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    Mirfae var Alul: The Resurrected

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    Mirfae var Alul: The Resurrected Empty Mirfae var Alul: The Resurrected

    Post by Codex on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:48 pm

    "Awaken, little one. You have been granted the gift of new life."

    Mirfae var Alul had been confused and unsettled by this strange voice that she'd never heard before. Something was wrong... but she couldn't understand it.

    While she was a chipper and rambunctious faun, those thoughts and her dreams lingered in the back of her mind. She found herself dreaming often, but her memories were lost somewhere in the depths of her mind.

    Sometimes, she dreamed of pleasant things: the friendship of two, one dark and one pale; a hooved creature who made her heart swell for some reason; the thrilling feeling of dancing while utterly inebriated. She dreamed of all of it. But she also dreamed of other things...

    Sometimes, she was chased mercilessly by dragon fire and hunted. Others, she felt abandoned and angry and she couldn't understand why. In some of her dreams, she found herself face-to-face with a poisoned arrow. In yet others, she was cold... so cold... and as her nightmare led to her death, she found herself snapping back awake to a cold sweat and a racing heart. She often woke with her red hair matted to her scalp, the black fur on her lower legs bristled, her long ears pinned and her bronze flesh glistening with the perspiration of anxiety.

    It made no sense to her. Sometimes she wondered what had happened to her. Her captivity - the origin of the archaic letters and words scrawled into her skin - was a blur to her, but she was still able to define it as a memory. She was able to recall the poison in the ink that marked her, as well as the feeling of a whip striking her back. Yet despite all this, it somehow burdened her little. It was what she didn't remember that haunted her.

    The most recent of her memories before her awakening was a simple one. She was prancing through the woods on her way home to her tribe when a rift yanked her from her autumn-laden homeland and placed her into an unfamiliar, green land.

    After that, it was months of... nothing. She remembered nothing for sure. What did it mean? Had everything been a dream?

    ... Or had death truly taken her once?

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