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    [EVENT] Blood is on the Wind - Table of Contents


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    [EVENT] Blood is on the Wind - Table of Contents Empty [EVENT] Blood is on the Wind - Table of Contents

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    [EVENT] Blood is on the Wind - Table of Contents U1QJ3bY
    MainWar Rages On - "Through hardships unseen, we still survive, fortified..."
    Tribute to the Iron Jaw - After the legendary Gaireth and his Iron Jaw brothers are seen off in a proper funeral, Arianna speaks to her beloved father and mourns... though she is not as alone as she may think.A Viking Farewell...
    Fevered Warnings - Vida begins to Spirit Walk at Arianna's request in an attempt to seek answers. She is met by a Spiral Clan elder who speaks in riddles, warning her of coming dangers before forcing her out of the Umbra...Everything Goes Dark - "It's not gonna matter what you chose. It's too late when everything goes dark..."
    Blood Clan at Her Core - In time, we all show our true colors. Vida's just happens to be a deep, vengeful blood red. The Frost Giant must pay for what he did to Gaireth's spirit, even if in death...Devil's Eyes - "I am right. There is no other way to fight  everything I have to say..."
    Fozz Speaks - After weeks of trying to communicate his distress to Vida, he is able to speak with both her and Ásbjörn at the Spirit Rise to convey one distressing message: Vetis and Ludo are in trouble.Save You - "I wish I could save you. I wish I could say to you, 'I'm not going nowhere.' I wish I could say to you, 'It's gonna be alright...'"
    The Bear Enters the Umbra - The troubling sight of Fozz's pull back into the Umbra prompts Ásbjörn to shift and enter the Umbra, worried about the dark forces within...Dig - "If I turn into another, dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me..."
    Disease Flows Through Their Blood - Vetis and Ludo are so close to home, but the old wolf's illness has progressed and spurred aggression...Deep Green - "Beat me at my own damn game, fucking with my goddamn brain. Now I will never win again. Better to love than to have and to hold..."
    It Is Not The Same - After being alerted of a presence on  the far borders of their territory, Vida is prompted to investigate with Annoth and Ásbjörn in tow. She is lucky that they decided to follow...Falling - "Some days I cry alone, but I know I'm not the only one. I see that another day is gone. I don't wanna die. Please be here when I arrive. Don't die, please..."
    The Flames Speak in Riddles - Vida searches desperately for answers, but is distraught to find the spirits unable or unwilling to speak to her. Instead, she turns to the unfamiliar act of flame scrying - desperate for answers...Until the Levee - "There's trouble on the river and whispers in the trees. I can feel it all around, all around. I'm gonna stand. I'm gonna stand here in the ache until the levee, until the levee on my heart breaks..."
    Fevered Dreams / Lost at Sea? - Arianna's dreams are visited by the memory of her father, trying to offer her advice. Shortly after, she is prompted by a message to return home, only to find herself lost at sea, due to turbulent weather...In All My Dreams I Drown - "He said, 'Now hush, love. Here's your gown. There's the bed. Lanterns down.' But I don't wanna go to sleep. In all my dreams, I drown..."
    Wake Into Insanity - Vetis begins to slip deeper into delirium. He sees the image of a woman that causes him heartache and regret...Far Away - "I've seen the sun rise before, but never quite like this before - and it breaks me. But you, you're so far away. Something just keeps me hanging on..."
    Is He Still There? - Vida comes to tend to the quarantined Shadow Brothers. While there, she holds a conversation with the sickly old wolf, though only one is able to truly hear the other...Gravity - "Set me free, leave me be. I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity. Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be. But you're onto me and all over me..."
    Arianna Returns - While Vida is able to allow Ludo to step outside with her, they find that Arianna has returned, and Runa has come in tow. They see for themselves the progression of the illness before it spreads to another...Heavy is the Head - "Black dog drinks from the water, trying to cool his tongue. Like the king finds no peace, his work is never done. Night fall, smoke on the water, darkness closes in. Cold white hand in the deep will drown you for your sin..."
    Calling Upon the Stalker Clan - Desperate for a cure for her packmates and certain the Blood Clan has one, Vida calls forth the Silent Shepard of the North to track down one from her birth clan and make an offer that could cost her her life...After Midnight - "Nothing good comes after midnight. Ain't no good love comes from pain. Nothing good comes after midnight when you play the devil's game..."
    Counter Offer - The Blood Clan female is no fool. Seeing the value in the original offer, she presents a counter offer for the Silent Shepard to return to the Frost Fang...Beautiful Stranger - "Cunning creatures slither front and slither back. Double dealers double up for the attack. I could say that I'm hurt, but it wouldn't be true. The knife in my back, it reminds me of you..."
    A Plan and a Bond - Fearing the worst possible outcome, Vida seeks out Ásbjörn to tell him of the plan, as well as divulge the deceit behind it. In this moment of planning and vulnerability, one final claim is made. He takes her as his mate - a claim she gladly accepts and reciprocates...Wolves Without Teeth - "I can see through you. We are the same. It's perfectly strange; you run in my veins. How can I keep you inside my lungs? I breathe what is yours. You breathe what is mine..."
    Sunthor Returned and Informed - When Sunthor is finally able to return after being called back from Skarvald, Arianna is there to tell him of what has transpired...Ever After - "Apologies. I'm not myself, but I can guarantee that when I get back, you won't believe that you knew me well. Don't want to think about it. I'm fuckin' tired of getting sick about it. Now stand back up and be a man about it, and fight for something, fight for something, fight for something..."
    When Blood and Frost Fang Collide / Frost vs. The Bull - Arianna and Vida meet Nanna and Grio at the agreed point with the Stalker present. As they seem to come to an agreement, the Stalker begins to walk away, and the situation escalates...Get What's Coming - "This is our nightmare, being knocked out again. Feeling weak, it ain't fair, so to speak. Just keep on trying to put up a fight, but you'll land in a pile of defeat..."
    The Bear's Lullaby - Vida shows her trust in the bear once more as she comes face to face with him after the remaining Frost Fang have retreated back to the village. She watches over him, and once she is able to, she brings him home...Stay in the Light - "While my heart slowly beats; while I still breathe; while there's blood in my veins; while I still feel the pain, help me stay in the light. Stay by my side and never let me out of your sight. Help me stay in the light..."
    Between Wrath and Wisdom - The bear spirit Thies comes to Vida to impart valuable wisdom, urging her to remember her duty and forget the role she's incorrectly taken upon herself...Studying Stones - "'Course, numb is an old hat - old as my oldest memories. See, that one's my mother and that one's my father, and that one in the hat, that's me. It's a skill I'd hoped to abandon when I got out on the open road, but anymore pent up emotion and I think I'm gonna explode..."
    Cure or No Cure? - A trio of Frost Fang come to interrogate their captive, Nanna. Rage almost overtakes them and spells her end as the Blood Clan female offers her own share of deceit before being faced with mortality...I'm So Sorry - "Life isn't always what you think it'd be. Turn your head for one second and the tables turn. And I know, I know that I did you wrong, but will you trust me when I say that I'll make it up to you somehow, somehow?"
    Choking... - Vetis, ever growing more ill, thinks back on the two females he'd seen in a blur, having mistaken them for Lunar and Sun Valkyries. Meanwhile, Ludo languishes with his own regrets as he begins to wonder if all hope was lost for them...To Forgive - "I forget to forget me. I forget to forget, you see. Nothing is important to me. I knew my loss before I even learned to speak, and all along, I knew it was wrong..."

    Eyes Wide - "Don't think, don't fight. You're reminiscing us away by the minute. Leave yesternight; obey the sound of yesterday. Oh it hurts, hurts to love you..."
    Ásbjörn's Discomfort - Ásbjörn confesses his worry to Vida before both return to Frost Fang Village, only for the large male to be greeted with another uncomfortable environment as he meets with  Arianna and Sunthor...Far From Home - "All the places I've been and things I've seen, a million stories that made up a million shattered dreams. The faces of people I'll never see again, and I can't seem to find my way home..."
    Ásbjörn's Kindness - Ásbjörn tries to speak with Nanna and approach her with what the Frost Fang could not: kindness. He is met with resistance and hostility at first...Eyes Open - "Sister, can you tell me what you've been waiting for? All along, did you see someone wanting more? And all elaborate plans you've made all fall away, fall away. Anytime you wonder, you wonder where to begin. All along, did you see something more within?"
    Ásbjörn's Advice / The Blood of Nanna - Ásbjörn finds a way to remind Arianna of the wise ways of her own father's leadership before returning to Nanna to learn how to create the cure...The Truth - "I have found they don't ever say what they mean. There is a truth, there is a light, if you'd follow me there. I've been searching for directions and I'm convinced the world doesn't know what it needs. There is a hope for the hopeless, I can promise you that..."
    How Far Gone? - Tired of standing by and watching her pack brothers suffer, Arianna enters the hut to check on Vetis' own well-being. Vida eventually pushes in after her, but only for so long; the quarantine count rises to  three...The Ones We Hurt the Most - "And to see you going through this was the hardest thing I've done; to feel so powerless to help you once your mind was too far gone. And you were putting in so much for nothing in return until they set you free..."
    I Am the Alpha, I Decide! - Ásbjörn and Sunthor return with the cure. After Vida assists them in creating it, they are granted access into the hut, only to find that the druid and the alpha don't quite see eye to eye and he leaves them to administer the cure on their own...Guiding Light - "When comfort and warmth can't be found, I still reach for you - but I'm lost, crushed, cold and confused, with no guiding light left inside..."
    Nanna's Cold Shoulder - Feeling betrayed, Nanna has taken to her lupine form within her cell, even as Sunthor returns to speak to her. His words only dig deeper into her...Going Under - "Now I will tell you what I've done for you. Fifty thousand tears I've cried - screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you, and you still won't hear me..."
    The Key and the Message - Vida approaches Sunthor with the key to the hut and Arianna's request for him to return to her, but not before she finally takes the time to welcome him to the clan and thank him for everything he's done...Team - "We live in cities you'll never see on screen: not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things. Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams and you know, we're on each other's team..."
    Flashback - The Shadow Wolf's Capture - Almost home, Vetis and Ludo had stopped for the night, Ludo even chastising Vetis' fear of loving the auburn-haired Spirit Walker, only for the Shadow Brothers to be captured in the night...Distance - "Please don't stand so close to me. I'm having trouble breathing. I'm afraid of what you'll see right now. I'll give you everything I am, all my broken heartbeats until I know you'll understand. And I will make sure to keep my distance; say I love you when you're not listening..."
    Encouragement to Hold On - Vetis continues to show no signs of improvement. As Arianna watches over him, she reminds him of their first meeting, and why he is not to die until she allows it...I Know I'm a Wolf - "Oh rabbit, my claws are down now, so don't be afraid. I could keep you warm as long as you can just try to be brave. Yes, I know I'm a wolf and I've been known to bite, but the rest of my pack, I have left them behind. And my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill, but the thought of fresh meat, it is making me ill..."
    The Unsavable - Nanna is brought forth to address why Vetis' condition has not improved. The painful truth comes out, and Sunthor is instructed to immediately send for Vida...The North - "It's so cold in this country. Every road home is long. He had a map that he bought for the price of a song. He had a reason to go there and a warm place to stay, and when it came time to leave, it was never the right day..."
    Promises and Hearts Broken - Vida returns to the hut and is met with gut-wrenching news. Arianna is met with a difficult decision: one that pains any of them to even think of...Drown Next to Me - "I walk in the water 'cause I can hardly breathe. We can leave the ones who love us. You’re all I ever need. We’ll tell each other lies that I know we’ll both believe. Just sand in the water; drown next to me..."
    The Man He Once Was - Ludo and Vida force themselves to join Arianna to witness the execution of her decision, though the pain is more than any of them can truly bear alone. Vida leaves Ludo with an old gift before she departs...Sound the Bugle - "Sound the bugle now - play it just for me. As the seasons change, remember how I used to be. Now I can't go on. I can't even start. I've got nothing left; just an empty heart. I'm a soldier, wounded so I must give up the fight. There's nothing more for me. Lead me away, or leave me lying here..."
    In a Moment of Weakness... - Having left herself to her thoughts, Arianna finds herself only able to look back on what she considers her past failures, beginning to blame herself for the fates of her loved ones. She is met by the source of her lovesickness, and a moment of weakness follows...Am I Wrong - "Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real? Now am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can't see? But that's just how I feel... trying to reach the things that I can't see..."
    I Could Have Loved You - Heartbroken, Vida looks back on old times with her first love before her grief sends her into hysterics...Shattered - "And I've lost who I am and I can't understand why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love. Without love gone wrong, lifeless words carry on. But I know all I know  is that the end's beginning..."
    Ignorance: Not Always Bliss - Sunthor plays it safe and decides to bring Nanna to his hut, rather than the Alpha's cell - and Nanna learns the truth about the Blood Clan...Smoke - "No, just because you're not my enemy doesn't mean that you're still my friend. Just because you are not my family doesn't mean that I won't be a friend. Just because you don't love me doesn't mean that we can't pretend..."
    G'night, Shadow Wolf - The Frost Fang gather to say goodbye to the fallen, as well as dole out punishment for their captive...Dead Mans Will - "May my love reach you all. I lost it in myself and buried it too long. Now that I come to fall, please say it's not too late, now that I'm dead and gone..."

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