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    Talace Rilyn'nadar: House of the black hearts

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    Talace Rilyn'nadar: House of the black hearts Empty Talace Rilyn'nadar: House of the black hearts

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    (Work in progress)

    Age: 268 years old (Appearance: 36 human years)
    Race: Ilythiiri (Drow/10%human mix)
    Mother: Roslin Rilyn'nadar
    Father: Ghaune Helvitlar

    My Name...: Talace Rilyn'nadar

    My Story thus..

    I was born to Rilyn'nadar (House of the Black Hearts). My mother, at the time, was nowhere near her goals of Queen yet. She wanted to make sure our family was ready for the fight. The Ilharess (Matron) previous to her was crumbling down before Lloth, only able to bare one daughter amongst many sons. In a fit of frustration and rage, she sacrificed all but one of her sons to Lloth, pleading to have another daughter - one stronger and more loyal than the one she already had. During the Queen's weakness in pregnancy, my mother struck her and her daughter down, taking the Queen's last son as a breeding slave for my sister and placing herself on the throne with very little argument from anyone.

    I was merely a baby when this happened. My sister was forced to raise me as 3rd in line for the throne. Should she fail, my mother would kill my sister herself and bear a more obedient child. I do not remember most of my first years; not many do. I do remember being young and training with my sibling, who nearly killed me in each session. The better I became, the harder she was on me. I hated her... her and her slave lover. She would laugh and let him in to practice his sword craft on me. If only my mother knew... she would slay both of them.. and me for losing to him.

    When I reached the age of 32 (10 in human years) I finally met my mother. My sister preened and combed my hair roughly and forced me into an ugly dress that was a size to small. She managed to get in one punch to my gut while fitting me... and would say "Nempori aterruse!" (ugly creature) each time I whimpered or complained. I felt it would be worth it to finally meet my mother and perhaps be pulled up into her arms and held with love.

    At first I was extremely intimidated, for my mother and sister looked so much alike and yet nothing like me. My mother had strong sharp features in her face, no softness other than the curves of her body, which were hidden by black shadow armor and spider webbing. Her hair was pulled back tight and braided into two separate braids, decorated with sharp daggers at the end of each braid and a black and purple ribbon that ran all through the braids with the house symbol showing through here and there.. a black heart with spider legs. My mother's eyes were the brightest red I had ever seen, even more than my sister's. They seemed to glow with an evil that I could never comprehend. Her skin was nearly as dark as her shadow armor, making the full details of her face hard to see. In fact it was not till much later that I even knew she had the symbolic Lloth priestess tattoos all over her body.

    When my mother's gaze set upon me, I smiled and held open my arms. Though I was shivering, I was confident of my mothers coming embrace... however she knocked me to the floor with a smack of the back of her hand. I did not need to see her features to tell she was angry for reasons I was unaware of. She had my sister by the throat before I knew it, and I began to pray to Lloth...that she would kill my sister.

    "WHAT IS THIS?! SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER! THE BABY I GAVE TO YOU HAD RED EYES AND BLACK SKIN TO MATCH MY OWN!" she roared. All my sister could do was gasp and plead, pulling at our mother's fingers, trying to get in a word. My mother loosened her grip, but not her piercing stare.

    "I swear this is the child, your daughter, that you instructed me to raise, Ilhar." My sister choked and gasped, trying to take control of herself yet again. "Her eyes started to turn color around her fifth birthday and her skin lightened more and more." she rasped. Finally our mother tossed her to the floor and came to me once again. My little heart hoped for a hand up and an embrace with an apology, but I was pulled to my feet, then off the ground, by my hair and swung around by a shaking fist.

    "This is unacceptable. She is weak, not even fighting me! You failed me!" She spit as she threw me with such force into my sister's chest. "You have my mercy this time, but the next I see of this child she best nearly kill me! OR..." her tone became quiet and deadly. "I will kill you." With that our mother stormed off with the slaves slamming the doors behind her. My sister tossed me into the wall cursing and spitting at me. All I could think was "I'm weak? That is why my mother does not love me? Then I will prove it to her! I AM NOT WEAK!" I tried desperately to hold my tears back and pushed my sister aside. My head aching and my body near collapsing, all I wanted to do was get back to my training.

    My sister left me alone for a few days, no doubt recovering from her own encounter with our mother. Her slave, however, did not. He came into my room and pinned me down before I even knew what was happening. He began to slice away at my clothing then my flesh with an insane grin on his face... I had had enough. Before he had a chance to react, I had twisted my body around and out from under him. Grabbing his hair, I slammed him face first into the wall then pinned him there with my knee, my fingers digging into his neck. I was so angry. 'ME? WEAK? Undeserving of love?! After all I had been through just to get to her! Only to be tossed away and thought of as weak??' My self-control snapped and I found myself standing over the mutilated body of the former prince. For a long moment, I actually did stand there and revel in what I had done.

    "Sister, you are next." and I smiled for the first time with actual pleasure. Then I looked up in the mirror and was startled. For a moment I could swear it was my mother looking back at me in shock... My eyes were blood red and my skin had changed to a darker shade...but slowly my skin lightened and my eyes regained their blue color. I then fell ill to the floor.

    When I first awoke, it was very brief - My sister was first to find me and beat me unconscious yet again.

    When I next awoke, I found myself being carried someplace by a male guard. His features were soft and that of someone who cared. It was very new to me. When he looked down at me in his arms I could see blue eyes just like mine. As he moved quickly through the halls, each light that shined upon him revealed more and more of his features. His skin was slightly lighter than my own and his hair was a blond shade, or maybe it was the light. When he spoke, I felt as if he was singing a lullaby to me.

    "It's ok my lince'sa. Your Ilharn is here to take care of you now." His voice was so soothing and deep. I relaxed and fell back asleep without even giving thought to mention of my father. When I awoke again, I found myself in a soft bed, like one I had never known. A Priestess stood over me gently brushing her hands over my wounds, healing more and more with each touch. For a moment I laid there focusing on the pain as it slipped away, till a voice broke my concentration.

    "Well done, Talace. You have proven to me you are not as weak as I thought." The voice itself was enough to make my body turn to stone. My mother's voice had become venomously sweet. "Though, I would suggest you tell Lloth that it was a sacrifice to her, so that I will not have to kill you myself."

    "It was a sacrifice to Lloth for you, Ilharess." I looked her square in the eyes, though I could feel myself withering under her gaze yet again. "I am not weak!" She smiled at me and nodded her head slightly. She moved with strength and grace to the door and turned slightly before leaving.

    "I am sending you off to take classes in the morn..."

    "But, Ilharess, she needs more recov-" I had never seen anyone move so fast. Before the priestess could finish her words, my mother pulled out a long thick chain, with a claw at the end, which spread into a fan slicing across the woman's face...and just like that, it was holstered in a delicate hook alongside her leg making, it look as part of her gown.

    "NEVER...interrupt me when I am speaking to my children." The sweetness of her tone was gone and with that she turned back to the door. "Talace has said herself, she is strong. Therefore she can start her training in a proper setting. She leaves tomorrow." With that she left. The priestess tended to her own wounds. I watched amazed - The wound on her face did not seem to heal as quickly as she fact it left a scar that remains to this day.

    By the next morning I was packed and sent off to school. I'll save you the details, for I'm sure if you know anything about Ilythiiri then you are well aware of what I went through. I was raised to follow Lloth and her chaotic ways with a loyal and unwavering heart. I studied everything including necromancy. I was going to prove to my mother that I was more deserving of her respect and love than any other Ilythiiri alive.


    When I returned home, my mother would have nothing to do with me. She busied herself with war plans. For awhile I wandered around alone doing nothing. The few friends - if you can call them friends - that I made were gone. Either they had failed their families or surpassed me. Most I never heard from again and the few that I did hear from disowned me and had nothing pleasant to say. It wasn't until I was alone that I started to think back on my past and wonder where that guard, the one that called himself my father, was now. Was he really my father? The more I thought about him the more I wanted to find him.

    "Well well. If it isn't my little sister." She spat.. confronting me for the first time since my return. This time she was holding an infant in one hand and the hair a young boy, who was crying, in the other hand. "I guess you think you're stronger now. Lloth! You kill one pathetic slave and everyone looks to you as if you had what it takes to be our next ilharess." she said trying to sting me with her poisons words.

    "Well sister," I replied. (This is where you find out why I never mention her name. To better forget her...) "Better that then to be forgotten or only remembered as a chambermaid, once in love with a slave boy killed by a child. Let me guess..." I waved my hand to the small toddler then to the infant. "Bastard one and bastard two?" Her eyes shot daggers and oh I bet she would have wished that to be literal. With one swift move she dropped both children to the floor loudly, coming at me to rip my heart out. Sadly, it ended quicker than I thought it would. With one twist on my heel, I dodged her attack and planted my dagger square in her chest, twisting it till she crumbled to the ground. I cleaned off my blade and prayed to Lloth, offering my sister as a sacrifice for the strength that Lloth had given me when I most needed it.

    As I turned to the toddler, who was picking up the infant, I realized they were not my sister's children. They were too young. I had been away so long, I was now 50 years old (16 in human). These were my new siblings - the toddler my little brother and the infant my little sister. I rushed to my brother's side, of course he winced and jumped away from me, trying to protect our little sister.

    "NO! You DO THAT AND AND!.. I'LL TELL MY MOM!" he said so defiantly. I smiled and opened my arms.

    "I am Talace, your big sister." he looked at me for a moment and shook his head.

    "You no look nothing like me!" Though it stung, it was true and truth always stings. I kept my smile and embraced him. It was only then that I realized our baby sister was silent. Quickly, I held my little brother back slightly and cradled her.

    "What are your names?" For a moment he just looked at me defiantly, then bowed his head.

    "My name is Rizhrys and... she Lotha Ssussun." he said looking at her, worry ageing his young face.

    "Little Light?" I asked. He seemed to blush slightly.

    "Her real name is Eclavaer." he said stumbling over the pronunciation. I smiled and held Eclavaer close to my face, she looked as if she was in a deep deep slumber.

    "I think she'll answer better to Lotha Ssussun, don't you?" I said softly. His little dark face was streaked with glints of tears and snot, but he seemed calmer now and nodded. I blew a soft breath across Little Light's face, tickling her skin slightly with her own strands of silver hair. She at first did not stir. I kissed her forehead and whispered lightly. "Lotha Lotha Ssussun. Wake up Lotha Ssussun. Rizhrys and Talace are here now. no more meany-head, I promise." she stirred slightly and grumble groggily. I then took Rizhrys by the hand and said to him, "Don't worry. She'll be ok. We are going to take her to Priestess Luatana." I smiled at him but I did not move slowly. It was all little Rizhrys could do to keep up with me, but my worry was for our sister. Down the last hall, and in a room filled with crystals, I found Luatana bent over stitching a wound on a male drow. He turned his head away just as I walked in, so I paid him no mind.

    "Lua help us!" Cried Riz, startling not just her but me as well. Standing, she looked at me then Eclavaer and rushed to take her from my arms.

    "Where is your idiot sister, Iraeyrr?" Lua asked as she cradled Eclavaer and started to run her hands over her body. (Yes.. my sister's name was Iraeyrr, the last you'll hear of it.) "I swear I told her, if she ever put another sleeping spell on this child, I'd hand her head to your mother myself!" With this it was hard to contain my joy that I had finished her off.

    "She is dead." I said, in a matter of fact tone. "She threw down the baby and the boy when she came across me, so that she could fight. I brought them both here as soon as I realized who they were." For a moment Lua stopped what she was doing and stared at me. The male guard had moved but did not turn to face me. I made sure to show no emotion, not happiness or sadness or even worry at what this might mean when my mother found out. Lua turned back to Eclavaer and held both of her hands together, palms facing the child and started to chant. A soft glow that oddly cast a black light on everything around it came forth and Eclavaer started to stir and then cry from hunger. As Lua began to see to her hunger needs, she spoke softly in a very unsure way to me.

    "I will have to inform your mother of what you have done." I laughed. I'm not sure if it was nervousness or if it was true amusement, but I just could not seem to hold it back. I noticed the male clench his fists. "I do not know what she will do to you, Talace." She said in a louder tone to get my attention back from the male. "She could very well want your head for killing her first daughter." I waved my hand. Like I wouldn't know the price to pay for killing her or even face the punishment with my head held high.

    "She can pop out more deserving females, I'm sure." Again the male seemed to tense up.. why was he even listening to our conversation... the fool. He was making me angry.

    "So be it then. I take it you will wait here for her?" I nodded as Lua stood up and moved to the door. She stopped for a moment to look me over. She looked disappointed but I did not care. She was also getting on my nerves acting so weak, but... for some reason her opinion mattered to me and each time I looked at her face I could see the scar my mother gave her. It made my heart ache..why? Why did I care?

    As I waited, I stood quietly and still. Riz and Little Light seemed content to be quiet also as Riz had taken over for Lua feeding the infant and making her giggle every now and again. I eyed the male, for he seemed so familiar but would not look at me. Just as I opened my mouth, for I was about to demand that he face me, my mother walked in followed by a limping Lua.

    "Talace!" I did not jump or stir, though my body felt as if it fell through the floor. I turned to face her, my arms crossed then bowed slightly, not taking my eyes from her deadly gaze.

    "Vendui' Ilharess Sabarra." I greeted her. She smiled, and I am sure the look of confusion on my face was noticed.

    "Well done, daughter. Well done. I hear you disposed of her quickly too?" She sounded..happy...

    "Yes, Ilharess. It was a disappointing battle." She let out a sharp laugh at my words and embraced me... my heart leapt into my throat. When she let me go she held me back with a disturbing grin that went from ear to ear.

    "Your look hides your true nature well. Lloth is brilliant! Chaos in Mix Drow form. My daughter, Talace. You may not look like me, but you are of my blood! There is no doubt about that. Now second in line for the throne!" I felt something.. was it joy? It was an unknown feeling to me, but I welcomed it none the less! My mother was proud of me! She was even calling me HER daughter! She then let go of me and walked over to Riz and Little Light. Riz was slapped out of the way as she picked up Little Light and held her up. "I hope this one turns out to be just as good as you if not better. No doubt she will. Her father is true Ilythiiri, unlike your father." I felt a slightly jealous at this even hateful of my father. but the feelings faded seeing Little Light more awake and lively now. My sister would not be here to treat her like a slave scum. 'I will train her myself! I will make her worthy of our mother's love.' I thought to myself. She held Little Light up roughly and Light smiled at her and even giggled. "See? She knows her mother and is just like her. I will have an army of these beautiful babies. And you will help me to train them, Talace." She set Light back in her cradle roughly and Light seemed to enjoy it, giggling loudly. I held my head high, my mother was paying me a great honor and I swore I would not fail her. "Come, daughter. I have many plans for you." I followed her to her war chambers and was welcomed in. I even met Light's father who, for a male, was very impressive indeed.

    He was taller than most males but still shorter than my mother. He was lean but very strong and wore the house armor with grace and power. His loyalty to the house was unwavering and nearly matched my own desire to please my mother and Lloth. My sister came from very strong lines and would no doubt surpass me...and I looked forward to it.

    As time went by, I trained my brother and my sister endlessly between each of my mother's battles with the weaker Drow houses. I would fight in the battles that dared to try and attack our home and temple, then return with new things to teach my siblings. Riz proved to be strong in the way of magic and my sister had a thing for slicing flesh. She was barely old enough to really train but already showed a passion and skill for dual weapons. She loved more than anything, to catch me off guard and make me scream in pain. Though there were times I let her, just to hear her giggle. Riz had a knack for using his spells on the slaves that cared for them. He seemed to enjoy Eclavaer's giggle as much as I did. The more he tortured the slaves, the more she laughed and the happier he seemed. I was wrong to let him learn magic, but I found myself loving my brother nearly as much as my own sister...Then one battle changed everything for me...

    An clan of Eilistraee Worshipers, by the name of Melghym, had shown their disapproving of our faith in Lloth and angered my mother. She sent out Eclavaer's Father and a good portion of our army to grind them into the filth they bred from. When he returned to announce that he had mother cut him down without mercy. We were informed that they had sent a counter strike to our temple while our forces seemed weak and I was put to battle once again. Somewhere amongst all of the bloodshed and spell casting...someone or ones managed to get past me and my mother into the house. When the battle was over there were no survivors on the Melghym's side to be seen. My mother proudly hoisted my wounded arm up in a victory cry that shook our troops and excited them enough to join in. The servants that managed to stay out of the battle were now sent to clean up after it. Dumping the bodies into a pit and arranging them as a symbolic trophy for Lloth. I entered Priestess Lua's chambers to heal my arm and found it empty... the feeling that came over me, whatever powered me to move to the children's rooms, I do not know. When I flung the door open I found Riz's mutilated body strewn over nearly half the room and Ecla's bed empty. The slaves posted just inside the door were dead as well. The walls were scorched and splattered with blood that could not all be Riz's... I found his hand and leaned down touching it, feeling as if my chest was about to burst forth..tears coming to my eyes for the first time in many years. An a anger that washed over me, dissolving the pain from my wounds and making my blood run cold. As I picked up his hand, I could see the scorch marks on his fingers from casting spells to defend himself. I held it to my chest and looked around the room.

    "Please, Lutha Ssussun, be here." I did not even realize it was myself who spoke. I stood up and started flinging books and turning over tables. Looking behind tapestries and even in the fireplace. I turned over beds until the entire room was destroyed, slipping and twisting in Riz's blood till I came to realize there was no way she was still here. When I told my mother, she took it out on me. However, she chose not to kill me. She herself was pregnant again...but I could not stand by knowing that they had gone so far as to take Eclavaer from us. I began to plan my own war. My mother waved her hand and said to any who wanted to follow me not to come back defeated or she would sacrifice every one of them, including me, to Lloth. "Win or Die." were my mother's words.

    It took me years to find where the Melghym had put their home. I had lost nearly half of my army in searching and slaughtered all between our house and the Melghym. She had to be there; I could think of no other place. My mother sent a few forces to aid me once I had found where they were at. We gathered and stuck to our plan to destroy them all and leave no stone unturned to find Ecla, who by now was nearing her 27th year. The Melghym Ilharess, no doubt, knew we were near by. We surrounded them and any that did not wear our banner were slain coming in and out of the area. Once the plan to attack were set, we gathered troops. My guess was that their house was built similar to the last we had taken down and that Eclavaer would be in one of the rooms closest to the library. Would she remember my face? Once my troops were ready we surged down upon the house. The Melghym were ready for a fight, but not for me. One full day of nonstop battle and I reached the Matron of the house. Each spell she cast upon me was felt, but I would not fall! First I slammed my shoulder spikes into the chest of her guard, while at the same time my blade deflected the other guard's sword. A flash of light blew up in my face and my right eye's vision went white. I pushed forward screaming at the top of my lungs as my blade plunged through the skull of the last guard and into her chest... whatever spell she had planned for me next was interrupted and exploded hurling me back onto the sword of one of my own men. My arm was sliced open from shoulder to elbow but the battle was over. The priestess fell to her knees as crimson stained her robes. She could not speak to heal herself and no other was close enough to heal her. Within moments one of my own healers was at my side to heal me, and others of the Melghym house were fleeing having seen her fall. Once my arm was moveable, though it still bled, I removed my sword from her chest and crushed her head with my boot.

    "Go, Find Eclavaer." I ordered and gave my arm back to the healer. The healer worked quickly mending my arm and dispelled most of the magic that had been cast upon me. But when she tried to mend my right eye she was blown back and nearly in pieces herself. I clutched my face feeling a searing hot pain shoot through my skull and collapsed unconscious for a long while.

    When I awoke, I could not see out of my right eye. The healer was dead and my army had set up camp. Few fights were still going between slaves and my men and those who were still devoted to fighting for the fallen Melghym house. There were cages of children who were unconscious and a few that were still awake but frightened. With the help of my last healer, I stood and looked in upon each cage of light skinned blue eyed children. Not one of them was Eclavaer. Dizzy but determined, I went into the house to tear it top to bottom looking for Eclavear but did not find her. My men, discouraged, started to scatter and a few stayed with me. I sent word back to my mother that the Melghym had fallen. It was met with much praise but responded, "Do not come back unless dead or with Eclavear."

    My spirit was beginning to feel broken. Where was my Lutha Ssussun? Would I ever see her again? Would I ever hear her giggle again? Lloth guide me to her! I had slain many that stood in my way of finding her, but there was no sign of her. I found myself wandering into a land called Thraldom and heard of their temple. Perhaps they would let me rest and pray to Lloth for guidance in finding my sister, so that we may both return home to our mother and our clan and make it stronger.

    I am alone now. Most of my troops have fallen or given up; some I have slain with my own hand for their lack of faith in Lloth. Dark paths are the only paths I will tread. I will silence this human heart and Lloth will be my only voice. Chaos is my nature and I will remain so, for there is no calm without a storm. Eclavaer, I will find you.

    I traveled for a long while till I came upon a sister house of Lloth. More a grandmother house of Lloth, but with as old as most of the Drow are, could easily be the sister. Thraldom, A large dark place filled with demons slaves and women of power like my mother. Cruel and unforgiving and paranoid. I kept my distance, for all I needed from them was the use of their temple to pray to Lloth for the strength and power to keep going. All of my army was gone now. I could not send for reinforcements or even return myself for them. I started to feel like I had failed my house, my mother and most of all my sister.

    While here I met with a man... of sorts.. who claims I am possessed by my sword. A demon of Lloth placed there to send me into blind fury during battle. He even claims that it was I who killed my own sister in the very start of my journey. A bystander that I hacked down without a second guess do to my own obsessions. Liar.. I ... I attacked him.. but... The next thing I knew I was laying outside of his building.. a old church that was empty inside and out. Confused I left.. he had done what I had gone to him for, and that was fix my armor. Little did I know.. He was Streea.. Death in mortal form yet with all of his immortality. It was not long before I met up with Matron Madison. A ruthless cut-throat of a matron. Unless you were part of her house. It was easy to fall into the role she wanted me for. Discipliner, Warrior.. it was all the same to her.

    As her house grew in power, I found myself attracted to a strange male we had found during one of our trips to the surface. I found him to be most pleasing, for he followed every order there was to give. Including how to please me. Lion, my toy.. my guardian..

    Uriel... a strange being that wishes me to be his death maiden. I did not understand what he wanted.. I remember fighting him.. but waking up in a heap on the floor.. the rest of the house members walking around ignoring my wounds and pain as if I was just a squashed insect. Dishonor fell upon me again. I had no way of shaking it this time. Males seemed to be constantly trying to make a fool of me.. I took it out on Lion and our weapons master. Even the house demon Ughar felt my wrath once or twice.... the conversation with Uriel came to mind..

    Ecla was alive.. he held her captive in a strange realm. The only way I would be able to find her is either join as his death maiden or ask Streea for his help. I refuse to be under rule of any man, living or non.. So to Streea I went. It was a dark long journey. One most frightening one at that. I found myself deep in the bowls of some strange magic tree cell. upon entering the room Ecla was unconscious. Streea awaited me along with Lion. Upon sight of my sister chained by the neck to a small pole I made a mistake.. I did not think the chain to have an enchantment on it. using my sword I cracked it against the chain.. the chain broke, but was followed by a disturbing blood curdling scream that buckled my knees. Fear rushed through me as my sword cracked down the middle to the hilt. Was Streea telling the truth about the possession? Quickly I grabbed my sister.. she was cold and unconscious but alive. I got out of there as fast as I could and back to Matron Madison's house. Ecla would awake.. but the fear stuck with me.. I felt different.. weaker...I brought myself to the task of fixing my sword, a family gift from my mother, and being I had to go back to her house I knew I could not show up with such a torn up piece of metal.

    For several weeks I worked upon my sword. I did nothing to let Ecla see me. As far as she knew I was just another in the house. I doubt she remembered me with as young as she was. I encouraged Nef, the Matron's daughter, to take her out and help her explore and learn and understand the way of Lloth. So many teachings left yet for her to understand her place. I worked my sword into a strong five pointed fan blade.. It was much heavier than it was before now.. I had to work harder at learning to use it properly again. My mother may not be pleased that such a beautiful sword now looked like something only a demon could use, but perhaps she would view it as Lloth gave me the ability to not only fix it but make it worthy to be called the Llothian blade. Fingering the house symbol on the front I decided I would take Ecla home now.

    Upon coming home... the house was destroyed. Not even a building stood. Bodies piled high and the land laid to waist. No sign of my mother or her loyal army. the house of Rilyn'nadar was gone. Devastated.. yet I knew that the best place for us was back at Matron Madison's house. It was all we could do.

    Upon returning I found that Nef had had a fight with the matron. She had left during the night and no one could find her. Madison, in a fury tossed Ecla into her own schools for me to never see her again. I felt heavy.. and old and tired. Perhaps my human side was catching up with me? I moved on to train more with the weapon's master.. we had become closer friends by now... We trained hard and long and even drank together after. Lion could not replace that part of a male, there was something wrong with him that he did not register the social need of a woman. Physical yes, but never social. He was not normal.. and I loved him for it.

    The house of Drudlow had been a constant thorn in our sides for months. the matron playing special visits to tell us what bad boys our males were being. sneaking and consorting and fucking members of her household. she pushed it to far.. she pointed fingers at the weapons master. Not a calm male by any means.. I took it upon himself to kidnap her daughter and slaughter her. All out war accrued.

    Ughar, a minotaur, was accepted among the ranks of Xukuthe'l. (The house I currently settled in after finding Rilyn'nadar demolished.) A beast of uncommon intelligence and patients coupled with brute strength and fighting ability. Loyal to Matron Madison beyond all. Ughar butted heads with the weapons master many times and then some. They hated each other, specially after he took it upon himself to discipline the weapons master himself for embarrassing Xukuthe'l in front of the Drudlow, a unstable alliance house, matron. The weapon's master planned the demise of Ughar, catching the beast off guard in the tunnels and killing him quickly. Freeing himself to capture Drudlow's Daughter and slaughtering her.

    After delivering the remains of her daughter to the matron the battle began. Matron Madison had no choice but to gather her few alliances and army to face a unknown battle. I myself took front lines. I was faced with a knew unknown fear for my life and my sister's future. I could not back down. While fighting I gave myself into Lloth and pushed forward to kill as many from the Drudlow house as possible. I knew that the Matron was to be left for the weapon's master to kill himself. With the embarrassment she caused him and the discipline so wrongly deserved because of her. I would clear the path to her for him. I lost myself in battle, berserker and determined to be victorious and secure a better safer house for my sister. When I had no more to kill around me I turned to find a battlefield full of dead…none lived. Xukuthe'l slain laid in numbers on top of the Drudlow. The matron of the Drudlow's house was found in pieces. All that remained of her was her grotesque face stuck on a pike in the middle of her own hall. I could not find any remains of my own Matron Madison or the weapon's master… or my beloved Leon. Hopeful that they escaped I returned to the house to find it empty as well. My heart heavy I drove myself to travel in search for a new house and matron to serve.

    Upon returning to Thraldom I found the necromancer that had planned to bring Ughar back from the dead to benefit the battle.. what was left of her. I could not find any answers now, she was the only one I could turn to in hopes to find any answers to where the house of Xukuthe'l could have hidden what was left of themselves. I was now alone.. A mercenary now, with no goal or desire to follow any more matrons and their destructive paths. Their love and death rotted me from the inside out. My sister gone if not dead. My mother dead. Leon dead. I travel on and alone.

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