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    Gurahl: the Bear Shifters [WIP]


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    Gurahl: the Bear Shifters [WIP] Empty Gurahl: the Bear Shifters [WIP]

    Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:25 pm

    Due to their rarity, there is a cap on the number of Gurahl we allow within the Northern Free Lands.
    Gurahl Cap: 1/1 (FULL)

    !! WIP !!

    Noble protectors of nature, Gurahl are bulkier and more reclusive than their wolf-shifting counterparts. Their primary focus is upon the balance of nature and life, and they will go to whatever possible lengths to help maintain that balance.

    A Gurahl's primary advantage in conflict is hulk-like strength and endurance, unlike a Garou or Lycan's focus on agility and pack hunting.

    Gurahl have five forms:

    • Human Form
    • Hybrid Form: Even larger than their already-sizable human form, their hybrid form is also (in general) considerably stronger and tougher than the hybrid form of a Garou.
    • War Form: Massive, between 10 and 16 feet tall, weighing up to 1200 kg.
    • Dire Bear Form: A massive dire bear, able to fell trees with ease, with vicious bite and claw damage.
    • Ursine Form: Much like a Lycan or Garou's Lupine form, the Gurahl's Ursine form resembles a typical bear, his appearance matching that of his Tribe of origin.

    Like Garou, Gurahl possess the ability to enter the Umbra, though they do so with more ease than their more lupine counterparts.

    Many are skilled healers, also taught in the secret ability of resurrection - something they only use in times of great need, as abusing the ability runs the risk of upsetting the balance. On top of that, it is a dangerous and draining act for the Gurahl himself.

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