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    Distance: The Shadow Wolf's Capture.

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    Distance: The Shadow Wolf's Capture.

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:26 pm

    After leaving Skarvald, Vetis watched the alpha retreat into herself. Annoth had left, no reason really given to the rest of the pack as to why.. they were five, now four. It could have been the loss of their first born, or the overwhelming loss felt when no sign of the other clans could be found. Arianna still gave orders, but for the most part she never left her longhouse. No raids were to be had.. trading had all but stopped. It had created an awkward situation for what was left of the pack. Fear, abandonment and disorder would no doubt tear apart the few that were left.

    Vetis gathered Ludo. They had to do their part and attempt to find others. Either from their own clan, or others that might be lost and scattered to the northern peaks. If anything it would help the Frost Fang grow and perhaps bring Arianna out of the heart sickness. They had been gone for a month before they had found something.

    "We're almost there. Can you imagine Vida's face when she hears what we've found?" Ludo called out with a broad grin. Vetis turned and watched him for a moment, mixed feelings. He shook his head slightly and dropped his sack down on the small clearing. "What? She would be relieved right? We found some of the blood clan.. that means her old clan is still out there somewhere still alive!" Ludo cocked his head to the side. How could he know or understand? Vida never spoke to him about it obviously. She had spoken to Vetis however.

    "Just gather some firewood. We'll camp here for the night..." Vetis said turning to look off in the distance. The peak of Spirit rise was within sight.. they were close, very close.

    "But we're almost there!?" Ludo whined slightly. Vetis turned and gave him a stern look with a partially raised brow. "Fine." he grumbled and moved off to do his given chore. Vetis watched him for a moment, knowing the young wolf only wanted to get back to see Vida. However, there was not much information to offer them at the moment.. and he wanted to make sure what information was given did not cause fear and discomfort. When Ludo focused more upon setting up a small camp, Vetis slunk off into the shadows to move closer to the Frost Fang land. They had not been there for months, and there was no telling what had changed, or if they were even still there.

    By the time he reached a spot where he could see the land, the sun was nearly to the western peaks. His eyes searched, seeing none outside other than the few wolves the clan had collected for protection. They seemed content to rest near the long hall. He frowned and looked around for sparks of fire being lit either within the huts or outside the huts.. nothing.. then a flicker of red along the tree line gave him pause. Moving in the shadows and keeping a distance down wind of the movement the best he could until -she- came into view.

    Vida slowly sank down to the bank near the river's mouth. Vetis was close enough to see her expression and to see that her mouth was moving as if she were talking to someone. Slowly he hunkered down next to an old pine, his eyes focused and watching her closely. She looked up next to her and spoke some more, he was to far away to hear what she was saying. Spirits, she had to be speaking to the spirits as there were no others near by. She looked healthy still. That had to be a good sign that the clan was doing alright for now. Then the sun peaked through the trees.

    The red of her hair flared a brighter color, the tan of her skin showing a golden hue. For a moment, Vetis was stunned to inaction. He placed his hand against the tree trunk as if to keep himself from falling over. Her beautiful gold eyes turned and glinted in the sun as she looked at the water. It took him a minute to realize, there were tears in her eyes. Her expression was heart breakingly lonely. He watched as her eyes turned and looked off in several directions slowly as if she were hoping to see something... or someone.

    Vetis' jaws clenched slightly. He swallowed, felt suddenly guilty and unworthy. This poor young female had offered him her heart so many times.. and each time he refused without ever telling her why.. other than he was a coward and unworthy.. Slowly he sank to the ground and crossed his arms over his knees watching her. The wind picking up those red strands to make them dance around in front of her. Slowly she lay all the way down on the bank, rolling a wild flower between her fingers just above the water as if she were threatening to drop it in.

    As the shadows grew darker, as the sun dipped lower behind the mountain, he found himself contemplating. Had he really anything to offer other than the broken pieces of his old heart? Would that? Could that be enough? Would he ever share with her that he lost his mate of many years when the shadow clan fell? Could he share the loss of his 5 children as well? What of his missing son? The one that had gone missing 30 some odd years before. ... Could he stop looking for him? Slowly he closed his eyes and felt as if he couldn't truly breath. Remembering the day he found Vida in the woods. The shock of her beauty, softness of her touch.. the courage she had to face him and loyalty she showed her pack. His eyes opened and slowly went back to the bank where he saw her start to sit up.

    The flower slowly floating down the river out to the distance, her eyes upon it carefully watching.

    "I love you, Vida." he whispered softly. "I love you with all that is left of me.. but you deserve better.. you deserve more." He leaned his head back against the tree. Her head turned around quickly looking off into the distance past him. For a moment he thought she had caught his whisper upon the wind.. or perhaps she had caught his scent? After a moment of watching she slowly sighed and looked down at the ground. She then pushed herself up and brushed herself off before heading back into the woods, no doubt to head home. Vetis blinked.. he could feel his heart sinking as he had made up his mind.

    "She loves you, you know." Ludo's voice had startled Vetis from his thoughts, spinning around to look at the young man crouched close by. "You're being stupid. She absolutely loves you. You should go to her." He said with a soft growl. There was a hint of jealousy there, but then it was pretty well understood how Ludo felt about Vida as well.

    "You would be a better option for her." Vetis said and pushed himself up from the tree. He started to walk on past Ludo back in the direction of their camp.

    "Stop it!" Ludo growled. "You act as if you're the worst person in the world. She loves you, she should have you!" He stood and started to follow along behind, keeping his eyes upon the old man. Vetis paused after a few feet then gave a soft sigh and looked at Ludo.

    "Am I not? You at least protected Fozz and your family the best you could.. I simply bowed my head and walked away from my mate.. my children.. and followed orders to hunt down the Frost Fang." Vetis shook his head slightly. "Even if I took Vida as a mate.. how would... How could I even face her knowing what a coward I am?" His eyes averted from Ludo. He continued in silence for a while, Ludo not far behind. Ludo had remained silent for a long while, no doubt cooking up a good come back to such a morbid topic. Once they were back at camp, Vetis shifted a few wood sticks around and got in close with some flint to start the fire. It would be a small one, hopefully not drawing too much attention.

    "You're right." Ludo finally spoke up after sitting for a while. "She deserves better." He sat for a moment watching Vetis. He could see that tint of anger and hurt flash through Vetis' expression. Though Vetis did not look up at him. "She deserves someone who is not afraid to love her." He finished crossing his arms. Vetis' expression changed to one of shame shortly after that.. and with that he moved over to a spot on the ground near the fire.. and laid down. His eyes focused upon the darkness of the woods beyond the small camp.

    Hours of laying there with his eyes open, the warmth of the fire to his back.. his thoughts a muddled chaos as he attempted to make a new choice.. a new decision. Then he noticed the scent of blood and flowers. Something sweet in the air and the fire sparked up higher.. a quick grogginess started to fall over him as he turned to look over at Ludo.. who blinked his suddenly heavy eyes a few times before falling over.

    "L..Ludo?" Vetis coughed slightly and tried to force himself to sit up.. a painted foot came from nowhere, a large mohawked tan male pinned him to the ground. Red hair.. fiery gold eyes.

    "Shh, pup. Go to sleep already." The dark voice said.. and with that.. silence and darkness.


    When next Vetis opened his eyes, a large red half man half bull stood before him. Grunting snorting and twisting his large horns in the air as if he were doing some sort of dance. Panicked, Vetis looked around for his packmate only to see him tied up across from him. A old woman walked up and snapped something in front of Ludo's face causing him to wake with a start. Both of them struggled against their restraints a moment till the Bull took hold of Ludo and forced his eyes open while holding his head in Vetis' direction.

    "Watch." Said that dark voice. The old woman moved over to Vetis now. Her hair in dreads.. her eyes pure red, her face painted, scars upon her body in the symbols of the oldest gods and her dark red brown hair in dreads.

    "W-what are you doing?" Vetis growled. "Let us go!" He turned his head away from the old woman looking for the one who had spoken. His eyes would soon be drawn back to her as she pressed something sharp against his skin. It burned like silver, and the wound would bleed freely like rivers down the front of him. It was only then he realized he was naked. Angered he started to growl and attempted to start his shift. Ludo screaming at the sight of Vetis being cut open, his own anger causing him to shift as well.

    "Knock them out.. I want this to last for a while.. we'll wake them each day.. repeat." Said the dark voice. Vetis thrashed, intent on seeing this person only to have a rag shoved into his face. He attempted to bite through the rag but some sort of bitter taste entered his mouth causing him to wretch. Ludo yelped.. he heard the young male gag as well. Then quickly darkness followed again.

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