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    When Blood and Frost Fang Collide

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    When Blood and Frost Fang Collide

    Post by Codex on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:05 pm

    (( Recreated since I'm an idiot that forgot to log everything before I signed off for the night. Feel free to pop logs of the rest in after this. Color coded text to make dialog easier to read.))

    Vida was not sure how long she stood at the center of Frost Fang Village, staring in the direction of the bear den. For the longest time, she seemed unaware that anyone still lingered in the village... until she noticed Arianna coming near. Her head turned as she chewed on her nails, speaking quietly to her. "Do you feel ready? How is your injury?"

    Arianna's arm was heavily bandaged where she'd been bitten, doing her best to conceal how it continued to bleed despite the various concoctions used to try to slow or stop it. She kept a brave face as she always did, coming to stand beside Vida as she spoke to her. "Sunthor is in position and the omegas are in the mountains."

    "You are brave for doing this." Vida looked over with a furrowed brow as Arianna continued. "There are some things I need to tell you, in case something happens to me..." The Spirit Walker looked toward her Alpha in silence. "Keep your chin up. You are Frost Fang... and we will not bow to others."

    As Arianna spoke to her, Vida seemed to take her words literally (at least in part), her chin inclining with a set jaw. In a rare gesture, the alpha leaned in and pressed a kiss to the other's forehead. "If things go badly, I need you to go into the mountains and help the rest of the pack find their way to King Balder in Skarvald for protection."

    The Spirit Walker's head shook, a sudden conviction in her tone. "I'll not allow that," she stated as if she had any say in fate. For a brief moment, she even smiled as she called forth one of the raven messengers. And as she waited for it to land upon her arm or shoulder, she continued to speak. "You and Sunthor do not fight alone. There is another who wishes to aid us..." As the raven came to her, she dug for a trinket in her pouch and offered it to him.

    Arianna gave her a moment to tend to the raven and send it to its destination before she responded, knowing exactly of whom she spoke. "That Ásbjörn is willing to fight alongside us is admirable... but I would not want something to happen to an outsider while aiding us in our own matters."

    Vida slowly shook her head as she watched the raven fly away. That same somber expression returned. "Nor would I..." Drawing in a breath, she rubbed at the side of her face before lowering her tone to nearly a whisper. [color=#e58282]"I... had to divulge more information to him in order to calm him; he knows as much as you do."sed for just a moment, as if to let that sink in before she added in, just as quietly. [color=#e58282]"I trust the druid with my life... else I would have not shared so much with him."

    The alpha of the Frost Fang began to move away as she spoke to her after a period of silence. "I am going to get into position. Join us when you are ready." She started to walk away before she stopped, looking over her shoulder at her. "... You would do well with him as a mate."

    Vida offered her a smile that bordered on secretive. "We really do have much to talk about..." She did nothing to stop Arianna from walking away, even if the sight proved to be an ominous one that caused a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

    It took mere minutes before Ásbjörn arrived in the village center with the raven on his shoulder, rubbing carefully at its throat as he spoke. "Your friend came and called to me in your voice. I take it you were asking for me, my Vida?" As the raven flew away with a few clicks and a caws, she moved in to reach up and bring him down so their foreheads could touch.

    "Yes, love. If you still wish to join us..." Her eyes closed and she sighed, feeling his hands wander down to the pouch at her belt long enough to place something inside of them. A brief hint of the scent reached her nose, at least long enough for her to know what it was. She smiled, albeit uneasily, as she looked up at him. "... It is time for us to go, but it is important that you remain hidden until you see the rest attack."

    There was a low rumble in the large male's throat as his arm moved around her, his hand taking a gentle hold of her hair just to hold her head to his another moment before he released it and straightened back up. "I will go with you, my love... but I will not attack. These kin of yours are sick... mentally... spiritually. I do not expect you to understand. Gaia would not be pleased with me if I were to attack them without reason. But if the need arises... I will defend."

    There was an unforgiving tone in Vida's voice as she answered him, her head shaking with a stern clench in her jaw. "You're right - I -don't- understand. That clan lives by vengeance and brutality at any cost. They are perfectly lucid in their decisions. None of them are sick; there is no excuse for this." Shortly after she replied, her mood lightened tentatively as she smiled. "We should go. They are waiting..."

    As they began to move, Ásbjörn spoke once more before their paths began to diverge. "You may not see me... but I will be there. I will be watching."

    And with one last lingering glance, she uttered a final phrase, unsure if he even managed to hear it as she continued to walk. "I love you..."
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    Frost vs The Bull

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:31 pm

    ((Warning, graphic death and gore.))

    Arianna continued to move. She made no indication or look toward the woods. She kept her eyes ahead and watched as the two blood clan members came more into view. She would stop at a distance and look between them.. glancing at Morven then looking behind her as she waited for the others to arrive. She would not speak to either of them just yet, as the deal was to have the spirit walker there for the trade.

    Morven exchanged a glance with Arianna once he noticed it. As she came to a stop, so too did he, waiting in a tense silence with his arms crossed. Indeed - he waited just th esame. The deal did not quite appear ready yet...

    Nanna stood in a slouch stance. She looked bored at most. Whispering at the male beside her and giving him a look. She caught the light haired woman out of the corner of her eye, and a wicked grin started to form upon her lips before she could help it. She watched as she stopped and looked behind her.. and in a slight bounce she stood up on her tip toes to look behind her as well. A mocking frown upon her face as she waited for sight of the spirit walker.

    Sunthor had been waiting in his hiding spot behind a big pine tree within the timber. He heard a rustling noise just on the outskirts of the trees and would pick up the scent of Arianna and Vida...and a male. He thought for a moment if it was one of the Blood clan but remained still and stealthed...eyes focused in front of him out towards the clearing...waiting for the signal.

    InnGrioungr grunted at his companions whispers. His golden eyes already focused on those approaching. For a moment he shifted from one foot to the other..stomping it down rather roughly against the grass as if he was uncomfortable. He would look out into the woods not seeing anything, nor sensing or smelling. Though he would feel uneasy and desire to stand in war form rather than what he was now. His eyes eventually shifted back to the blond haired woman, a snarl appearing on his face. "Now?" he asked quietly so that only the small redhead next to him could hear.

    Vida kept her head down as she walked. She knew well enough where she needed to be, and she only looked up when the path became a little too unfamiliar. As she caught sight of others ahead, she came forth with her thumbs tensely tucked into her belt. Her chin inclined and she stopped alongside the pair, unable to hear whatever the two Blood Clan members were saying to each other. Instead, she looked toward Arianna and the Stalker with chilled features, pointedly avoiding eye contact with the two across the way from them... she likely did not want to look at them. Not yet...

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg had left where he met with Vida and took off into the wilds. For his size he moved rather quickly, traversing the terrain with relative ease. He climbed up the mountain and slid down it's slopes, not losing pace even as he nearly was struck at by a sleeping dragon. Moving down the hill he would make his way into the woods, slowing his breathing and crouching low till he caught scent of the pack..and two scents he did not know. Passing by Sunthor, though he did not see him, he would look in the direction of his scent and give a nod, then tilt his head towards Vida and Arianna before unclasping his cloak and setting it on the forest floor. His eyes would close and he would focus on his other order to keep track of what was occurring before him, though he could not see it.

    Arianna caught sight of Vida.. and felt her heart start to race. Was she risking to much? She would take a moment, swallowing down her own fears and then slowly turned back to the two blood clan with a more stone like appearance. Her jaw set for a moment as she looked between the two.. the larger male had her concerned, though there was something slightly comical about his only weapon.. she sensed there was a reason for it. "The cure." she said sternly, clearly and loudly enough for them to hear.. she had no intention of moving.. she wanted them to come to her.

    Morven watched and listened in continued silence. As Vida came forth, he shook his head, muttering something to himself. If he was aware of anyone nearby, he made no indication, or perhaps he shrugged it off as mere passersby who weren't related to the exchange. He only nodded at Arianna's words, remaining beside them for the time being. "It is my understanding that the Frost Fang will surrender their land, as well as their spirit walker..." He shook his head as he paused. "... Once the cure has been proven to be in your possession. And once I feel the exchange has been settled.. I will leave you all to the rest of your business, and wash my hands of this entire ordeal..."

    Nanna blinked as she heard Grio speak. she gave a cute sort of side grin at him and reached to pat his thigh before moving forward toward the blond. "Well yes.. I have just enough for one at the moment, But we can work out the rest. Do you have your sickest with you?" she tilted her head in a cute like manner then moved a bit closer. "Though.. to be sure the deal goes as planned, I believe the spirit walker should leave with Grio here.."she gestured to the large male behind her. "Once the cure is proven that is." she smiled sweetly, her doe like eyes fixing on the spirit walker with a glimmer.. perhaps she finally realized the importance of the fellow redhead by now.

    Sunthor could hear the conversation between the male and a female. He remained still and focused. He silently shifted onto his other knee to relieve the pressure off the hour as he had been stealthed for some time. He continued to wait.

    InnGrioungr looked down at Nanna as she moved away from him. For a moment he hesitated on moving closer then seemed to flex his chest and step forward behind her. His his shifting around the open field for just a moment before they would again return to the woods off to the left. He did not trust any of them.. his fists clenched as they spoke and when he was mentioned his attention went back to the spirit walker. His nose twitching from the depths of his scowling. "She should come with me now." he suggested in a dark deep tone.

    Vida kept her jaw squared as she finally looked toward the Blood Clan male and female, a low, quiet growl in her throat. She didn't trust either of them either... but she would go along with it, whatever she was asked. A slow glance was turned toward Arianna as if for confirmation; she didn't move. Not yet. Hearing the larger man's response, a stern stare moved toward him. "I will go with you when the cure is proven and no sooner..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would furrow his brow as he heard the exchange. Slowly he'd side step in his crouch, moving so he open his eyes and get a clearer view of them. He'd look to the large male and his smaller female companion, taking slow deep breaths to get their scent, and then their nature. Though he appeared calm on his outside, his insides began to slowly churn as the presence of the Pattern Breaker was made more and more apparent in them.

    Arianna hearing the words spoken felt her gut clench, as she suddenly was not sure she wanted to do this.. no she had to be careful.. "I will take the cure myself first." She said and stepped forward, glaring at the large male as he spoke. She would walk right up to the bloodclan female without so much as a flicker of fear or nervousness. her head held high. She opened her hand and waited. "And you will tell us how to make it." she said looking her directly in the eye. She could only hope that Sunthor was ready to take down the male when she gave the signal. She herself was unsure of where Asbjorn was.. but hoped he was ready to help if it was needed. She would keep herself positioned purposely between Vida and the two Blood Clan.

    Morven sighed to himself, a quiet breath through his nose. This was why he usually answered his calls unnoticed. Shaking his head, he moved to one side until he stood at a midway point between where the two parties had started, his arms folding. By then, he simply waited to make sure the cure actually existed... so that he could depart.

    Nanna rolled her eyes slightly at Grio's bluntness. She gave a sweet smile to those who were left and as the Alpha stepped closer she raised her eyebrows. "Well it wont work for someone who is....." a long pause as it dawned on her why the Alpha was taking it first.. that excited twinkle in her eye started to show brighter as she smiled and started to laugh. "Oh.. oh well this is good then." she shook her head and played with her pouch on her belt. She pulled a vial up and waved it slightly between her fingers.. the liquid inside was pink. "All you need to do is hand over the spirit walker to Grio and you can have it. That is the only fair thing to do here." She nodded at her own words. "Then drink this all the way up." though her voice still sounded light hearted and giddy almost.. there was a strange look in her expression.. one that was way to eager.

    Sunthor noticed movement out in the clearing until Arianna and the two Blood clans came into view. From the distance he could not recognize the large male and redheaded female. While they were conversing over the deal, he would quietly stay crouched and move to reposition himself till he was in direct sight of the large male. As he made his way, an unfamiliar scent came across his nose. He crept ever so slightly around the tree in front of him till another male hiding came into view. He stopped and watched the male for a moment and wondered if he was another Blood clan member. But he soon noticed that the male's focus was directly at the larger male so perhaps friend? If the male notices him there, Sunthor would nod to him and move by the tree next to him. Shifting his feet to be ready to spring into action.

    InnGrioungr watched the stalker move and turned his attention with him. His back going to the woods and nearly blocking all view of the smaller blood clan female. His gold eyes stayed upon Morven for a long moment, a soft huff of air being blown from his nose as he did not like the sudden change of the male's position. He then glared down at the blond, perhaps trying to intimidate her back as Nanna held out the vial of pink liquid. His back strained slightly, a few joints popping as he seemed to be readying himself for something.

    Vida watched Arianna move toward the pair with a hint of uneasiness, having tuned out Morven shortly after arriving. Her jaw clenched and she swallowed, then furrowed her brow. There was something incredibly off-putting to her about a Blood Clan female who appeared that deceptively sweet. It unnerved her. But as the item was brought into sight, she drew in a breath and closed her eyes as if to steel her nerve. Another few beats and - unless she was discouraged from it for whatever reason - she moved to take a few steps toward the rest of them, tentative.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would look through the woods and cinch his jaw. He'd quickly turn his head and see Sunthor, his single good eye looking him over with a steady inspecting gaze. Giving a slight nod, he'd then look back out to the blood clan. "I don't know who you are friend..." He'd mutter quietly enough for him to hear. "But guessing as you haven't attacked me yet... I'm assuming you're with the pack here...and if that's true...and this goes as I anticipate..." He'd look back to him, his good eye having a very animal and primal blaze in it. "I suggest you run away from me...and run fast..."

    Arianna paused as Grio stood closer to her. Though she had hoped he would keep his distance she would note instantly his intimidation tactic and hear the popping of his joints. Her silver eyes would focus directly on his chest, the sound of his heart thumping.. he was changing.. Her eyes slowly went back to the vial, not hearing or seeing Vida approach, now was probably the time. She had hoped that the exchange would go a bit longer, but it was clear they had other intentions. She made it look as if she were grasping for the vial, but pushed her hand forward and attempted to grab the Blood Clan female by the hair. If she managed to get her she would yank her forward and to her left to split her from the male. This would signal Sunthor.. now was the best time to do it. Before Grio could fully change and while he was dumb enough to have his back to the woods.. she could only thank whatever Gods that encouraged Morven to move and Grio to adjust his position because of it.

    Morven began to turn and leave once the vial was produced. Whether he saw the change between the groups was anyone's guess, as was whether or not he had sensed the intentions from the Blood Clan. He strode away with a bit of a grumble in his throat, seeing his job as done. Even if he HAD seen an escalation... the quarrels between clans were no business of a Stalker. He had done his part in aiding in communications. That was what his call had been for. Nothing more.

    Nanna indeed thought the Alpha was going for the Vial. She instead flitted her arm away as if she was expecting that desperate of a move. She did not expect to be yanked up from the ground by her hair. She gave a surprised squeak and flailed slightly nearly kissing the dirt as her legs stumbled and ran as if to catch up with the rest of her. Totally caught by surprise she screamed out. "GRIO! NOW!" she let out a grunt as her shoulder met with the ground. If the alpha still had hold of her hair, most of it would probably have come out in her fist and kept her from actually kissing the dirt.

    Sunthor nodded back at the male. "Yes and the same for you as well." he whispered to him. He would turn to look out towards the large male. "Don't worry about me.." he paused and turned back to the male, "friend." He would give a slight wink and would then turn back towards the clearing as he heard the scream from the female. He reached back and wrapped his fingers around his hammer and in a fell swoop sprung off his feet, with his hammer down by his side, charged out through the timber towards the large male. He would attempt to swing his hammer around low at the large male's legs to throw is balance off. Sunthor would move past the large male and would try to turn on his feet but would somehow trip in the tall grass. His arms flailing up and the hammer rocketing out of his hand as he started to fall over backwards. His butt landing hard on the ground and then a sudden 'thump' as the hammer landing on it's end next to him.

    InnGrioungr was caught off guard but continued his change anyway. He did not hear the Alpha give out any vocal orders and had assumed the only one left there would be the spirit walker. He raised up his left hand, flesh near exploding from it as it grew, lines of blood appearing all over his body, horns shooting up from his skull. His intention was to knock the Alpha's head clean off if he could. Till he felt a blunt heavy crack against his legs. Having them swept out from under him and landing with a heavy huff and grunt on the ground. He would flail and attempt to stand, though one of his legs was clearly broken, the rest of him would stand on three points, his angry Bull like expression staring directly at Vida first before he would attempt to look around him for the one that hit him like a mac truck.

    Vida blinked as things quickly began to unfold. Her eyes narrowed and she began to brace herself, partially startled by Sunthor's sudden entrance - effective though it seemed to have been. But... seeing that stare locked on her caused a defensive flare in her gaze, bracing herself - hints of fur starting to bristle up from the surface of her skin as she readied herself to move away if she needed to. She took a few careful steps back, likely to try and give herself more time to change in case it was... actually needed.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg The woods would suddenly fall deathly silent...and a loud, earth rumbling bellow would come from the woods behind Sunthor, sending a large flock of birds flying in fright. The forest would creak...and crack...trees snapping as something began to move through them. The ground began to shake and shudder, trembling as something very large was moving towards them very fast... Suddenly the tree line would crack and split open, and belch forth a monstrous sized bear that would let out another loud bellowing roar as it charged full forced towards the bull, mouth open and fully baring it's fangs as it bore down on him.

    Arianna let go of Nanna's hair and crossed her arms waiting to be struck by the blood clan male. Her eyes widened in that split second as she saw the monstrous arm rip through human flesh. Just as her eyes focused on the horns sprouting from his head her jaw dropped and her legs bent as she watched him tumble down like a tree. It took her only a moment to then turn and aim a kick at the females face. If she managed, it no doubt would knock her out for the count.. then they could focus on the larger of the two. If or when the foot connected she would spin around just in time to see the trees snap revealing a large bear.. much larger than the Dire bear that had knocked her clear across a field back near Skarvald. This caused her to stumble back and fall on her ass in shock.. no where near ready to deal with such a beast. She stumbles with her legs scooting back, eyes wide only to see it go after the bull instead of her or her pack. a split second of thankfulness in the sea of rushing blood and pounding heart drowning out the sounds of damn near everything else.

    Nanna had taken that short moment to attempt to start a spell. She started to mutter and closed her eyes in hopes it would help her focus those words better. She was attempting to cause a phantom pain in the Alpha to keep her from reacting to Grio.. She however did not expect Grio to be knocked down. His grunt caused her eyes to open mid chant.. and she only caught sight of the Alpha's boot. A sharp pain shot through her face then a dark swirling feeling. She wouldn't even feel herself hit the ground nor hear the roar of the monster bear. Blood would poor freely from her broken nose however, and her busted lip would stain her teeth and cheek as she lay unconscious.

    Sunthor shook his head wondering what the hell just happened. He reached over to his hammer and grabbed the handle that was just so conveniently recognizable to latch onto. As he looked up he noticed the bull knelt over. He was about to slide the hammer towards him when he noticed a huge ass bear barreling out from the timber charging towards out. He panicked and jumped to his feet, letting go of the hammer and rushing to pick up the female laying on the ground, throwing her over his shoulder, and would attempt to grab underneath Arianna's arm to heft her up onto her feet and move towards Vida's direction. He would see her there and would yell out to her. "RUN!!"

    InnGrioungr turned to the woods to see nothing but mouth heading his way. He was no where near fast enough to dodge such a thing. His arm going up as if that would protect him from the jaws, and felt as nearly his entire arm went down the bear's throat. He let out a hideous roar of pain as the jaws clamped down tearing through flesh and muscle all the way to the bone. As the bone started to crack he reached up with his one good hand and grabbed hold of the bear's fur, aiming his own jagged teeth for the bears face in an attempt to bite back.. giving that was his only option in this situation. His companion was on her own for now.. far as he was concerned. He now was in a fight for his life. He felt himself lifted up from the ground from the sheer power of the bear.. and as his arm was being disconnected from his body, he would continue to try and hold on if he were able to grasp the bear's fur at all.

    Vida jumped for just a moment at the sound of the massive beast coming from the woods. For a moment, she smiled as she saw him come to their defense... but then it hit her and her expression sobered. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to speak - only to hear Sunthor call it out first. Quickly shaking her head, she pointed toward them, then to the village as they moved away from the bear. "Go ahead! I'll catch up!" As scattered as she was, she was at least confident in whatever was going through her mind. She looked between both of them with an expression that practically screamed 'I'll be okay,' more concerned about them getting back to the village safely. Her hand moved toward the container at her hip, as if checking to make sure it was still there. Only taking a few steps back to be at a safer distance from the conflict, she looked between them all with only a hint of urgency... for now.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would lock his powerful jaws on the bull's arm and begins violently shaking his head back and forth as he growled, wrenching the arm from it's socket with a jerk of his head. Letting the appendage fall from his mouth, the bear would stand up on his hind legs, towering over the bull. The bear would look at the bull with it's one good eye, blood surging down it's face from the bite. The bull's grasp would be true, yet the bear would yank him up off the ground and clap it's monstrous paws to the bull's sides and pull, attempting to yank the shifter off it's face.

    Arianna had just blinked. It was barely enough to register what was going on. Sunthor near lifted her up off the ground himself and started to drag her along. His word seemed to be the best idea, though she had trouble turning her head from the carnage. A moment of realization and she snagged the small vial from the ground before she turned and started to run with Sunthor. It was only when they got to the bridge that she realized.. Vida was not with them.. and instantly she would turn in an attempt to rush back and save her sister from whatever fate the bear had in store for her.

    Nanna was light to the touch. hardly dead weight at all. She stayed unconscious through all of the jarring and screaming and roaring.

    Sunthor heard Vida's words and ran on past her, heading towards the village. As they made it to the bridge he felt Arianna jerk back in his grasp as she tried to run back to the carnage. He tightened his grip on her arm and tugged her back forward. "No! We must get back to the village!" He popped his shoulder up to get a better hold on the unconscious female and continued to lead them to safety in the village.

    InnGrioungr felt his hoof of the broken leg dangling painfully and kicked with his other at the bear's gut. As he was pulled free he would take tufts of fur with him, not that it did much good. But once his hand was free he started to swing it while he roared out in pain. Blood flowing freely from his stump of a left arm, but it did not seem to keep him from attempting to fight for his life. Tilting his head in an attempt to use his horns and keep the bear's mouth from crunching his head or neck.

    Vida looked over her shoulder as they ran until it became harder to see them. Just like that, her attention returned to the bear and the bull. She made no sudden movements. Instead, she began to carefully inch around them, giving a wide berth to do so. Vida did this as long as she remained unnoticed, intending to position herself closer to the fire at the nearby campsite so that she could easily reach it when the time came. All the while, she did not intervene, only hoping that Arianna and Sunthor had made it back to the village without issue. The rest could come later.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would land on all fours and let out a a loud earth shuddering roar before swiping at the ground in front of him, tearing up chunks of rock and earth to send flying to the side. He'd mock charge the bull, roaring again before he'd swipe with his massive right paw towards the bull's face, the air whirring with the loud passing of the titanic strength of the bear.

    InnGrioungr roared back, falling to his one good knee while his other leg crunched painfully under him. Each mock charge he would dip his head in an attempt to stick the bear, following it up with a roar of his own as he attempted to keep the beast at bay. Though the loss of blood was starting to get to him. When the bear swung he turned his head so that the horns would stab through.. however the power of the bear snapped his neck easily sending the bull tumbling slightly and awkwardly to the ground. There were a few strangled huffs of breath coming from the twisted neck, golden eyes wide with narrowed pupils as Grio could only watch the bear from his paralyzed position.

    Vida seemed entirely unfazed by however gruesome the ordeal became. Instead, she continued to move slowly and steadily around toward the campfire a few paces away, her gaze locked on the pair... even as she watched the bull hit the ground. Her eyes narrowed as she watched.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg's paw was gored by the horn and he'd let out a loud pained roar. Snarling he'd circle the bull leaning in with jaw agape, roaring inches form the bulls face. He'd then begin to back up as if he were finished, his lone good eye watching the mangled shifter while he huffed loudly to breath. The bear would then lunge in clamping it's jaws around the bull's skull then standing up once more, his paws grabbing the body while it's head began to savagely lash back and forth, torquing the neck and head of the bull till it was wrenched halfway from his spine. Dropping down, the bear would continue to shake it's head back and forth, it's massive paw pinning the bull's chest down to the earth to keep the body from flinging like a ragdoll till finally the head and part of the spine was wrenched free with a loud, sickening pop and squelch. The bear, now bloodied, would drop the skull and sniff at the bull's remains, jamming it's snout into the bleeding hole where it's head once was. He'd hit the body as if to confirm the death of the male, then he'd back up and let out another loud, bellowing roar of triumph.

    InnGrioungr could only watch in horror as the mouth came at him. the fear in the core of him would not last long however. The only pain he would actually feel was his skull being crunched.. but eventually even that too would fade.. The pop of the spine and the gruesome death would be enough to end the spirit that lived within the shifter. Leaving a hollow dark void for a split second filled with screams that any who spoke to spirits would hear. Those too would fade to a ominous nothing.
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    The Bear's Lullaby

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    Vida's teeth clenched as she felt the end of the spirit. The moment caused her to stop in her tracks and bear through the pain with a growl. Once she finally had, she continued toward the massive bear with the dish of burning herbs, doing her best to remain upwind. "Love..."

    The bear turned to her with a roar of challenge that rang throughout the area just as loudly as the sound of his triumph had. He charged toward her... but as he came closer and looked upon her with his good eye, he stopped his threat.

    "You did well... Ásbjörn..."

    The pair looked between each other in silence before he leaned in to press his snout to her, then drag his tongue along her with an affectionate lick. Her attention drifted down toward the blood coming from his paw. Originally... she'd thought it to be the bull's until she was able to get a better look. This caused her to frown. "You're hurt..."

    But the threat had passed, and this gesture caused Vida to carefully set aside the dish. Her arms lifted and opened only to wrap around the creature's neck as best as they could, her cheek turning to rest against his bloodied fur. She didn't mind the mess it made; she only pulled away when he began to lie down next to the dish and quickly fall asleep. She refused to leave him - not in a vulnerable state, resting out in the open.

    Hours passed before he rose to his feet again, only to disappear into the woods. She did not follow him immediately. Rather, she waited several minutes before she followed his scent, only to find the fur of the great beast falling away, then muscle, sinew, then bone. In his wake was the male she'd come to love, asleep upon his own cloak.

    She did not want to leave him there... but she knew in her current state, she could not move him. So, she set aside her own clothing; bundled it up with the help of her belt. And for the first time since her clan's fight with the giants, she began to shift into her war form. Fur formed along her flesh quickly, then a tail. Her ears pointed, grew, and raised, and a snout formed on her face as she became more beastly in appearance - larger and bulkier.

    And as soon as she could, she bent down, picked up the druid, and carried him through their territory toward his den. This threat had passed, and while her pack brothers' lives still hung in the balance, it was time to rest. He needed it, and she was certain Sunthor and Arianna needed it as well.

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