. He'd watch her rush past and he'd give a louder grunt. "VIDA!"

    Vida blinked and stopped suddenly, her eyes going wide. She nearly tripped over herself at his second call, turning and heading to him. "There you are..." She paused to catch her breath as if she'd been in constant movement throughout the entire day, stepping toward him and reaching up to try and bring his forehead down to hers as he'd always done - perhaps a little more firmly than she normally would have. "I was afraid I wouldn't find you..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would put his forehead to hers and grunt in affection. " wrong?" He'd remark, brow knitting in concern as he looked over her, noting the panting and seemingly apparent rush in her demeanor.

    Vida reached her hands out to lay them to his arms if she could, staring up at him with a frown. "... I just wanted to see you again in case something went wrong." Her own brow furrowed as she watched his face, drawing in a deep breath. Her scent was... mildly different - strangely sweet and distinctive in a way. The scent may have deceived some... but with his sense of smell... it was just as likely that he could tell the difference between a feint and reality. Of course, if he for some reason couldn't tell the difference... there was always the question of why she smelled as if she was with child. She spoke to him after a few seconds, her thumbs brushing affectionately along his skin if he had allowed her to touch him. "We are making a deal to obtain the cure we need... but I wanted to just... speak to you one more time, just in case."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would sense...something...different...odd about her. " of what?" He'd rumble, looking at her now with new concern. "I am close to a cure..." He'd grunt, nodding towards his cave. "At least... I think I am... I'm trying to mix spiritually soothing herbs with those that help staunch bleeding... can help?"

    Vida bit into her lip and frowned. She didn't answer his initial question right away and only shook her head, her voice quiet. "I ... don't know if we have time to try to create the cure ourselves, my bear. I used what you taught me to calm Vetis long enough to get close and try to clean his wounds. He looks... terrible. I don't know if he's even going to make it..." As much as she tried to keep her tone steady, her voice cracked near the end of her words. "They... carved runes into his body, placed their mark on him. He only bleeds more if you try to tend to his wounds. It's terrible... and Ludo is beginning to show signs of change as well..." She pressed one corner of her lips back into a tight, straight line as she reached up to brush a fingertip along his jawline. "I have a plan to rid the clan of the sickness entirely... but it is risky... and it's why I came looking for you..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would narrow his eyes and give an obviously concerned grunt. "They....this sickness isn't natural... tainted by the Pattern Breaker...." He'd grunt and look off in their direction, then back to his den. "If they can be spirit...the body will heal itself...I... I think I might have a way but... it's very risky...what do you have in mind, my Vida?" He'd ask.

    Vida followed his glance this time when he looked toward his den. Her head tilted, and her brow furrowed. "I have told Arianna my plan already and we have arranged it... but I want to hear yours first." She nodded toward his den, her lips pursing - silently asking if he preferred they spoke within his home.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would give an audible growl of frustration. He seemed very bothered by this and would look to her with a serious expression. "If... I can exorcise the taint from them... then they will be able to do so I'd need be close...with my herbs to keep them sedated...then I'd need to slip into the Umbra....and fight away the darkness over them..."

    Vida reached out to take hold of his hand. If she could, she tugged him toward her as she took a few steps back, padding carefully toward the den if possible, despite the frustration in his voice. "Should this ordeal go wrong... you may need to if we are to cure them. Your herbs alone have been very, very useful in keeping them calm enough to approach them..." Mention of the Umbra alone made her nervous in a way still, her head shaking. "Though I worry about the idea of you stepping into the Umbra right now in a place that is not as protected as your home is..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would take her hands with his and go with her to the den. "The herbs heal the body..and allow it to be open to spiritual cleansing... I just...use Gaia's gifts to make the healing stronger.." He'd reply. When they reached the den he would put a hand on either side of her face and pul it to his, forehead to forehead. "They are...your family... my little brothers... Gaia would want me to help them all the same...they are her children...if something happens to me in the Umbra.... you will need to purify my body and give it proper burial..lest my spirit plague it after..."

    Vida listened to him as she walked with him, pausing within the den and allowing him to move her as he wished. Her brow furrowed even as their foreheads touched. Her eyes closed for a moment, tightly, and her lips pressed together just as firmly as she formed a whimper in her throat. A single tear managed to fight its way out of the corner of one of her eyes, her hands moving to rest atop the backs of his. "No... We couldn't both be gone..." Her words were cryptic... but they hinted nonetheless  toward what had been going through her own mind.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would look at her, eyebrow raising. "....Both....gone?" He'd rumble, looking her over. "What exactly is your plan...Vida?" He'd remark, moving closer to her with both a curious and worried expression.

    Vida hesitantly opened both her eyes to look at him. A sudden, eerie calm took her. "If you have to do that... it means the plan I had failed..." She stared back at him and swallowed the lump in her throat. "What I tell you.. I need you to promise me you will not share your awareness of this with anyone else but the alpha, Arianna. -Anyone.- She is the only other one who would know the truth. The others are kept in the dark on purpose..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg wraps his massive hands around hers and pulls her in. "You know whatever you say to me is kept in utmost confidence..." He'd pull her in more so his arms were around her. "What's going on...Vida?"

    Vida braced herself... likely fearing he wouldn't like what he was telling her. Her own arms moved to wrap around him, and her head tilted back to look up toward him. "We are playing by the Blood Clan's standards. 'Fair' is not something they adhere to, and honor for them is... fluid. So, I presented an offer to them through another. They counter-offered... and we accepted." She watched his face closely, and drew in a deep breath. "The deal is the cure... in exchange for our land... and my life...  as well as my unborn child's... Effectively offering them vengeance for my mother and father's betrayal, as well as my defecting to another clan." If he showed signs of interjecting, she would quickly shake her head and bring a finger to his lips to try and stop him, her voice lowering to a whisper as if she feared being overheard. "... You noticed the smell, didn't you? It fooled the messenger, and even Arianna. It is not true... but for all intents and purposes, if anyone asks... I am..." Her brows raised and she offered him a meaningful gaze. "... And I am not surrendering myself so easily. It is not entirely as it sounds... "

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg's eyes widened as he listened and almost went of on a rage till she explained further.... it still didnt' help his mood. "No.... no.. I will not have you risk yourself needlessly.. let me...try first... if I can help them then these tainted shifters...will not get foothold take their offer than you might as well kill yourselves now...because once you show submission it will not will NEVER stop...they will continue to use their poison....against their own KIND even..." He'd shake his head in disgust, growling loudly, he'd begin to slowly pace back and forth. "Those who come into my land...the lands of Gaia... carry the taint of the Pattern Breaker, they DIE." He'd say with force. "They inflict their own with this poison....they are not cousins of mine... we will not resort to their poison..." He'd move to her, kneeling down. "Give me one try and save them....if I don't...then we use your plan.....please?"

    Vida stared back at him with surprise, and her head quickly shook. "Love..." She chewed on her bottom lip, bringing her hands to the sides of his face. "It is an ambush. There are two of them, versus an entire pack of us. Arianna has defended me since I was a tiny, sniveling, terrified little child... and there was a time when Vetis and Ludo both fought to keep me out of harm's way. To do this for them pales in comparison to what has been done for me. I would even say that you are more than welcome to join us... because clearly you hold just about as much anger toward them as we do..." Watching him take a knee, her heart cracked. As large as she was, she didn't have to do the same to reach him. Leaning forward, she tried to wrap her arms tightly around him if she could, drawing in a deep, unsteady breath. "The arrangement has already been made... but if you insist so strongly, I do not feel right saying no to you..." She frowned at him,  turning her head to brush her cheek to his if she could. "... I will try to provide you that chance. However, should you succeed... I would still rather meet them at their campsite so they can be shown what it means to harm one of our own. I grow tired of playing nice. My spirit bears the scars of the last clan that brought harm to us, and I live with the aftermath even now. This one will not do the same without paying for it..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg puts his hands upon her shoulders and look at her, his thumb rubbing her skin. "Even if I succeed... I will come with you....and if these fallen..brothers and sisters of mine... choose to try to use their foul magic here?" He'd lean in, rubbing his cheek to hers as he gave a deep, murring ursine grumble before he'd turn to kiss her cheek and whisper. "I'll break them....both..."

    Vida blinked at him a few times, a deep sigh of relief coming from her. And that hint of darkness came from her in her tone as she turned her head toward him, her hand resting to the side of his face. "I would rather they be broken regardless of what they do, my old man. I have no sympathy for these people any longer. Their clan took both my parents and would have taken my life too, had they thought a runt like me worth hunting at the time... as a child..." Her jaw clenched as she spoke, and by the time she'd paused, she'd moved down to a crouch herself, making herself small against him as if in some subconscious way of seeking comfort in his size. "It means more to me than I can say... that you would join us in this..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would smile and move his face to rub his cheek on hers, then move his lips to kiss her brow. "Gaia gave you to me late in my life... I will not waste time I have left, being anywhere else but beside you, Vida..." He'd smile, closing his eyes and letting out a soft breath. "You are my mate..."

    Vida paused and stared at him as if something had struck her. Her features sobered and... he'd managed to distract her from her own thirst for vengeance. "Mate..." She hadn't heard that word used toward her in ... a long, long time. When the surprise wore down enough for her to respond more, she found herself unable to think of her own words. Instead, she pressed her lips firmly and passionately to his if he allowed it, her eyes squeezing shit, her arms wrapping tightly around him.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would nod and close his eyes, smiling broadly. "Mmmhm....mate.." He'd say matter of factly before returning his mouth to hers, kissing back. He'd put one arm around her and pull her in tight. "I like the sound of it....what about you?"

    Vida allowed herself to be pulled in. Her head turned and she laid her head to his shoulder, nuzzling in until her forehead pressed gently to his neck. "I like it too. I love it..." Her fingernail brushed along his jawline, her lips able to actually smile without burden, even if for just a moment.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would exhale, then softly inhale her scent before he'd bring her in with both arms, lifting her up and carrying her to his furs, where he would sit them both down, her in his lap and his arms locked around her. "I love it....and you too..."

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