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    Tikanuh- Life and Death.

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    Tikanuh- Life and Death. Empty Tikanuh- Life and Death.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:26 am

    As the rocks came tumbling into the cave tunnel, Tikanuh stumbled and tripped rolling to a stop against a back wall. Darkness filled the cave as the entrance closed shut.

    "A trap!" She hissed and stood up brushing off her white furs in the dark. For a moment she felt around the wall then along the ground till her hand touched something cold hard and long. Soon as her fingers wrapped around the staff she lifted it up and tapped her finger against the end of it five times. Slowly a faint light started to grow and grow till it was nearly the strength of the full moon at night.

    To her dismay what looked to be, at least from the outside, complex cave with tunnels... was simply a shallow cave with one way in and out. Though there were fur rugs upon the floor for a place to sit or sleep. And a scorch upon the surface where a fire might have burned long ago... There was nothing else.

    "This... This could be bad." she muttered to herself, blue eyes wide and searching for any sign of a path or a possible way out. After a short while, for it was a small cave, she came to the understanding that there was no other way. She moved to the blocked entrance, then started to pull up and toss small rocks behind her till her fingers hurt to much to continue. With a soft huff she frowned and stared at the rock wall. Then moved back to sit under her staff and stare at the nothingness that lay before her.

    For a moment she thought about crying. That seemed to be a really good option right now, but instead she reached up and started to rub at her elegant pointed ears, as if she were a child and trying to sooth herself. Death... it was inevitable at this point. Anything she did from here on would be pointless and wasted. No one, who did hear her name, would remember. She did nothing really to earn a status. And others would never hear her name. If, by some odd chance, someone did find her she would simply be a pile of bones. Or something morbid like that. She cringed slightly at the thought.

    What seemed like hours, though only minutes, passed before her eyes.

    "How dull." She said resting her chin on the palm of her hand. "I could try to blast my way out..." She said glancing at her staff. "No... That spell would only freeze the rock together." She started to argue with herself out loud. "That spell could backfire. I might stab myself with shards if I do that spell... no... no... nope." Soft huff and sigh. "Dying is lonely work." She rubbed her face with her hands. "OH! I know!"

    She stood and took hold of her staff and looked around the cave for a moment then stepped back. She focused on one spot and tilted her staff toward the other side of the cave. "Child of ice, minion. Come to me. Be my totem." She spoke the words carefully. "Be my shield, my landmark, my friend, my protector." A soft wisp of blue light started to swirl around the cave to the point on which her eyes were fixed. "My grave stone." She added as her eyes started to glow.

    On the other side of the cave a formation of Ice blocks started to lift up out of the blue swirling mist. Small, large, medium and small. Forming what could be considered a head, then a body with two arms. The creature looked as if it were dancing, balancing upon the soft blue swirling light.

    "At your command." The hollow voice echoed in the small cave. Tikanuh blinked at this and smiled warmly.

    "Good, you speak!" She came closer and stuck her staff in the middle of the room once again. Placing her hands upon her hips to inspect the ice creature closer.

    "Yes." The hollow voice responded.

    "Now I will not be so lonely." She said, her smile fading slightly as she slumped down onto the fur rug.

    "Lonely?" The hollow voice asked, though it was hard to tell with how steady it's tone was.

    "Well, yes. Lonely. As in I am alone with no one to talk to." She explained.

    "I am here." The ice creature said.

    "Well, yes. Now you are." There was a moment of silence that followed and Tika blinked staring at the creature for all of it. "So..." More silence followed. "Um... Oh, I know. Ask me questions." She said, that bright smile returning.

    "Where is the nearest tavern?" The creature asked. Tika blinked and tilted her head.

    "No... Um." She fidgeted slightly. "Ask me personal questions."

    "What is your name?"

    "Tikanuh, daughter of the flame guard." She smiled, leaning back to rest her arms upon her knees. Another moment of silence followed before the creature spoke again.

    "Tea-kah-noo of flame guard." The creature said finally.

    "Well, yes. Obviously I do not work fire magic." She said, oddly becoming awkward around her own creation.

    "Fire bad." The creature said.

    "Oh... agreed." She said smiling at it.

    "Where is Tikanuh now?" The creature's top moved around sending flakes of ice to the floor.

    "Trapped within a cave." She said and looked around with it. "I don't suppose you can get me out of here?" She asked looking at the ice creature. Slowly it started to move around the cave upon the swirling cloud of thin blue light. Inspecting walls till it got to the rubble that blocked the only path.

    "No paths found." He said and spun around in place to look at her. Tikanuh nodded softly and gave a sort of somber smile to it.

    "I know..." Even her tone sounded somber to match her look.

    "What is Tikanuh's purpose?" The creature asked. Tikanuh looked at him for a long moment, and blinked finally.

    "I... I um..." She blinked again and looked at the creature in disbelief. "I am an ice mage?" She responded. She was unsure of how to answer the question.

    "Ice mage?" The creature asked.

    "Oh.. Well, I doo... magic, with ice."


    "Ooo!" she clapped her hands excitedly. "I love telling this story!" She settled in getting comfortable and moved her hands around as she spoke as if trying to paint a picture for the creature. "When I was very young my father took me to the mountains in winter. Nothing is more beautiful, nor peaceful, than a land covered in snow frost and ice. I met an amazing human mage there... He was wonderful. Blond hair silver eyes and pale skin. So pretty!" She nearly squeaked. "Father said I needed to learn about all the elements in order to understand fire. How they worked together. Though..." She smiled softly this time. "I do not think it was his intention to encourage me into a different element."

    "Mmh, Ice is life. Did you love this 'human'?" The creature asked. Tikanuh's cheeks turned a pale pink at it's question.

    "I... I... No, I did not love that human!" She could not help but look away at the eyeless creature. "He was just really nice... is all." She gave a soft shrug of her shoulders. "He showed me how to make it snow. How to create ice wings so that I could fly short distances. Granted it only lasts for the breath of 60, but it is a effective and fun escape." She chuckled slightly.

    "Escape. Tikanuh should escape the cave." The creature brought her back from her thoughts.

    "There is no escape. Without strong tools, I cannot remove those large stones. They are in my way." She frowned slightly. Slowly the creature seemed to turn in it's place again to look at the rocks.

    "Will Tikanuh die?" It asked. There was a long silence until the creature turned back to see Tikanuh looking at the floor. It moved closer and seemed to settle upon the rock floor in front of her as it awaited an answer. Slowly she looked up.

    "Afraid so, little one." She said in a very serious sad tone. "But you are here to make it far less boring." She attempted to joke.

    "Where is Tikanuh from?" The creature asked.

    "The flame guard live in the valley of light. Where the tanzanite is plentiful, and the land is only scorched where the red orc live... Very far from here."

    "Where is 'here'?"

    "We're far north. Farther north than any of the Flame Guard has traveled. Where the Vikings pillage. Where the ice dragons live. Valley of the frozen. I was in search of a rare gem. Almost as rare as tanzanite... at least to us. It was frozen within the ice caps in the mountains until discovered only 40 moon ago. Most of it was dug up, but rumored to be within a cave somewhere around here... I unfortunately... came into a trap." She rolled her eyes around at the cave.

    "Where is friends or family?" The creature asked. Tikanuh paused for a moment.

    "Gone. What few there were, took different paths. Some, I believe, are dead. Others I know are dead." She rubbed her hands together. "It is just me now..."

    "Is Tikanuh scared?"

    -To be continued-

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