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    Cure or no Cure? Interrogating the Blood Clan female.

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    Cure or no Cure? Interrogating the Blood Clan female.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:40 pm

    Arianna had spent most of the night going to and from the cage at the back of her house to check and see if the Blood clan female had woken. She noticed that she had at least moved in her sleep in an attempt to get more comfortable, but otherwise was still unconscious. Glad that she had not scrambled the woman's brains to much with her hasty kick. She kept the vial in hand.. temptation to either take it herself, or force it down Vetis' throat had played through her mind all that night.. but she wanted to be sure it was the cure. When the sun broke over the mountains, Arianna had taken a moment to clean her bandage and repack the wound, a bad smell had started to come off of it already, making her slightly self-conscious and worried. Once done with that she moved to the back of her house and set herself carefully on the ground watching the prisoner. She was quiet, silver eyes focused in the dim light till it got lighter out. Dew hung on the grass and even in her hair. No doubt the female would start to wake soon.

    Vida had kept by the bear's side throughout the night only to carry him to the den in her own war form. When she finally felt satisfied that he was tended to, she slipped out to see to things elsewhere. She washed the blood off of herself that had brushed off when coming in contact with the bear, changed her clothing, then wandered back into the village after a time of thought.  It took a moment of hesitation, but when she passed near Arianna's cabin and noticed movement nearby, she hoisted herself over the wall and approached without a word, still fairly hesitant to say anything outright. Her gaze only drifted between those present, her eyes narrowing and her arms folding tightly before she finally spoke up in a quiet tone. "Any news?"

    Nanna had been out cold since the fight save for a few times when she groggily shifted her position during the night. Her body was stiff, her mind scattered and her face hurt like hell. Though there were few times she woke up to move were she was awake enough to adjust her body, her mind was too foggy and distorted to realize exactly what had happened. In her mind she assumed that somehow Grio was still near by.. that whatever happened, she was still alive enough to feel.. that was a good sign he lived.. right? But as she started to wake up again she felt stiff and cold. She blinked her eyes a few time, blurry bars in front of her.. There was a moment where she felt she heard grass crunched under someone's feet, and assumed Grio was near by.. letting out soft whimpers of pain. She could still taste blood in her mouth.. then she heard a voice.. not Grio's.. and her eyes would flicker open in a panic. She tried to sit up, her body complaining instantly and forced her to fall against the wall of her cell. She let out a moan and reached up to touch her puffy face and peer out at the blurry images on the other side of the bars.. waiting for them to come into clarity, though in the back of her mind.. knowing she was in some deep trouble.

    Sunthor went out early before light broke and ventured out to the spot where the meeting had taken place the previous day. The blood still stained the grass to where the bull met it's gruesome demise. He looked around off to the side into the tall grass in the area he had thought he had fell at. He let out a small bellow of smoke from the side of his mouth as a small growl escaped his lips. "Where the hell is it?" he muttered out loud. His hammer was no where to be found. He made his way back to the village as the light of the sun started to peak over the mountain. He would see Vida's head above the rock wall behind Arianna's hut. He would venture back around the hut to see what was going on. He stood off to the side and looked at them both and not far enough ahead to the caged female off to the side.

    Arianna had heard Vida's approach, but did not turn. the smell of her was enough to let Arianna know who it was. Her eyes stayed focused on the prisoner. When Vida finally spoke she took a moment to look down into her hand at the vial.. then back up at the female as she started to stir. "About to." she said simply and stood up stretching her legs. Her arm still stank, but that was probably because she was so close to it that she couldn't escape the smell. She set the Vial upon the rock wall and only then heard footsteps off to the side as Sunthor approached. She gave a nod in his direction before moving to the door. The lock was rather complicated, but then she had intention of using it case something happened and she needed to lock her shifted form up for a bit. Once the lock was switched she swung open the door and stepped in. Kneeling slightly she would grab hold of the Blood Clan female's pouch and start to pull it from her. By force if she had to. If and when she got this belt she would toss it out.. the bags on it having caused her to realize she might have left at least some weapons of some sort on the female without intention. "Vida.. go through that would you? Need to know all of what she has in there." She said while inspecting the females face wounds.

    Vida passed a chilled look toward the bars once she realized their captive may have been coming to. Her stare hardened. Slowly turning her head to nod toward Sunthor once she realized he had approached, she blinked as the pouch was tossed her way. She did her best to catch it in mid-air, but if she failed, she simply bent down to pick up the item and begin to sort through it. She grumbled quietly to herself as she looked through it, shuffling through the pouch and calling it out as  she saw it. "A clear vial... teal vial... pink vial... yellowish...greenish vial?" She narrowed her eyes, the tip of her nose wrinkling up at the scent inside. "Herbs... some helpful, some harmful. Dagger..." She set some things aside on the wall if she had to to remain organized, then finally... she retrieved the last item. "... Darts ..."

    Nanna grunted as the squeal of the cell door seemed louder on her side of the cage. As the Alpha started to enter she attempted to move back away with a soft growl. Though she attempted to fight off being disrobbed of her belt and other things she was no match. Her hands being slapped roughly away and possibly even held down a moment while they were removed. "Those are mine!" she protested slightly. Her eyes watering more from the sting of the bruise on her face than the indignity of everything going on. "Where is Grio?!" she demanded to know as the Alpha looked her in the face. She attempted to give her a glare back, though her expressions just caused her face to hurt more. Though she was healing quicker than a normal human would, it still felt as if her nose was broken and possibly had a few loose teeth due to the heavy boots the Alpha was wearing that night... and this morning. When Vida started to list things in her pouch she growled at her. "Stay out of that!"

    Sunthor nodded back at the two as he stood with his hands collapsed upon his belt. He looked over to the side as Arianna opened the cell door. Taking a step closer in case needed for any assistance. He watched as the pouch went flying out from the cage and looked at the items as Vida pulled them out. His attention turned back towards the cell as he heard the female speak. Something about her voice seemed familiar to him but he couldn't quite place it yet. He stood quietly watching as he let the smoke from his tobacco calm his nerves some.

    Arianna indeed slapped the girls hands away as she attempted to stop her. As the blood clan female spoke she gave her a stone expression. "Grio is dead. If not maimed beyond recognition. If you want his spirit to be walked on to Valhalla, you will co-operate with us." she said coldly. Not knowing what Vida probably knew better than any of them. When Vida started to list things off she heard mention of another pink Vial. When the female protested she grabbed hold of her chin and looked her square in the eyes. "Do not tell -my- pack what to do. You are in no position." she growled. If sure that the female would not fight back she paused a moment. "Is the Pink Vial like the other on the stone wall, Vida?" she called over her shoulder. Partly assuming they had been lied to about how much of the 'cure' she actually had on her.

    Vida felt a sudden flare in her temper at the female's protesting. Her stare widened and hardened into classic murder eyes, a furious gold gleam in them. She maintained that crazed stare for a time, quietly noticing each change in position as Sunthor came closer... but for now, she said nothing to him. Vida continued her deceit as she took a step closer to the cell herself, her head nodding in a slow, almost eerie way. "Yes. He can be escorted... Or his spirit can continue to wander the land, lost..." At the question, she finally turned her head to look toward the vial Arianna had already had before taking a closer look at the one she'd pulled from the pouch. "Mm... No, not quite. This one is darker, with little red bubbles..."

    Nanna frowned.. no it wasn't possible the bull was dead. "how.. how could you kill such a rare beast?" she said in a pathetic tiny voice. As her chin was grabbed she attempted to give a dirty look but caught Vida's expression out of the corner of her eye. She shrank almost instantly from the look.. and the mention of her companions spirit wandering aimlessly caused her a small bit of heart ache. As the description of the other pink Vial was given, her eyes narrowed slightly. "That is poison." she said, her tone suggesting she was speaking the truth. Though they might question as to why she would be so honest of what the vial was. Her big doe like eyes looked back to Arianna.. she did not hear nor see the male or much of him. He was still out of her view just enough. "If you want me to create more cure, you're out of luck. I refuse." she said quietly. Tears that welled up in her eyes as if she knew it was the only way she would be kept alive.. maybe.

    Sunthor let out a small laugh as the female questioned the beast. "It was not us. It was the bear." After a moment that tone in her voice hit him. Things started to click a bit more in his mind as another hit of deja vu side swipes his thoughts. His face would scrunch up and he would puff a bit more on his pipe as some things were becoming a jig saw puzzle and the pieces were starting to snap in place. It would appear as if he was intently focused looking at the cage door as if it displeased him but was lost in his thoughts.

    Arianna listened to the description of the Vials and sighed. She turned and held open her hand as if to ask Vida to place the 'cure' there. If and once she got it she would look it over before holding it up in front of the blood clan female. "Then this is all of the cure we need. Should not be to hard to replicate."

    Vida seemed to smile with her eyes, at least for a moment, as Sunthor told her of the bear. She gradually began to close in, not seeming to notice the contemplative look on the male's face. A more forgiving side of Vida might have wavered at the sight of tears in another woman's eyes... if the well-being of their pack hadn't been threatened. "Oh dear. You refuse? That is unfortunate... for you..." She moved to stand mere paces from Arianna - and Sunthor as well, if he'd come close enough. Her tone moved to an eerie calm, her stare cold and hateful. "There are far worse things in death than there are in life. I would be more than happy to show them to your companion... and to you, if you continue to refuse to cooperate with us." Her stare remained on the female, even as she took hold of the vial... but that severe lack of trust drove her to open it and sniff at it first, a low growl in her throat. "Interesting that a cure would have poisonous herbs... And what else is in this, child?" Her tone grew harsh; she refused to pass Arianna the vial.

    Nanna frowned looking between the two women. She heard the male's voice and a moment of confusion crossed her battered face. As Vida spoke she found herself sinking further back into her captive's cage. The threat of Grio's spirit being put through spiritual pain caused her nervousness.. and then of herself finding the same outcome. She clenched her jaw.. and when Vida sniffed at the vial she shook her head. "Herbs can be poisonous save for one ingredient that makes them into a harmless concoction. That ingredient I will not share. That is the cure.. regardless of if you believe me or not. I suggest you use it on your sickest.. but then.. your Alpha is sick as well.." her eyes looked up into Arianna's cold stare and she felt even more like shrinking into a crack. "I.. You might be able to figure it out.. but I am betting on you not willing to risk your pack for it.. You went back on our deal.. more of my clan will come.. if you kill me, you will be left to rot in your illness." she tried to say in her bravest voice. Tears in her eyes and fear could probably stink up the entire village if the wind turned right. "I will not help you.. It is for the safety of my own clan." She set her jaw again.. half expecting to be struck for her defiant words.

    Sunthor for a moment continued to be in deep thought. He could hear his pack mates voices but paid little listening to them. He eventually came to as the side of his vision caught Vida coming up closer to the cell. He shook his head and looked toward the cage as the female spoke. The scent of her fear suddenly filled his nostrils. He took another step closer to the cell and sniffed. His mind placing snapping another piece to the puzzle. He took another step closer to the cell door. His hand raised up to the gate and lightly grasped around the cold bar. "W-wait..." He looked over to Vida then to Arianna before leaning inward, his head peaking around the corner till the female came into his view. He looked upon her face and seeing those watery doe eyes made him slightly stammer to the side. "Nanna?" he quietly said but would be just loud enough if others were close to hear.

    Arianna noted Vida avoiding giving her the vial. When Vida spoke she lowered her hand and turned to look back at the woman as she cowered. Indeed.. every inch of Arianna wanted to lash out and slam the girl's head into the wall.. however she did not. Instead she stood listening to her defiant words.. her explanation of the poisonous smelling liquid and everything. "It is simple." she said in a very calm but clear tone. "If this vial kills me.. you will be dead before I hit the ground." she said carefully. "Your entire clan will be wiped out within a week after my funeral.. nothing of the blood clan would remain.. So if you care for your clan at all.. you would be smart to work with us. We are better allies than enemies." She turned and again held out her hand.. this time looking Vida directly in the eyes with a look of confidence. Her expression speaking volumes of 'trust me.' If Vida gave her the vial, she would turn back to face the cowering female, holding the vial between her fingers and offering to drink it in front of her, but taking it slow to give her a chance to stop the action if needed. Arianna would hear Sunthor.. pause and look at him as he peeked around the gate to the female.. when he spoke that name she raised an eyebrow before looking back at the female he called 'Nanna'. Hesitation hitting her for the first time.. as she had it set in her mind to kill the girl after the clan had been cured.

    Vida temporarily lost her cool. The only thing that kept her from striking Nanna herself in that moment was Arianna's presence between them. "Anyone in your clan lost the privilege of choice the moment you infected those of -our- clan!" Her words were snarled, and she nearly lunged around Arianna toward her before she caught and composed herself again - though her rage barely bubbled beneath the surface. Her jaw was clenched, that wild look in her eyes. She was about to speak again... but then heard Sunthor. Her look softened as she turned her attention toward him, though not by much. "You... know this woman?" Her focus moved to Arianna and reluctantly, she indeed offered her the vial, stunned into silence just enough to look between the three of them in expectant silence.

    Nanna continued to give her defiant look all through Arianna's speech. However her expression would soften the moment the vial went up to her lips. She paused and started to reconsider her options. Even with the Spirit Walker's threat and movement toward her she seemed to keep her eyes upon the Alpha. When Sunthor peeked around the corner she looked up, her jaw nearly dropping to her chest as he spoke her name. Her eyes gone wide at the sight of him. mixed emotions of wanting to cry and hold out her arms for him.. and wanting to scream and turn away from someone she loved so dearly that abandoned her. Confusion wracked her mind instantly. "W-what are you doing here?" her voice wavered and she instantly looked back to Arianna.. If she hadn't lowered the vial from her lips already she would move forward slightly holding one of her hands up in a 'stop' motion. "w-wait.. is he sick?" she turned looking at him with worry now. Conflict seeping through her entire being at the moment.

    Sunthor turned and looked towards Vida as she spoke. "Aye, I do" as he nodded to her. He then shift his eyes to Arianna for a moment and then finally upon Nanna. "She is my sister." as he gave her a small smile. After she questioned why he was her, he would look at Arianna and then back at Vida before returning back to her. "This is my clan, Nanna." He would step around the gate to get see her more clearly and knelt down beside the iron bars as she spoke again. "Yes, I'm afraid that I am." His gaze staying fixated upon her.

    Arianna had kept the vial close by her lips for a moment till she caught Nanna's reaction and lowered it. If Vida had wanted by, she would have had plenty of room to attack the woman with no resistance from the alpha. If anything it only proved her point in her words from before. However she was focused now upon Sunthor as he spoke.. a look of questioning passed her features quickly before she gave him a knowing look and decided to play along. "Rather than risk my clan members, I would take the cure first." she said still holding the vial between her fingers. "Though another thought has come to mind.." She would reach out and touch Sunthor's shoulder if he allowed. "We could infect you.. force you to create the -real- cure for yourself.. and replicate that." Though the threat was there.. she did not move in nor offer to do such a thing right then and there. Possibly for Sunthor's sake.

    Vida watched Nanna's expression closely, as well as Sunthor's. Her expression was unchanging, save for a slow cooling of a hardened stare. If Sunthor showed any indication of wanting to come closer (if she was in the way), she moved aside to let him in. But for the time being, she held back on truly lunging toward Nanna again. Playing on the female's concerns was far more appealing to her than outright killing her... and she took a step back for the time being to give her two packmates more room.

    Nanna felt her eyes go into an extreme blur as they filled with tears at Sunthor admitting his illness. She shook her head and her already puffy bruised face contorted in a mixture of physical pain and absolute sorrow. She shook her head at Arianna's threat. "A true Blood clan member is immune." she said looking painfully at Sunthor. "There... there is no cure for the others... we usually let them die to be sure we get what was offered... The Vial you have is a temporary solution.. it was just so you would bring us in here.. it will stave off the symptoms for a while.. but when and if the medicine is stopped it speeds up the process." Tears poured down her face stinging her wounds. "I.. I did not know you were here.. You.. you left me.. you killed my parents!" a rage started to well up within her. "You killed my parents and when i needed you most you abandoned me!" she snarled sobbing slightly at Sunthor. "You deserve what you get." she cried more turning away from them to face the corner.

    Sunthor stared at Nanna as Arianna's hand touched his shoulder as she spoke. As Nanna spoke, he just knelt there quietly listening. When she spoke of no cure for the others, he began to panic for his brothers..for his alpha. He did miss Nanna but his uncertainty still remained about her.

    Arianna might have felt sorrow for the girl.. had she been anyone else.. had she not had Vetis and Ludo on her mind. Her eyes widened at the information given.. and suddenly Arianna found herself lunging past Sunthor into the cage and attempting to slam Nanna's body harder against the wall while grasping for her hair. Pure rage her expression. "YOU DID THIS!" She growled, that unearthly tone. "You killed them!" Tears poured from her eyes thinking of her pack brothers... though she directed her anger at Nanna.. more of it was at herself.. at not going in search of them sooner when they did not return home after so long. If given the chance she would tug Nanna out of the cage herself, by the hair and drag her all the way over to the hut where Ludo and Vetis were eerily quiet. If not stopped.. she would drag her all the way up the stairs and start to unlock the door.. waking the two infected brothers and setting off their ill tempered fevers. "I will let them have their revenge.." she growled, the bandage on her arm wound stretched and blood flowing freely. "I will let them tear you limb from limb!" If Sunthor or anyone attempted to stop her she would simply give them a look of death.. one they would know well from hunting with her beast.. 'my kill.' Not once did Arianna think of herself.. her heart was breaking for the thought of Vetis and Ludo.. how she failed them.

    Vida blinked. Arianna had lost her cool first, and had managed to startle Vida enough to prevent her from lunging at Nanna as well. Watching them, her jaw clenched, her own dismay and rage eating at her. She did nothing to try to stop her alpha. Instead, she followed after her with a cold, stony expression. Plain and simple, she wished to see the girl suffer... and she intended to add to it once it was all over, unless a stop was put to it for some reason.

    Nanna grunted from the Alpha's forceful lunge. She gave out a squirming flailing attempt to keep herself from being dragged off but to no avail. She had her hair pulled and it swung her body around to where she was roughly dragged on the ground. Grass twigs and stones scraping and tearing at her tender butt flesh as she was dragged along. She screamed.. called for Grio by mistake once.. then pleaded and cried for Sunthor.. to no avail possibly. As she felt the first step dig into her back she flailed more and dug her fingers into the Alpha's hands. "NO NO! PLEASE!" She cried hysterically. "I... I ... I can't! you can't do this!"

    Sunthor stumbled back onto his but as Arianna went forward past him. The sight of her rage caused him scurry backwards on his tail till he managed to get up off the ground. Watching Nanna being dragged, hearing the call of the dead bull and then his name only made him shake his head. He didn't know what to think of her.

    Vetis Bruun woke the moment he heard anything near the hut.. as he had several times. A ringing and sharp pain going through his shifted pointed ears from the noise.. his breath rattling every intake and exhale now. His pale milky eyes turning to the direction of the door as he heard the lock being messed with. He sat straight up baring his froth covered pointed teeth at the door. He only waited a moment before he lunged up and moved to stand waiting for the door to open. Every joint would pop.. causing shooting pains that only enraged him. There was no normal thought left.. only the desire to maim and kill the first thing he could get his teeth on. He had since forgotten about Ludo.. as something seemed to accept Ludo as one just like him.. not something to kill.. but something to kill -with-. His growl would border on the line of death gurgle and angered beast.

    Ludo stirred on his cot as he heard Vetis across the room. His head feeling groggy and his aching. He slowly got up and stumbled across the room. For some strange reason Vetis had stopped trying to attack him but he still kept his distance but this time Vetis was getting out of control. Once he made it to Vetis, he would attempt to wrap an arm across Vetis's chest and hold him back. "Brother, no! Don't open the door!" The pain pulsated through his arm to use every bit of strength that he muster as his condition was getting worser than it had been before.

    Arianna fumbled with the lock one handed.. ignoring the dangerous sounds from behind the door. The silver burning her fingertips only helped to enrage her more.. her mind set on feeding the Blood clan female to the ill brothers. She finally let go of Nanna's hair to unlock the lock and toss it aside.. losing grip of the girl.. more than likely giving her a chance to escape, though knowing Vida and Sunthor were near by, she had no fear of the girl making it far. She no doubt would stumble in an attempt to grab the girl if she did attempt to escape.. missing her by a few inches no doubt. The door to the hut swinging open to reveal Vetis' form for just a moment before Ludo jumped in to attempt and keep his brother at bay. Arianna paused looking at the two inside, a shuttering sob came from her and she quickly reached in grabbing hold of the door and pulling it closed as quickly as she could.. fumbling to reach the lock and place it back where it belonged. If she managed to do this before either of them could reach the door.. she would fall to her knees and start sobbing uncontrollably.. the image of the two of them burned into her memory for as long as she would survive. That horrid stench as well..

    Vida was pushed past furious into an unsettling calm as she spoke past them. "You brought this upon yourself, child..." Perhaps it was the feeling of defeat, or perhaps Arianna's rage had caused her to find a need for keeping herself balanced. Whatever it was, she looked on coldly. She hesitated to come too close to the hut - not for fear of danger, but not wanting to be reminded so soon of what Vetis and Ludo had - and would - waste away to. Of course... that went out the window as she saw Arianna let go of Nanna. She surged forward whether or not Sunthor did, intending to try and lunge at her and take hold of the girl by the arms if she could, if not all-out tackle her to the ground depending on whether or not the female tried to escape. Whether or not she did this -and- succeeded depended on several things: how fast Nanna was compared to her, whether or not she would have the sense to try to run... and whether or not Sunthor would try to grab her first. If he did, she would fall back just enough to be ready to try and chase her down if he failed. Arianna's sobs only fueled her rage once more, and even then, hints of red fur began to form along the surface of her skin, her eyes growing wide, round, and wolfish  as she growled.

    Nanna indeed took that chance. Grasping hold of the porch in an attempt to keep from being tossed into the sick hut. Once she felt Arianna's grip leave her a moment of pure adrenalin fueled her. Pulling herself up to her feet and literally using her grip on the porch to launch her off and away from them. She had no idea where she was running. Stumbling slightly and not taking time to look at her surroundings. Her legs pounded but before she knew it she was knocked to the ground by the spirit walker. A loud grunt as she hit the ground and flailed wildly attempting to kick and smack at her attacker. "NO NO! YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!" she flailed and screamed. "I CAN'T! YOU HAVE TO KEEP ME ALIVE! THEY WILL DIE!" she flailed more. Pure panic in her expression and eyes. She did not want to be torn to pieces.. she could smell the illness within the hut.. it was advanced.. they would all die. "IF SHE LETS THEM OUT WE WILL ALL DIE!" she screamed in an attempt to get through to them.

    Sunthor stood back and watched as Arianna opened the door to the hut. He panicked hoping that she wouldn't throw Nanna inside with his infected brothers. But as he noticed Arianna trying to shut the door, he ran up to the hut to help her and quickly grabbed the lock on the floor and latched it back onto the door. He let out at breath before realizing Arianna had fell to the floor. He would kneel down in front of her and attempt to put his hand on her shoulder if she allowed. He looked back over his shoulder and watched as Vida chased after Nanna. Once he seen that Vida was successful in taking Nanna down, he would look back to Arianna.

    Vetis Bruun felt arms go around him but it did not matter. though Ludo was strong enough to keep him from jumping forward.. when the door opened and Arianna looked at him he paused.. his vision had blurred her image so much.. the light hitting her hair in such a way that caused him to blink in wonder. She looked like the legends of the Valkyrie he had heard told when he was a boy. Pure white blur that caused her image to glow in the sun and give her wings. As the door closed he started to stammer out of that confusion upon seeing something so beautiful.. near dragging Ludo with him to the door as it closed upon them. The sound of scraping locks and wood angering him. His clawed fingers lifted to the door digging into its flesh and scraping down slivers. "Do-not-leave-us!" He growled in an inhuman voice. Part of him believing the Valkyrie had left them to rot on this world.. refusing them to join Odin or Fenris.

    Ludo felt his foothold slipping but managed to keep his grip onto Vetis. Dragging him across the way till they made it to the door. As Vetis spoke and hearing the sobs from Arianna outside, he tried to say something but his voice would just crackle as no words would come out. Only tears from his eyes as they began to fall down his cheek.

    Arianna felt Sunthor's hand upon her shoulder and she glanced up at him.. she had not realized he was there and helped her close the door and lock it. Vetis' voice caused her heart pain... and as she looked at Sunthor she reached up and pet along his bearded face if given the chance before she would attempt to wrap her arms around him and sob quietly. "I..I am so sorry.." she said into his armor. She had barely heard Nanna's plee and shouting.. but it caught her attention non-the-less. She turned to look at Vida and the downed Blood clan member. If Vida wasn't already tearing into the girl.. she would speak up. "Take her back to her cage.. bring your mate... We have to do whatever we can.." she said in a shaking voice. Never did she want to kill someone so much as she did Nanna... to the point she had broken down so hard in front of her pack-mates. Tears stained her cheeks.. and the blood from her arm flowed freely causing it to pool upon the deck of the hut.

    Vida growled, the sound oddly feral coming from the spirit walker who rarely shifted outside of absolute necessity. She'd grown larger by then, a bit more muscular - though still a runt in comparison to other Garou in their own hybrid forms. As Nanna flailed, Vida struggled to continue trying to pin her down, her own cries coming from her in a rough, gravely, snarled roar. "YOU HAVE ALREADY CONDEMNED THEM TO DEATH! YOU SAID SO YOURSELF!" If at any point she could get a good enough hold on her, she would take hold of her upper arms and shake her, almost the way one would try and do so to get someone to listen. "YOU WILL SUFFER AS THEY HAVE SUFFERED!" If she was able to hear Vetis and Ludo from within the hut, it would cause her stomach to turn in sickness and her eyes to water. And if by any means she could, she would push herself to a stand and drag Nanna up with her, intending to try and forcefully pull her back to the hut and throw her into the hut herself... until Arianna spoke up. She paused for just a moment and looked coldly toward the Blood Clan female. As long as she was able to, she dragged Nanna forcefully back to the cell that she'd been kept in previously, a low growl in her throat. "You will pay for this... one way or another..."

    Nanna was shaking uncontrollably even with the Spirit walker shaking her it seemed to be worse. Tears poured from her eyes and she gave the former Blood clan sister a pleading look. "I'm telling the truth now. I promise." she sobbed. As she was dragged toward the hut she literally let herself fall and be dragged as dead wait.. whimpering and sobbing at the thought of being torn to shreds by two mad beasts. When Arianna spoke she turned to look at the Alpha for a moment.. confused but thankful for her change of heart. As Vida changed her direction she would willingly stand and move with the spirit walker this time. Though the shaking would not stop. She nearly wet herself during the entire ordeal. As much as she loved her clan.. she was not willing to die for them... and shame started to taint her expression along with sorrow and fear.

    Sunthor watched as Arianna reached up to pet along his beard. He closed his eyes to her touch and his eyes started to water. He felt her arms wrap around him and could not say any words. A sigh would escape his breadth but wouldn't be a sigh of relief but that of pain as he heard pleas coming from Nanna. As Arianna spoke to Vida, he opened his eyes and noticed the pool of blood. He looked up at her when she was done speaking. "We must get that redressed now."

    Vetis Bruun continued to scratch and claw at the door, even with Ludo attempting to keep him in check. Now was simple mindless rage. He could hear them.. he could smell them.. he wanted to murder them. All of them.. The silver upon the other side of the door would weaken his attempts to claw his way through however.. unknown to him. As they would leave.. and silence would start to fill the hut once again.. he would slowly become sedated by his pain.. crawling back to his cot to rest.

    Ludo let go of Vetis as he felt his body ease up. He stood there for a moment as he watched Vetis crawl back to his cot. He stumbled back to his own and layed facing towards Vetis, watching his pack brother. The cries coming their alpha pained him and his hope for him and his brother dwindling down. The overbearing pain wearing his energy and he eventually would fade and pass out.

    Arianna looked at her arm then down at the pool of blood before back to Sunthor. She nodded and attempted to stand. Using her free hand to wipe away the tears on her cheeks. She would do her best not to think of the condition of the other two for now. Instead she would move off.. stopping only to make sure Sunthor was following her.. to the long hall to re-dress her wound and await for Asbjorn. She was sure that Vida would handle Nanna however she needed to be handled.. or beaten.. she did not care anymore.. there had to be a way to save her pack-mates and the rest of her clan.. her thought slipped to her daughter.. wondering if she had found her father and if she would listen and stay away from the village until she heard the all clear... or if she would return and risk herself to check and see if her mother and other -family- were still alive or not.

    Vida did her best to hide the hint of a conflicted look at Nanna's words. Whatever was said gave her pause... whatever the influence. As long as she could, she would lead the female back to her cell - the fire of her temper replaced with an ice-cold demeanor. And as long as nothing went wrong, she would place her behind the bars and lock the cell once more...  assuming that Sunthor was entirely capable of caring for their alpha.

    Sunthor looked at Arianna as she nodded and would help her up to her feet. As she left to head towards the long hall he would follow behind her. He looked down at the ground as he walked and could not bring himself to look towards the direction to where Vida took Nanna back to her cell. Right now his pack needed him and that was enough to keep him focused at hand right now.


    Nanna continued to shake and cry even as the door closed behind her. She turned and looked at Vida.. and in the most pathetic small voice she whimpered. "I'm sorry..." Not that it would do much good. She now realized that no matter what she did.. she most likely was going to die.. But... and even though Sunthor did nothing to help her.. she still did not want to see him suffer the sickness.. that meant she would have to give them the cure. Even if it ended in her death.. at least she could go knowing he did not suffer at least. Even if he never loved her or her parents.. even if he abandoned her.. she still loved him enough to do that for him at least.

    Vida shook her head as she ushered her in and closed the cell door. She deadpanned rather than frowned, her tone stern. "Is that how they raise those of the Blood Clan now? To whimper when they're forced to face mortality in some form? They have truly come a long way since I lived among them, if that is the case..." She stepped back from the cell, her arms folding tightly across her chest.

    Nanna shook her head. "I..I don't want to die like that." she said attempting to wipe away her tears only to wince at the pain it caused her face. "I don't want -him- to die like that..." she finally admitted her eyes turned to the ground. "N..not even for them." she said in a soft voice. "I know I am going to die.. I know your Alpha is going to kill me either way, but..." she paused for a bit and tears welled up again. "I can't let Sunthor die like that.. I only request you let me heal him first." she said, finally turning her eyes up to Vida in a pleading expression.

    Vida retained the gravely sound of her voice as she paced restlessly before the cell, her jaw set tightly. "And what of the other two, locked away in the hut? What becomes of them? Are they still able to be saved?" She stared hard toward her, her eyes narrowed as if she still didn't trust her. "Your clan is the reason why my only blood relatives are gone... and now your clan has threatened the lives of the only family I have left. However..." Her chin inclined, even as she continued to pace. "... There clearly... are some among us who are still capable of mercy if you cooperate..."

    Nanna watched her as she walked back and forth. "As long as they have not gone too far.. I can save them both. You and I can save all of them." she said and took a moment to slide down to her butt on the cage floor. "And even Grio... if there is still enough left of him.. Only true Blood clan can survive such a curse. We make them our blood brothers and sisters.. and they will live." she said softly. "But we would have to act quickly. If they have gotten to far in the illness.. there is nothing we can do at all. It would be kinder to put them down rather than have them die the agonizing finale death of that illness... that is why i request to heal Sunthor first.. I do not know how far along his illness is.. But i would rather he not suffer the as much as your other brother's and sister have." Her eyes were down turned.. her shame was very apparent. She had pretty much turned against her clan at this point.. and for what?... for Sunthor. The male that abandoned her.. and wouldn't even attempt to stop them from trying to kill her in such a horrible fashion.. and yet she still could not see him suffer.. she was a fool. at least she would think this to herself..

    Vida said nothing of Grio, though her expression did not change either when he came up. Her brow slowly raised. Her pacing stopped, and she took a couple of slow steps toward the cell. Her body had reduced down to its normal size again, her eyes less wolven and more human, as before. As torn as she was about speaking honestly about Sunthor and not, she kept up the facade. "Who is cured first will have to be discussed with our Alpha..." She watched her closely, even softened her expression into an intent stare. "And how do we do this? How do we 'save' them?"

    Nanna shook her head and backed away some. There was still that fear from the threats before. "I..I will tell you when all are present..." she said shaking slightly. Part of her believing that the spirit walker would hold up her threat of murder and afterlife suffering once she had the knowledge of the cure.

    Vida watched her back up and reconsidered her approach, coming to a sudden stop and tilting her head. "Very well..." She looked coldly upon her, her head shaking. Had she known her fear, she might have even felt charitable enough to explain one simple thing: that her desire for vengeance would likely go away once she was certain her packmates were free. Taking a few steps back, she placed a hand absently toward her middle before beginning to walk away. "In that case, there are some things I need to do. We will all re-convene at another time..." And with that, unless she was stopped... she likely walked away... perhaps to consider what she had been told.

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    Asbjorn's Discomfort: Call for help Answered.

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    Vida had calmed maybe slightly since she'd initially gone in to check on their captive... but she was still more or less exuding rage and dared not touch him for fear of being too rough with him. With her jaw tightly set, she barely looked at him and instead moved toward the table, sifting through whatever he may have had available - behaving as if she somehow had forgotten how to make the mixture he'd taught her. She spoke over her shoulder to him - oddly stern, but at least no longer on the verge of tearing someone's face off. "How is your hand, love?"

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would rub his hand as he opened and closed it, examining it. There was a nice scar on the palm and the back from where he had been gored by the werebull. "Sore...stiff.... but I shall manage..." He'd softly reply before making his way to her. He'd lean in and press his forehead to hers as they so often did before sighing. "I... I am troubled...inside..." He'd remark, his fingers holding gently to the back of her head. "I did not wish to kill him... I really didn't... I feel heavy...burdened...for letting it happen..."

    Vida paused as their foreheads touched... and for a time, her rage was forgotten entirely. Her expression fell and she looked more closely at him as soon as she could, bringing her hands to the side of his face. "You protected us. We may have been in deep trouble without you..." Her eyes closed, and she brushed the tip of her nose to his. "That clan, especially its warriors - outside of the Culling Ceremony... are trained to fight until either they've died... or their opponent has." There was a frown on her face by then; any hint of a stern tone had given way to softness. "You kept us safe. One of us might have died instead if you had not intervened, Ásbjörn..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would let out another heavy sigh as he lowered to his knees. He'd silently put his hands on her hips and bring her closer so he could kiss her belly, then rest his forehead upon it. "That may be... but I am supposed to be protecting Gaia's children... no matter how sick... not... mauling them into..." He'd shake his head and let out a disgusted growl. "I could see the whole time... yet I could not stop it...stop him... He...enjoyed it..." He was obviously disturbed and upset by the actions of his Rage, and could only bury his face to her abdomen to hide as he held onto her. "What if.. it were you...or any of the others..hmm? What if he stopped caring what "I" feel or thought about you..about the pack? What if next time.... it were you...and not some intruder?"

    Vida kept herself still once he pulled her in, save for one hand moving to gently pet along his hair. Her chin dipped as she looked down toward him, her brows knitting. "That is what they are trained to enjoy, love. Their Culling Ceremonies... involve cutting open the one of age within the pack who is deemed the weakest and removing parts of them while they still breathe. They are a brutal pack..." For a time, she thought of his question. Her arms moved to wrap around him, a frown rejoining her features. "If there is any way to keep him sated and happy - if that would even help matters for you... we will do it. Might it be a manner of earning and keeping his trust?"

    [18:55] Ásbjörn Ahlberg kissed along her belly and looked up at her. "I...don't know...we've always had an arrangement between us... and the herbs keep him sedated...calmed.. there's much..much anger in him..a fury that if let loose..." He'd shake his head and grunt before rising up to his feet, pausing to lean in and kiss her fully before pulling her against him. "We are all Her children... Vida... even the wayward..and even they deserve justice and a chance to heal from the corruption that seeps in their blood..." He'd tenderly put his finger under her chin to tilt her head to look up at him. "You...are example that nothing is set in stone... and that regardless of our blood and where we are from... if we are shown compassion, kindness, and love... we can be changed..we can be made whole again.."

    Vida lovingly returned his kiss. Her arms only loosened enough to allow him to stand, wrapping around him once more as soon as they could. "If there is anything to do for him in particular... we will do it. That you even worry about that to begin with saddens me..." Allowing her chin to be lifted, she kept her eyes on his face... and something in his words caused her features to sober. "... You're right." Her lips pressed together into a tight line, and after sighing, she hugged him tightly, leaning in to rest her cheek to his chest. "I hate to do this to you, my love... but I was asked to come get you and bring you to the village if you feel willing. It appears we were deceived... and your idea of healing may be our greatest hope right now..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would softly stroke her face, his thumb running along her lips as his fingers went into her hair. "I've lived some time... Gaia has taught me to be merciful to all her children...and to not resort to violence...unless it is necessary..the Rage seems to think violence is the quickest and only option.." He'd look at her, his good eye soft and gently glowing. "" He'd questioned, now growing concerned.

    Vida pressed a kiss to his thumb, then turned her head to press another to his palm if she could. "Perhaps we can find a way to help you with this someday... but whether or not we do... I am still yours. I trust you... whatever happens. I watched him stop short once he seemed to realize it was me. I stayed with him... with you... until I felt I could bring you home. Everything will be alright, one way or another..." Odd thing for her to say, really, as doubtful as she'd been of everything else. But a frown formed at his question; her brow furrowed. "I am not sure what to believe. First, she claims the cure is a lie... then she claims that she and I can aid the injured and ill because of our immunity to the sickness. I don't know what to think. I only know that Arianna was hoping - and I was hoping... that you might be able to help them..." She grew nervous even as she spoke, maybe even visibly so - likely remembering his usage of the word 'risky' when he described his methods. "Do you think...?"

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would rub his chin and scruffy neck as he thought. " still doable... I'd need to speak with this person first...find out what they know...maybe convince them to help us..." He'd move to the desk and begin to gather up various clay bottle reagents and putting them in a large leather pack that he'd put upon his back. "All I can my"

    Vida watched him uneasily. With a frown, she reached up to lay her hand to the side of his face if she could. "I would bring you to Arianna first. She too has been bitten, but ... recent enough for her to have control of herself still. Perhaps we can continue from there, maybe she would prefer to be there when we speak to the girl..." The chill in her tone returned when mention of the captive returned... but it was - at least - not as severe.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg nods and pulls out his pipe and puts the stem between his teeth. "Well..then let us be off then..." He'd remark, pulling a small stick of incense from the desk to light in one of the torches on the way out so he could in turn light his pipe weed. "Lead on..dear Vida.."


    Arianna looked at the bandage that Sunthor had done. Though the wound was no longer bleeding it still stung from the cleaning. her eyes had since dried, though her expression hardened. She looked up as she waited for return of Vida and possibly Asbjorn by her side. Having listened to Sunthor's explanation of who Nanna was to him.. and left deep in thought of what she was to do.

    Sunthor sat back and was in thought as he smoked on his pipe after telling Arianna more about his past and of Nanna. He wondered how grown up she looked since he last saw her but shook his head as he told himself that the times have changed and that she was part of the Blood clan, born into it, and he was not.

    Vida went past the quarantine hut as quickly as she could... and had perhaps been so fixated on the illness that had fallen their packmates that she hadn't thought to maybe pause and keep Ásbjörn outside for fear of triggering any possible temper with one of the trophies within the long hall. As she stepped in, she glanced around for a brief moment, then looked ahead toward Arianna and Sunthor with a slow nod of her head - waiting a moment to see if she was interrupting anything before she spoke up. "Here he is. Thought it best to come here first..."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would enter the long house, lowering his head to keep from possibly hitting the frame. He'd clear his nose with a loud sniff then look around him. He'd catch sight of the large stuffed bear...and would give them all a stern glare of disapproval before speaking. "I'm told you need my help, yes?" He'd rumble in his earthen tone, holding his pipe and puffing furiously upon it to send a large wreath of smoke around his head.

    Arianna caught sight of movement through the door as they came up. She stood and rubbed just below the bandage before she started to make her way to them. Rather than have them come to her. "I.. Yes." she said as Vida spoke nodding. When Asbjorn entered and looked around, she had forgotten of the trophy in the corner, thus was confused by his stern glare. "I was told you wanted to attempt something.. That.. maybe you could help to heal our pack brothers." she said taking a moment to look around and see if she could figure out why he suddenly had a disgruntled expression. Her eyes settled on the bear in the corner for a moment then she turned back to him.. not ashamed or even offering a expression of sorrow. If that was truly what offended him then he would have to vocalize it before she bothered to say anything. "First I should thank you.. for your help in capturing the Blood Clan female.. and.. for what you did to the other." she wasn't sure what to call it.

    Sunthor took a few puffs on his pipe as he thought more from his past till he caught Vida in the doorway. He reached up and pulled his pipe out and nodded. Then watched as the tall male entered after her. He glanced over to Arianna and noticed her getting up from her chair and walking across to the others. He place the pipe back in his mouth and got up from his seat and followed. Standing back listening.

    Vida hadn't looked back in time to see the glare on his face. It would likely occur to her later on... but for the time being, she was a bit overly focused. As Arianna spoke, she said nothing, but she -did- look between her and Sunthor in quiet contemplation, continuing to listen. After a few seconds, her brow furrowed and she looked over her shoulder at Ásbjörn with a frown of concern... even if she said nothing of it. Not yet. For now, she said nothing and instead allowed them to speak.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would remain silent, puffing on his pipe as she spoke. Letting her finish, he then cleared his throat. "Apis...." He'd remark, puffing again on the pipe. "They are called Apis... the bovine children of Gaia.. and he did not deserve to die.. thanks it to not be given for that... that is not a thankful thing... it is sad...very sad..." He'd remark, puffing more on his pipe. After a few deathly silent moments he'd then speak again, exhaling a large cloud of smoke of is uniquely scented herbs. "However...what's done is done...and cannot be undone... is the female still alive?"

    Arianna tilted her head.. not knowing the words Apis or Gaia. It was clear she did not know much of what he was speaking of. "Better him than more of my pack injured or ill." she said sternly. At the question of the female's life she turned and glanced over her shoulder at Sunthor. Long enough eye contact to show him that she was still re-considering her decision upon his 'sister'. "She still lives." she said turning her silver eyes back up at him. "For now. She has lied and manipulated and tricked us thus far... She nearly did not make it through the night. She attempted to poison myself.. but for some reason changed her mind..." She huffed slightly and gestured out the door. "She claimed last night that there is no cure for what they have done to us.. Then when faced with mortality changed her words and claims there is something that can be done. I do not know how much i trust her words."

    Sunthor stood with his casual stance of his hands resting upon his belt as he listened to the conversation between Arianna and the male, puffing on his pipe every now and again. He paused for a moment as the male explained what the beast was before continuing on. He caught Arianna's stare for the moment as she looked back at him. He gave her a slight nod of understanding. Hell even he was unsure for the sake of her life. Nanna wasn't quite the same girl that he once remembered. He shook it off and continued listening as the two spoke.

    Vida dipped her chin in a silent frown, allowing her hair to hang around her shoulders and her face in an attempt to hide the expression until she had it under control once more.  Once she had, she looked up again, finally speaking up long enough to share what she hadn't had a chance to yet. "Before I left her in her cell... she mentioned that possible cure, but she said she would only speak more of it 'when all are present.' But I'm not sure how much she can be trusted either..." She knew well enough that Ásbjörn had asked to speak with Nanna... but she would not speak for him, likely out of respect. Instead, she moved to stand at one side of him, passing a glance toward him before looking back to her two packmates with a hint of uncertainty.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would push his thumb down into the bowl of his pipe to snuff it out. Pushing it back into his inner cloak pocket he'd then speak in his deep, earthen tone. "I will speak to her... if a resolution can come without more blood shed... then it will be done... I will not have more death follow in the wake of this..." He'd scrunch his face, almost sneering in disgust. "Plague...that has entered this land..." He'd roll his shoulders back and grunt. "Perhaps she does not tell truth..because she expects she will die either way...hmm? Fear is not the best way to get what you wish... compassion... this is the teaching of Gaia... that all life is sacred and even those riddled with sickness must be helped if possible... this clan... your friends in that shack...they are all indeed sick..a sickness not only of body..but of the soul and the mind... I will do what I can to purify them... to heal them..."

    Arianna watched Asbjorn as Vida spoke. She gave a careful look at her pack sister then turned back to look at Asbjorn again as he spoke. "If that is the case.. if you truly think compassion would get her to speak true.. Then you will need to talk to her alone. She has been threatened by all here but you. She knows what our desires are." she said simply and looked to Vida. "We will go and wait outside of their hut.. If you feel she has given you the honest answer we need to finish this.. Come back and I will give you the key to her cage."

    Sunthor listened as everyone spoke as he puffed on his pipe. He had been silent during the matter as he thought of what is going to be done, his eyes narrowing, thinking. "I would like to go with you and listen in. Nanna can be quite sly if not careful. I know her better than anyone here. Even though I had not seen her for quite some time, I still can pick up on her quirks that I remember when we were children. I will be behind the wall hidden." It was all he could think to do. He needed to know for himself if he had made the mistake of leaving her behind that night or that it was for the better that he had.

    Vida swallowed as if to fight the urge to grumble to herself. While she said nothing else, she listened well enough and met Arianna's look with a wary expression of her own. But she said nothing to argue Ásbjörn's point, perhaps hoping that his methods would prove more fruitful. A hand moved to the large male's back, her head moving in to briefly press her forehead to his upper arm if she could - since that was all she could reach without stretching up to him. As suddenly as she'd moved to do so, she would pull away again and take a step back, likely waiting to follow Arianna to the hut... unless she too decided to hide and listen. Sunthor's reason for eavesdropping made sense to her, at least. Her brows lifted in question as she glanced between them, as if checking to see if they were ready to go.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would look to Sunthor and study him for a time. "In all respect... I must decline... she knows you..she knows your kind..her kind... she does not know mine... if I've reason to find fault in her words...then I will handle so in my way... she does not trust any of you..." He'd shake his head. "No.. if there is a cure we will find it using my methods... yours already has not seemed to work... I will not be dishonest to one of my little brothers or sisters...Gaia would not wish it..." He turns to move outside, not much caring for the indoors. "Also... next time you summon me here to this... place of glorifying murder..." He'd say with apparent disapproval of the various animal remain trophies. "Don't... we will meet in a place that does not reek of death..." Then if not stopped, he would turn and leave the long house.

    Arianna would simply raise an eyebrow to Asbjorn's words. Allowing him to leave the long house first. If his words offended her, she would not show it. She had no intention of starting an argument with one who might be their only chance at saving her pack brothers. If anything, the insult was more to Sunthor than it was to her. She turned and gave motion for Sunthor and Vida to follow her to the hut. Remaining quiet even while standing outside of it. She would wait to see if Asbjorn was capable of getting somewhere with the young blood clan female.. or if he himself would find dragging her by the hair to be an easier task.

    Sunthor stared at the large male for a moment, taking in longer puffs. The words that the male described his trophies settled in his stomach uneasily. He turned to his side and looked for a moment at his mounts and displays that decorated the hall before looking back at the male. He reached up and grabbed his pipe then dumping the ashes over on the fire pit beside him and placed it back into his pack. How dare he insult the beasts that he honored so greatly. But he would not say a word about it to him. He knew his Alpha summoned him here to help and would not disrupt at what is at hand now. He would let out a low grunt and look up and down the male. "Good luck with my sister." He would leave it at that and walk out of the hall towards the alpha at the hut.

    Vida had looked toward the male... until he voiced his disapproval. At that, her chin dipped and her head turned away as if she'd been directly chastised by a parent, her expression falling. She merely looked beneath her brow at them as they passed, heading on to follow them out afterward.

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    Asbjorn's Kindness: Nanna not so innocent and naive.

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    Nanna had been standing when she heard voices in the distance.. muffled enough to where she could not understand them. It was the heavy boot sounds that caused her to back away from the bars and sink back into her corner. Her eyes wide as she waited to see if it was actually heading her way. Though she had done nothing to clean her face or her wounds they seemed to be healing alright. Closer inspection of the cage however would show she had shifted perhaps recently and clawed all around the wood near the door hinges.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg arrived at the cage. The behemoth of a man who stood almost as tall as the door. He remained silent for a time, then would crouch down and begin unpacking the large leather pack upon his back. As he did so, he would remain silent, save for the steady sound of his breathing and rustle of clothing as he moved. He would pull out various herbs, a mortal and pestle, and a few other totemic looking items. Standing, he'd disappear for a moment, then return with a wooden cup full of water from the nearby shore. Setting it down between the bars, he'd push it in towards her. "Drink..." He'd say softly before he began to put the herbs into the mortar to grind.

    Nanna watched him curiously for a moment.. though she knew the herbs he was using almost instantly and growled softly. When he set down the cup of water she glared at him for a long moment. "No." distinctly and bluntly showing her distrust of him.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would reach in and pick up the cup and take a drink from it. After a large gulp, he'd keep holding the mug to show it was indeed just water...then would set it back down. "Your choice...drink or not.. I don't know when last you had water..." He'd then reach into his pack and pull out some salted pork and dried fish, which he began to chew on as he worked with the herbs. "If you're welcome to it." He'd rumble, putting a rather large hunk of the pork inside her cage, along with the fish so she would not have to reach far.

    Nanna focused on him and watched. Granted she was thirsty and hungry, but she knew well how much she herself could endure such pains. She crossed her arms, eyes narrowing at him. She attempted to take a sniff and then turned her head away as a sharp pain shot through her face from the broken nose. She moved closer to the corner keeping her face away from him as she blinked away the tears from the sting. That was stupid of her.. she knew her nose wasn't going to work yet she still.. guh. "I don't know what you want, but my request stays. I will heal no one until Sunthor is healed first." She grumbled over her shoulder at him.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would continue to mix his herbs, adding a bit of oil from a large plant stem to it, then mixing it into a paste. After, he would set a roll of cloth gause in the cage. He'd empty the mortal of the mixture into a smaller wooden bowl, and push it into the cage as well. "Here....this will help with your wounds.. you have seen me make it..right in front of you...judging by your eyes watching the herbs I used, you know what they are...and know what they do...and that what I just a healing salve... if you use it is entirely up to you... what I want is simple... no more loss of life."

    Nanna listened to him a moment. "i know what it is." she grunted. Though she made no move to pick it up. His last words caused her to scoff and she shook her head. "Then let me heal Sunthor. I've already told the spirit walker what I would do. She thinks she can threaten me and bully me into doing something that I can only do willingly.. she'll lose her entire pack then. And good riddance to them." she muttered the last words. "They killed Grio.. my sweet bull." her voice sounded soft and pathetic all the sudden. "I don't know why I even want to save Sunthor. He's obviously against me and our clan."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would shake his head. "No.. I killed him..." He'd look at her, his gaze calm yet weighted. "They did not..." He'd relax on both knees and watch her, his eyes unwavering. "I will be...very honest with you child... I am here as sort of a..last effort... at least by my request... I do not relish in the loss of life.. or the suffering of others... I take no pleasure in it, nor joy..this pack? They would rather beat you..and kill you... will they let you live if you help? I don't know... but what I do know is if you do not... then you will die...what I also if you work with me... I will not let them hurt you any further.." He'd remain silent for a time, then nod his head to her. " it's not much..but if you continue with your current path... this will more than likely be your last meal until the pack decides you are no longer of value..and be done with you."

    Nanna turned to look at him, her doe like eyes narrowed as he admitted to killing the bull. Her lips split slightly in a snarl. As he continued to speak her brow came down. "You're not even of this pack then?" she watched him a moment and moved forward. She would take up the cup simply to toss it through the cage at him. "MUT!" she snarled. "OUTCAST AND STRAY!" She growled and started to stand up moving back and forth. "How dare you think you could speak on any of their behalf!?" At this point she could not help but keep her rage from showing. The gull of this .. pack. "They send you? No." she shook her head and stood in the corner facing away from him. "Apparently Sunthor's life means more to me than them.. He will have to suffer the sickness until they die.."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg wouldn't move even as he's hit with the cup and water. Brushing himself off he'd slightly shake his head. "No... not of this pack... they are of my pack... as are you... as was your Grio.. we are all children of Gaia to whom all life is sacred... I took no pleasure in doing what I did... but when he turned on the pack... I had to intervene.. I cannot allow the harm of kin to kin... I am no wolf, this is true... and no... I speak not on their behalf..but my own... firstly... I ask for forgiveness... for having to take the life of your Grio... for doing what I had to, to stop more death from following... secondly.. I ask that you not trust the pack...but trust in me... I have been honest with you...and will continue to do so.. I have shown you that I do not seek to deceive you, by preparing the salve for your wounds, here in front of taking bite and drink of all I have given you to show that it holds no poison... I ask you to trust in my words that...if you do not help me... they WILL...kill you."

    Nanna turned and glared at him over her shoulder. Her eyes shifted from a dark brown to a lighter orange do to her rage. "Gaia walker. Figures. You have no idea who the Blood Clan are. You call us your kin.. you think Grio would have killed any of them?" She scoffed and shook her head looking away from him. "No. Grio never killed anyone.. even when he had reason to. Broken bruised and battered..." her tears started to fill her eyes but she refused to turn around for him to see it. "He was my guardian." She said in that pathetic voice again. "Trust you.. murderer of rare beasts." She growled. "I do not want your kindness. Nor do I need it. My clan has taught me how to get by fine without such things." She turned.. though her eyes were wet her expression was pure anger. "Sunthor killed my parents.. I loved him for it. He was to be my intended mate. He abandoned me.. the clan.. for what? This group of strays that dare to call themselves a pack? The frost fang? They started all this! They started the decaying of the world! The scattering of the clans.. the land mines of death walkers." She started to pace in her cage angry at him.. at everyone. "There was only to be 9 clans." She glared at him and started to walk back and forth more deliberately. Looking more like a caged predator than the innocent young girl that cowered in the corner before. "Only the Blood clan thrives in this death.. only we can survive." she said defiantly at him. "And they send you? Someone who doesn't even understand the need for blood and death in the world.. because what? Gaia is good and beautiful.. you miss the rot the moss grows upon."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg shook his head. "No... no I do not... life...death... this is the natural cycle of things...this...rot you have brought here? It is unnatural.. it is born of the influence of the Pattern Breaker... I did not wish to murder Grio... for his death I am truly sorry... I mourned for his loss of life... I burnt his remains in a proper pyre, and prayed his soul found peace..." He would pull out his pipe and begin to pack it. "Perhaps it's best I enlighten you...dear child..." He took a flint and a small knife and sparked to life some incense, then used the stick to light his piper. "Your kind..the Garou... they hunted and murdered my kind... for what? For a secret we would not teach... a secret that perverted the cycle of life and death. Because of this, my people were punished...because we wished to uphold the natural order of things. My coming here was because I could feel a wound in this place... in Gaia... the veil between the Umbra and his world is thin...strained...and this sickness you brought here is weakening it... I am doing what I can to keep it from opening further..because if it does..." He'd look at her sternly, puffing on his pipe. "If it does... you...nor they...will be safe...this land will become an open, festering wound that will spread it's contagion till it devours all..including your clan." Pausing he'd take another pull of his smoke, then let it drift from his mouth and nostrils. "You are still young... and still able to change this path you were set upon.. you can still control which way your fate goes and forge something stronger...something not wallowing in death and misery... just because we are born into something..does not mean we have to accept it... right now you have the power to stop this... and truth be do I... I in all honesty don't even need to be here, speaking to you... my kind are the greatest healers of our kin after all...and I've already found a way to stop it's again... to keep the loss of any more life...namely yours... I ask you reconsider...and work with save your own self...and forge yourself a new path..a choice...instead of a pre-written fate."

    Nanna slowly knelt before him, her eyes focused upon his one good eye then to his damaged one. A smile started to curl at the corner of her lips. "You speak of Fenris' children as if you know us at all. Garou? I do not even know where that word comes from. Wolf.. That is what I am. Learn to speak our language.. If you are so sure you know how to remove a cure created to weed out the sickly weak pack of wolves.. then use it. My fate is the same weather or not I agree to help you or to .. as you put it.. 'change my ways.' That they allowed you.. one who is not of their pack.. one who follows himself and not the alpha.. is an insult to me." he voice became a deeper growl. "And that you sit here lecturing me is an even greater insult." There was a pull that he no doubt would feel around him as she started to speak in the tongue of Fenris. A spell she had not dared attempted to cast before due to being unsure if the cage was warranted against such things. Indeed.. she was right to not do it before. Her voice would suddenly go silent and her hand would go to her throat. She dropped down to the ground and started to twist and claw at her own neck attempting to gasp for air as the ward started to buzz and react to the spell.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would watch her as she leaned in, his calm unwavering. "I do know of your kind... you may not be native to my lands...but your blood is of it none the less..." He'd watch as she'd begin to gasp and choke from her uttering of her incantation, and would gently place his hand to the bars. His palm began to glow a slight greenish hue and the bars would begin to did the air. Like a warm Summer day, the warmth would wash over them both, as he used his own foreign magics to suddenly seize up the ward and make it stop asphyxiating her. "Your words contradict yourself... if you are so devoted to your natural cycle of life and death...then you should let nature cull the weak... it's not your place to deem that which may live and that which must die.. I do not follow their alpha....true...yet I respect them as they have shown me giving me what I asked for..which was peace and solitude in their lands.undisturbed..." He'd take another puff on his pipe then slowly let the smoke leave his mouth. "Dear child... this will be the last time I make this offer... twice have I made it..twice you've said no... a third time and my offer, like me...shall leave...and will not return...then your fate will truly be sealed...are you so convinced and in conviction that you will die...that you would rather embrace it openly...then take a chance at life? If you truly believe you are dead either way... then what harm is there in taking the option that at least has the option of saving yourself instead of an immediate your end?"

    Nanna felt the clot in her throat slowly dissolve and scrambled to the wall in a cowering position once again. Her eyes looked back at him as she coughed and gasped in the air till her lungs felt better. Her eyes were no longer orange from rage. They were back to their sapphire doe innocent look. She turned away from him huffing slightly against the wall for comfort while he spoke. "We are nature." she countered with a hoarse voice. She cleared her throat.. listening more and could not help but close her eyes tight. "Sunthor is healed first. I have already said this many times. I intend to heal the rest.. but Sunthor is first." She was determined now. "I will give you all the information you need... But I will see my brother suffer no longer. He is healed first." She repeated.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would pick up the cup that was thrown at him earlier and move off to refill it. He would return with it..and take a loud drink as she wasn't looking at him...swallow...then put the refilled cup back into the cage. "I... will allow it... under one condition... and this is non-negotiable... if you truly care for the life of your Sunthor so much... then you will make this cure in front of me..using my reagents..anything you need, you will tell me how to get and where... I will watch you make it...and watch as you give it to him... if you prove your word and actions true... I will ensure your safety... if not... then I leave you at the whim of the pack... and I will not be able to protect you..and then once they have determined your fate... I shall cure them myself..." He'd move close to the cage and slip his hand through, palm up to her to show he had no weapon or ill intent. "Bare in mind... I'm only doing this here and stop the loss of life and prevent anymore unnecessary blood shed... even that of those this pack would deem their enemy... the Earth Mother would not wish me stand idle when one of her children suffers...regardless of blood...pack...or creed..."

    Nanna seemed to have gone back to her cowering way. She looked over her shoulder when she heard him leave and then again when she heard him return. If she could have buried her nose through the wall she might have done just that. Though being so pressed to it caused her face pain she didn't seem to mind. As he continued to speak she slowly turned around and looked at him and gave a soft slow nod. "I agree to do this in front of you. I had told the spirit walker i would do it for her.. It will heal him." she said softly. She looked at the cup of water and tilted her head slightly looking up at him. She made no move to collect the cup of water.. instead she would simply watch him. "I am ready when they are.. I can only hope it is not to late." She frowned slightly remembering the hut and the smell of the advanced illness. Her voice was but a whisper.. she knew she was possibly going to die regardless of how many of them she healed or cured.. One of them was possibly too sick to save..

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would nod and withdraw his hand and reach into his pack and pull out another large hunk of salted pork, and rest it inside the cage. "Then.. I will ensure your survival through this..." He'd then nudge the salve he made closer to her. "Please... use'll help the cuts and the bruising... please eat and drink... you need your strength, child..." He'd watch her for a few more moments, then roll up his pack once more, but leave the small wool blanket out that he used to keep the rolling protected. Pushing the blanket into the cage he'd continue. "And...keep this... it's going to be somewhat cold out tonight... I will bring you a larger one after I return to my den... it's the least I can do for you..." He'd then stand and give her once more look. "I truly do not wish suffering...upon any of the end..we're all brothers and sisters...and it's my duty to protect you all... and I'll see you soon..." He'd then turn and begin to leave unless she called out to him to stop.

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