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    Frost Fangs Weapons Update

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    Frost Fangs Weapons Update

    Post by Bildo on Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:15 pm

    Ragnar Thorhall just returned to find Sunthor waiting"Greetins...are ye waiting fer me?"

    Sunthor stood for a moment looked at the various tools at the Forge until he noticed someone walking up to him. He turned toward the figures presence and realized that it was the smith. He nodded to him in greeting. "Good day. Yes, sir, I was but only for a little while."

    Ragnar Thorhall smiled"well I am glad ye didnt had te wait too long...what can i do ye fer?"....walking up to the warrior inspecting his battle hammer"Thats a fine weapon ye got here" he remarked,while studying it some more"What kinda metal is that?' rubbing his chin

    Sunthor watched as the smith walked up to him and his brow slightly raised as he listened to the smith as he was intrigue with his weapon. "You should know, you're a smith." After a moment he shook his head and proceeded. "I'm here to pick up an order that was placed."

    Ragnar Thorhall made a grunt sound at the mans answer,stroking his beard ,still looking at the weapon,pondering the dark metal"I hae an idea wha'it could be,but nay sure" he admitted" could be a few choices"...he grunted ,then nodded, taking his mind off the hammer and back to business "Ahh yer on o'them Frost Clan folks?"

    Sunthor listened as the the man spoke, lightly puffing on his pipe in the midst of it. Until the man miss spoke his clan's name, he let out a small bellow of smoke from his nostrils but would appear nothing to out of the ordinary to one smoking pipe. "Frost Fang...yes. I was directed to see if you may have fulfilled it by chance?"

    Ragnar Thorhall saw his pretty wife coming into view and grinned,giving her a wink before he turned back to the stranger that had offered him a drink the other night at the meadhall....."Indeed...we nay finished wi' te whole order,ye folks been wantin a lot o' weapons,ye fighting a war or somethin?" he casually asked ,fumbling with a pouch on his belt to see where he had placed the order he had found upon his arrival that one morning a while back....Scratching his head and cursing...then finally retrieve a parchment,looking it over ,then nodding with a grunt"Ye hae te proper identification?' ....looking at Sunthor.

    Sunthor reached up with his hand, cupping around the base of the pipe, pulling it out of his mouth for a moment after hearing from the smith that not all of the weapons were finished yet. He placed the pipe back into his mouth and then nodded. "If the weapons aren't finished yet then I will return in a week or two until completed." He watched as the smith cursed and fumbled with the parchment. As he asked him for identification, he would reach down into his pouch and pull out a small piece of cloth and would hold it up front of the smith to see. Upon it would be the emblem of the Frost Fang Clan. "I will buy you several rounds in the Tavern if they are polished and ready to go." His hand would lightly tap upon the coin pouch hanging off to his side.

    Ragnar Thorhall squinted a bit ,trying to focus on the cloth,seeing it was indeed the Frost Fang emblem ....he nodded "Verra folks need'n a lot of custom weapons.....I havena te manpower or t'woulda been done already,but another week will do"then grinned"An I will polish' em personally .....come back in a week and ye have yer order.....whats yer name again friend?....I doon think I cought it te last time"

    Sunthor nodded as the smith confirmed the emblem and he would place the cloth back into his pouch. "In a week then." A slight smile would crack after the smith said he 'personally polish' the weapons. It was a good thing Arianna gave him a few extra coin when they had arrived. "Name is Sunthor. Well met."

    Ragnar Thorhall grinned"Well met indeed Sunthor,a good name" he said with a nod"ye ken I am Ragnar " thinking he had introduced himself last time at the meadhall if only briefly,but just to be sure he mentioned his name again"Will ye be stayin 'ere until?"

    Sunthor nodded towards Ragnar after the introduction. "Yes, I have some other things on my list but otherwise here waiting on the order and enjoying the scenery." He would notice off in the distance a familiar crow. He would look back at Ragnar and nod. "I must apologize but I must be going. Again, well met and I will return when weeks up."

    Ragnar Thorhall caught sight of his lovely wife approaching ,a jar of something clutched in her little hands,he could only guess what it was when he saw a drop of honey glistening on her lips ...the immediate thought was to kiss it off her sweet lips.....He was jarred from his thought when Sunthor said his farewell"Ahhh ,indeed,I will see ye around then,perhaps soon at the meadhall" he chuckled,waving after the warrior...then turned back to Grey and grabed for her...pulling her up to the hard length of him and dipped his head to make good on his earlier thoughts.

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