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    When the commotion had died down, Vetis returned to his cot. Pulling himself weakly to lay upon it. His fevered mind trying to make sense of what he had seen. He had seen two angels now. One red, the other white. The Lunar and the Sun Valkyries?

    His blurry vision focused on the light, as that was all he could see now. His pain was constant and shooting throughout his entire being. How much longer was he to live like this? He rolled to his back trying to stretch out his brittle boney form upon the small cot. His joints popping and creaking as he did so. He let out a feral growl and coughed slightly.. the taste of blood.. ever present upon his lips. Was it even his? His lungs rattled with every breath, in and out. A pink and red foam started to form in his mouth, that he would cough and choke upon. Making him turn to his side just for relief and a chance to breath without drowning on it.

    His eyes had gone pale, near blind now. He turned seeing a strange hunched figure across the room from him in the darkness. Ludo.. his brother. Was he going to die the slow death as well? Then darkness started to fall over his vision.. the silence of the room deafening to the point where all he could focus on was his pain.. exhausted he closed his blurry eyes.. and imagined the Valkyries. No, they were not Valkyries.

    Vida... That sweet young girl that attempted to give him her heart. She could not have known the pain he was suffering after finding his mate and children dead. Nor the sense of dedication to find his missing son's body. How he wished he could have done more to make her smile. He would remember the smell of her wild auburn hair. The soft touch of her hand to his face as he confessed what he saw of himself to her. The look upon her face at a distance.. as he watched her waiting for him to return.. and the guilt he felt for turning and walking away from the sight of her. For what? For the dead? For the possibility of his son being alive? He was a fool. He knew this.

    Arianna, that was the Valkyrie in the door. It had to be. He had never seen another white pelt before or since her. Daughter of the moon. Brave, loyal and kind. A strong fighter and great leader. She offered him home and family. This was how he repaid her. By leaving only to return with some illness. Silence.


    Ludo had passed out shortly after the door had closed. The sound of the Alpha's sobs had reached his ears easily enough. There was no hope. At a point he woke to look at his ill brother Vetis across from him. And for a short moment thought he was dead. A pink and red froth dripping from his lips to the floor. His arm outstretched as he lay upon his side. Jet black hair clung to his sweat covered face. His eyes open and staring directly at him.. no pupil or iris could be seen.

    Was all hope lost? Then slowly he watched those eyes close. A rattling breath followed as Vetis fell to sleep once again. Ludo had been among the filth and dank of the wound's smell for days now, to the point where he no longer could tell the difference. The water he had been using to bath in was now no longer sanitary. It seemed as if the rest of the clan was to afraid to enter.

    Because of him..

    The alpha was sick now. Arianna.. he bit her. He did not mean to. He was just, angry. Vida, Gods no. Was she safe? His heart thumped hard and eyes filled with tears. He sat up and hugged his aching body to the wall. Wrapping his arms around his knees. Had he killed his family by biting the Alpha? If she was ill too.. how long until she started to attack the others? Would she submit herself to being in the same hut as them? Would she die with them? Tears flowed down his cheeks as he buried his face against his arms and knees.

    Maybe... if he had killed Vetis when he had begged for it. Before Vetis had turned to bite him the first time. Maybe if he had listened to his old pack brother, this wouldn't have happened. But how could he do such a thing? Vetis had always looked out for him. Like a father over a son. Even when Ludo had fucked up and bit Fozz, the quiet scared abandoned boy in the stable, Vetis was there for him. He helped Ludo train and care for Fozz. To show him the way. Vetis allowed Ludo his brother after the rest of his family was gone. Then when Fozz died...

    Pain. Emotional. Physical. It was to much. Before long Ludo would pass out as well. The haunting sound of his Alpha's sobs upon his mind. Hope drained from him like the blood from his wounds.

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