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    Counter Offer

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    Counter Offer

    Post by Codex on Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:38 pm

    Nanna sat close next to a large bull of a man. She seemed focused on the fires dance for the most part then looked up. "I should go and take a look.. perhaps a head count on how many are infected. Should be more than just the two by now I would think." she said.. the large redheaded male shrugged and leaned back on his hands as if he had no care as to what was going on at all. "Fine then.. lazy." she joked and stood brushing her legs off and heading out of the camp area. It wouldn't take her long to get there if she was intent on coming back by morning. Just as she had left the firelight something sparked along her spine and made her pause looking around with large doe like eyes.

    Morven was still highly disturbed by his meeting with the redheaded woman. He had heard jokes about the insanity of pregnant women, but... eesh. This one at least seemed to stick to her convictions, as dark and morbid as they seemed to him. But he was contractually obligated, despite how much he wanted to decline. It was going to happen anyway - no way was he going to let a bunch of stupid, yammering birds do his job. As he caught sight of the pair of redheads, he couldn't help but wonder if luck was on his side. He couldn't tell what they were talking about, but... did he... hear the word 'infected' in there somewhere, maybe? He couldn't be sure. He crept along through the trees as he watched her closely, not necessarily going beyond the expectations laid out for him so much as ... observing. Seeing the female stop the way she did gave him pause, and he inwardly facepalmed at himself. -Way- too many people were getting a look at his face at this rate. He didn't like it, but more social finesse was needed. He couldn't just drop in during the dead of night to do his job this time. Clearing his throat, he decided to break his stealth and emerge with his normal friendly demeanor; something told him his contract would be pointless if she made it too close to the Frost Fang's home to begin with. "Well met, my lady! I was wondering if perhaps you could provide some assistance?" He kept his hands up by his head, his palms exposed as if to try to pose less of a threat by showing he would not reach for anything on his person.

    Nanna spun around hearing him clear his throat. he hadn't been there a moment ago. This startled her enough to take a step back and blink her wide eyes at him. "I.. I doubt I could be of much help.. but I'll try." she said in a tone that suggested she was intimidated and frightened. Her voice was soft and airy and her stance was that of a young girl with not much experience in dealing with strangers. Let alone anything else at that matter.

    Morven blinked in surprise. "I... hm..." His brow furrowed and he scratched at his facial hair as he thought. This was... different. Maybe he was wrong? Still, he had to try. He did not come closer to her, falling for her intimidation. After all, he meant well; he didn't want to frighten someone unnecessarily. "I am seeking members of a particular clan. I thought I might ask you; I understand they are known for their particularly red hair and often fair skin, just... like yours." His brows raised, and he ran a hand through the hair on one side of his head as if to idly ruffle it. "Might you know where I could find one of the Blood Clan?"

    Nanna raised her hand to her red locks and ran her fingers through as he spoke of them. her eyes dipping down to them as he continued to talk. Though the moment he mentioned Blood Clan her eyes narrowed some before that doe eyed look returned to his face. "Blood clan? A message? What about?" she asked, faining curiousness. "Why would anyone want to send messages in the dead of night? must be really important." she clasped her hands together and swayed slightly on her legs as she contemplated weather she wanted to call the bull over or just deal with this herself.

    Morven observed her in quiet silence as he often did with others. At this question, he offered a bit of a dry grin. "I am of the Stalker Clan. It appears one of another clan has decided to try to offer a deal to one of Blood. They asked me to make the offer on their behalf, and see if it might appeal to their nature and tastes..." He brought his hands up to clasp together at the back of his head, swaying his weight from foot to foot.

    Nanna paused a moment. She took in a breath.. and just like that the innocence was gone from her doe like appearance. "I see." she said simply and gave thought. This had been too easy, was her first thought. However, the more thought she gave to it the more she would start to suspect. How did they know of the blood clan and to make a deal with them? what kind of deal did they want to make? The only way to find out would really be to accept the message she guessed. "Well then, Stalker, you're in luck. I do happen to be Blood Clan." she started to take a few more steps forward. Her steps were confident and deliberate. She would stop only a few feet from him. "What is the message.. 'the deal' you speak of?" she tilted her head, wondering if they were offering what the Blood Clan hoped to gain.

    Morven opened up with a disclaimer, as if his entire life was a contract. In a way, perhaps it was. "Before I begin, I do not presume to know what has transpired between your clan and theirs, let alone in detail. We Stalkers are not judges, nor are we here to take sides." He brought his hands away from his head only to cross his arms as she came closer. "I know that 'blood sickness' was mentioned. They asked for a cure, perhaps even how said cure is made." He waited just a moment for that to sink in before he continued. "In exchange, one of their own has offered their life; their blood, I guess you could say..." He paused again, likely to see if she had anything to input so far.

    Nanna sighed slightly and crossed her arms looking at him as he droned on about the disclaimer. "I see.. and what is so special about this ... one.. that we would give them a cure to something so powerful as our best defense against the other clans? From what I understand, if they have the blood sickness, they got it for attacking our clan.." She lied.. but she was good at it. "Others have offered more than the life of one of their own clansmen. Food for instance.. trade of some sort as an apology. why would we want one of their dead?"

    Morven shrugged. He didn't take offense at her response, if he even noticed any sort of dishonesty or annoyance or... anything else negative to begin with. "Well..." He shrugged. "This one says she is the daughter of two who betrayed your clan; Edda and Valdi. I do not remember their story, but perhaps you do. She is Betrayer's Blood, as well as a defector. She would like to appeal to your clan's taste for... brutality and vengeance, I suppose..." Another pause; he -really- didn't want to share the rest of why his contact had thought it a decent deal. He was likely trying to stomach even saying it.

    Nanna squinted her eyes as she herself tried to remember the names. She huffed slightly and looked over her shoulder wondering if the Bull would recognize any such names.. perhaps she was just to young and too out of the loop. The Alphas tended to keep the younger of the clan out of the information needed. She scrunched her nose at the mention of her clan being brutal and having a need for vengeance. "I'm afraid that the person offering doesn't quiet know my clan as much as they think. Perhaps if I had this one's name?" she asked hoping to gain as much information as she could. "You'll forgive me.. I am young.. I do not know all of the history of my clan fully just yet." she fained that cute innocence again.

    Morven nodded slowly. "Of course..." He didn't seem particularly bothered by it. "Her name is Vida, a Spirit Walker. I would tell you the story myself if I could, but... the business of the other clans is not my own. I only know what I was told recently." He looked curiously at her and resisted the urge to shake his head. Something about her seemed a little... -too- cute. But he couldn't put his finger on it. He simply continued. "The Spirit Walker is with child... and is effectively offering to turn herself in at the mercy of your clan, in exchange for this cure. It sounds a bit like a bounty, to me... I guess..."

    Nanna raised a thin painted brow at the suggestion of a pregnant spirit walker. "I've.. only heard stories of spirit walkers.." she gave herself a moment to collect her thoughts. "What about a counter offer. Their land.. and the spirit walker with child?" She held out the palm of her hand. "That sounds a bit more fair, being they would all survive and we would get land to work and survive on ourselves." she smiled politely.

    Morven tilted his head wolfishly. "I'm afraid I am not at liberty to change the offer myself, nor do I get the feeling the land would be hers to offer..." His eyebrow raised right back at her, a single question coming to mind. Perhaps it was the opportunist in him thinking. "I... thought you might have had land to survive on already? What happened to it?"

    Nanna chuckled and looked at him as if he were a simple back yard dog outside a hut. "The shadow clan's destruction scattered all from their lands. Not just ours. As for this clan.. what is this clan anyway? Iron jaw? Bane? Whatever the clan is, they will find new grounds to live on if they so choose to actually live that is. If you take the counter offer back to them.. tell them they only have a few more days before the sickest is irreversible. I will be waiting for their response." she hesitated a moment.. now she really was curious. She had seen a light haired woman there the other day but only briefly. "What clan is this anyway?" She asked looking back up at him. a calculation in her eyes.

    Morven scratched at his chin. "Interesting that it has taken this long to rejuvenate... and still no positive change for you. Very interesting..." He watched her in his own share of thoughtfulness, wondering perhaps if they had any druids left to speak of. "Frost Fang," he said simply. Everything she said was mentally noted, likely to bring it back to the village... if he would even be welcomed long enough to discuss it. "I... suppose I will have to see then if I can reach them to renegotiate this deal, hm?"

    Nanna had a pure look of shock when he spoke the name and seemed to reach up rubbing her hand along her face and then through her hair. She started to pace around, pure excitement had touched her and she was not good at hiding this emotion. A wide grin appeared on her face and she started to laugh in pure shock. "Really. The Gods have blessed me." she laughed and slowly came around to look at him. "Really, they have blessed us both. Do you know what it would do for both of our clans? You have no idea do you?" she said without giving him much chance to speak. "They are the reason this all happened." she laughed. "They brought the near destruction of all the clans just by being.." she started to walk around in a circle, pure glee in her heart as she looked at him wondering if he himself had made the connection she had made. Vengeance.. yes.. perhaps that was part of her clan's motto. Balance would be set.. she had to do this right. "Okay, yes. Tell them What I told you.. no matter if they accept or not.. have them meet me here.. or hell, have them bring me to their village." she said with a broad smile. "I will gladly cure them."

    Morven did his best to contain his surprise at the sudden change in the redhead's demeanor. His curiosity was once more piqued; his eyebrow raised. "Hmmm..." His eyes narrowed. "If you are young.... mm, nevermind." He shook his head, trying to think back to how long it had been since the Shadow Lands had been essentially destroyed. Something about this woman suddenly gave him the creeps in a way. Saying nothing of it, he simply dipped his chin to her, two fingers placing to his temples in a polite gesture. "It will be done. I, or one of the Frost Fang, will be in contact." He took a slow step back, keeping his stare on her. "If there's nothing else, I will go to deliver this message." A skilled Stalker, reduced to the errands of a messenger. Maybe he really should have let the ravens handle it.

    Nanna waved her hand at him as he started to move away. She turned looking back at camp and nearly wanted to skip all the way there. instead she managed to contain her energy before she moved. Her mind a whirl wind of thoughts and ideas of how she would make the frost fang clan suffer. Not once suspecting that they might be hunting or getting ready to hunt her down.

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