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    Lycan/Lycanthorpe.  Empty Lycan/Lycanthorpe.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:45 am

    Lycans have three forms-

    *War form-Much like the Were Wolf, the lycan becomes a Wolf Man like beast. Their features more to the wolf side.

    *Wolf form-Often mistaken for Dire wolves. The Lycan's wolf form is slower, larger and packed full of brute strength.

    *Human form.

    They have more control over their shift than a Were and are often able to shift several times in one day if need be. IT STILL HURTS! No matter how long they have lived and no matter how many times they have shifted in their life time, it still takes its toll on the body.
    Lycan's have more control over their shifting.. Able to shift several times a day at any time of day, however.. Lycan's are still majorly effected by the Full Moon and will shift, regardless of want/need, and subcome to blood lust.

    *War form is physical power (less to no magic casting ability.)

    *Wolf form is great for stealth less physical power (primal thought no ability to speak or cast or fight beyond the strength of a normal wolf.)

    *Human form casting ability and capable of using weapons.

    Vulnerable to the effects of silver and wolfsbane in all forms. Best way to kill a Lycan is to sever the spine from the body.

    Lycans can be bitten or born as long as there is at least 50% human in the mate or victim.

    Lycan/Lycanthorpe.  15113007866_b5eeace9a5_sLycanthrope by absoluteschizo, on Flickr

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