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    Usyraz had once again become distracted by pretty colors. The runestones reminded her a little bit of that colorful forest they'd wandered past once upon a time in Vrek'mar, and she just -had- to investigate. In her saner moments, she often wondered how Ki'fel had the patience to put up with her wild tangents, but at that moment... she was more caught up in the sparklies. -All- the sparklies. She was literally flitting around the area as carefully as she could, trying her best not to collide with any unexpected trees. And just as suddenly as she'd begun, she'd stopped, blinking a few times and perking up as if she heard something - looking up and through the tops of the trees with surprise. "... Dask?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey had followed calmly walking to the middle of the strange forest. At first he was content to just stand there watching his beautiful mate flit from spot to spot enjoying the area till something caught his attention.. rather bluntly. A fairy came right up into his face causing him to flinch. He waved his hand carefully trying to shoo her away only to find another one was at his wing buffing one of the scales so she could look at her reflection within it. He attempted to shake her loose from his wing with an exasperated huff. "Get off you gnat." He grumbled only to find the fairy from before grabbing at his lip as if to attempt to see his teeth. He huffed and gave a rather sleepy bored of this expression till he heard Usy's voice and flit his wings violently to shoo the fairies away. In all seriousness they were gone instantly due to his sudden change in personality. "Is she alright? Do we need to go to her?" He asked clearly and loudly.

    Usyraz turned toward him in time to watch the fairies scatter like cockroaches in a spotlight, giggling into her hand. That probably was at least one hint that there wasn't danger. Still, she spoke up to answer him, nearly skipping over to him until she came to a stop near him with a smile. "She's fine. At least... I didn't -feel- anything actually wrong. But she's asking us to come back if we can." She looked at him for a moment, and even though she likely knew full well that he was probably more than happy to get the hell away from a bunch of fairies, she asked him anyway... maybe because she was a little amused. "Are you alright to go?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey relaxed his wings slightly and there would be sounds and spots behind the trees where fairies would poke out to peer at them. He blinked at her question.. could not help but let the gleam in his eyes show through as she got closer. "Of course, Itov. When you are ready. I know you love these places... and just.. you know.. so as it is a visit and not to live in." he said looking around wary of being blindsided by another fairy. His eyes turned and focused on her and he stepped forward. "I have all the beauty i need to see right here." he said reaching out to wrap an arm around her and pull her into a kiss if she allowed. "In front of me all around me and in my heart forever." He said in a gravely soft tone.

    Usyraz pressed her lips together a moment and smiled. "You know I wouldn't force you to live someplace you wouldn't want to live in..." Her voice trailed off as she listened to him before affectionately returning his kiss. For a brief time, she was stunned into silence by his words. The color rushed to her cheeks and she smiled wide enough to cause her eyes to squint a little, her nose wrinkling along with it. "You..." Struggling with words, she turned her head to brush her cheek to his - something she likely did often when she was happy with him - and she beamed, growling playfully and murmuring back to him. "Si itov wux..." She smiled at him another time, bringing a hand up to trail her fingers through his hair if she could. ... She may have been momentarily distracted from going anywhere.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey nuzzled right back till his face was pressed against the nape of her neck and shoulder. He took in the scent of her hair and smiled planting a kiss against any bare flesh he could several times before he responded. "Si itov wux..." he gave her a soft hugging squeeze and was content to stay that way till he heard the flapping of tiny little wings starting to flutter ever closer. He turned and looked up at them, not really with an angry expression but perhaps one of annoyance. And in a possessive manner.. as if to tell the fairies off, he raised his wings up and enclosed them within their own world for a moment. His way of saying 'Mine' without voice it. He turned his attention back to her and gave a soft sigh. "Perhaps we should go then, Itov? Find out what she wants and tell her of the place we found?"

    Usyraz unintentionally formed the hint of a light rumbling in her throat for a few seconds - almost as if 'purring' - before she realized he'd cocooned them in his wings. With a secret smile, she nodded; pulled back only enough to take hold of his clawed hands, ready to depart whenever he was. "Probably a good idea..." Her voice trailed off as she kept her gaze locked on him, admiring him for as long as she could before they actually took off.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey slowly let down his wings as he peeked over them. He did not feel the fairies that were attached to them right away. Thinking they had got the hint he folded them up hearing a squeak or two of protest before they fluttered off. "I .." he huffs. "Stupid little things." he grumbled and gripped her hand softly before crouching to lift up into the air flapping his wings roughly to get his bulk up off the ground. Another fairy flailing wildly as she fell from his wing, one he would not see as he was focused on getting up into the air with his mate.

    Usyraz heard them before she actually saw them flying off. She couldn't help but let out a sudden, full laugh, undeniably amused by the way the much smaller creatures had flocked to him. "I wonder what it is about you -they- like so much..." Still, she caught onto his annoyance and didn't try to delay them any longer. She grinned instead, taking to the air with him and snorting as she just barely caught on that another had gone sailing away from him from the movement of his wings.


    Ki'fel Inloilfrey landed heavy and let his wings sink limply to his sides for a moment as they relaxed from the journey. He turned and held his hand for her to grab while she landed. His eyes scanning the area and not catching sight of anyone right away. "Are you sure things seemed alright?" he asked, part of him on guard. Slowly he lifted his wings back up and folded them to his back. "It is really quiet here." he said softly and looked around. "No sign of a fight though.. of any kind.. so that is good."

    Usyraz took hold of his land as she came close enough to do so, her landing contrasting to his with a light touch of the pads of her feet to the ground. Her attention drifted around and she frowned with a thoughtful hum. "It's been quiet for a while, but ... if it's been -this- quiet, I can't remember it..." Still, her head shook. "No... I think if there'd been a fight, she would have shown more distress. She -almost- seemed a little happy, but... she's been more cheerful in general lately, I think." She gently squeezed his hand as she looked around, calling out in the hopes that someone would hear - having not caught sight of anyone either. "Dask? Are you here?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam looked up from her book as soon as she felt others nearby. The familiar voice caused her to perk up, and she smiled. That didn't take very long at all, really. Stretching, she set her book aside and pushed herself to a stand. "Over here!" She moved to try and remove the visual barrier of the large pillar that had kept her hidden from them, looking between them both with a warm smile. Oh boy. She was still in that 'my babies are all grown up' mode... partially.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey turned in time to see Sili emerge from behind a pillar in the gazebo. He gave a broad grin and started to guide Usy, though if she wanted to rush ahead he would not hold her back. "Ava'yorn Sililuuth!" he said on his way. "How are things?" Though his tone, expression and body language suggested he was in a relaxed state, his eyes would inspect Sili and look around the area for any chance happenings with an intruder. Once he was satisfied that there were no intruders or danger around his smile became more relaxed. "You look wonderful." he said softly to Sili, though there might be a hint of pity shown seeing her scars. He knew she did not remember how she got them.. and he wasn't about to remind her himself. Though it ached his heart to see such a beautiful dragon, especially his mate's mother, scared up so.

    Usyraz sure enough bolted in the same direction, her wings tucked back tighter to try and make sure she didn't somehow smack Ki'fel with them as she went darting through. "Dask!" She came to an abrupt stop and smiled, her weight shifting from foot to foot. As her mate spoke, she nodded as if to agree with his words, taking hold of his arm again once they'd both reached Sili. "We heard you calling and came as soon as we could. What is it? Are you okay?" She suddenly had her own concerns, though she wasn't as ... quiet about them as Ki'fel had been about his.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam didn't seem to notice the look that Ki'fel gained for a moment, or maybe she decided not to acknowledge it. Instead, she grinned as they came forward, taking a few steps forward. "Ava'yorn, and thank you! I -feel- wonderful. I'm happy to see you both..." Her attention drifted between them thoughtfully, giving a slow nod at the questions. "Of course! It's been fairly quiet up here. But... I told someone I would try and call you back so they could see you and speak to you..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey tilted his head and looked to Usy. Part of him wondering if perhaps her father had come back to speak with her. He knew that, in some ways, Usy was fond of her father and knew how sad she was that he left without much word. "Well, I hope we did not keep -them- waiting?" He said turning his attention back to Sili as if hoping she would let them in on the secret of who it was.

    Usyraz turned her head at about the same time, likely to exchange a glance with him and a shrug of her shoulders. The momentary uncertainty caused her to inch uneasily in closer to Ki'fel, her brow furrowing. She still looked relatively cheerful, but now she was puzzled on top of it. "Yes... I hope so too. ... Are you going to tell us who it is, or are we going to have to guess?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam shook her head. "No, no. I think it's done her well to get some rest while I waited to see if you would be able to turn up..." Well, that was one hint. She looked closely between them as if measuring reactions as she spoke, practically ready to plug her ears in case her youngest went into squeaker mode. "Fo and Dom are here. Your sister mentioned wanting to speak with you before she left again." As much as she wanted to divulge -why- she wanted to speak with her... she didn't want to take that away from her eldest. I was Fo's place to tell them; not her own.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey raised an eyebrow. "Haven't seen much of those two even when we are here. Is she well?" he asked without thinking that perhaps Fo wanted to tell them herself. "Dom keeping up with his training?" Then a thought hit him and he paused for a moment keeping that thought to himself and wrapping an arm around Usy. Though it was an amusing thought, he would not have an expression of more than that calm sleepy face he always seemed to have.

    Usyraz widened her eyes, gasped, and indeed... more or less squealed. There was no real middle ground with Usy most of the time: she tended to bounce back and forth between zero and ten within seconds. Her wings quivered excitedly as if she was about to take off and fly around looking for Fo and Dom already. But... Ki'fel's arm around her seemed to act as a sort of anchor for her, keeping her from bolting off already. Instead she bounced and wiggled in place, beaming. "Where-are-they-I-wanna-see-them!" Excuse you, Usy - was that one word or a sentence?

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam made a show of pretending to place a finger to her ear as if her eardrums had been shattered, stifling a laugh as she looked between them with a smile. She looked to Ki'fel with a smile, nodding vaguely at his first question. "She's well. I don't know about Dom's training, though I imagine you'll be able to find out soon enough. His training didn't come up in our conversation before." Watching Usy nearly implode where she stood, her eyes went a little wide and she momentarily wondered to herself if she would ever grow out of it. "Perhaps you could save your questions for the two of them, hm? They would be able to tell you better than I could."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey indeed kept a soft hold on Usy to make sure she didn't go flying off into a wall or something. Though her scree made him pause a moment and close his eyes. Ah.. that lovely voice of her had so much range at times. He chuckled softly and looked to Sili giving a nod of his head. "Are they ready for us or should we wai-" just as he started say that he heard footsteps coming up the path and paused to watch. Wondering partly if they had heard the excited noises that Usy had made and decided to investigate. "Or they could.. show up." he let his grip slacken a bit further on Usy, knowing full well she could and would knock him over if given the chance, just to get to her sister.

    Usyraz turned her head to look in the direction of the sound of footsteps. She didn't even fully register that it was indeed her sister, perhaps still a little drunk from excitement. Perhaps all it took was the hint of blue, purple, and green coming toward them to realize who it was. "THERE YOU ARE!" There was the excitement. Ki'fel was wise to loosen his hold, but she still turned her head long enough to press a quick kiss to his cheek before scrambling toward Fo and Dom with all the grace of a dwarf in oversized shoes. Normally she was so much smoother in her steps than this, but her energy got the best of her.

    Dom'Ro walked up along the path beside Fo'uh. His hand locked into hers if she allowed it and would see the figures that appeared to be her sister and mother and the silver male. Seeing all three as they were coming more into view made him smile as he not seen them for quite some time since shortly after bringing Fo home from the Shadow Realm. He looked over to Fo and gently squeezed her hand if allowed and would look back when he heard the yelp from Usy and couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of her making her way towards them.

    Fo'uh Zithary had heard her sister and became just as excited. Though Dom's hand in hers she would guide him along as she moved a bit more quickly to greet her sister. Her smile brightened seeing her sister, though noticing several differences in her. "USY!" she said there was a soft quiver in her tone as she held out her free arm to embrace her. "It is good to see you!" She said in a more mature tone so as not to bleed Dom's ears. If embraced she wouldn't let go of her sister, not right away. Holding her tight. "I did not realize it had been so long. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting." She said quietly to her sister. "I am ok.. I promise.. I have good news." She gave Dom a soft glimmering look of endearment.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam laughed into one of her hands as she watched the nearly crazed behavior of her youngest reuniting with her eldest, as well as the mate of her eldest. She took a couple of steps toward Ki'fel and attempted to place a hand to his shoulder, murmuring to him. "The contrast between you two is... astounding sometimes." She gave his shoulder a light pat if she could before withdrawing her hand and looking toward Fo and Dom with a bright smile. "You have great timing..." She turned her attention to Dom with the same bright expression she'd given both girls, as well as Ki'fel. "Ava'yorn! It's good to see you both." She kept her distance for now, halfway afraid of getting smacked in the face by one of Usy's limbs if she decided to flail or something. Watching them all come together again, she saw it best to fall silent and bring her hand over her mouth to try and hide a broad grin.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey watched for a moment and as Sili stepped closer to him and spoke he smiled. "That is what makes her perfect for me." He said softly then turned watching again. If he caught Dom's attention he would give a soft nod. "It's good to see you brother. Still practicing I hope? Bout time you got out of that cave. Get a bit.. stuck in its curves and twists?" He gave a sly smile to Dom, teasing him as subtly as he could to not offend the females but.. sometimes obviousness of a tone would slip out.

    Usyraz all but whimpered as she looked excitedly between the two of them, keeping hold of her sister as well for as long as Fo might allow it. She almost somehow managed to miss her words, but eventually spoke up in the midst of her surge of energy, her brows raising inquisitively. "What's the news? How good are we talking? Do we need to get party favors? Ooh! Or horns or- ..." She paused and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry... Go on..." Her eyes went a little bit wide as she heard Ki'fel's comment, but she had no clever quip for that one. Instead, the color simply rushed to her cheeks.

    Dom'Ro smiled as the two sisters hugged each other. He caught Fo's look and would tilt his head and nod. He looked over to Sili as she spoke and gave a soft wave with his free arm. "Ava'yorn, ma'am! Fo has told me you have been doing well." He looked over to Ki'fel and gave a return nod. "It has been awhile brother. Been improving on what you have taught me." He twisted his arm in motion as if he was parrying with a sword and chuckled. "Yes, much needed res..." he paused his words as Ki'fel's comment suddenly hit his brain. "Uh.." and would smile and slowly shake a finger at him as if to silently say 'You son of a..'. His attention was abrubted as Usy spoke and smiled.

    Fo'uh Zithary looked over to Ki'fel and smiled before turning her attention back to Usy. Granted, she herself might have missed his meaning at first. "Well, One.. Dom and I.." she said and looked at him. Then suddenly she smiled and looked up to Sili. "Well.. uh." She looked at Usy again. "We're going to do the meta-bond and... well.. you're going to have some nieces and nephews." she said in a slightly shaken voice. Excitement was hard to contain around Usy. "We'll be going out to look for a nesting spot soon but.. I wanted you all to know. We'll probably come and visit a lot of course." She said turning her eyes back to her mother to be sure her mother knew this was a promise. "But we do not know how many there will be so.. for safe measure we're going to go in search of a larger area." Her attention turned back to Usy. "Don't suppose you have any suggestions?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam disguised her own laughter as a cough as she bowed her head. She totally wasn't supposed to laugh at jokes like that. Once she'd regained her composure, she watched the four of them with a smile, first from Ki'fel's response to her and then from the greeting between sisters and Dom'Ro. "Very well, thank you! I have no complaints, especially with you all here." She left it at that. Again she fell silent, especially as Fo spoke - smirking behind her fingers and steadily flitting her gaze between them one by one. She met Fo's gaze of course, and dipped her chin in acknowledgment once it registered.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey gave a sly grin to Sili as she laughed and the same to Dom followed by a hearty chuckle when he caught on. He stepped closer to the pair to reach for Dom's hand in greeting, only to freeze as he heard Fo'uh's news. Eyes went wide as he looked her over and almost instinctively he moved his hands to his ears just in case and gave Fo'uh a grin. Figuring they would probably follow suit if they knew what was good for them.

    Usyraz reared back to look between Dom and Fo with wide eyes, having missed her mother's reaction. "You... you are?" Logically, it didn't strike her as much of a surprise that the two had come together after Dom had gone with them to rescue Fo, but the news as a bundle had surprised her entirely. And as soon as it sank in that Fo had just told her she was expecting, she gasped and unwrapped an arm from her to reach in and wiggle a finger at her middle. "LITTLE BABY NUGGETS! Oh they're going to be so cute!" Ki'fel had predicted correctly: there went the squeaker. To say she was happy for them would have been an understatement. And just like that, she extended an arm to try to pull Dom into the same hug she'd given her sister. Because if -that- wasn't a group hug moment the way she saw it, she didn't know what was.

    Dom'Ro looked at Fo as she began to speak and tilted his head and smiled at her. As she continued to tell her sister the news he looked to Usy let out a light chuckle from her question. "Congratulations, Aunty Usy!" He would look back to Fo and give her a soft smile and then look over to Sili but then would catch as Ki'fel stepped towards him. He wouldn't see in time the initial attempt of the handshake but would see instead Ki'fel covering his ears. He raised his brow and cocked his head at him in confusion for a moment until then the squeak from Usy let out. His other brow rose and his eyes went wide as his head kind of shook back as his hand slightly twitched. Once he got over the surprise he let out a loud chuckle. He felt Usy's grasp onto him as she pulled him into to the group.

    Fo'uh Zithary laughed catching Ki'fel's instinctive reaction. She jumped slightly ticklish at Usy's finger wiggle then embraced both her sister and Dom in a hug. There wasn't much to say or do at this point. she was excited and happy that her family welcomed this.. why wouldn't they? She leaned back from the hug a bit.. then had a moment of curiosity. "I wonder what color they will turn out to be." she blinked and looked at her mother. "How does that work anyway? Usy and myself came out.. well.. like this but. Serelath was darker. Oh gosh.. what color does purple and green make?" she had a sudden worried expression on her face.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled and turned her head away from them long enough to dab a few sappy tears from the corners of her eyes. Once she felt she could again, she turned her head to look back at them, chuckling as she heard Fo's question. "I've found that it's always a beautiful combination of colors. Don't worry - they're going to be as stunning as you both are." Her tone quivered, but it was mostly due to her little 'proud mama/grandmama' mood that struck her while watching them all. "There's no telling for certain how our scale colors are decided, but now I'm very curious to see the outcome as well..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey let go of his ears soon as he thought it was safe to do so. He moved in and clasped Dom on the shoulder. "Congrats Opsola!" he said and in a more gentle tone and soft smile he spoke to Fo'uh. "Congrats moxt myvish. This is a good reason for a celebration!" He turned and looked to Dom. "How about a hunt.. You and myself can go gather the food, yeah?" He turned to see if any of the females would disagree with this. "I could cook for all if you wish?"

    Usyraz eventually drew back her arms and beamed, hopping up and down a few times. As soon as Ki'fel spoke, she piped up to agree. "Yes! Let's do that!" She drummed on her own thighs as if itching to go flying all over the place, beaming and glancing between them. Clearly, she herself had no complaints to the idea of them hunting if they chose to do it. "Ooooh maybe we should see if-..." She paused to look over her shoulder at their mother in contemplation, stopping short of finishing her thought. Instead, she redirected to Fo with an excited smile. "Oooh I can't wait to see them too! The family's getting all bigger and stuff and..." Her shoulders rose and fell as she sighed and smiled.

    Dom'Ro smiled as Fo questioned the color of their children and looked over to Sili as she spoke nodded to her. "Yes.." he would start to say and then look back to Fo.."don't worry sia itov. As long they are healthy and beautiful as their dask." He looked towards Ki'fel as he spoke and nodded. "Yes! A feast to celebrate sounds like a fine idea." His attention then turned to Usy's excitement and he smile and laugh. He gaze over to Fo. "Anything particular you want us to get while we are out?"

    Fo'uh Zithary blushed slightly as food was brought up and sort of took a step back from the group to look them over. "Well.." she said looking nervously between them all. "Eel sounds pretty tasty at the moment.. maybe shark fin and pineapple and that one root.. oh.. um.. onions." she huffed slightly and licked her lips. "Yeah, that all sounds good to me." She paused and looked at their faces, no doubt humored by their expressions and probably shy at the outburst and list of strange things she just set before them. "Or elk. Elk could work as well." She said softly and stepped into Dom shyly.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam did her best to held back a laugh as she heard the grocery list Fo set out for them. As if to try and ease whatever shyness or embarrassment her daughter might have felt, she spoke up as well, sincerely. "Perhaps the two of you could pick up some cherries or other various fruits to help prepare a nice dessert as well? There might be some down at the market." She shrugged, moving to lean sideways into the pillar. "We could decorate the meeting hall nearby for it as well - there's plenty of space in there for all of us."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey blinked listening to the list of things. Though part of him cringed inside he nodded trying to not make Fo'uh more self conscious. The eel sorta set his stomach off a bit but the mention of shark fin and or elk helped a bit. "Well.. Dom, Usy? Which would you rather do? I know I am going after the shark and possibly the elk." He said crossing his arms. When Sili spoke he nodded. "That is a great idea. Also might be more comfortable sitting places." he gave a soft nod. "Fo.. You could maybe help Dask with that?" He paused, eyes opened wide as he turned to Sili with an apologetic look. He had never called her that before. "I mean, Sili.. your mother.." He seemed to fidget slightly. "I'll go .. um.. yeah." He turned back to Usy and Dom. "Yeah uh.. Perhaps Usy and Dom could go to the market?" He asked trying to keep the conversation going in the proper direction.

    Usyraz looked at Ki'fel and resisted the urge to playfully brush her cheek to his, watching him try to distract from what he seemed to perceive as a slip-up. Instead, she quietly reached for his hand and beamed. "I don't mind; I'm more than happy to help at the market. I can go whenever everything's figured out and you're ready to go." The last bit was directed toward Dom, made apparent by her gaze turning to focus on him as she spoke. Of course they didn't have to go -right that instant-... definitely whenever he was willing to fly out there with her.

    Dom'Ro looked at Fo for a moment with a still expression as his eyes widened some at her request. Her order seemed a little odd than normal to him but yet he has a lot to learn during this time of pregnancy. As she stepped into him, he brushed it off and looked at her and smiled and put his hand on her shoulder if she allowed. He looked over to Sili as she spoke and nodded. He was about to say something but looked towards Ki'fel as he said his name. "Sure, we can get the rest of the items if you want to do that." He tilted his head as he stuttered and then looked to Usy. "Well shall we go see what we can hunt out, Aunty?" he said with a big smile. He turned to Fo and touched his forehead with hers if she allowed it. "Be back soon" he said softly to her.

    Fo'uh Zithary shivered slightly at Dom's touch and then warmed to it quickly. As they spoke she tilted her head wondering why Ki'fel felt odd calling Dask.. dask. Technically she was now his mother as well as Dom's. When Ki'fel suggested she stay behind with her mother she nodded. Then could not help but smile at Usy's willingness to get going and flit around. When Dom went to touch his forehead to her's she allowed it and purred slightly. "Be careful, Si itov wux." she said softly. Giving him a loving smile and petting her hand along his side if he allowed it. She then steps aside and moves toward her mother with a soft smile, a glance at Usy with a wink. "I bet you'll find things before they do." she says in jest as if initiating some sort of game. She was good at that from time to time. turning tasks and chores into games.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked with surprise... and as soon as that surprise wore off, her expression lit up, even if the conversation hadn't had a chance to allow anyone much room to comment on what the Steel had called her. With a grin, she nodded. While she said nothing of it after seeing him quickly distract from it, it still had struck her in a way. "I'd be happy to. I'm sure there's plenty of things we can do to decorate the place. Maybe make it more colorful-..." She looked between Fo and Dom and cracked into a wider, brighter expression. Oh yes - she knew exactly what they could do. As Fo came toward her, she smiled in return and reached out to place an idle hand to her arm, looking between them. "This will be nice. I can't tell you how happy I am to have you all back in one place for a while... and with news like this..." She looked between them with amusement at Fo's idea... waiting to see what would be said.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey raised an eyebrow listening to Fo'uh. He nodded and reached out to touch Usy's shoulder. "I would say that is a pretty fun idea." he said with a smirk then turned and with heavy feet started to run to the edge. His scales clanking loudly as he dove off with his wings spread. He had not given them a chance to react or speak.. challange was accepted that quickly. he needed the head start anyway, heavier.. with a possibly larger weight to carry than the others, it would slow him down. Mid flight, his true form would appear as he sored up and over the woods in search of his first prize. The shark might be harder to get.. the elk would be quicker.. or so he thought.

    Usyraz nodded enthusiastically, flailing a little bit at being called Aunty. "Absolutely!" She widened and blinked her eyes owlishly at Fo as she spoke... and then came her devious grin. She had almost turned to regard her mate, but he'd already taken off. So it was on that note that she gasped, took a few cautious steps back into a more open space, opened her wings, and prepared to fly off toward the market. "TALLY HO!" Why yes... yes she did just do that. Unless someone got her attention enough to make her stop, that would be that - she would dart off like an arrow let loose from its bow, trusting that Dom could either keep up or follow the glimmers of light that came from her wings and scales.

    Dom'Ro smiled as Fo spoke. "Si itov wux." he said in return as he felt her hand on his side. He watched her for a moment as she went over to her mother. His attention soon diverted to the clanking sound caused by the steel and as he went to look at him, he was already off. He looked to Usy as she exclaimed her tally ho and watched as she then too took off. He looked back to Fo and Sili and would crack a smile and give them a half curtsy and his wings would flutter and off was his turn off the edge, trying to catch up to Usy.

    Fo'uh Zithary placed her hand atop her mothers and gave a loving smile. Though as Ki'fel started to talk, she turned in time to see him suddenly go sprinting off. With wide eyes she blinked as he dove off and went soring into the air as his larger form.. a snort followed by a laugh came out instantly at how awkward that seemed to look to her. "You two better-" And just like that Usy flew off. She shook her head and smiled at her mother. "My bet is on Usy." she said soon as Dom was out of ear range. "No one is faster than her."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam grinned and nodded at Fo. "Mine too, as long as she doesn't get distracted..." She chuckled, sighing and giving her a small nudge as she started toward the hall. "You'll do just fine with your own children... I have no doubt of that." Aaaand with that, she'd start decorating with Fo's help.
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    Usyraz had taken off like a bat out of Hell, making a direct beeline for the floating tavern and the marketplace without stopping to think that perhaps she should have changed into something more "normal" looking. Bah, whatever. She was proud of her colorful scales and wings and stuff. As she'd landed, she was momentarily distracted by a bustle of people, and yet seemed oblivious to whatever odd glances a dragon might have received while shopping around the area. She occasionally looked over her shoulder to see how close by Dom was, but otherwise, she began to skitter all over the marketplace in search of the grocery list of things they needed to pick up. Chances were that she was probably waiting on him to get closer before she said anything... but while she wandered and looked around, she rubbed her hands together and chuckled maniacally to herself. She was apparently taking this competition very seriously... in her own way. And sure enough, this -also- made any nearby merchants nervous. Having two dragons searching for stuff out of nowhere had the possibility of being alarming to them.

    Dom'Ro scuffled his feet as he tried to move quickly to catch up to the blazing young Usy but he did his best. As he come closer to the floating tavern the spec of people starting to come more into view. He quickly surveyed an open spot to drop down on but didn't realize how fast he was coming in and took evasive action and dived towards the dock like a runway. He tried to reverse the motion of his wings to slow down some and prepared for the roll. Luckily he managed to catch himself on his feet as he came to and looked around to make sure no one had seen that. Had it been that long since he had flew with such speed? He wasn't for sure but brushed himself off and proceeded to walk to the merchant area. He soon caught Usy at the market area as it appeared she was already looking for what they had come to get. As he got closer to her, he look around himself for a moment before turning to her. Didn't think to pay mind to the people around as it didn't don on him. "Any luck that the merchants have what we need?"

    Usyraz looked in Dom's direction and grinned, maybe even holding back an outright laugh. Whether she saw the entirety of his landing or not was up for debate - but she seemed at least -somewhat- amused nonetheless. As his question registered, she poked at the onions hanging in the market stall. "Onions here... maybe we should get a few other vegetables too?" She looked at him, despite the nervous look on the merchant's face as she looked between them both. Well, the woman was somewhere between nervous and suspicious after watching both of them come thundering into the marketplace. "OOH! If you wanna grab these... I'll look around for cherries? Maybe some drinks? Like... some kind of... oooh, cider..." She trailed off, already distracted by the idea. As she wandered off absentmindedly - likely toward the nearby stall selling various ales and other beverages - the woman in the stall turned her focus entirely to Dom, trying her best to be agreeable without being off-putting. Customers were customers, after all. ~"What can I get you?"~

    Dom'Ro looked at the onions as she poked at them and nodded as she mentioned getting other vegetables. "Yeah I'll pick up some of those and..." he looks down at the merchant's display "..oh peppers, tomatoes, and avocados. Avocados!" He remembered how his mother made avocado chili when he was young. He came back to and shook his head. "Cider sounds delicious!" Though by the time he said it she was already off if she heard him say it or not. He turned to the merchant woman as she spoke to him. "Hello there! Yes, I'd like some onions, peppers, tomatoes, and avocados please." He would say to her with a smile, not catching her discomfort.

    Usyraz smiled as she heard bits and pieces of his words from where she stood. She passed a few silver pieces to the merchant at the other corner of the docks, carefully carrying a couple of bottles of cider, ale, and mead in a basket, as well as a small back of strawberries and cherries. The woman at the stall, meanwhile, was able to calm just a little bit as she realized that at least the green-winged male didn't seem like he was gonna knock something over in a sudden outburst... or set something on fire. Maybe she wasn't well-versed on dragons to begin with, though. As he spoke, she gathered some onions, then peppers... tomatoes... and avocados. She returned his smile at the same time, even if it was still a little bit nervous. ~"D'you need anything else? Celery, spinach, carrots?"~ Why yes, yes she -was- trying to add to her sale by offering more ideas. But even as she did, Usy came bursting over, leaving the poor ale merchant bewildered by her quick in-and-out mile-a-minute speech pattern. "I COME BEARING DRINKS AND DESSERT! Ha-HA!" And just like that, the female merchant at the vegetable stall stared wide-eyed between them, trying to focus on Dom instead, since he was the one who'd begun to name what he needed.

    Dom'Ro pondered over the other items at the stall for a moment after he told of his request to the woman. As she offered the additional vegetables in her stock he thought for a moment. "Hmm." Then the idea of maybe preparing that chili or perhaps a stew with those could possibly work. The ideas of what could make with the ingredients maybe made him realize he was getting hungry. "Sure, think I'll..." he stopped what he was about to say to the merchant woman and turned towards Usy as she exclaimed her findings. "Alright! That's half of what we need to get this party started!" He looked back at the merchant and noticed her wide eyes and smiled at her. "Oh right. Yes, I will have those as well." He watch her for a moment to be sure if it registered of what he had just said.

    Usyraz smiled triumphantly, already beginning to pace anxiously around the area. "We gotta beat Ki'fel back!" Because yes, that was what it was all about. She smiled brightly despite a few troubled expressions of the nearby merchants worrying about her tripping over something and sending their wares flying. The vegetable lady looked toward Dom'Ro once she gathered the rest of the vegetables, naming her price in silver and offering the items as soon as she felt she would be paid. But until she saw the coin, she would keep the items just -barely- outside of arms' reach. Usy noticed this and didn't think before speaking. "Oh! Do you need help? I brought extra with me if you might have forgotten silver or copper. I don't mind." She looked to him with a bright, somewhat oblivious smile, holding the basket in her arms and pivoting her body left and right like a little sprinkler of excessive energy.

    Dom'Ro let out a chuckle as he heard Usy speak and looked at her and watched for a moment as Usy paced. "We might just do that. Think we have what we came for." He looked to the merchant woman and would not notice that she had the items in the receive zone on the table. He looked over the items to make sure that is what he wanted and was about to reach for his coin sack until Usy spoke. "Eh, oh, I think I have enough." He continued to grab the sack and untied the string from it and dumped the contents of it into his hand. He looked it over and suddenly looked up to the woman and then towards Usy. "Uh, actually if you don't mind. I'm a silver short it seems." He looked at the woman and smiled at her with an expression of 'oops!'

    Usyraz grinned. The woman, on the other hand, regarded them once again with suspicion as she grumbled to herself as secretly as she could. As good a mood as she was in, Usy didn't catch onto that much and instead carefully did a few sideways hops toward Dom. Hey, her arms were full. As she jerked her hip to one side a few times, she made some strange almost rodent-like grunts as she tried to swing her leather pouch free. "Eh.. eh..." Aaand then... "There it is!" She beamed triumphantly, her features practically screaming 'Yay, I'm useful!' as she angled her body in what would have normally been a ... bizarrely awkward fashion, trying to offer the pouch to him as easily as possible. "There should be enough in there to cover the rest."

    Dom'Ro tilted his head and his brow raised as he watched Usy do her little hippity hop dance. He started to laugh and looked at the woman for a second then back to Usy. Shortly he calmed enough to be able to speak. "Do you need any.." he started to say but stopped as she got hold of the pouch. He again let out a chuckle and reached to help get the pouch from her. He opened it up and dug in for the silver piece that was needed and tied it up. He went to give the pouch back to her but remembered that her arms were full. "Uh, oh, basket?" Not entirely sure how to give the pouch back and would attempt to drop it in the basket. He turned back to the merchant lady. "Ok, now that is it, yes?" He thought for a moment and look to Usy. "Oh, eel!" he exclaimed as that was the other item needed.

    Usyraz couldn't help but let out a loud laugh... at the word 'basket,' apparently. The hell, Usy? Still, she smiled at him and nodded as the woman offered him his vegetables with a bewildered look... as if wondering who these strange creatures were to begin with. "YES EEL! I'm glad you remembered!" She nodded toward the fish stand nearby, bouncing in place. "They've got to have some!" And of course... the fishmonger looked toward them with the same 'oh god' expression the vegetable merchant had for a while.

    Dom'Ro looked to the merchant woman and took the items from her and nodded to her. "Thank you!" He turned back towards Usy as she spoke and caught her nod towards the fish stand. "Oh I hope they do. Get that real quick and be back before Ki'fel hopefully!" Even he was getting a little overly excited on this 'hunt' of theirs. He made his way over to the fish stand and didn't catch the look on the fishmonger's face but he had a wide smile on his face in which to him was the last of their item but might look different to others maybe?

    Usyraz grinned and carefully wobbled on over to the fish stall after helping to gather the vegetables all up as well if needbe. As long as they remembered to grab them, it was all good. Looking to Dom with a wide grin, she turned and moved toward the stall as well. "We require eel! Might you have any, good sir?" And apparently... her silliness caused her to speak in a cartoonishly elegant voice by then. But of course... anyone could have overheard them, especially from his proximity: he already had eel up on the cutting board, naming the price of a couple of silver as Usy turned and presented the side of the basket where Dom had dropped the pouch of silver. "Do you mind? It's here if ya need it!"

    Dom'Ro had somewhat forgotten the vegetables on the counter as he had eel on his mind but did eventually remembered and helped Usy put them in the basket and looked to her and returned the smile. As she told the fishmonger of the request he was surprised that the fishmonger already had it displayed and ready for purchase. "Wow, that's service!" he blurted out. He looked to Usy as she spoke and nodded and took the pouch from the basket and picked out the required payment needed and handed it off to the merchant. Once the sale was complete he'd place the eel into the basket and as well as the pouch. "Well is that everything?" he would ask Usy.

    Usyraz beamed excitedly at this as their final purchase was made and Dom helped to get everything into place. "I agree!" She grinned at him, and again came that maniacal 'hehehehe' that caused the fishmonger to back away as much as he could. She of course was oblivious to this, and looked back to Dom with an enthusiastic nod. "I think so! We're the BEST HUNTERS EVER!" Yes, because this qualified as hunting. "Let's go win now!" At least there was confidence there... even if she had no idea what they were even competing for aside from bragging rights.

    Dom'Ro nodded and smiled at her. He looked down at the basket and did a double check of the items they had got. "Yes... yes we are!" He let out a loud chuckle and was too oblivious of the fishmongers back stepping. He looked up to Usy and nodded. "Let's head back then." He stepped over to an open area and flapped his wings. He looked back over to her. "Tally ho?" he would say to her and then wink and smile. If she was ready he would wait for her to go ahead and would follow to back home.

    Usyraz let out a sudden laugh as he remembered the exclamation she'd burst out with before taking off like a bullet. As he made room for himself, she did the same for herself, having to crouch down a bit. Flying quickly was easy when you were light, but carrying all that was something she wasn't used to. "Yes... TALLY HO!" She even let out a bit of a battle shout, much to the alarm of those around them. Those poor people were going to be afraid of anything with bright colors at this rate. Then to her surprise... it took a little bit of effort to get off the ground. Again with that strange grunting. "Eh... eh..." But she was too stubborn to give up the basket, apparently. With a few more tries, she was off to a slow start, beginning to fly a bit slower and a little more unsteadily back toward the meeting hall. It was probably easier to keep sight of her spastic self this time. "TO VICTORY!" Well. At least the merchants had an interesting story to tell now about what kinds of dragons apparently lived in the Northern Free Lands...

    Dom'Ro watched for a moment as she struggled to get lift off and didn't occur to him of the weight of the basket. His face scrunched back making that face of 'eeep didn't think of that!' but was impressed of her dedication and watched as she finally flew off. He laughed after the victory call and proceeded to flap his wings until was in the air. He kept close behind as he was able to keep up with her this time, back to the long hall.
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    All Grown Up Empty Questions and Answers

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    Fo'uh Zithary wandered through the room slightly focused at looking at all the lights. Blue, green, purple, white. They were all so pretty. As she set up drinks on one of the tables she stops and looks over to her mother. "Do you think we should wait for Callidus?" she asked.. she had only just now thought to invite her mother's friend. "I would not mind if you wanted.." she said. "I don't think Dom or the others would either."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam paused at the question and pretended to busy herself with adjusting the lights that had been hung on strings overhead, her wings coming forth long enough to flit up into the air, hovering there as she pretended to adjust them while hiding the rush of color to her cheeks with strands of hair. "Mm... possibly..." She looked thoughtfully toward the door as she lowered herself to the ground once more, her wings retracting once more as she regained her composure. "I would like him to feel like a part of this place for as long as he's here..." She passed Fo a sidelong glance. "But would you be comfortable with this? I will not bring it to his attention if you are not."

    Fo'uh Zithary smiled. "Of course, Dask." she said setting down a few cups then walking around the table to avoid having to walk near the fire pit. "I don't see why I would be uncomfortable." she tilted her head. "I would like to get to meet him before Dom and I leave at least. Just so I know that I can rest and relax once we get to where we are going.. knowing that you will not be here alone." She paused standing further away from the tables and inspecting the entire room. "This looks amazing. I think as soon as Usy enters she'll be so busy checking out the lights she wont even notice if Dom and Ki'fel come in after her." She chuckles.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I just wanted to make sure you would be alright. Though I'll admit, it would be nice to have him here. It would probably do him some good too, to have interaction outside of just me while he's staying here..." She looked around thoughtfully, adjusting the seat covers and sighing. "I wish I had something else to put up. Something a little bit more..." She trailed off and shook her head. Smiling at Fo's words, she glanced in her direction and tilted her head. "You're probably right. She's very... very excitable. I've never seen a dragon quite so distracted by bright colors."

    Fo'uh Zithary nodded and smiled happily as she looked at the stairs. "Maybe some crystals?" she suggested. "Could aim them just right so that they catch the fire light and shine throughout the entire area. I bet Usy would like that.. Ki'fel too probably. Have you see the way he looks at her?" she says looking to her mother. "I mean.. Dom looks at me lovingly and all but.. the way Ki'fel looks at Usy even when she is at her .. most excitable moments. Its really... cute." she said rubbing her stomach some and moving to sit upon the stairs. "I.. I guess that is one of the reasons I am not surprised you and Op didn't stick together. I mean.. he loved you, of that I am sure.. it just.. you both seemed so different." she muttered. "He seemed a bit.. less... elegant with his social interactions." she said as delicate as she could.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam nodded at her suggestion as she began to dig through a nearby room for crystals. Unfortunately, she didn't possess the same ability her daughters had shown in the past for conjuring crystals of their own colors... but it didn't mean they didn't have any to use as decorations. She paused at Fo's talk of Ki'fel and smiled, glancing toward her then returning to carefully dragging the crystals into place. "From what I understand, they have been drawn to each other since they met. He keeps her just grounded enough and she provides excitement. That's what it seems to me, anyway. You and Dom'Ro strike me as... connected in a different way. You hold many similarities, if I recall his own innocence correctly. And you both seem to have 'grown' together in a way without being bonded by blood. That is a special connection in itself. You and your sister have what I in a way wish I'd found to begin with. It is just nice to see you all happy." One of her hands gripped at part of her skirt to polish a dulled section of one of the crystals, sighing. "But you're right. I cannot for the life of me remember what caused me to bond to your father. Usy has told me stories, but none of them seem familiar and none of them bring back old emotions. Perhaps it's better this way."

    Fo'uh Zithary tapped her nail to her lip as she thought for a moment. "I remember asking you once.. but.. well." she hesitated a moment then gave a soft shrug of her shoulders. "At the time it was something you needed.. that he offered... in a way. It might have had to do with your first mate's death. Op was no were near the level of romantic or sweet as the Bronze dragon from your stories. I remember for a short time thinking that.. things might have been really different if he had survived. I mean.. He is the reason I love sharkfin soup. Well." she turned and looked to her mother. "You mostly. You're the one that taught it to me as a child." She smiled. "Maybe all the memories you need are just of us. there is so much future ahead that I am sure some things would be forgotten."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam looked toward her daughter thoughtfully, the smile on her face a bit conflicted. "That makes sense... and it aligns with what Usy has tried to tell me. Though the sweetness and romantic gestures do sound very nice..." Her head shook and she huffed, though her mood only soured for a second before she chuckled at the mention of sharkfin soup. "I am more than happy with the memories I have still, especially of the two of you... and of whatever future I may have left." She offered half a smile as she tried to put the crystals in place. "The other day was the first time I've danced in... I don't remember how long. I don't know what came over me. I must have been happy for a while... and admittedly it was nice to have someone to dance with for a change." She looked thoughtfully toward the windows as she spoke, her words almost seeming to come out in a confession she didn't give much thought to.

    Fo'uh Zithary blinked. "Danced?" she smiled wide. "I don't remember the last time I saw you dance. It must have been wonderful. Usy dances really beautifully too. I wish i had that ability.. I'll settle for my flute on a good day though. Something about the music just makes my heart feel lighter." She leans back on the steps and looks down at her belly. "I wonder how big I will get? How many of them will there be? what if i only have one? What if i get really really huge.. and just have one?" She blinked at her tummy not realizing how ridiculous her questions probably sounded. "What if.. they have tentacles?" She lovingly ran her hand over her stomach. "I mean I will love them no matter how they come out, but how cute would tentacles be!?" She smiled at her mother. "I remember seeing this one dragon.. she had feathers. Do not remember her name or where it was.. but I thought she was rather interesting.. feathers would be adorable too i suppose." Clearly she wasn't really sure how genetics worked.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam nodded. "Yes. We were speaking and the mood just sort of... struck me." Her brow furrowed. "It was nice that he humored me, at least..." Her words were maybe a little bit vague, but chances were it wasn't too difficult to put two and two together, especially with how few inhabited the plateau lately. She chuckled and looked toward Fo. "As I recall, your flute playing is beautiful. It's always been relaxing to me too. I've always enjoyed it." She trailed off and looked at her though, blinking a few times and doing her best to keep a straight face for her daughter's sake - not wanting to somehow embarrass her or anything. "All I know is they will be as beautiful as you. You and your mate have brilliant scale colors - I can't imagine that translating into anything less than stellar and astonishingly striking."

    Fo'uh Zithary blushed slightly and tapped her fingers lightly upon her tummy. "I wish i was fat already. I kinda want to see them now.. how long does it take anyway?" she asked, a curious expression looking up at her mother. "Will it hurt? Should I do it in my true form or this one? Which is easier?" She seemed to be getting nervous at the thought of being a mother. in her mind she was a bit disappointed that with all the nights she sat up reading books she never once stopped to look at anatomy or genetics. So focused on the elements and other powers. She frowned slightly. "I'm not sure i'm ready for this."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam walked carefully past her as she hummed a low, lilting melody to herself, almost as if she was distracted. It might have even seemed like she didn't notice that Fo was speaking to her... but she spoke up after a little while as she cleaned one of the windows, hoping to let more light in. "The time will pass more quickly than you may be prepared for." Her attention moved toward her daughter with a hint of concern. "I... did not try to shift once I knew I was expecting. I had you all as I am now, though I will not lie to you - my back did not enjoy it, the more you three grew." She sighed, doing her best to choose her words as carefully as she could. "Any pain you may feel... I don't want to say you will forget, but something happens when your children are born. It causes all of that effort and pushing and anything else you feel... well..." Smiling, she shrugged. "... Your body will tell you it was worth it once it's all over and done with. You will be fine, Elskan Min. I have the utmost faith in that. You've adapted to every other challenge or new experience in your life, and you've taken it in stride."

    Fo'uh Zithary listened to her mother hum and when she started talking there was a moment of sadness that the pretty melody stopped. As her mother spoke she took a deep breath and let it out and stood up from the stairs. "Aye, I guess so." She said softly and moved over to pet her fingers along one of the crystals her mother set out. The green one she could not help but smile at. "Could I ask you to continue with your song? It's just.. I have not heard you hum in such a melody. almost wistful and happy." she looked up at her mother with her gem like eyes. She remembered listening to her mother sing before but it had always had a hint of sadness to it even with her children. Now it sounded so much better.. that it almost brought a tear to Fo'uh's eyes.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled toward her as she moved down the steps toward her. "All will be well. I was very afraid when you hadn't been born either. I had the same worries you did... and it all turned out fine. I feel it'll be the same for you... but you will not endure it alone. I'll always be here if you need anything." She settled down next to her on the steps with a curious expression, but she nodded. She didn't hear such a request often... but she carried along with it anyway - something in Icelandic that she hadn't so much as thought of in a long time. But she sang it for her, reaching in to smooth some of her hair for her as she did - another thing she often did, even to those who weren't her children. Just tending to others if she felt comfortable enough to do so. It was a strangely loving song, even if sung in a language she didn't fully speak often - but the sentiment was conveyed well enough in tone, more than likely - considering her mood.
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    All Grown Up Empty The Victors Have Returned

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    Dom'Ro kept his pace behind Usy just in case anything were to happen as she was carrying the hefty basket of goods. As he got closer to the long hall he would hold back for a moment and make sure she landed successfully before he would proceed down and land by the side of the entrance. He looked around the area for a moment and then would turn to her and smile. "Surely we are the first ones back. Do you think?" He walked over to her and knelt down to pick up some of the goods out of the basket to then help lighten the load for it since was perfect timing to be a good helper and all.

    Usyraz was in the process of humming a little impromptu victory song as they landed, thankfully with Dom looking out. With a grin at his question, she nodded. "Absolutely! We're -much- faster! ... And great hunters." She cleared her throat and held onto whatever Dom hadn't picked up, smiling with her arms still full nonetheless, more than likely - after all, she was still fairly small. And unless he beat her to it, she would lift a foot to carefully push the door open. Apparently, she was determined to do lots of things with a basket of goodies. It helped that her life was made easier by a good chunk of weight being pulled out of the basket. Whoever opened the door first, she would call in at the two inside, excited. "THE VICTORS HAVE RETURNED!" Well. Wouldn't she look like a horse's ass if Ki'fel had beaten them back. She could only hope...

    Fo'uh Zithary had been standing near the table looking around the room and admiring her mother's handy work with the crystals and lights. When she heard the door start to open she turned to see who the victor was and was not shocked to hear and see Usy in the front. "Ahha. Told you." She laughed and moved over to make sure the doors stayed open so that they could carry their spoils into the building. "Wow, you sure got a lot." she said then paused and offered to kiss Dom on the cheek if she could manage.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam grinned at the sound as she followed Fo over to help her with the doors. While she held one, she offered to help with it or hold another so she could greet Dom properly if she wished. Glancing past them and out the door, her head tilted. "I wonder how Ki'fel's hunt has gone..." And her attention then moved between Usy and Dom, her head tilting. "That is... even more than what I expected," she murmured, her way of agreeing with her eldest. "This should be plenty. Thank you!"

    Dom'Ro held the arm full of items and shifted his arms some to try and keep hold of it all. He turned and was about to open the door for Usy until an avocado rolled off the top of the pile and slightly bounced and rolled a few feet of him. "Oh gah..." he murmured to himself and chased after it. He knelt down like he was doing a power squat and ever so carefully reached with his fingers enough to get a grip on it and stood back up. When he turned back around he heard Usy give out the call and quickly stepped up behind like nothing had happened. He smiled and nodded to Fo and slightly leaned in as she kissed him on the cheek. He looked towards Sili and couldn't help but have a great big grin on his face. "Do say it was a successful hunt." He shot a glance over to Usy and if she caught it he would wink at her. Then would continue moving forward into the hall and make his way into the kitchen to set the items down. Once finished he would walked back out into the hall.

    Usyraz grinned with a sidelong glance Dom's way, catching his wink and returning one. As she followed him in with a chuckle, she spoke over her shoulder to them. "I haven't seen him yet. So we win, yes? We win?!" She started to step past the threshold after watching him chase after an avocado. Luckily not noticing the bright colors until -after- she'd put all the items in the kitchen, she took a few steps backward... and with that, her eyes went wide and shimmery, her jaw dropping. "O-oh..." There were a couple of slow steps... and then off into the air she went, flitting all over the place. "THE COLORS! ALL THE COLORS!"

    Fo'uh Zithary looked on behind them as well and tilted her head slightly. How hard could it really be to go and catch an elk.. sharks yes but.. an elk? She turned hearing them go into the kitchen and moved to close the doors. It was only a short instant later she heard Usy's soft breath of an 'oh' before she turned around to see her sister take flight. She could not help but let out a chuckle. "Yup. Dask did a wonderful job." she would say and moved over to stand closer to Dom as if she had missed him for the short while he was gone.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked as she watched one daughter greet Dom... and the other take off darting all over the room lip a confused bird. Grinning, she watched them for a moment - glanced between the three one more time - then moved to push the door open. "I'm going to go invite Callidus. I'll be right-..." She paused mid-sentence as she turned her head and stopped short. "... Ehm ..." Was that... Ki'fel with an elk... on a leash? And was that an angry fairy on his shoulder? Her head tilted as she lifted a finger and opened her mouth to say something... then slowly lowered her hand and closed her mouth. "... I'll address this when I get back." With that, she would leave the door open for him to walk in if he wished, growing her wings in order to take flight and head over to Calli.
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    All Grown Up Empty Piqued Curiosity

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    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam flew off in Callidus' direction after pausing to look at Ki'fel as if he'd grown three heads. As she caught sight of him, she carefully landed nearby and took a few slow steps toward him. "Callidus... Ava'yorn!" Even then, her youngest was making all kinds of noise farther down the way... after practically chirping and squealing all over the place from her excitement. At least the rest of them had been moderately subdued. "Are you busy?" She at least looked happier. ... Even a little excited herself.

    Callidus Stormbringer was standing looking at his palm while slightly stabbing his fingertips with a long, sharp metal needle as if testing his reflexes. He seemed fairly focused as she landed, and waited till she spoke to address her. "Bonjour..." He'd politely reply, nodding to her. "May I see your hand a moment...madem?" He'd ask, looking at her curiously.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked and put a pause on whatever she had to say to him. Instead, she took another few steps toward him with a raised eyebrow. "... What is it?" Still, she offered her hand to him... even while questioning.

    Callidus Stormbringer walks to her and takes her hand. He'd look at it...then his own...then hers. "Hold still...and just...react as you would normally..." He'd then take the long metal needle and lightly push it against her fingertips at various pressure points where there were nerves, as well as her wrist and in her palm.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam furrowed her brow and blinked. Her head tilted, and the tips of her fingers occasionally twitched from his pushing and poking, relaxed otherwise and calm... the twitching light, but noticeable.

    Callidus Stormbringer would watch as he continued pricking her fingers. He'd then hold up his hand and press the same points, looking at his own twitching reflexes before returning the needle work to her hand. " figured..." He'd remark, licking his teeth and making a clicking with his tongue before moving over to the nearby chair where he had what appeared to be a notebook. Scribbling down a few notes, he'd then look at her, tapping the elongated needle in his hand. "So what did you need...hmm?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam passed him a sidelong glance as he went to write in his notebook. Her brow raised after a few seconds. "... So... Will I get to find out what that was about?" With a tilt of her head, she watched him from where she stood. Her question returned to her mind as she kept her eyes on him, one corner of her lips pressing back a bit. "Usy and Fo are here with their mates... and we're celebrating a few things. We were all wondering if you'd like to join us?"

    Callidus Stormbringer would thumb through his book and mutter to himself, seemingly absorbed in this unknown work. "Uh huh...sure thing.." He'd say with an air of seeming disinterest...till he'd blink and look up. "Wait...your daughters? Here? Now?" He'd then clap his book shut and stuff it into his coat. "Absolutely! I 'ave not seen zhem in...ages eet feels like."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam had almost moved to walk away instead until he looked up. Her eyebrow raised... but she nodded to him with the faint hint of a smile. "I do hope Fo will remember you once she sees and hears you. And Usy... ehm..." Her brow furrowed. "... I'll warn you now, she's already a bit... excited?" Her head tilted and she extended one arm to offer a hand to him if he wished, having paused her steps to wait for him.

    Callidus Stormbringer nods and offers her his arm, looping hers into his own. "Yes, yes of course..." He'd softly smile at her with his weathered face. He somehow seemed older than he once was, slight crows feet forming in the corners of his eyes, which still swirled and flowed like a raging tempest.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam rests her other hand atop his arm, noticing the subtle changes in his features with a thoughtful frown. It didn't seem to take away from his charm, but it had become apparent - in some small ways - that life had taken a toll not too long ago. She tried not to bring attention to it as she led him to the hall, probably to ask about why in the world her youngest daughter's mate had returned with an elk on a leash and an excited fairy.
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    All Grown Up Empty Achthend and the Dance

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    Ki'fel Inloilfrey struggled with the damned elk on a strong all the way up the side of the mountain. attempting to move quickly while all the while having a fairy in his ear chirping angrily. When Sili flung open the door his face flushed slightly as he stood there wondering how this must look to her.. he watched her a moment.. heard her speak.. then she flitted off.. he turned and looked into the hall with the rest of them. If any were looking his way, there might be a hint of shame on his face. One.. he noted the others had won the little challenge and two.. well.. he had an elk.. on a string.. like a friggin pet. "Come-on you stupid thing.. its just one step." he grumbled as the elk made a low .. elk noise. Finally he went to shove it forward only to have the fairy on his shoulder suddenly flit against his cheek loud enough to sound as if someone had slapped him. "HEY! No need for that!" He lightly swatted at the annoying bug to get her to back off. "I'm not hurting the old cow!"

    Dom'Ro looked around for a moment and was astonished by how well the place looked decorated. "This looks amaz..." his sentence cut short as his eyes caught Usy flying all over the place and let out a chuckle. As Fo moved closer to him, he looked down to her with a smile and softly nodded. He looked up as Sili spoke and his head tilted as she paused in her sentence and slightly leaned over to get a better look out of the doors. As he realized it was Ki'fel a big grin would appear on his face. He stood and watched quietly as he watched his predicament. "Bringing a guest there, brother?" The smirk was practically stuck on his face.

    Usyraz didn't immediately realize Ki'fel had returned in all her excitement. She was in a massive state of sensory overload at the moment, going berserk over all the sparkly colors and lights. But as it slowly sank in that the door was once more open and that her mate's voice was coming from the other end, she came back down to the ground and turned to walk toward them again. The smile on her face paused as she noticed not only the fairy, but the live elk... and the leash. "Itov... did... did you decide to make dinner a pet instead?"

    Fo'uh Zithary had cuddled up to Dom only slightly when her mother announced her departure to go and get their last guest. she tilted her head when her sentence ended abruptly and watched her at the door. When Sili moved off out of the way she caught sight of Ki'fel and the rather violent little friend on his shoulder. Then the Elk. Confusion stayed on her face as he attempted to shove the elk onto the steps. "I.. Ki'fel?" she turned and looked at her sister as she spoke then covered her mouth as she started to have a bit of trouble holding back the amused grin forming on her features.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey managed to get the Fairy settled down enough that he continued to try and push the elk up the steps till he heard his mate's voice. "I.. well.. not dinner." he said with a wary look to the fairy. "See.. I can explain." he attempted to.. yet was failing to do so. "This here is um.. not dinner.. it is.. our guest." he coughed slightly. "Uh.. as the Fae apparently is this .. Fae." Ashe tried to explain suddenly the Fairy shot up and flew past them all into the building to the lights. Almost as if she were greeting friends of hers. He gave a glare at Dom and a pleading sort of look at Usy. "She expects me to name it before she'll leave." he grumbled to them in frustration.

    Dom'Ro could only shake his head while keeping that grin plastered on his as Ki'fel shot him his glare. He looked over to Usy as she spoke and let out a chuckle. He jolted his back as the fairy flew in and tried to keep his gaze on it as it fluttered about. He head was starting to get dizzy from watching the spectacle and looked down to the floor and shook his head.

    Usyraz was, just like her sister, trying not to noticeably giggle or smile over the new pet elk. Her lips pressed together into a tight, thin line as she tried, looking to both Fo and Dom with raised eyebrows. Ahyup - Usy was about to burst. "Name it? Ooh! I have the -perfect- name, don't worry." She looked toward the fairy as she flew past, then back to Ki'fel... hoping that the fairy didn't manage to pick up Draconic in her life. "We could name it Achthend!" ((Food)) With that, she smiled as if there was nothing wrong.

    Fo'uh Zithary frowned some at the thought of naming the elk something just to get the fairy to leave. When her sister spoke a not so elegant snort left her. She stifled best as she could and nodded softly. "Achthend, sounds like a wonderful name indeed." She nodded and moved to the door. "Do we.. really have to bring her inside?" she said looking at the clearly female elk. "I do not think she would be comfortable in here." there was a visible smirk upon her face but she really was trying to keep herself in check so that Ki'fel would not have to suffer yet more embarrassment.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam landed nearby with Calli in tow, continuing to lead him to the hall... only to find that Ki'fel was still apparently trying to make progress with the elk. "So..." Ah yes, she missed the explanation. "I wasn't expecting a guest with hooves..." Her brow remained raised. For the time being, she kept a straight face, looking into the doorway at the three inside and the occasional flitting of light that was apparently the fairy greeting the lights. But her attention eventually locked onto the Steel Dragon, momentarily forgetting introductions. Wasn't everyday she found him trying to walk a large hoofed creature into a building. "What's the story here?..." Why yes, she -was- making him explain a second time.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey huffed slightly and turned around hearing Sili approach. Yeah, this could not get more embarrassing.. right? "well, technically you were expecting a guest with hooves.. just not attached." he attempted to be quick witted right back. However as she asked him to explain again he leaned resting his arm on the elk figuring the old cow would not move regardless of what he did.. and Indeed, she stood there like a small awkward wall as she picked at the grass and chewed it. She seemingly was unafraid of what surrounded her. "Well, I went down to get an Elk.. apparently they are hiding out in the fae forests. I got ambushed by a bunch of fairies who insisted that i had to take the elk as a guest to the party.. and as a gift.. and that one of them should come with to make sure we name it so that we -can not- eat it." He turned to look at Callidus and gave a soft greeting nod then gestured to Usy who still stood within the building. "Though my Itov has fixed that rather well. Gave her the name 'Achthend'." He then turned looking into the building and spoke louder in hopes for the Fairy to hear. "SO I THINK WE HAVE NAMED HER... YOU CAN BE ON YOUR WAY NOW." He watched for a moment to see if she was listening.. clearly she was not as she continued to flit between the lights as if testing to make sure not one of them were her little sprite friends.

    Calli Gavalun lands with Sil, slwoly descending with the grace and stature of nobility. He had a wizened look to him. Slight stubble upon his face, hair a bit dimmer than when last he was with the girls and Sil. Upon hearing the story of the elk he'd tilts his head and walk to the beast to inspect it. "A rather peculiar set of circumstance, oui mon ami?" He'd muse, patting the large beast's side. He'd run his hand back and forth along the ribs, using his tumb to brush aside the coarse fur as if looking for something upon the beast. After a few moments he'd nod and look to Ki'fel. "Apologies.. my name eeze Callidus Darius Stormbringer..." He'd then bow at his waist while keeping eyes upon Ki'fel. "A pleasure to meet you... however you must pardon my short introduction.. I have been informed zhat two former pupils of mine are here...and I am most eager to meet zhem." Smiling he'd look past Ki'fel and call out in his silver accented tone. "Usyraz, Fo'uh... come out here mon bellas so I can get a better look at you!"

    Dom'Ro balled up his hand and tried to his cover his grin as Usy suggested calling it Achthend. As Fo stepped away from him, he stood back for a moment. As she mentioned how good the name was he was about to slip a burst of laughter but managed to mask it with a cough. He turned and walked to the table to pour himself a drink from the pitcher. He faintly heard Ki'fel naming the elk that Usy had suggested and brought his hand up to 'cough' again. He cleared his throat a couple times to try and not make it too obvious to the fairy and picked up the glass and took a drink. He sat it back down, now feeling to have calmed himself some, and turned and walked towards the entrance to get a better look at the new dinner guest outside. He looked to Sili, then Callidus with a nod of greeting, and then to Ki'fel while trying to keep a straight face towards the steel. He thought he had enough jabs at him from his amusement that he did not want to cause much of a payback from him.

    Usyraz had to fight harder to hold back the look on her face and keep herself composed as she heard Fo snort. It was almost too much at once. But as her sister spoke, there was a slight reprieve: she was able to draw in a deep breath, bow her head, and try to fight back an urge to laugh that had quickly begun to become so overwhelming that her eye had almost twitched. Of course... by the time Ki'fel explained the story of the elk and the fairy a second time, her eyes went wide, the corners of her lips pressed back tight enough to produce tiny dimples in her cheeks. She was about to burst. Thankfully, her short attention span kicked in at the sound of another familiar voice. "... CALLIDUS!" ... And with an amount of energy on par with a puppy greeting a family member, she suddenly pushed the other door open and burst out to greet their teacher. "I heard you were somewhere around here! How've you been?"

    Fo'uh Zithary had only just glanced over her shoulder for the fairy. fickle flighty creatures. when she saw her mother land she smiled and then the smile turned to a softer polite grin. Her mind suddenly piecing together parts of a puzzle long since given up on. When she saw Callidus she watched as he went to the elk and then glanced at Usy and turned back in to look at Dom. When she heard her name called there was a moment of hesitation before she stepped out to join her sister. She did not rush out as her sister had, as she did not want to startle anyone. She stood just enough distance away from Callidus as she spoke. "It is a pleasure to.. see you again." she said halting in her greeting for just a moment. She watched her mother for a moment then back to Callidus. Though he looked familiar, there were signs of age and change upon the face that did not fit the image in her mind. "It has been a long while." she finally said. "I am glad you could join us." She gave a soft bow of her head.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam was at that point not entirely fazed by the sometimes overabundance of her youngest's energy. Instead, she looked between the rest of them as best as she could. Listening to Ki'fel, her head slowly turned to one side for the sole purpose of side-eying him as he explained the elk and the fairy. She was still aware of the various words spoken around her... but this ordeal had her full attention. "Ki'fel..." Her brow furrowed. She slowly opened her mouth to speak again, but she found she couldn't. Instead, she bowed her head... and started to laugh. At first, the sound was utterly quiet. But as she continued, this silent snickering turned into chuckling... then quiet, soft giggling... until finally, there was a steady crescendo into full-on, uncontrollable laughter. She could not stop at this point, and she doubled over, burying her face in her hands. Sure, she -tried- to speak, but it was just too difficult to get out a complete sentence. "Thank you, mighty... hunter..." Aaaand there she went, wheezing from laughing too hard. The image of their powerful Steel Dragon holding the leash of a large harmless animal apparently was too much for her.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey rubbed the side of his face and gave Callidus a soft nod. "Not to worry. I-" He paused hearing his name from Sili and turning his attention to her. Even though his mate nearly came crashing out with excitement he found himself feeling a bit red faced at her laughter. "It's not my fault" he muttered softly, though the corners of his lips started to turn up as he attempted to mope. "Stupid Fairy made me do it." He kicked at the dirt and looked over his shoulder at the two girls, even as Sili's laughter started to become a bit less controlled. Suddenly the fairy flew out and hovered over them a moment. She flitted between the group inspecting their faces then over to stand upon the Elk's back. By now Ki'fel hadn't a choice. He smiled, and chuckled slightly. Sili's laugh was infectious. "Alright you silly fly. We named her. I'll keep up my end. She is our guest and we will not eat her. You can go off home now." The fairy gave him a wary look then glanced around the group before she took off like a dart threw the trees and presumably homeward bound. The elk simple shivered it's back and stomped one of its hooves to the ground as it continued to pick and chew upon the grass.

    Calli Gavalun laughs and gives Usy a tight hug. "My how you've grown ma bella..." He'd remark, smiling warmly at her. He'd look to Fo and nod. "You've grown as well little ones... when I last saw you both I saw..young see women... have you kept what I've taught you, ma bellas?"

    Dom'Ro looked at the elk as it stood there and smirked. His eyes lifted up as Callidus went to it and he looked around to the others before catching Fo looking at him. He slightly tilted his head and softly nodded to her. As she stepped out, he followed behind enough to where he was standing outside.

    Usyraz returned the hug with a smile, afterward moving to stand next to her mate. One hand went to his arm, and she waited until she was certain the fairy was out of range before she murmured to him. "... So when -do- we eat her?" Her head tilted and she gave him a light nudge before looking back to Callidus. "Tried to. Fo's probably done better with it than me..." She really wasn't sure - but Ki'fel had done well to work on helping her at least better maintain distance between others. Speaking of which... "Oh! Have you met my mate, Ki'fel? And do you remember Dom'Ro?" She glanced over her shoulder to try and figure out where the Emerald was - just in time to see him stand outside.

    Fo'uh Zithary simply smiled and nodded for the sake of trying to be polite. "Of.. course." she turned and looked at her mother.. she was not sure if Callidus knew of her lack there of memories and did not want to offend him or make him feel he was forgettable at all. "Some at least. I have been studying a few other things.. like.." she paused and tapped her chin with her fingernail for a moment. "Well, mostly to do with my mother's type of powers. Though I have still kept up with my own." her eyes glanced up at the fairy as it flew away then looked over to Ki'fel and then to the Elk. "Usy, we should be polite and keep their.. gift for a while at least. I am sure we still have plenty of meat in the kitchen from other hunts. Achthend can stay up here I am sure till Callidus or Mother otherwise tire of her. That way Ki'fel is able to keep his word to the Fairy folk. Wouldn't want to upset the neighbors over nothing."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam fought to catch her breath as Ki'fel's responses only seemed to make it worse. When she could finally compose herself, she brushed a tear from the corner of one of her eyes, drawing in a deep breath and sighing. "That's one of the greatest things I've ever seen. You're going to have to tell this one to your children one day..." She said this nonchalantly, even as she grinned at him then looked back between them all. The amused look on her face faded into a smile as she listened to them speak, gesturing toward the inside. "Maybe we could take this inside? It's bound to be more comfortable in there anyway. That is... hm. Would you prefer to perhaps tie Foo- ehm... Achthend... to a tree?" This time, she managed to do little more than grin impishly. Though she nodded in agreement with Fo, narrowing her eyes at her youngest. "Your sister has a good point. They may even try and check on her soon."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey was glad to be rid of the annoying fairy and dropped hold of the leash he had on the elk. As Usy came to him he wrapped his arm around her and would offer to pull her close. Scrunching up his nose slightly at her teasing. "Well-" He started to speak as Fo'uh chimed in. He blinked in her direction then gave a shrug. "I alm alright with that. I was going to suggest we could just.. butcher her now since we're not being watched.. but.. If Fo'uh is ok with left overs I do not mind letting this wander around up here for a bit." he said gesturing at the animal. In truth.. the story of getting that thing was far to humorous and sort of sentimental now that it had happened for him to think about killing the stupid animal. "Aye yes, lets go inside. Food and drink and.. If Fo'uh is up for it.. perhaps some flute play?" He asked glancing at his mate's sister. "Maybe we can get Dom to sing for us?" he glanced over his shoulder with a smirk.

    Calli Gavalun would nods his head. "Oui...let us go in...although I suggest not...harming zee animal... not if zhere eeze food already inside..." He'd hold out his arm for Sil and nod. "Specially if you deal with fae...zhere are not forgiving creatures...hold grudges for long times... besides eet might be entertaining to keep a pet elk, no?" He'd muse with a grin before moving to take Sil and himself inside.

    Dom'Ro just stepped outside to catch the last big of Usy's question and looked at her when she said his name. He looked to Callidus and nodded. "Good to see you again." But when there was no response he must of thought that he did not speak up enough to be heard. He at times muttered but brushed it off. He looked around and stood quietly and listened as the others spoke. He couldn't help but let out a light chuckle as they contemplated on killing the poor elk. He looked to Ki'fel as he mentioned Fo and her flute and would look to her for a moment. But his attention turned quickly to the silver male and scrunched his face at him in a 'not cool man' gesture. He continue that look as Ki'fel passed by him. He looked to Fo again and smile and shake his head. He would wait to follow her in the long hall.

    Usyraz wrinkled her nose and tilted her head... but she could see the logic there. "Bah. Alright..." Beaming as she was pulled in, the idea of eating the creature had already left her mind, a hand moving to affectionately pat Ki'fel's chest at his suggestion. "I like that! Flutes and singing and... oooh, there's that little area we could dance in if we wanted to..." Well. She was in a good mood, even with the look Dom had just given her mate. Then again, her good mood had been present for quite a while by then. Listening to them, mention of Fo studying their mother's abilities hadn't been lost on her ears. Instead, she looked toward her with a hint of intrigue and the hint of yet another smile. If she could, she started into the hall - at least once she knew Ki'fel was ready to go as well, a quiet, observant stare moving toward her mother and her teacher. Her eyes narrowed as she did.

    Fo'uh Zithary smiled and nodded and gave her sister a soft head nod. She did however note Usy's expression toward their mother and Callidus and looked to see what the problem was.. she herself did not see it.. she gave her sister a questioning glance as she moved aside allowing Callidus and her mother to pass by and then waited for her chance.. and snuck in close to the elk to put the fur. When she felt no one was looking she nearly shoved her face into the beast's neck and nuzzled. "Welcome home." she whispered to it and moved quickly to get up behind the others and take her place at Dom's side. She shot him a beaming smile. "So soft.!" she said in an excited whisper before they too entered the hall.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked with a hint of surprise as she found an arm extended for her. Raising an eyebrow, she smiled up at him and accepted the offer as he led them in, blinking and looking around for a moment. As she moved, she gave Calli a light, almost playful nudge - too far away to hear her daughter's whispering. She only withdrew long enough to remove her vest once they were in, setting it aside with a sigh - of course oblivious to Fo's whispering about the elk and not quite catching Usy's glance. "I'm glad you decided to join us. We have plenty of reason to celebrate, I think..." Her gaze turned out the doorway to watch the rest of them as they began to file in - whenever they decided to.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey started to move with Usy but caught her expression and pulled her close. "It is alright Itov. You can speak to her later." as if he could read her mind.. perhaps he could. They were bonded after all. As they got up close to Dom he would offer to clasp a hand on the male's shoulder with a wry grin. "I'm sure you know a few good songs." he said with a 'I know, i'm an asshole' sort of expression on his face. If he could, he would guide Usy directly to that spot she had mentioned before. pulling her close and attempting to get her mind and attention on him alone. "Wait for the music?" he said aloud.. and then with a whisper through their bond to her he smiled, awaiting her response.

    Calli Gavalun enters the hall with Sil on his arm and a smile. "Well...eef we need music mon amis... I know a few tunes to play... eet's been some time but..I'm certain I could dust out zee proverbial cobwebs and play something." He'd remark, patting Sil's hand before looking to the others. "Eet's been some time since I've been in any sort of..gathering so forgive me.." He'd smile.

    Dom'Ro looked at everyone for a moment. He looked towards inside the long hall, not catching Fo sniffing the elk. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned his head to see Ki'fel. He just stared and nodded at him but smirked at him. When he noticed Fo beside him he nodded to her and walked into the hall.

    Usyraz looked up at Ki'fel with an apologetic smile. He caught on pretty well, although she whispered to him as she moved with him. "Oh, no, I'm fine. I was just reading..." Sure, she hadn't picked up on much that 'stood out' to her yet, but she had her own curiosities. It took her a moment, but she caught up on the back-and-forth between Ki'fel and Dom; it caused her to giggle before she sobered her expression. It was probably a good thing that she too hadn't quite heard the excited whispering about the elk's soft fur... else she would have been excitedly derailed all over again. "Oh, that's okay, Callidus - we're happy to have you here either way." But sure enough, her mate's attempts to get her to focus worked: she locked her gaze on his face and turned her head to brush her cheek to his while she whispered back to him.

    Fo'uh Zithary smiled at the idea of Callidus playing. "Oh, i would love to hear you play. Don't worry about it. We've not had a gathering in a long while ourselves. I think it was about time though." She moved one of her hands down to wrap around Dom's fingers and pull him over to the side. "Maybe you could teach me how to dance?" she asked tilting her head at her mate. "Or do you know how?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam looked between them with the hint of a smile, a curious glance drifting toward the Storm Dragon. "I don't recall ever even hearing you play..." But just like that, her attention moved between them - hearing Fo and forming a tiny grin as she took a few steps after them. Suddenly... she was curious to see how that all turned out. "Oh! I've not even told Callidus what we're celebrating..." She paused at the side of the steps, perhaps to let the others go past her first.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey smiled and had pretty much missed everything being said by the others as he focused his eyes on his mate. Through their bond he would start to hum a tune for a moment and pull her close before he would start to dance her around. He would only pause when he heard Sili's voice and pull Usy into his chest for a moment, if she allowed it, and would listen for the news to be told before he would continue anything. His finger petting softly along Usy's hand.

    Calli Gavalun would waves his fingers in front of himself. They would begin to crackle with electricity, the arcs dancing along his fingertips and forearms. The energy would continue to gain force and strength till he had a large arc of electricity shooting between his hands. The air would snap with a small thunder crack, and in his hands would be a lute. Testing the strings, he'd slowly sit down and begin tuning the instrument. "Forgive me...eet's been some time since I last played.." He'd remark before he set into playing...

    Dom'Ro nodded as Fo spoke. "I don't remember the last time I was at a gathering. He looked around as everyone was gathering inside and felt Fo hand grab onto his fingers and came willingly as she pulled him over. As she spoke he smiled at her and looked up to show he was thinking. "I do remember one that my mother had showed me. Thou I don't know all the steps but it's a start." He looked back at her and smiled. His attention turned as Sili spoke about reason of the celebration.

    Usyraz caught onto and followed Ki'fel's lead as he began to move. Her head moved affectionately to his shoulder and she more or less seemed content to listen, but nearly lose track of what was going on around them. As it often did, her mate had found a way to keep her grounded before she exhausted herself. One hand lightly squeezed his, and for a moment, she perked up - though still allowed herself to be pulled in in the meantime. One ear was momentarily on the conversation nearby...

    Fo'uh Zithary looked to her mother and blushed slightly looking at Dom. "Well.. We're going to soon take our bond further.. and following that we will look for a new place to live.. for our children." she said moving her hand to her stomach. She looked to Dom as he spoke and smiled widely. "That would be lovely." she said and rested her hand against his chest before turning to the rest of the room with a nod. She then looked to Callidus. "Perhaps you will have new little ones to teach some day when they are ready." She smiled. There was part of her that remembered some of her interaction with him.. but she wondered why she only remembered one or two classes.. or maybe they were the same class.. it was hard to tell. "Lets dance!" she said excited and moved over to join Ki'fel and her sister upon the platform they had already started to dance upon.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam fell silent as she listened to them with that same lingering smile that had formed more often, even if it was more subdued by then. "I'm just glad that there's something to celebrate. The reasons are a magnificent bonus. Time flies..." Yay, cliches. As she watched Fo move up to the side room, she made sure to give time for Dom to move past her with his mate if he hadn't already - pausing to look toward Calli a moment before speaking. "You're welcome to join us up here, if you'd like..." Her voice trailed off, a hint of friendliness in her stare before she moved up to join them.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey listened to the news they already knew. His humming slowly coming out so that Usy could hear. He hummed along in tune with Callidus' playing, but only loud enough for Usy to hear. Slowly he started to dance her around, making grand gestures of lifting her up, flexing his wings and curving his tail to keep him balanced as he did so. Pulling her close and kissing her cheek with a soft grin till finally he whispered to her. "We'll be next to have young ones i'm sure. For now, i want you all to myself."

    Calli Gavalun would smile and bow his head at the news Fo gave. "Congratulations ma bella... you will make a great mother." He'd remark. As he continued playing he'd watch the two siblings and their mates, a smile on his face. This moment made him feel old himself. It seemed not terribly long ago that they had been in the Aerie, and he teaching them how to use elements in manners not normally practiced.. and now here they with child. His tune became somewhat slower as he continued to think upon the brief road that brought them to this point...the high points...the lows. Quickly he pushed them from mind as this was a happy moment, and indeed he was happy for them. "Enjoy you free time now mon amis... when you've little ones your own... you'll find eet taken mostly by will be your quiet times, and most of your energy." He'd chuckle.

    Dom'Ro looked to Fo as she spoke and smiled softly at her as she spoke. He looked at Sili for a moment as she spoke and tilted his and nodded to her. He smiled as Callidus gave his congratulations to his mate. When Fo exclaimed it was time to dance, it took him a moment that she was already to the dance floor. He sort of huffed up his arms in a 'oh my, I better hurry' and followed to catch up to her to the empty area to the side.

    Usyraz fell in step with Ki'fel easily enough - chances were she'd found it easier and easier to fall in sync with her mate over time. As her wings began to prove cumbersome through their dance, she willed them back into her body with a wrinkle of her nose before her smile returned. She practically purred and even let out a quiet giggle, passing a quick glance around before resettling her focus on him as she whispered back to him. "I'm perfectly happy with that idea..." For a moment, she heard the words being spoken nearby and smirked... but a lot of her focus rested on her mate.

    Fo'uh Zithary looked up into Dom's face and even though she heard Callidus' warning of enjoying what free time they had left, she could not help but smile. "Oh.. I'm sure we will enjoy all our time." she said softly as she felt Dom start to lead her in step with his dance. She watched her feet for a moment, and his, attempting not to step in the wrong spot.. but eventually she relaxed and raised to meet his gaze and started to smoothly move with him once she understood the pattern he had laid out for them.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam found her offer ignored... and she did her best to shrug it off. Instead, she moved to lean against one of the walls to watch her children with a bit of a sobered expression - though still a faint upturn to the corners of her lips lingered. It was with amusement that she'd watched Dom follow after Fo to catch up to her before they began to dance. But other than that... she remained quiet for a while, folding her arms loosely across her middle and humming quietly to herself.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey continued to dance with Usy, waiting for that familiar grin she got upon her face when she was nearly floating on cloud 9. He liked making her happy. He heard Callidus' words to them and couldn't help but wonder. "Take it you've had experience with the hatchlings before then?" He asked Callidus.. it was only then he noticed he could not really see the player.. but he could see Sili watching them.

    Calli Gavalun would finish the latest song he had played with a slight fouled up note at Ki'fel's question. "Er... not....exactly..." He'd remark, rising up to move to the floor. He'd nod to Sil and speak. "It's difficult to walk and play at the same time..didn't wish to stop the song just yet..." He'd then sit beside her and begin testing his strings again. "I eldest of eleven children by a few centuries. I was well into my youth before my leetle brother was born. Once he had the strings tuned back, he'd begin playing again. "I helped take care of zhem over zee years till zhey grew into age themselves."

    Dom'Ro returned the smile to Fo and he too could not break his gaze away from her as Callidus spoke. He smile grew for a moment and he gave Fo a soft nod. He lightly squeezed her side and looked down and slowly took a step, making sure she stayed with him and continued on for a few sets until they both started dancing in sync.

    Usyraz blinked and opened an eye as if hearing the answer to the question caught her attention. Or maybe it was something else. Her brow furrowed and she glanced around... but whatever she was thinking didn't last long. Eventually, as she looked back toward Ki'fel, her grin indeed forming after another few seconds of looking toward him. Whenever he lifted her next, she moved to rest her forehead to his, intending to brush the tip of her nose to his. "Huh - I guess that's a good way to find out. Wonder how different the three of us would have turned out if we'd been born farther apart..."

    Fo'uh Zithary listened, though her head was starting to spin a bit faster than her and her mate were actually moving. She let out a huffed chuckle and heard her sister speak. "Better the way it happened.. we wouldn't have met these wonderful dragons that hold us now." she said and attempted to slow the dance down so that she could kiss Dom's chin and step aside. She placed her hand on her stomach for a moment and took the time to breath and steady her stomach. She then looked at her mother and Callidus who sat upon the floor. "If you wish i could take over playing for a few?" she asked them, wanting to give her mother and Calli a chance to dance if they so chose.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam raised an eyebrow and watched Calli come up and settle down in the area where they'd gathered. She didn't say much at first, but eventually began to speak up, keeping her arms crossed. "It -is- very time-consuming... but it all quickly becomes worth it. I remember coming home one day to find their brother Serelath..." She paused, having to press her lips together to keep from laughing. "... Their brother was dangling upside down... because Fo had frozen his feet to the ceiling." She cleared her throat to hide a snicker. "Though I can't remember what he'd done to deserve it..." She paused as she watched Fo, her brows raising. "Elskan Min, are you alright?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey had almost missed Fo'uh's sudden stop in her dance. He focused on Usy so closely wanting to kiss her nose when she leaned into him. "I had an older brother myself." he muttered. Though he let out a soft chuckle to Sili's story of their brother. It wasn't until Sili had made a comment about Fo'uh's well being that he slowed their own dance to look to his mate's sister to be sure she would be alright. "Oh.. that is right." he said stopping the dance and holding Usy close to him. "I did say i would cook for us.. Would you help me Itov?" he said asking Usy and suggesting she come with him to prepare the meal.

    Calli Gavalun would pause his song and look to Sil...then the group. "Well... I...suppose so.." He'd give a slight laugh and then stand up. He'd let go of his lute and it would fall to the ground and upon impact, would turni into a fine mist that quickly dissipated. "Eef..madem would like?" He'd remark, gesturing to the dance floor.

    Dom'Ro let out a small chuckle as he listened to Sili's tale as he moved with Fo'uh in the dance. He looked down from time to time to make sure he wasn't coming close in stepping on her and looked up over to Usy for a moment before back to Fo. He caught her motion of the dance slowing dance and would ease up on his with hers. He leaned in slightly so she could kiss his chin. As she stepped away he tilted his head has she felt her stomach and went over to her. "Doing well sia itov? Too much the dance?" he asked already getting into the role of worry some expecting father. He would place his hand on her side to comfort and looked over to Sili and Callidus as Fo spoke to them.

    Usyraz nodded, giving Ki'fel a gentle nudge as she heard his muttering... just a small sign of affection. Her attention moved to Fo mostly to make sure she was alright before she did anything else... but after a few seconds of looking her over, she smiled then looked back to her mate. "Of course! I'd be happy to..." She kept herself close to him as best as she could, following him into the kitchen whenever he began to walk to it.

    Fo'uh Zithary smiled at her mother and nodded. "I am alright Dask. The little ones do not enjoy the spinning i guess." she chuckled and looked to Ki'fel. She would not stop them from their journey to the kitchen but soon pulled out her flute, brushing it off slightly and looking over her shoulder to Dom as he spoke. "I'm alright, my love. Just a little dizzy. that is a dance we'll continue soon as the little ones are born. Perhaps i could play from a seat over on the other side?" she looked to Sili and Callidus. Knowing full well how loud her flute could be. If they nodded, she would simply walk down the steps after Ki'fel and Usy had already passed and move over to the sitting area in the corner. Soon they would hear the playing of the flute as it echoed over to them in a soft tune.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked a few times in surprise, but she looked back to Callidus with a slow nod. "That... sounds great, actually..." Pushing herself off from the wall, she dipped her chin, giving him a chance to choose where they went. "As long as you're alright, Fo. Though yes, that sort of movement? Best done in moderation." Before she did anything else, she turned her head and looked toward Ki'fel and Usy as they walked away. "Oh, Sætur Einn... Mighty Hunter..." She trailed off, trying to keep a straight face. Yep - Usy's mate earned a new nickname. "Behave in there, hm? No starting a family of your own in the kitchen..." The hint of a smile formed on her face as she heard Fo starting to play her flute from where she sat.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey shrank his wings horns and tail down to nothing. Looking slightly like a short male elf. He would lead Usy down the steps carefully and into the kitchen. Only stopping to glance at Sili with a sort of wry smile that made no promises.

    Calli Gavalun takes Sil to the floor and holds her hand in his, and puts an arm around her, pulling her gently to him. "I've not done zhis in a while....forgive me if I step on your toes madem.." He'd remark before moving with her. He'd start off slow..matching pace to Fo's playing while spinning them both on the floor in a slow circle while watching her.

    Dom'Ro stood by Fo as he watched the others leave. When it was clear he would wait till she moved and would help her over to the sitting area. He would make sure she was seated comfortably and would sit down by her side. He would watch her play for a moment then over to Sili and Callidus as they danced and back to continue watching Fo play.
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    All Grown Up Empty Dancing with the Storm

    Post by Codex on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:38 pm

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam tilted her head at him as the others went off to relax or cook. Her brows raised after a little bit and she looked back to him as he pulled her in, looking up at him with a shake of her head. "Mm... Not at all. You seemed to do very well last time." She eyed him for a moment. "Is all of this... alright with you? I know you've kept to yourself for a little while and..." She trailed off and shrugged. "I thought maybe you'd like to have more than just me for company. But I apologize for such short notice..."

    Callidus Stormbringer shakes his head. "No mon bella...eet eeze fine... I need to get out more anyways... being couped up apparently drives one mad..." He'd then make a loud clucking noise like a chicken..then look at her with a deadpan stare....before utterly losing it and laughing aloud. "Ahhh... I jest... I'm not really mad...not yet anyways.. I've still a few strings of sanity left to lose."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled up at him... even if it faded for just a moment, as if he'd caught her off guard. "You-..." But as soon as he laughed, she let out a laugh of her own and momentarily moving to hide her face against his shoulder. "As long as you hold onto one string, you'll be okay - trust me." After a few seconds, she pulled back to peer up at him with the faint hint of a grin. "... Usy has missed you, it seems. And Fo seemed to remember you once she saw you. I think that's good..."

    Callidus Stormbringer would continue to slowly dance with her. "Ahh...well zhen I shall hold zee last strand as long as possible... and... the mind may not remember things....but it never truly forgets zhem. Our minds have a sort of..imprinting.. in our dreams, we are unable to create faces we have not seen...therefore those we dream of..we have seen...because of zhis, I firmly believe memory even forgotten... can be retrieved."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam nodded. Eventually she moved to idly rest her head to his shoulder as she listened to him, one corner of her lips pulling back as she hummed thoughtfully to herself. After a few seconds of thought, she answered him. "This is true. She has them somewhere. Some have been twisted into horrible, traumatizing false memories - but those, I've observed with her, and she's learned to identify them. I think she's rid herself of them, perhaps almost entirely. As for the rest... I have not been able to help her with true retrieval. Just differentiating between illusions and truth." After a second, she sighed. "You may be on to something. Maybe it could lead to something that could help her..."

    Callidus Stormbringer slows the dance and nods. "Maybe... eet's all theory right now... I've a few ideas I'm working on right now...but...we shall see in time, yes?" He'd smile, pulling her in to rest his forehead on her shoulder. "Eef I can help zhem, Sil... I will... eet's zee least I can do for zhem and you...though..perhaps some things are just better left forgotten..hmm?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam blinked. "Ideas? What ideas?" She didn't press it so much as intended to show interest in what he might have been working on... and as he leaned in, one of her hands slipped up underneath his hair - carefully - to rest to the back of his neck. "Some things, yes - some not so much. I am... torn on what I've apparently forgotten. The burden was more than I could handle, ultimately... but I would like to remember some of it. Apparently there were a lot of happier moments, but... it's-... to be frank, it can be frustrating and even a little painful to be told them, but have no feelings about them. Seems I've forgotten a lot of moments of sweetness that from the sounds of it, I wish I hadn't. It -does- make me wonder what sort of things she's got buried too, in a way..."

    Callidus Stormbringer shakes his head. "I suppose...we will only know eef we are meant to... delving into zee mind of another eeze not something I have done...nor do I wish to... I know I would not appreciate someone in my mind uninvited...also...sometimes our mind's shield zhemselves by forgetting things...because we are not yet ready to cope with zhem." He'd slowy their dancing to a stop then lean in and kiss her cheeks. "Zee mind eeze an intricate puzzle madem...with no guaranteed method to unlocking... eet eeze an ever evolving..ever expanding riddle."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam nodded and pressed her lips together for a moment. "Mine wasn't shielded so much as ... stolen from. A hard lesson, I guess." There was a brief pause where she seemed to think about something... then suddenly cleared her throat. "Just so we're clear... I'll almost always ask before I try to get into your mind. If I don't ask and I try anyway, I have a very real worry that something is wrong and I'm acting out of concern. Though that very, -very- rarely happens..." Offering an apologetic smile, she blinked and lifted her chin to better look at him as they stopped, brushing a fingernail almost playfully along the back of his neck. "Mm, it depends on the methods. I've had to probe another's mind to aid in recollection, but it's ... in a way, a spiritual encounter, and has to be done willingly. The more resistance, the more difficult it is for someone like me - and dangerous. I wouldn't know how else to do it, really."

    Callidus Stormbringer looks at her with a slight degree of curiosity...and hesitation. "I see.... well I trust you enough to not...go poking in my mind without my permission...zhere are things zhere I would...rather be kept guarded...and remain stored away..." Inhaling he'd clear his lungs then smile broader to her. "Seems zhey've all retired for zee night...mayhaps we best as well."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam raised an eyebrow at him, her arms withdrawing from him as she did. "It's an ability I try not to abuse. Although you -may- feel something strange... I may try to speak to you in other more... secretive ways, but..." She looked at him, choosing her words as carefully as she could manage. "That is not the same thing. Don't worry - in those cases, I can't read your mind. I slip out again as soon as I've spoken to you. But if that makes you uncomfortable still... I will refrain." She glanced over her shoulder; Fo and Dom were still relaxing in the opposite side room, Usy and Ki'fel in the kitchen. Still, she nodded. "Sounds fine. We could find a little area to relax a while, hm?"
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    All Grown Up Empty Kitchen Talk

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    Ki'fel Inloilfrey closed the door behind them just as they entered the kitchen. Hearing Fo'uh's music even through the thick walls and door. "She's got a pair of lungs on her huh?" he said looking at his mate as he moved over to inspect the goods that she and Dom had brought in. "Woah, you got avocados?" He dipped his hand in and grabbed hold of one twirling it in his fingertips as he inspected it.

    Usyraz smiled over her shoulder as if the rest of them could see them through the walls, nodding in agreement. "She does. Always has. The rest of the Aerie could probably hear her whenever she played..." Walking over to him, she playfully - carefully - bumped her hip to his before sifting through the items. "Oh! Yeah! Dom decided to grab a few more things. Maybe he had something else in mind to make along with the rest of this? I can' remember..." The bridge of her nose wrinkled. In all the excitement, she'd forgotten half of what had been said.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey would feel her bump and move dramatically as if she had actually knocked him off his center. He then would attempt to wrap his arms around her and smile while pulling her in. Listening to her speak he paused and raised a brow at the mention of Dom having something in mind. "Well maybe he can do that later. For now, the kitchen is ours. Let me see.." he says setting down the avocado and looking over his shoulder at the rest of the stock. "Ah, there is some meat hanging.. looks like we have all the right herbs. I could... hmm." he glances back to her. "What do you think? Elk with a rosemary rub with some onions and garlic.. what should we have for our greens?" His steal eyes focused upon her lavender blue ones for a long moment, a loving endearing peer into her soul.

    Usyraz easily allowed herself to be pulled in, regarding him with that same wide grin she often gave him. "That's right..." As he offered an idea, a single eyebrow raised thoughtfully; she was really contemplating this. "That sounds... delicious. Wait. We already have elk in here? Are we going to have to kill the one outside?" She looked at him, and suddenly, her eyes widened - even if she suddenly became distracted by his gaze. The smile that formed on her face was a bit lopsided and goofy, as torn as her mind was between forgetting about the elk and trying to stay focused. It took her a moment, but then... "...OH! Mm. Lettuce... I love lettuce..." Instead of doing the logical thing and -looking- at what they had, one of her hands reached out to feel along each piece so she could continue to look up to him. "... Cucumbers? Those are good too. OOH! And of course... tomatoes and carrots, even if those aren't green. I'm counting them..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey could not help but grin watching her and not taking his eyes from her. He chuckled slightly as she felt around behind him for the materials but was unwilling to take her eyes from his. Slowly he leaned in and placed his forehead against hers, that smile upon his face causing a crinkle around his eyes. "I absolutely love you. You know that right?" He said in a soft tone. His hand pet along her back for a moment. "Yes.. carrots can be counted in that." He lifted his head up to kiss her forehead before he would turn to look at the table. "Well, that leg hanging in the corner on the meat hook looks to be elk.. could be wrong.. couldn't give you an idea of if it were male or female or elk really.. wont know till we cook it up and serve it. I'm sure one of these barrels have shark fin. I'm sure your sister would like some sharkfin soup. Though.. wish i had managed to get her fresh." he muttered toward the end. "Tell you what.. We'll cook everything in here up. Shouldn't take us too long. And whatever Dom got at the market we'll leave for him to finish up cooking wise if any are still interested in food after we're done." He smirked and looked back into her eyes. If she paused long enough, he'd lean in and sneak a kiss from her lips with a grin.

    Usyraz brought her other hand up to rest it to the side of his face as their foreheads touch. Beaming, she did her best to brush the tip of her nose to his, all but squeaking at his words. "As long as you know I love you too..." As her hand finished feeling around at all the various items, her arm moved to wrap around him, idly swaying from side to side for a few minutes as she let out a happy sigh - even as she listened to him. "That's... perfect! I think Fo would love some soup and... oooh, that's right. I grabbed a few fruits for dessert, but there isn't much we'd have to do to prepare those." She shrugged, giggling against his lips and doing her best to return his kiss if she had a chance. "Sneaky..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey let out a soft rumble in his chest and smiled looking down at her lovingly. "Couldn't help myself." He said and lifted her up and gave her a soft spin to the middle of the room. "I'll start the fire if you want to start chopping things up." He slowly sets her down to her feet and takes in a deep breath. "Imagine when we get our own place. Our kitchen will be bigger than this.. filled with the food we ourselves like. And the off chance of our little brats wandering around knocking things over and creating their own favorite dish." He turned blinking as he looked at the sacks along the wall. "Can see them now.. covered in flower and egg.. Dask.. Op... look what we made for you!" he laughed.

    Usyraz giggled and briefly buried her face into the side of his neck as he spun her, both her arms wrapping around him until he'd stopped. "I can do that..." Her head turned enough for her to press an affectionate kiss to his cheek before he did anything else, walking toward the table. As she grabbed a knife and began to chop things up, she paused to glance over her shoulder at him with a grin. "You paint the best pictures..." Her voice trailed off, her tone filled with fondness. Why yes - yes she -was- picturing this. "I can't wait to see that... when the time comes. And they'll be so cute too!"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey nodded as he moved over to the fire and started to gather wood and sticks to start it up. When she spoke he looked up and smiled at her. "I bet they will be as beautiful as their mother and as strong as she is too." he said before stacking the few pieces of wood. He then took out a piece of flint and struck it against his wrist where steal scales had appeared till the sparks ignited the dry wood. After the fire started to grow he tended to it for a few more moments till he was sure it would not die out and then removed the pot from above the fireplace and put the rack. "That should do well.. the drippings will feed the flames." he said and turned looking around the small kitchen till he saw a small box on the table next to Usy. He moved over to it and opened it to reveal some rather nice looking mushrooms. "I bet these will go well with the meal too." he lifted it up and sniffed at them. "Oh, Itov.. You can smell the earth in these." He turned and held out the box to her.

    Usyraz playfully rolled her eyes as she kept her attention on cutting up various vegetables - doing her best to make the pieces small, but not -too- small. "Nnnno. As strong as you, I would hope. I'm squishy, but you? You definitely are the one whose strength I hope they inherited. ... Eventually along with the cooking ability, maybe. You've always been so good at this since I've known you." Another lopsided grin formed as she glanced his way out of the corner of her eye, the look on her face remaining. "Hmm?" Turning on her heel, she moved toward him and leaned in to sniff at it, raising her eyebrows. "Oh, you're right! I like it! D'you want me to cut some of those up too?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey smiled as she spoke of his strength. "I am not so much strong as I am well trained, Itov. If not for my steel scales you would see far more scars and .. well.. perhaps a missing limb or two." He gave a soft shrug then smiled at her as she agreed with him and handed her the box. "Why myes please. I think these would add a lovely taste to our dish." he said trying his best to mimic Callidus' accent and failing quite horribly. He scrunched up his face then shook his head. "Bah. I can't sound as smooth as that." He took a moment to look over the items she had chopped up so far then crossed his arms and could not help but let his eyes wander over to her form and think how beautiful she was. In an attempt to not look like a total ass however he continued conversation. "Who is this Callidus person anyway? I know you said teacher.. and what not.. but what really has he taught you both?"

    Usyraz wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "It's still greater than mine. I think you'll be able to teach them a lot..." She said nothing of her own ability, maybe even a little bit self-conscious and insecure about it. Instead, she took hold of the mushrooms if she could, intending to start chopping them up next. Her gaze rested on the greens, but eventually she likely felt his eyes on her and smirked to herself, another glance moving out of the corner of her eye and an eyebrow raising at his question. "Hm? Oh! He didn't get to teach us much, seeing as we were only a couple of lessons in before Fo was taken..." Her voice trailed off. "He was going to teach us how to effectively use our elemental abilities... especially since our father never really taught us much himself and our mother is better with... other schools of magic."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey raised his hand up to his chin and rubbed against the stubble for a moment as she spoke. "Maybe we should stick around for a few then? Continue lessons? Unless you feel uncomfortable doing so?" he asked with a tilt of his head. "I know you feel weak.. but maybe if you got the chance to finish your lessons with him you'd feel more confident?"

    Usyraz pushed more diced and chopped vegetables to one side, looking to him with a hint of hesitation. "I... don't know. It depends on if he still even wants to teach." She furrowed her brow as she looked to him for a moment, taking a moment to look him over admiringly in return - though maybe even more shamelessly. Half a smile formed, and she shrugged. "I told you I was reading earlier... and it's because out of everyone here, those two... I don't know about. Our bond makes it easier for me to read you, even if I had trouble, I think. I can read or observe Fo and Dom well enough. But Dask and Callidus... I don't know. I caught tiny hints of conflict from her... and just... a tired feeling from him. That was all I could pick up. Tired. Something about him has changed."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey listened carefully his eyes dipping down to her hands watching her as she worked then back up to her as she spoke. When she stopped he would pause for a long moment and then reach out with his right hand to brush her beautiful hair over her shoulder and grip softly at her arm before crossing his again. "Maybe he needs a purpose? He seems.. Not that I am good at reading people.. but he seems to be looking for a purpose perhaps? I remember not that long ago begging you to give me a purpose beyond what i was.. Maybe.. that is what he is looking for? I can not say much for your mother. She is an amazing woman and i admire her strength. Not many can go through what she has and stay even remotely sane. The loss of memory was probably the best thing to ever happen to her.. even if it came at the loss of a old friend as well." He huffed slightly. "I am sure the bronze would be happy that she has forgotten the pain his loss caused her.." He murmured slightly then looked over to the fire. He stepped away, but only for a moment to stoke it and be sure it was heated up just right. When he returned he would grab at some of the herbs on the shelf and start to crush and mix them together in a small bowel. "Couldn't hurt to ask him, is all I am saying."

    Usyraz kept her head still, smiling at the gesture before turning to face him - setting the knife aside for a while and moving toward him. As he worked with the herbs, she moved to stand behind him so she wasn't in the way. Her arms loosely wrapped around him and her head turned enough for her cheek to rest to his back. "I remember well..." Her voice softened and her brow furrowed. "... I just don't know what purpose he might want now. I don't know about either of them. He was a teacher and she... guarded the power core. She advised Davros and Soumia when she could. They've both lost their purpose. I'm not really sure what to do with either of them." ... As if it was her job to help them. "... But you're right. I think you have a very good idea..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey took one of his hands and placed it on her arms as he felt her against his back. He took in a deep breath.. and yes was perhaps flexing slightly to impress his mate. "I am sure they will find new purpose.. and maybe.. perhaps find a purpose in each other. Sili is.. practically the Da'arive here.. the mother. Perhaps.. though it is quiet here now, war inevitably finds every quiet corner of the earth. That is why i suggested we stay close to here when finding our own lands.. so that if we are needed we are but a flicker of wing away." He continued and then carefully reached for a few chopped vegetables to dump into the bowl to crush them into the herbs.. making a slight paste. "Do we have some egg?" he asked looking around without actually seeing anything.

    Usyraz giggled quietly at his flexing. Her head turned and she pressed a loving kiss to one of his shoulder blades. "Maybe... I don't know. They seem similar enough. More similar than she and Op at least, I guess..." Her nose wrinkled. "... I don't know if I can see -that- happening though..." For a time, they continued to cook and talk amongst themselves in the quiet confines of the kitchen... while the rest relaxed in the main area no doubt.
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    All Grown Up Empty Dinner Discussion

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    Calli Gavalun takes her hand and leads her over to the dining table with Sil in tow upon his arm. "So... what eeze for dinner tonight?" He asked, realizing he hadn't really eaten anything today other than a fruit salad... made mostly of grapes... ok all grapes... they were fermented.... it was wine.. all he had today was some wine.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam walked with him with the hint of a smile, her gaze drifting toward the direction of the kitchen. "Well, it sounded like we might have some sort of eel, perhaps something shark-related as well. I saw Usy bring in a few different drinks and fruits, various vegetables. They have plenty to work with in there, so we'll see what they come up with?" She raised an inquisitive eyebrow his way, but smiled, moving toward the table - perhaps thinking they would be joined by the rest shortly.

    Fo'uh Zithary finished her song letting it drift off in an eerie tune. She smiled and looked up to Dom affectionately and had only just heard Callidus speak. Soon as she heard the mention of food she felt a rumble and pain in her stomach. "Oh, food does sound nice. Least now that I am not dizzy." she chuckled and started to untangle herself from Dom's careful watchful hold. If he allowed it she would climb up and out of the comfortable position and then offer her hand as if to help him up along side her. Slipping her flute back into its spot on her hip. "Wonder if Ki'fel and Usy actually cooked." she said with a glance to the kitchen.

    Dom'Ro came to from the rhythmic daze as he listened to the flute. He tilt is head down to look at her as she spoke and gave a small laugh. "I too am getting hungry myself." He relaxed his hold on to her as she started to get up. He would moved his body into a more sitting position and catch Fo's offering hand and would take with his and stand up beside her. As she spoke, he too looked over to kitchen. "If they did I bet it's not elk." he said with a smile as he thought about the earlier event that had happened.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey hadn't notice the sudden silence from the flute stopping as he was focused on getting the dishes ready to transport. He had since removed what little of a top he had being it had grown very hot in the kitchen... also because he was showing off, can't blame a guy. As he came near the door his hands were so full of heavy plates that he paused at the door and looked to Usy. "I'd kick it with my foot but i might drop something. Could you Itov?" He asked giving her a soft pout.

    Usyraz helped Ki'fel gather everything after stepping away to change into cleaner clothing at some point. By the time she was back, she was ready to help him in whatever way he needed. And sure, she did love the view that came from one less article of clothing, regardless of how it might have looked to anyone else. Anything he missed, she would pick up to carry after him - if anything - but first, she moved toward the door. "Of course..." She trailed off as she looked at him, seeing his pout and forming a bit of a goofy grin. What? It was cute. She liked it.

    Calli Gavalun couldn't help but chuckle at the mention of shark. "Ahhhh... one of my favorites...shark.." He'd then laugh a bit louder and look at Usy and Sil. "I distinctly remember a rather...interesting moment with some shark... I was fairly inebriated and had some shark in zee Aerie... and mademoiselle Usy stumbled upon me...singing....and Sil here... discovered me after one such meal zhat was tained by some of my reagents for my Sange de Dragon... and I do believe I took more a feel zhen I anticipated.." He'd remark, pulling out the bench for Sili to move to sit upon.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam looked toward Fo and Dom with a smile as they approached, then turned her head toward the sound of a door opening near the kitchen. "Ah! There they are..." She paused as she heard Call talk. The hint of a grin formed, and she cleared her throat. "I didn't realize that that was what had happened. I only remember a few ... bizarre ... behaviors from you before I had to slip away..." She nodded to her eldest and her eldest's mate, as if beckoning for them to join them at the table. If she caught anything that the two had said on their way there, she hadn't commented on it yet.

    Fo'uh Zithary stepped down the stairs carefully and let out a soft excited sort of noise. "I love shark fin soup!" she said and made her way to one of the benches. Not thinking to give Dom a chance to pull one out for her and just plopping down and looking up at both Usy and Ki'fel. Her eyes grew wide seeing the load of food they were bringing to the table and she licked her lips. "Dask used to make shark fin soup for me all the time." she said and smiled looking at her mother. "I'm sure she got pretty tired of it, being i nearly refused to eat anything other than." She chuckled and gave her mother a 'sorry i was such a little shit.' look. "Thank you both." she said looking to Ki'fel and Usy. "For doing all of this. It looks wonderful." She then looked at Callidus. "That sounds like an interesting story. I would love to hear more of it." She said politely.

    Dom'Ro watched for a moment as Ki'fel and Usy came out with the food. He had a delayed reaction as Fo mentioned soup and headed to the table. He glanced at Sili and smiled and proceeded towards the table and sat down next to her on the bench. He looked to Ki'fel and Usy as Fo spoke to them. "Yes, thank you for this." His attention would turn to Callidus and would sit quietly and listen.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey would listen and start to set down plates in an order that would keep him balanced. That way nothing would come crashing down on the table. The largest one would be set down first.. Unsure of just how much of a large roasted pig any of them would want, he continued to set down smaller plates with different meats. From sausage to chicken and turkey legs. Some bread and several plates of what looked to be some sort of steak.. if any tasted this, it would taste like a well spiced elk meat. When he heard Fo'uh speaking of shark fin soup he raised a finger after setting down the last plate and trotted back into the kitchen for a few minutes.. returning and walking gingerly with a big bowl. He made his way around the side that Dom and Fo'uh had chosen to sit and set it down. "I didn't forget." He said with a large smile and looked up to Usy with a wink. "Can't have the guest of honor not get her favorite dish." He smiled and patted Dom's shoulder and moved over to help Usy set out the cups with different drinks. "Hey, I did it all for the little ones." he said.. no really he did it to impress Usy.. nearly everything he did was for her. Once they were done setting up the table he would move to allow Usy a chance to sit down first before he would take a seat next to her.

    Usyraz heard a few choice words that caused her to perk up curiously, having to grin at Fo's controlled excitement. But she also heard mention of her run-in with Callidus when he was drunk, and she stifled a laugh. "Oh, right. The partially cooked shark you had in the cave?" Following her mate into the main room, she helped him as best as she could to carry anything he allowed or just needed assistance with. "You're very welcome! Although this was almost entirely the work of Ki'fel here. He's been a good cook for as long as I've known him. He cooked us some sort of pasta with goat meat the first time we met." The memory caused her to smile happily as she approached the table, waiting to hear the rest of both stories. Watching Ki'fel bring the soup out, the look on her face brightened - if that was even possible - before she moved to sit down... strategically choosing the same side as Fo and Dom with a nod to them.

    Calli Gavalun waited till Sil took her seat before joining her. "Oui... zhat partially cooked shark... earlier zhat day I went fishing...found eet and brought eet back to zee Aerie...and lightly seared it with lightning..or "storm kisses" as we called eet back home. I..had drank more wine zhen I should of...ate half zee shark and began singing at zee top of my lungs....loudly...badly... enough zhat apparently Usy here...heard me on zee land mass above me." He'd remark with a slight blush as he bit on his lower lip. "Interesting times... another time I was charged with making a special dragon ale for zee Aerie and my reagents leaked and contaminated some shark steaks had made, as well as some candies I had imported... after eating a few steaks and boxes of candies I was very....very...ehhhhh.... touchy feely...and giddy...and madem Sili here was...subject to said state of mind."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled and shook her head at the look Fo gave her, almost as if to gently dismiss it. "I wouldn't have traded all those days of making -just- sharkfin soup for anything." Of course... her eyes widened at the request to hear more of the story, and she brought a hand up to cover her mouth and hide the embarrassed, blushing grin on her face. "Ehm... Yes, he was in a very good mood. And I was so caught off guard I sort of just... froze in place." She smirked in Calli's direction as he moved to sit down, before her attention moved toward her eldest and Dom, and then to Usy and Ki'fel setting the plates along the table. "So thoughtful! You've done very well. This all looks fantastic."

    Fo'uh Zithary smiled up at Ki'fel and touched his arm for a moment before he moved over to Dom and then to Usy. She looked at the large bowl and smiled before looking up at Callidus. Her smile continued to beam even when he got to the point where.. well he just pretty much admitted to molesting her mother. Her cheeks grew a bit red and she gave out a soft chuckle. "I am sure she didn't mind to much." she joked and looked to her mother with a soft grin. Under the table, her hand would go to Dom's and give it a soft squeeze while she continued to focus the rest of her attention upon Callidus and her mother. She glanced along the table at all the food then leaned forward to look down at Usy and Ki'fel. "You both did a wonderful job. I say we dig in before it gets cold." She said.. Fo'uh... one who was afraid of fire was willing to eat hot food... must be the babies talking.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey chuckled as he caught the story and shook his head. He moved grasping some of the food from the table and offering it to Usy first before he would put some steak and vegetables upon his own plate. "I'd say that story turned out alright enough."

    Usyraz laughed and shook her head as she settled in and made herself comfortable. "I did. It was when Op was trying to teach us, I guess. I just remember finding focus then being struck with a faceful of water..." Theeen he spoke of his encounter with their mother. Slowly, her eyes went wide and she passed Ki'fel a sidelong glance as if to measure his reaction as well after their conversation. Just as quickly, though, she looked back between them - a bit surprised by Fo's words but saying nothing of it. It took her a moment, but she noticed Ki'fel helping her with her own plate. Again, she smiled, that familiar warmth in her tone as she spoke to him. "Thank you, itov..." If she needed to, she passed the plate down to Dom - or she waited until they were ready for it.

    Calli Gavalun clears his throat, maintaining composure despite the hot flush in his cheeks from the tale. "Yes... zhere were other moments as well... when I made Davros blush... zee one I believe my turning point...was shortly after an Aerie gathering... I think I drank about... three or four barrels to myself... and was in a three day slumber...when I woke up I ended up running to zee Aerie's edge...and expelling zee contents of my stomach down upon some poor angel below zee Aerie... eet was....not pleasant to say zee least.." He'd remark before was probably not proper dinner table etiquette. So seeking to change topic he'd look to Fo. "So ma bella... you must be excited to be an expetant mother, no?"

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam felt a lingering flush in her own cheeks, especially at one of Fo's comments in particular - indeed giving Callidus a gentle, secretive nudge as he started speaking about his little gift to an unsuspecting angel. For the time being, she fell silent, and her attention moved to rest moreso on the two expectant parents across the table - curious to see what the answer would be.

    Fo'uh Zithary had a rather confused expression as he continued to talk about the Aerie and name off names she had no faces for. But she had heard the names and the Aerie spoken of by her sister, Dom and even her mother several times. She glanced down the table seeing food passed up to her.. and save for a few things here and there, she would pass most of it across the table to Callidus. She had the food she wanted pretty much right in front of her and all to herself. "Oh.." she said, naturally enthralled by his story even if it was not appropriate she did not seem to judge it or find it off putting. When he changed the subject she smiled. "Yes. Very much so. Though I find myself annoyed that i did not look more into anatomy during my studies. Has me a tad nervous.. but then Dask is here to help.. as is Dom." She said looking to Dom and nudging him softly to get him out of his quiet state.

    Dom'Ro snapped out of it after hearing the story to realize Fo had squeezed his hand. He looked at her softly smiled at her. He looked across the table at Callidus and Sili and then over to Usy and Ki'fel. He caught Usy passed the plate to him and took it and filled his plate before passing it to Fo. He sat quietly for a moment until he felt the nudge from Fo'uh. He looked over to her and softly smiled at her. "Sorry itov. Just enjoying the conversation."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey started to stuff food in his mouth then nearly spit it out again trying to not laugh at Callidus' story. He glanced at Usy and suddenly the smile fell realizing she was somewhat off put by some of the conversation. Though he wanted to encourage more he simply shook his head, and just before he said anything the topic was changed. He took a moment and gave a soft nudge to his mate with a wink then nodded. "Aye, sister. What are you going to call the little cave rats?" He said, using it as a term of endearment rather than an insult.

    Usyraz chuckled to herself and looked down the table toward her sister and her new brother. One of her legs idly moved to drape over one of her mate's, as if to remain in contact while leaving their hands free as she started to cut up her food enough to start to eat it once she could. The dip in Ki'fel's expression wasn't unnoticed - and as if to let him know she wasn't actually concerned, she offered him an amused smirk, letting out a giggle at the realization that he'd been trying not to laugh. But her curiosity caused her to look toward Dom and Fo again. "Ooooh, good question! Have you two thought about that?"

    Calli Gavalun would silently eat his soup, taking small spoonful after spoonful as he listened to the younger dragons. He'd smile inwardly, still remembering how the sisters used to be and how they were now. Seemed not long ago the two of them were inadvertently freezing things. He'd smile a little wider, remembering a particular lesson with Fo involving ice and crystals. How panicked and doe eyed she was during that lesson...and now here she was...calm..reserved. Then he looked to Usy who... well...she was still Usy. Still chipper, friendly..but with an air of maturity about her now.

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam caught onto Fo's confused expression and spoke up gently without thinking about it. "Davros is the Da'ar from the land we lived in for a time - a very old friend of mine, as is his mate, Soumia, the Da'ariv." She watched her for a moment and offered her a look - likely one meant to silently indicate she would tell her more soon if someone else didn't beat her to it. "And yes, I'll make it very easy for you to reach me anytime either of you needs help," she offered gently, waiting until everyone else had gotten their plates taken care of before she even thought of working toward setting hers up. A brow raised as she too contemplated the question. "Oh dear. I don't know if it helps you at all, but when we hadn't yet chosen your names, we'd debated upon several others." She seemed to try to offer them in the hopes that it would get the ball rolling for them. "Nyarel we'd once considered for Usy, Xar'kor for Serelath, and you... we once considered naming Danthy'ir."

    Fo'uh Zithary took a fork and started to pick out pieces of shark from the bowl and just as she stuck them into her mouth she would blink and look at everyone. chewing quickly with a blush crossing her face and covering her mouth with her hand. Once finished she licked her lips. Damn that was good... she'd have to wait on the next bite for a few minutes though. "Oh..I." she looked to Dom. "I don't think we had thought of names yet." she looked at her mother as she listed off a few names and tilted her head. "Danthy'Ir?" she said and thought for a moment. "Those are really good names, Dask. We will have to keep them in mind." She smiled. She was grateful for her mother's offer in the names of the babies to come. Being she had not thought of names or even how they got their own names. "What made you choose our names instead?" she asked.. seemingly passing off the focus from her to her mother for the sake of getting a chance to stuff her face with more shark fin.

    Dom'Ro began eating the food that was on his plate. Munching on a piece of meat while listening to the conversation. When he heard Ki'fel mention 'cave rats' he choked on a piece of meat and coughed to clear his throat. He leaned over the table to look at Ki'fel with a confused expression. He looked back to Fo as he caught her look to him. He tilted his head as she said the name 'Danthy'Ir' and a smile appeared on his face. After a moment he went back to chowing down on his food.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey continued to stuff his face listening to the offering of names and tilt'ed his head slightly. "those sound like far better names than the one's my siblings were given." he would say between the stuffing of food. He had seen Dom's look and shrugged it off. Offering a taste of something from his plate to Usy. noticing she did not have it on hers. "You should try this at least." he said with a grin. "I promise it looks sour but tastes sweet." Indeed, if she took it it would taste like sweetened meat and carrots though have a tang of onion and orange mixed in.

    Usyraz had been so distracted that she'd forgotten to eat - so when it was offered to her, she grinned a bit sheepishly. Her mouth opened to take it and she chewed and swallowed, suddenly remembering enough to at least turn her attention to the food on her own plate, pausing to lean in and brush her cheek to his if she could. "I love it! You did a great job on this. Thank you..." With her free hand, she affectionately touched his arm, then looked back to them. "I can't wait to see them and find out what you decide to name them." Her voice just about came out as a squeak mid-sentence - what? she was excited - before she glanced across the table at her mother and her teacher. Her brow furrowed thoughtfully, but she didn't say anything to them for the time being. Instead, she turned her attention to eating as she listened to everyone speak.

    Calli Gavalun would softly chuckle then put down his spoon so he could pick up his mug and take a sip. "You know..." He remarked after swallowing. "You could of had zee problem my parents deed....zhere were twelve of us all toge'zhere....imagine naming twelve children... now one or two does not sound so bad yes?" He'd muse, winking at Fo' and Dom. "Though thankfully most of zee children had family names so eet was not zhat bad...but still...having to remember zhem all when we were running about causing havok."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled and lifted one of her shoulders in a gentle shrug. "Nyarel just... didn't seem to fit Usy's face when I looked at her. I was chittering to her one day and 'Usy' came out in the middle of it and when it did, she looked up at me with that same little grin she gets now whenever she's done something she knows she shouldn't have." She paused to shoot her youngest a look in jest. "Xar'kor I sort of liked, but physically, your brother was not quite as 'icy' as you and your sister turned out to be. Serelath came to me as I watched him - a name that held a sound that felt as dark as the purple of his scales. And you... I don't know. The name held a nice sentiment, but whenever I looked at you, you looked very soft to me. I felt your name needed to start with something softer sounding - like a 'Ffff.' Fo." She blinked her eyes wide a few times, letting out a quiet laugh and chewing on a piece of bread, speaking once her mouth was empty again. "I would sometimes call the three of them by the wrong name when I was angry. I can't imagine twelve..."

    Fo'uh Zithary blinked trying to imagine 12 siblings running around with her and her sister and brother.. all she managed to do was picture all three of them multiplied. Oh the pranks to be had at that point. She got that smirk upon her face. "i don't know.. 12 might be fun in some ways." she chuckled and gave her mother a loving look as she talked of her name's origin. She continued to pick out the chunks of shark and other things that were in the soup till her fork was pretty much stirring the broth within the bowl and not touching anything. She took a moment and reached for some cider to wash down what she had eaten so far and glanced down the table. There was still so much food.. but in this form she got full rather fast.

    Dom'Ro finished eating the last bite of food from his plate and licked his fingers in satisfactory. He washed the remaining down with the drink and suddenly let out a belch. He promptly covered his mouth with a fisted hand and his eyes went wide. "Oh excuse me!" He lowered his hand and rubbed his belly for a moment. He looked down to Ki'fel with a grin. "You may not be the quickest hunter..." He paused and nudged Usy beside him and would give her a wink if she noticed. "...but you are a pretty damn good cook." His attention turned to Callidus as he mentioned twelve siblings and listened as he and Sili spoke. He looked to Fo as she spoke and slightly tilted his head and lightly chuckled. He couldn't imagine twelve little ones running around freezing and sonic blasting all over the place. He went and took a sip from his drink to curb the thought and sat for a moment. He looked over out to the hall windows and then down to Fo. "Itov, hate to cut the party short but it is getting late and we have to pack if going to leave tonight." He would get up from the bench and would offer a hand to his mate to help her up if she chose to accept it.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey blinked at Callidus. "oh.. I never met all of my siblings. The only one i got to know was my brother... and.. well." he paused for a moment. His features growing dark as he decided it was not a good time to bring up such stories. "Aye. Perhaps it is better with just one or two." he said and glanced Usy's direction. He gave her an apologetic look for his sudden mood that she no doubt felt through the bond and moved his hand to pet along her side. He looked to Sili hearing her story of Usy's name and gave a soft smile. "It was the perfect name for her, Sili." knowing that smile all to well and feeling his heart warm up again just as he looked at Usy's face. Hearing Dom's belch he gave a look down the table just in time to catch the backhanded compliment. He narrowed his eyes a moment then laughed abruptly and loudly. "Damned fairies." he chuckled. When he heard them talk of packing he frowned slightly. "So you've already found a place then?" he asked. "Do you need some help packing?" He'd then offer. Pushing to get up from his spot as well.

    Usyraz blinked. As her mother spoke of her grin, sure enough, that same look formed on her face without her realizing: a lopsided, impish expression that she tried her best to hide by popping another bite of meat into her mouth, waiting until she swallowed to mutter, "I do no such look..." Catching the nudge and wink, she snickered at Dom and nodded. However her attention moved toward Ki'fel as she caught onto his mood, giving him a gentle nudge if she could, likely to say it was okay without actually saying it. Mention of Fo and Dom leaving caused her to look toward them with a bittersweet expression. "Yes... if you need help, I'm sure we'd both be willing to offer it..."

    Calli Gavalun placing his hands on the table, he'd push himself up to a stand. "Monsiuers and madems... I would indeed love to stay longer...yet sadly I believe I must retire for zee night. I have a rather loaded agenda zhis week...however..." He'd cross over to Usy and place a kiss upon her forehead, then move to Fo and do the same. "I have missed you both...and am gladdened to see you both again... eet would seem I am residing here for zee time being so eef you ever need to speak with me.. I will be up in zee observatory on zee hill top. Feel free to bother me anytime you wish." He'd smile fondly at them and pause momentarily in thought before nodding. "Oui...." He'd then turn and walk back to Sil and offer his hand. "And you may always stop in for a visit."

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam smiled as she listened to them, but she went silent fairly quickly. There was a subtle turn in her stomach - one that she played off as best as she could, even as she quietly swallowed the hint of a lump in her throat. "Please do send for me if you need another hand as well, though a third helper would likely crowd it, I imagine." She managed an almost playful upturn in one corner of her lips before she realized that she was being addressed. Turning to better face Callidus, she took the offered hand, even if she struggled for words - having to settle for a brief, simple response - quietly spoken. "Thank you, Callidus..."

    Fo'uh Zithary looked rather surprised by Dom's belch.. almost startled. When she heard Ki'fel laugh she smiled and as Dom looked to her she leaned in with a soft giggle. Though when he pointed out the sun's position she turned to look at the window with a frown. Biting her bottom lip for a moment before turning back and accepting her mate's hand in helping her stand. "Oh.. I did not realize it had gotten so late so fast." she said in a soft breath of a tone and looked to her mother. "We'll be back soon." she said.. almost as if re-assuring her that they would not leave without saying g'bye first. When Ki'fel gave his offer she looked to him nodding with a smile. "That would be wonderful." she laughed and then looked to Usy. "I would of course love to spend some time with you.. I may even have a few gifts to give you before we depart." she said. As Callidus announced his departure she smiled and accepted the kiss to her forehead. Though her memories of him were few, she enjoyed what little time they had this evening to get to know him.. well.. for her to get to know him all over again. "It was a pleasure to have you here, Callidus. I will come to say g'bye before we leave. Thank you for coming." With that.. she would look to Dom to lead the small group back to the caves.

    Dom'Ro smiled and nodded to Ki'fel and Usy as they offered to help him and Fo pack. "That would be great. Thank you!" He looked to Sili as she spoke and then to Callidus as he came over near them for his goodbye. He looked to Fo afterwards and would walk with her and the rest back to the caves.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey offered to help Usy up if she so chose and then moved to fall in line behind Dom and Fo'uh. Partly curious to see what they had in their room.. what? he was a dragon.. any left behind treasures would be fun to snag! He gave a wave to both Sili and Callidus and soon disappeared with the group.

    Usyraz rose with Ki'fel's help, accepting the kiss to her forehead with a smile. "It was great seeing you too, Callidus. I hope we can talk soon." It was a quick, passing comment - one that she didn't press too much, but she had her own curiosities. Giving her mate a light nudge, she turned and waited for Fo and Dom before she would head off herself, only passing another quick glance toward Call and Sili before she actually disappeared outside with the rest of them.

    Calli Gavalun would take Sil's hand and bring it to his lips. Kissing her knuckle he'd softly smile at her. "I bid you a fair evening..." He'd then rise and nod to them all. "May zee wind be at your backs... zee rain fall softly on your fields...and zee thunder be far from your homes..." He'd then bow at his waist, and then turn to casually depart with both hands behind his back

    Sililuuth Kethend di Naam tried to play off the light rush of color to her cheeks as she smiled and dipped her chin to nod at him. As everyone departed, she simply moved for the stairs instead - taking time to think to herself once the hall had emptied.

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